Water filters

Thanks to inventions, namely filtration, any liquid is purified. During filtration, water passes through stages of purification, the quality of purification depends on the number of stages.

The first stage – mechanical filtration – removes particles of debris and visually makes the water cleaner. Further, the chemical composition changes, a device equipped with an ion-exchange cartridge copes with this task – heavy substances, such as manganese, lead, are retained.

A liquid that can be consumed without harm to health must undergo another purification through a carbon cartridge – it is cleared of chlorine, an unpleasant odor is neutralized. When the three stages are passed, the water is considered safe.

Types and characteristics of water filters

The main part of cleaning devices are cartridges. Each type and model is designed for its own life.

They are divided into types with corresponding functions:

  • Mechanical: consists of polypropylene; removes sand, rust, mechanical suspensions.
  • Coal: consists of activated (pressed) carbon; removes organic and inorganic substances, eliminates unpleasant odor, liquid color.
  • Softening: composed of Na-cationic resin, removes heavy metals from water.
  • Iron-removing: consists of 2 backfills, which include calcite; removes hydrogen sulfide, improves pH, eliminates metallic taste and odor.


filter pitcher

filter jug: distinguished by its simplicity and budget price. It has a carbon cartridge. Effectively copes with its purpose, but in operation the cartridge is designed for cleaning 500 liters. Two types of cartridges are produced: universal, specialized. Specialized – equipped with additional functions that soften the liquid, add fluorine, remove excess iron.

Attachment on the crane: Equipped with carbon cartridge. When using this type of filter, the pressure should be 2-3 l / h, it cannot cope with a large flow of water.

Standing separately: Installation consists only in connecting the filter to the water supply using a flexible hose. The maximum number of steps in the cartridge is with two degrees of purification.

Standard – polypropylene, activated carbon, 10 inch cartridge will last for 6 months, or 4 tons of water.

There are models that are installed not only next to the sink, but also on the wall. Also, some have an indicator that indicates the need to change the cartridge.

The change should be made 1 time in 4-5 months. Although this type is connected directly to the water supply, it is possible to turn on (turn off) filtration using adapters – you do not need to disconnect the hose every time.

pod mojku

under the sink: Connect directly to the water supply. Washing filters purify water more efficiently, standard equipment 3 cartridges – cleaning methods change by installing the required cartridge, but the first stage of cleaning is always mechanical. Copes with any contamination, which is not affected by the speed of the water flow. Change of cartridges – depends on the selected type of filters.

Trunk: installed directly on the main pipe, which supplies water at the entrance to the apartment or room, that is, in front of the plumbing units. Are established, both on cold, and hot water.

Main filters not only purify drinking liquid, but also save plumbing, extending the life of household appliances connected to the central water supply – dishwashers, washing machines.


prefilter: installed on a water pipe, intended for cleaning and protecting household appliances from mechanical debris. The design consists of a fine-mesh mesh, some models are made with protection against water hammer. During operation, periodic flushing is required.

Purifier (cooler): a stand-alone device cleans and heats or cools drinking water to the required temperature. Models differ in size, appearance, functions. The main direction of such devices is work at enterprises, in offices.

The advantage is not only an increase in quality and taste, but also functions that allow you to heat and cool the liquid. The quality of the liquid filtered by the cooler is superior to bottled water.


Tourist: Designed for hiking, traveling, trip. The main purpose is to clean the liquid from any container, which ensures reliable and high-quality use in difficult conditions.

Nano filters: developed on the basis of nanotechnology, equipped with a semi-permeable membrane, the pores of which are close in size to the size of a water molecule – traps all impurities.

