Water coolers

Water coolers are devices that make it easier to get drinking water. Human health depends on the quality of the liquid consumed, and thanks to the cooler, you will have clean drinking water in hot or chilled form at any time.

Types and sizes

Types and sizes

Coolers for drinking water are divided into bottled and dispensers (purifier for running water). Standard bottles are produced with a volume of 19 and 22 liters, and with an adapter – 5 liters.

They are sold in supermarkets, specialized outlets, online stores, on the official websites of manufacturers and suppliers.

Devices of the same structural device differ in parameters:

  • method of placement in the room – desktop, floor;
  • design, color;
  • type of control – mechanical, electronic;
  • functionality;
  • additional options;
  • pouring method – from below, from above, flowing.

Types and sizes

The cooler is a plastic container with two taps, equipped with a funnel for mounting the bottle, switches and heating/cooling indicators.

The bottled version is made in a floor or desktop version. They have similar specifications.

Water cooler device

Principle of operation

The principle of operation is based on the fact that a metered amount of water from a flask enters the storage tank, where it is heated or cooled.

The cooler works from an electric network (220 volts). The device is equipped with heating and cooling sensors that stop the operation when the set water temperature is reached.

Turning off from time to time, it is in a standby state and does not consume electrical energy while the temperature is in the specified range. This behavior is called “heated-off” mode of operation.

Power ratings vary by model. Modifications of the device heat water to a temperature of +95-+98 degrees and cool to +4 degrees.

Principle of operation

Dispensers are mounted to the water supply, filtering running water. In filtration, mechanical or chemical treatment is used, which purify water by 96-99%.

In the manufacture of flow devices, advances in fluid purification are used. Technologies are borrowed from the field of medicine, pharmaceuticals, perfumery. The coal filter relieves water of not pleasant smells, harmful and dangerous impurity, purifies water and improves taste.

Characteristics of water coolers


Cooling is carried out electronically or by compressor.

Devices with thermoelectric (electronic) cooling are easy to operate, maintain and repair. The devices are lighter in weight and cheaper. The disadvantage is low performance in the heat.

Such modifications work with the help of an electronic Peltier element, which is capable of cooling moisture by 12-15 degrees. The downside is the length of the process.

For a family or office workers with more than 5 people, compressors are chosen.

Compressor cooling is characterized by:

  • reliability;
  • high performance;
  • high cost;
  • independence from environmental conditions.


The compressor devices provide the ability to adjust the temperature, they are made in floor and desktop versions. Such models are large-sized, the water in them cools faster.

The heating system for all devices is structurally the same. They differ in design, reliability and functions.

Additional functionality – refrigerators, ozonation, carbonation. Ozonation disinfects the air masses of rooms, containers, refrigerating chambers. Food, vegetables, fruits, kitchen utensils, dishes are processed.

The bactericidal effect lasts two to three weeks.

Heating and cooling has a full-featured device. Maintaining room temperature is a budget solution.

Devices with built-in refrigerators, in addition to their direct purpose, are able to cope with the cooling and storage of products for a family or a team of workers. The capacity of refrigerators is 20-60 liters, they are equipped with shelves.

Ice makers create ice cubes for drinks. These models have three taps for cold, hot and room temperature water. Ice is produced and stored in a special compartment. The cost of installation is higher than analogues.

The arrangement of equipment with the function of gassing involves a place in the case for placing a cylinder with carbon dioxide. The bottle is designed for 1000 servings. The degree of carbonation is adjusted to taste. Equipped with a surface for placing cups or glasses.

In addition to soda, water without the addition of gas is also available to the user.

The freezer is a useful piece of equipment. Depending on the dimensions of the equipment, the freezer differs in volume. For a large family or office, a chamber with a volume of 40-60 liters is suitable.

The minibar is a nice plus. There are drinks, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, chocolate.


A drawer with shelves will help keep products in order and easily find the little things you need.

Devices with ozonation function are equipped with a cabinet for:

  • storage of drinks and food;
  • dish disinfection;
  • water ozonation.

Such models are used at home.

There are also containers-adapters for packaging. For ease of use, it is possible to attach a stack of plastic cups, glass holders or racks to the holder.

If the package does not include accessories, they can be purchased separately. Accessories are selected independently according to individual needs.

For example, a plastic cup holder is not needed at home. It will come in handy at school, office, children’s centers or gyms.


The design of taps for supplying a drink is different: the valve is mechanically rotated when the dishes are pressed, manually or by pressing a button.

Tap water filter bottles are available for models with top bottle mounting.

There are two filter cartridges in the flask:

  • ceramic microporous – removes lime, rust, harmful microorganisms;
  • activated carbon with silver – removes chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, eliminates unpleasant odors, softens water.

The resource of cartridges is up to 5,000 liters.

Coolers without cooling are used as a kettle. Units without refrigeration and heating are suitable for consuming purified liquid at room temperature. They are used at home, offices, gyms, hospitals.

The design of household appliances is diverse. Choose a model, guided by your taste and the general concept of the interior of the room. On the market there are modifications in various colors.

