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Buy a washing machine or not? This question does not arise in any family. She became a part of life, an assistant in household chores.

The home appliance market is saturated with a variety of models, so when buying it is important to know what you want. Think about where the machine will stand, how many kilograms of laundry will be washed at a time, what functions it performs. There are many questions, but it is important to purchase one that will meet all your requirements.

Advice! Don’t buy at the first store you come across, go to several. Ask the price, ask about the cost of delivery and installation, ask about the guarantees provided. Once you’ve decided on a store, it’s time to choose a model.

Automatic washing machines can do a lot and work according to given programs.
Standard ones work on a “route” defined for them. Multifunctional – they themselves determine the temperature, spin mode, the amount of water and washing powder.


washing machines automatic loading types

When buying a machine, determine the place in the house for installation. If it will stand under the countertop in the kitchen, choose built-in. There was a place in the bathroom, corridor – buy a separate one. Models have been developed in which the top cover is removed, which makes it smaller. A device 50-70 cm high will stand under the sink.

Automatic machines differ in the way they are loaded.

Front loading

  • The hatch is in front, so you can observe the work, if necessary, stop the process;
  • The lid is surrounded by a sealed cuff. If the equipment is handled carefully, the sealing ring will not leak;
  • A capacious drum is mounted on one axis;
  • Acceptable price;
  • The top can be used as a shelf or work surface.

Vertical loading

  • The hatch is on top;
  • It is convenient to get the laundry through the top cover and report if necessary;
  • Suitable for small apartments;
  • The drum is attached to two axles, roomy;
  • It is recommended to keep the hatch ajar so that the fungus does not form in dampness.

These characteristics are considered advantages. But there are also disadvantages that cannot be discounted.

So, for the frontal model in the room you need more space, and you have to bend over to load, which is not very convenient.

A vertical washing machine has an order of magnitude higher price than a front-facing one. Its design is complex, so it will be expensive to repair. The machine shakes a lot during operation. This is due to the fact that not all manufacturers manage to balance the clamshell drum. The hatch doors that suddenly open on their own will lead to breakage.

Plastic or metal housing

The home appliances market for a long time no longer offers machines with steel tanks and stainless steel, as it used to be with manufacturers from Asia. They were replaced by plastic models.

They have a number of advantages:

  1. Retain heat and save energy;
  2. Absorb noise.

Disadvantages: plastic is afraid of fire, shock. But you don’t choose a technique to experience the effects of fire on it, so don’t think about a typewriter with a stainless steel tank.

Characteristics and functions of automatic washing machines

washing machines automatic dimensions

Automatic washing machines have a so-called size range. Your choice will depend on the area of ​​​​the room, the frequency and volume of washing.

  • For rooms with a large area, get wide ones. Their height is 60 cm and above, and the laundry is washed up to 5.5 kg.
  • Standard – for bathrooms, the area of ​​​​which exceeds 3 sq.m., under the countertop in the kitchen. Size 0.4 – 0.6 m. 3.5 kg. dry laundry – that’s her norm.
  • Narrow washing machines – for a small kitchen or bathroom. Depth – 0.45 meters and dirty laundry is placed up to 4.5 kg.

Conclusion: an average family of four will have enough cars – an automatic machine with a load of 5 kg. if the children are small, choose a model with a roomy drum.

You should know it!

The specifications indicate the loading of cotton items, such as bed linen. But they weigh much less than products made of synthetics or wool. Studying the table in the instructions for use, this is definitely worth considering.

Buyers do not always pay attention to information about the minimum load of laundry in the drum. But in vain! The duration of the “life” of household appliances depends on the fulfillment of this condition. The smallest volume is 1-1.5 kg. If you fill the drum with a small amount of things, this will cause the machine to vibrate a lot. This will negatively affect the mechanism. To protect against premature failure, modern mechanisms are designed so that they do not wring out the laundry if there is not enough of it in the drum.

It is more economical to buy a machine with a large drum capacity; even mattress covers can be washed in it. But in a small apartment this is hardly possible. We must compromise and choose the best option, while taking into account that washing will have to be carried out in several stages, spending more water, electricity and powder.

Spin selection

washing machines automatic spin

The obvious advantage of automatic technology is that it not only washes and rinses, but also wrings out the laundry. This is due to the rotation of the drum. The faster it spins, the drier things are. At maximum speed, along with water, the remnants of washing powder are also removed. The spin is adjustable, which allows you not to spoil things from delicate fabrics or squeeze heavy things to dry at maximum speed.

The spin mode is multi-stage. For the most ordinary things, 800 rpm is enough. 1000 revolutions will make things almost dry, but thin fabrics can be deformed. At low speeds (400-600) delicate things are squeezed out.