The functions of the filters depend on the possibilities that we recommend paying attention to when choosing:

  • Reverse osmosis is a process in which, with the help of pressure, liquid through a unidirectional membrane moves from a concentrated composition of water with impurities to a low-concentration one. That is, the membrane works as a filter valve, passing water in one direction, retaining impurities, then impurities are discharged into the sewer.
  • No reverse osmosis.
  • Capillary membrane: devices with this function are installed mainly under the sink. There are different purification stages with capillary membranes. The basis is an ultrafiltration membrane consisting of capillary tubes, the main purpose of stonecrop from mechanical debris and bacteria, at the same time, such cleaning retains the mineral composition.

    Attention, this type is for fine water purification, if the liquid is heavily polluted and needs a coarse type of purification, it is required to install pre-filters.

  • Mineralization of water is a necessary and useful process. The main task of mineralization is to make the liquid useful and palatable. The mineralization system is mainly provided on reverse osmosis filters. Since the liquid passing through the membrane is devoid of minerals. Manufacturers have provided such an opportunity that after cleaning the water is not only drinkable, but also useful.
  • UV cleaning is used not only in apartments, but also in wells and wells, as it destroys microbes and bacteria. This method works without auxiliary reagents – it ensures safety and improves water quality, does not change the chemical and physical composition – they are installed for the final stage of purification, it is not recommended to use one of the above filters without preliminary filtration.
  • Cooling and heating water: filter models that provide cooling and / or heating of water. This function is primarily common with the purifier, but there are also multifunctional filters that are equipped with this system.
  • Cartridge replacement indicator – indicates the need to replace the cartridge.

    The consumer does not always monitor the service life, so there is a concern in the use of low-quality water.

  • The faucet in the kit is provided for filters that are installed under the sink, which saves unnecessary costs when installing them, since different faucet models do not have suitable connectors.
  • A pump (pump) is provided to increase the pressure. Since for some filters there is not enough pressure supplied from the central water supply, and without them the device cannot function normally.


The direct purpose of filters is water purification. Filters are used for cleaning, not only drinking, but also household liquids.

Devices that allow you to purify water for any purpose are installed on water pipes. Thus, all the liquid entering the apartment or room is purified.

Devices that are used for hot water are made of more durable materials and are resistant to high temperatures.

There are degrees of purification that allow you to get rid of:

  • active chlorine.
  • Finola.
  • pesticides.
  • Nitrates.
  • Cadmium.
  • Oil products.
  • organic impurities.
  • Colloidal iron.
  • heavy metal ions.

The filters also differ in connection sizes: ½”, 1”, ¾”.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of filter jars:


  • Moderate price.
  • Convenient and easy use.
  • Purification of chlorine, impurities.

Benefits of a faucet attachment:

  • Eliminates impurities, chlorine.
  • Compactness.
  • Moderate price.

Advantages of free-standing and washable filters:

  • Fast cleansing.
  • Easy to replace cartridges.
  • Eliminates impurities, chlorine, organochlorine compounds.

Advantages of reverse osmosis filters:


  • High quality perfect cleaning.
  • Comfort in operation.
  • Has a supply of water.
  • Destruction of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals.

Advantages of filters with ultrafiltration membrane:

  • High-quality cleaning to a safe state.
  • Destruction of bacteria, viruses, metals.
  • Does not eliminate mineral salt.
  • Fast work.
  • Compactness.

Advantages of nano filters:


  • Maximum cleansing.
  • Destruction of bacteria, viruses, metals.
  • Complete elimination of all toxic substances.
  • unchanged mineral composition.
  • Adjusting pH.
  • Negative ions enter the water.
  • Processing of organic salts.
  • performance.
  • Long life cartridges that are easy to replace.
  • When installing, various options are considered.
  • Observation of the degree of pollution.
  • Additional installations of various functional accessories are provided.


Disadvantages of filter jars:


  • Poor cleaning quality.
  • The durability of the cartridges.
  • Cannot cope with some bacteria.
  • One-time use does not cope with a large volume of liquid.

Disadvantages of a faucet nozzle:

  • Reduces pressure power.
  • Little performance.
  • If not equipped with a switch, you need to remove the nozzle for household needs.
  • Low degree of purification.