The control is equipped with a display with a printed pattern or with rhinestones, for an amateur. It is possible to order an individual design.

An electronic scoreboard is convenient to use, but not mandatory, as it increases the price of the product.



The main advantage of the device is protection against pathogenic and dangerous impurities.

It is also worth noting other positive aspects of its use:

  • rational consumption of electrical energy;
  • models are available with the function of carbonating water, which saves on consumption;
  • comfortable feeling in any weather;
  • the device does not boil water, but only brings it to the set temperature;
  • trace elements and useful components are preserved;
  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • saving time for the preparation of clean drinking water.

The child lock prevents your child from turning on the faucet with hot liquid and getting burned. If there are children in the house, this function is necessary.



The design of the unit happens with the top and bottom installation of the tank. With the top installation, the flask is attached from above to the holder on the body, which is inconvenient to use. Therefore, the service is performed by employees of the supplier company.

Manufacturers complete products with handles that facilitate maintenance when lifting and carrying.

The lower installation is easy to maintain, does not require effort – so you can maintain it yourself. But you need to know the installation sequence to avoid problems.

The lid is removed from the bottle, an adapter with a tube is inserted, the bottle is pushed into the device (using a stand equipped with wheels). The device turns off at night and during a long break in operation.

Contamination of water with pathogens is a disadvantage of dispensers.

How to choose a water cooler

How to choose

When buying, choose a cooler, guided by the following factors:

  • type of placement – floor or desktop;
  • type of cooler – bottled, flow-through;
  • design features – built-in refrigeration chamber, control panel, the presence of a locker or an ozonizer for sterilization;
  • cost – floor modifications have a higher price range.

The choice of the type of cooling is determined by the number of people who will use the cooler.

When choosing for home use, pay attention to mini-coolers – floor-standing equipment with an electronic type of cooling. Additional features include sensors and child protection.

If the family budget allows, purchase with the possibility of carbonation and ozonation.

The choice of office unit is dictated by the number of employees of the company or department. If there are up to five people in the team, then the same modifications as for the house will do. From five people – you will need a floor compressor apparatus equipped with a spacious freezer.

Provide in advance the availability of free space in the room for the installation of equipment and regular preventive maintenance.

For children’s institutions (schools, sports clubs, hospitals), a dispenser for bottling drinks is installed. This is a safe solution for the health of children.

For a summer residence, a simple budget option is suitable – a pump for supplying bottled water. Put the pump on the bottle, press on its top and get the required portion.

Which is better

Which is better

The use of a cooler frees you from the problems associated with the delivery and storage of water, as well as the equipment of places for storing bottles. Guarantees a high-quality composition of drinking water that is safe for health, reduces the risk of consuming a low-quality product.

Advanced innovative technologies are used in flow devices that operate autonomously and do not depend on the water supplier. The cost of the unit connected to the water supply is higher due to the built-in cleaning filter.

The advantage is that it is unnecessary to place bulky flasks, since the parameters of the device are compact.

The method of liquid supply determines the appearance. The device with the bottle installed on top looks unattractive.

During the emptying of the tank, the free space is occupied by room air contaminated with bacteria. Humid and warm environment inside the barrel is favorable for microorganisms. The bottom loading design prevents the entry of pathogenic bacteria because the tank is located behind the doors.

Models with an ultraviolet lamp that irradiates the storage tank from the inside are completely safe. An ultraviolet lamp is also relevant when using bottled products.

A universal modern model of coolers is a dispenser with the following characteristics:

  • compactness;
  • bottom loading bottles;
  • autonomy;
  • ultraviolet lamp.

Functionality and additional options form the price category. There are modifications of various categories and prices on the market. Based on your needs and budget, choose your option for a combination of price and quality.



When buying a desktop unit, consider and prepare the surface that will serve as a stand. Provide free access. Floor variations do not require a stand.

Cons of desktop placement:

  • occupy useful space;
  • require a solid surface;
  • require service access.

When transporting, do not lay the coolers on their side. After delivery, do not turn on the cooling mode for two to three hours.

Electronic devices are equipped with fans, so do not install in dusty unventilated areas. The dust fan becomes clogged, resulting in damage to the cooling unit.

There must be space around the unit for free circulation of air masses. Direct sunlight on the cooler is not allowed. Suitable air temperature is from 0 to +25 degrees Celsius.

Installing in a room with high temperatures will increase the cooling time.

The coolers are designed for high-quality water with salinity values ​​in the range of 150-300 mg/l. Do not connect products with an empty hot liquid tank to the mains.

All rules for the operation and handling of electrical appliances apply to coolers. A ground loop is required.

The equipment requires regular sanitization and disinfection carried out by specialized service workshops. Preventive measures will protect the health and well-being of people.



The standard warranty is 12 months from the date of purchase of the product. Some brands provide extended warranties for their products up to 36 months. Warranty service is carried out by authorized service centers.

A list of centers with addresses is attached to the warranty card. When purchasing a product, check the warranty card for information about the seller, the seal of the company, the correctness of filling and the presence of the date of sale.