It is extremely rare that there is a need to increase the number of revolutions to 1600, so you should not spend money on purchasing models with high speeds. For washing at home, a medium speed is sufficient.

Pay attention to the minimum number of revolutions performed by the drum. This is an indicator of how the machine will cope with the extraction of thin products.

Washing, spinning, energy consumption class

washing class

To characterize the washing class, European alphabetic characters from A to G are adopted. Such designations will tell the buyer how successfully dirt is removed after the first wash. “A” – the highest efficiency, “G” – the least.

The spin class is characterized by the same designations. The letters show how wet the laundry is at the end of the wash.

The energy saving class will determine whether the washing machine is economical. Example: A class A+ model consumes 13% less electricity than a class A model.

The function “Drying clothes” in the washing machine

Washing machines with dryers

Choosing an automatic machine, housewives are increasingly giving preference to models with the function of drying clothes. Very convenient – I took things out of the drum and immediately under the iron. But do not forget that the heat fan located inside consumes a lot of energy. So decide right away what is more important for you – save electricity and dry clothes naturally or comfort. Many modern housewives prefer to pay extra for the feature offered.

How does this happen?
Hot air passes through wet clothes. It turns water into steam. Things become dry, and vapors, in the form of condensate, settle in the container.

Depending on the model, drying is carried out in two ways:

  1. The drying time is set on a timer, and it is not possible to check the quality.
  2. A special sensor itself determines the amount of remaining moisture and gives, if necessary, additional time for final drying.

An important addition: devices with the “drying laundry” function have one drawback: a drum filled to the top with laundry can only dry half of the clothes. And this means that the operation will have to be repeated again.

Mechanics and electronics in the management of the washing machine

washing machines automatic control

A person who wants to control the process from beginning to end will like models with mechanical control. With a simple switch, the desired program is set or the washing time is determined.

Special pictures (pictograms) will help you choose the operating mode. The switch rotates slowly to indicate the next stage. Such control is convenient for people who are poorly versed in sensory systems.

Electronic control is more perfect. Commands are given from the think tank. To get started, just press the desired key on the dashboard. All parameters will be set independently, and you will be able to see them on the screen.

For a machine with “intelligence”, a lot is subject to. It will determine the temperature, speed for spinning and rinsing, and pick up the right amount of water. The machine will weigh the things prepared for washing, check the degree of their contamination, and determine the type of fabric. If the laundry is uneven, the unit will report this and will not allow the drum to spin at maximum speed, and this will not allow unnecessary vibration.

Sensors will signal water hardness, temperature, and rinse quality. If the water stops flowing, the electronics will turn off the machine. It will also act if an excessive amount of foam accumulates in the drum or a leak occurs. All parameters are visible on the color screen. This control will save water and electricity.

Important! If there are frequent power outages in the area where the buyer lives, the machine may make mistakes or burn out.

Digital monitor.

Automatic cars with a monitor are much more convenient. The display shows information about the end time of work, about revolutions, temperature conditions and other parameters. In some models, the monitor is fully illuminated from the inside, in others – only the necessary icons. But we must admit that washing machines that are not equipped with a display are no worse.

How to choose

washing machines automatic purchase (2)

Everyone wants to buy a product that is inexpensive, but equipped with many functions. Here are the inventors and upgrade existing models or create something completely new. As a rule, such machines are expensive. Therefore, before buying, you should think carefully about which options are needed and which you can do without.

For example, a family with young children needs equipment with a program that washes children’s clothes, linen, towels and toys. A lonely person can do without it, so why overpay.

However, there is a set of standard programs that will satisfy any buyer:

  • Washing of cotton products;
  • Washing colored linen with temperature control;
  • Delicate wash;
  • Express wash.

Not everyone knows that there are programs that can clean sports shoes.

This feature is useful in every family, because sneakers and sneakers have become an integral part of everyday life. You only need to ask the consultant in the store if there is such a mode in the model you have chosen. If not, do not wash in the usual way – ruin the shoes.

Premium-class appliances are equipped with many programs and modes, some can even starch linen.

Programs have been developed for those who do not like ironing. After washing, there are practically no wrinkles on things.

A nice addition was the introduction of the functions “Protection from children”, “Protection from leaks”, “Protection from power surges”.

So, here are the main steps, guided by which you can accurately select the appropriate model of the automatic machine:

  • Decide on the functionality of a home washing machine;
  • Consider where she will stand;
  • Choose 2-3 brands, read reviews about them, ask your friends;
  • Visit online stores and select the one you need;
  • Compare selected models;
  • Stop your choice on one and go to the store for a purchase.

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