Disadvantages of desktop and under-sink filters:


  • Cannot get rid of some bacteria and viruses.
  • Does not fully cope with nitrates, nitrites, fluorides.
  • The price is above average.

Disadvantages of reverse osmosis filters:

  • Big size.
  • Removes minerals from water.
  • Poor quality liquid for consumption.
  • Little performance.
  • Uneconomical in operation.
  • High price.

Disadvantages of filters with ultrafiltration membrane:

  • Contaminants after filtration remain in the membrane.
  • Water remains hard – does not soften.
  • The price is above average.

Disadvantages of nano-filters high cost.

How to choose a water filter


When choosing water filters, determine with what degree of pollution the unit will work. How much purified water is required per hour.

The material from which the device is made is an important element, since it comes into contact with drinking liquid. The characteristics of the units indicate the operating pressure range with which it copes, so you must know what water pressure is supplied from the central water supply.

The volumes that the filter can handle are important, so costs are taken into account, since a small device will not cope with a large volume of liquid.

Each device contains cartridges that have a different wear life.

Pay attention to the presence in the water you use:

  • Metallic taste.
  • Scale.
  • Traces on silverware.
  • Smell.
  • Sediment.

Which is better


A two-person family living in areas where water does not require deep purification will get by with pitcher filters, faucet attachments and free-standing wash filters. These species cope with a small amount of water and pollution. Systems of such a plan do not require complex installations, are easy to use, and are affordable.

But for cleaning with serious pollution, powerful units are required. The system for washing and reverse osmosis provide deep cleansing. Handles large volumes of liquid – suitable for large families, especially with small children, as it copes with pollution (sand, rust,) and bacteria.

The devices are easy to use, as they do not take up much space. They are equipped with 3 degrees of cleaning depending on the manufacturer’s model, different types of cartridges are used, which makes it possible to choose the device according to the needs of the consumer.

Devices with a reverse osmosis system effectively and efficiently purify the liquid, but you should pay attention to the pressure that is inherent in the plumbing system.

These models require high pressure. It should be noted that when cleaning with this device, useful minerals disappear, so make sure that the filter is equipped with a mineralizer.

Ultrafilters do an excellent job of their task, just like devices with a reverse osmosis system, they get rid of all contaminants, bacteria and viruses, after cleaning the mineral composition of the liquid remains normal.



Before using the device, it is recommended to thoroughly wash all surfaces, preferably with soapy water, then rinse with running water and dry.

The cartridge itself must be immersed in water for 20 minutes, and then installed in the device. Then you need to pass the liquid through the filter. The subsequent filtered water can already be consumed.

Please note that devices designed to filter cold water cannot tolerate high temperatures. If the unit is not equipped with a cartridge replacement indicator, it is necessary to monitor the operating life and timely replacement is required. At a break in use, it is necessary to repeat the washing procedure.

It is necessary to monitor the integrity of the cartridge, to avoid mechanical damage. Protect the device from falling. When transporting, the device must be placed in a special protective package. Be sure to read the recommendations for using filters from the manufacturer.



The repair warranty only covers breakdowns and defects that are solely the fault of the manufacturer. In order for consumer claims to be accepted, you need to fill out a warranty card, where you need to indicate the date, model, serial number, seller’s stamp.

If there are defects in the product that you purchased, you can make claims under the terms of the article “On Protection of Consumer Rights”.

Also note that the warranty is valid in cases where the consumer complies with all the rules that are prescribed in the instruction manual.


neispravnosti-remont-spare parts

When water leaks, you need to check the four-way valve, clogged elements or low pressure may also be the reasons for this, to eliminate it, you need to replace the cartridges or install an additional pump that increases the pressure accordingly.

Another problem is the lack of water, which must come from a tap. The reasons for this may be low pressure, clogging of the membrane, low temperature (working 4˚C-40˚C). In order to fix this, you need to install a pump that increases the pressure or replace the membrane.