The cooler is removed from warranty service in case of violation of the rules for installation, operation, storage, transportation, set out in the technical data sheet and instructions for use.

Warranty obligations become invalid in the following cases:

  • damage associated with mechanical, electrical or thermal effects;
  • damage resulting from non-compliance with the operating instructions;
  • ingress of foreign objects (insects, animals, liquids);
  • use of a liquid with a high degree of mineralization;
  • opening, repair unauthorized by the manufacturer;
  • careless, handling;
  • operation without an equipped ground loop;
  • damage caused by non-compliance of cable networks with power standards;
  • melted thermal insulation on the hot water tank;
  • damage caused by force majeure circumstances (fire, lightning, elements).

The supplier is responsible for the use of low-quality water and the presence of scale. For warranty repairs, products are accepted that are cleaned of dirt and dust after draining the liquid.

Faults and repairs

Faults, repairs, spare parts

When using the device, follow the rules and recommendations of the operating instructions.

Reasons for breakdowns:

  • Doesn’t heat up – the heating element has burned out or thermal protection is triggered. The first case is possible if a hard liquid is used by the consumer. Then scale accumulates on the heating element and it burns out.

The second case is possible in a situation where, when installing the tank, they do not wait for the tank to be filled and are connected to the electrical network. In an empty device, the heating element is not in the water, so it heats the tank.

Thermal protection is installed to prevent breakage. Remove it only in specialized service centers.

Faults, repairs, spare parts

  • Doesn’t cool – the problem of electronic devices. Cooling is provided by a fan located on the rear wall. The solution to the issue is the implementation of the operating rules regulated by the manufacturer.
  • Water leak due to microcracks. Air enters through it, the tanks overflow and leakage occurs. The bottle is replaced and one liter of liquid is drained from each tap, then the leak disappears.

This breakdown is eliminated independently, since there is no defect in the product.

  • The faucet drips or water does not flow from it – the neck of the bottle is pasted over with a hygienic sticker, it is removed before installation. If this rule is neglected, pieces of the sticker get inside the container and the cooler, clog the tap and prevent it from shutting off.

Perform self-opening of the device and repair in cases permitted by the manufacturer. Carrying out unauthorized work is fraught with the termination of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Water Cooler Manufacturers


AEL Trading House is a supplier of equipment for the water business. The company sells wholesale and retail. Payment methods: cash and bank transfer, payment by transfer to a bank card.

Floor models: bottom loading, with refrigerator, with cabinet, without refrigerator and cabinet. Equipment: with display, with water at room temperature, with protection of the hot liquid tap. Designs with electronic cooling, no cooling, no heating.

Tabletop appliances: ceramic dispenser, ice maker, with display. Accessories in assortment: casings, supports for containers, glass holders. Delivery – by a transport company at the choice of the buyer. The company is expanding its network of service centers, and there is always a stock of goods in warehouses.

AguaWork supplies filling and cooling equipment. Line of devices: floor, desktop, compressor, electronic without cooling. Available there are closed modifications, with illumination, water distributors.

Warranty – 12 months from the date of sale of the equipment. The manufacturer guarantees the absence of manufacturing defects. Has a network of service centers.


BEON company – household appliances for the home. 550W coolers, touch control panel, refrigerant, electric shock protection. The warranty for the sold goods includes free repair and replacement in case of impossibility.

The goods are accepted to the service center up to 14 days of use. After – after-sales service, consultations of specialists. There are promotions, bonuses, discounts.

The firm “Ekotronik” supplies equipment for the water business. For companies working in the field of water supply, they offer purifiers and coolers. There is a catalog of dispensers, pumps, filters, accessories. The company sells wholesale and retail.

Shipping is paid by the client. The guarantee provides: dispatch and repair, compensation for repairs at the place of residence, components. The warranty period is 12 months. Spare parts – on request in writing.


The HotFrost manufacturer presents equipment in a model range: pumps, child protection, with gas, compressor cooling, a choice of accessories, individual design and color scheme. Wholesale and retail sales.

Accessories: racks, coasters, flask handles, glass holders. Retail stores, online stores. Warranty, selection of spare parts, service centers, consultations are provided. Discounts apply.

The Lesoto brand is produced and assembled in China according to the drawings and under the control of AquaDelo. Use high quality plastic, silicone and stainless steel for food. Products undergo a three-stage quality control.

The percentage of marriage is 1%. There is a network of service centers and warranty workshops. Products with a certificate of conformity. Product catalog available.


RENOVA Group of Companies is a supplier of goods for home and office. Large range of products, accessories, spare parts, pumps. Extensive selection of structural, design, color solutions. Sale is carried out wholesale and retail.

Express delivery supported. There are promotions and bonuses. Products with a certificate of conformity. There is delivery and service.

The VATTEN online store offers elite, budget, desktop, floor equipment of all types of loading and accessories. Attractive appearance. Express delivery, installation and after-service are offered.

Extended warranty up to two years. Available spare parts, sanitization is possible. Budget modifications are not inferior to products of the middle price range. The budget cost is achieved by the compactness of the goods.

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