If a sufficient amount of purified liquid is not drawn into the vessel, it is necessary to replace the pre-filter, membrane or flow restrictor.

Flushing the valve may also help in this case.

If there is air in the system, the fluid may turn beige, but this problem disappears after 2 weeks of operation of the device.

In the absence of a carbon cartridge, clogged membranes, or improper tubing, the liquid after cleaning acquires a bad taste. This can be corrected by rechecking the tubing connections. Replacing the post-filter and membrane will help.

A clogged water flow restrictor is causing fluid to not flow to the drain, and to fix the problem, the restrictor must be replaced.

With a clogged drain or high pressure, noisy operation may occur, in which case it is necessary to remove the blockage or adjust the pressure.

If the pump does not turn off, enough liquid may not be drawn into the vessel; in case of such a malfunction, the pressure must be adjusted.

Water filter manufacturers



Peculiarities Aquaphor outperforms competitors:

effective cleaning from mechanical, organic impurities; the liquid gets rid of bad taste, unpleasant odor, scale; effectively eliminates heavy metal ions, colloidal iron; effective destruction of viruses, bacteria, microbes; high performance; long term operation.

Specialization Specializes in the development of new ideas and the manufacture of a wide range of products for drinking water treatment and domestic water purifiers.
Quality For the manufacture of products, manufacturers use high-quality materials that are constantly being improved. The quality of products is constantly improving. The manufacturer uses new modern technologies for the manufacture of devices. The company guarantees a safe liquid for the body after filtration.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.

Atlas Filtri

atlas filter

Peculiarities Thanks to its wide range, Atlas Filtri occupies one of the first leading positions in the market.

Filters get rid of all chemical and organic impurities. Significantly improve the taste of water. Also, the filters are fast in operation, the filtration cycle takes a few seconds.

The manufacturer constantly monitors the market for innovations and technologies, embodying them in the manufacture of its products.

Specialization The company specializes in the production of filters, cartridges, purification equipment, integrated water treatment systems, pumps, chemical products for domestic and industrial purposes.
Quality Products are tested and meet international standards. For production, the company uses high-quality safe materials and modern technologies, which results in a high quality product.

The brand is known for high quality products, reliability and safety.

Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.



Peculiarities Atoll filters have a thoughtful design that makes them easy to work with without much effort. Provide an opportunity to choose a cartridge for the region in which the consumer lives. Along with reliability and quality, there is a design that will satisfy the taste of anyone.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of filters, has a wide range that adapts to any needs of the buyer.
Quality The manufacturer for the manufacture of filters uses reliable, time-tested technologies. Only high quality materials and components from trusted brands are used for assembly.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.



Peculiarities The Barrier range is of high quality and is characterized as a high-tech product. Thanks to a wide choice, the consumer circle is constantly increasing. The production is equipped with a personal research laboratory, which is fully automated and robotized.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of water filters, water softeners, professional cleaning systems for domestic and industrial needs.
Quality Innovative projects are used in production, which allow achieving the quality and safety of the filtered product. In the products manufactured by the Barrier company, you can be sure of reliability and quality, since all stages of production undergo quality control.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.



Peculiarities BRITA’s specialty and goal is not only clean and high-quality water, but also taste. All efforts, developments and technological processes are aimed at achieving results in the field of taste. The manufacturer cares about the environment by minimizing pollution from waste.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of various filters, accessories for them. Devices are being developed for installation in coffee machines and refrigerators.
Quality The brand’s products carry out research and development, which give good results and receive international awards. The products use technological innovations that add convenience and ease of use. The quality of the product after cleaning is constantly checked, so it is always at the highest level.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.



Peculiarities In the market, BWT outperforms competitors in innovation. Everything related to international innovation, the company tries to develop and optimize first in the manufacture of its products. In the field of water treatment, the manufacturer is trying to find new, convenient, safe and high-quality solutions.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of filters, softeners, anti-scale devices, dispensers, ozonation, pool care products.
Quality The manufacturer cares about the quality of their products and the end result. The products undergo laboratory tests, so the assortment offered by the manufacturer corresponds to the quality marks.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.



Peculiarities The Ecodoctor brand is known for using only environmentally friendly natural materials for the manufacture of filters and components. They have passed all stages of control. Due to this uniqueness, the products can be considered one of a kind.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of drinking water filters, main devices and cartridges.
Quality Thanks to the rigorous selection of materials, as well as multiple laboratory studies, the liquid that passes through the filters of this brand is of high quality, reliability and safety. High-quality material and its harmlessness make up considerable competition in the modern market.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.



Peculiarities Ecotronic focuses not only on the quality and safety of purified water, but also on taste. The company applies various technological innovations in production, with the help of which the company achieves certain success. Has a wide range of uses. The range satisfies the aesthetic needs of the buyer.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of filters, coolers, purifiers, wine cabinets and spare parts for them.
Quality Ecotronic offers a wide range of products, thanks to which the consumer receives a quality product. The range of services satisfies the tastes of the consumer not only with quality, but also with pricing policy.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.



Peculiarities The research and production holding Geizer, which has a research department and an analytical laboratory, is a feature of the Geizer. The brand is engaged in development and research, thanks to which it has unique products and patented technologies. Research and development work allows us to produce high-quality and cost-effective products.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of household, for cottages, industrial filters and accessories.
Quality The manufacturer monitors not only the quality of the product obtained after filtration, but also the quality of the product itself. Research and development makes it possible to have a wide range of product choices for consumers of any class.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.



Peculiarities Honeywell is one of the leaders in the development of new technologies.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of filters, water-like units, flushing devices, flanged devices, valves and parts for them.
Quality Hanivel presents filters for both coarse and fine water purification. It is a reliable and high quality manufacturer. Manufacture products, thinking about the end result, which contributes to high-quality water purification.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.



Peculiarities Manufacturer Katadyn focuses on the fact that consumers who travel a lot, or who are far from water pipes, can use their filters to make water drinkable.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of customized liquid cleaning systems.
Quality The brand cares about water quality and is concerned about consumer safety. This principle makes the products of high quality, easy and convenient to use, safe.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.

Novaya Voda


Peculiarities The manufacturer Novaya Voda is relatively new on the filter market, therefore, it tries to justify the trust of customers by manufacturing justifying products that offer a good choice, a wide range, which gives a high-quality clean product.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of systems for the home, cottage, drinking water purification systems, replaceable elements, ultraviolet systems, cartridges and other accessories for filters.
Quality The company tries to keep up with the latest technologies, using them in the production of its products, which helps to achieve good results in the quality of both the product itself and the final result after filtration. Modern technologies make it possible to achieve a product that is safe for humans.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.



Peculiarities The manufacturer Philips applies innovations aimed at the health of consumers. Philips manufactures only those products, and in order for it to be good, not harmful. The company finds new solutions and unique ways to provide the consumer with the best products.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of electronics, medical equipment, lighting equipment. One of the largest manufacturers of household appliances.
Quality Philips has high quality standards and high product requirements, which is one of the most important factors that affect quality. The manufacturer takes care of the consumer, emphasizing safety, health and convenience.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.


Peculiarities The manufacturer in the manufacture uses components that are absolutely safe for health, which is confirmed by numerous tests. The work uses the latest technology. This creates modern and safe systems for purification. The range allows the consumer to choose what he needs.
Specialization The company specializes in the production of household and industrial filters, cartridges, fittings, pipes, taps and other components.
Quality The brand caters to the consumer. Studies show that the products manufactured by the company meet quality marks and are capable of producing high-quality and clean drinking liquids that are safe for health when used.
Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year.

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