Vacuum cleaner with water filter

A vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter is a multifunctional device that combines the following features: traditional cleaning of an apartment, collecting dust and dust mites, cleaning and humidifying the air, and reducing the likelihood of developing allergies.

How does a water filter vacuum cleaner work?

During operation, the device draws in a mixture of air with dust and dirt, sends it to a container filled with a natural solvent – water. Inside the container, dust particles and dirt particles are impregnated with liquid, as a result of which they increase in weight and fall to the bottom.

The air that has passed through the cleaning and moisturizing filtration is released outside. But the process does not end there, since the smallest water droplets, thrown out together with air, are combined with dust elements. They weight down and land on the floor.

If at this moment you additionally brush the floor covering, cleaning is brought to almost perfection.

The usefulness of the vacuum cleaner is mainly related to the type of filter used, which can be:

  • vertical;
  • separator.

Vacuum cleaner with vertical water filter

Vacuum cleaners with a hookah water filter are simple in design. The principle of operation of this technique lies in the standard transmission, through the water column, of debris, which becomes heavier and settles to the bottom of the tank.

Large dust and mud elements are eliminated in a similar way, but particles with smaller dimensions, having passed through the water, return together with the air back to the room.

To deal with this, the manufacturers of these devices are trying by arranging labyrinths in a container of water. Thus, the percentage of settled dust increases, but the problem is not completely solved.

The disadvantage noted above forces the use of additional air filtration.

The leaders in usefulness and effectiveness are the so-called HEPA filters, made from paper or synthetic material. They are capable of retaining dust elements up to 0.3 microns in size, demonstrating up to 99.9 efficiency.

An additional benefit is the containment of the growth of bacterial populations due to the chemicals used to treat the filters.

The attractiveness of vacuum cleaners with hookah water filters is, first of all, accessibility. The disadvantages are the need for frequent water changes, every quarter of an hour of operation, cleaning after each cleaning, washing and drying air filters, acquiring new ones after several months of operation.

Vacuum cleaner with separator aquafilter

Vacuum cleaners with separator water filters are more advanced and functional equipment. The principle of operation is based on the action of centrifugal force, which separates dirt and dust particles, air and water.

The device, pulling the litter with dust and air, sends this mixture to a container with water, where a kind of whirlpool is formed, leading to the particles settling to the bottom. At the same time, the smallest air bubbles carrying dust particles are broken, and the latter also remain in the tank, and are not brought out.

This design eliminates the need for additional filtration barriers, since even without them a highly effective cleaning is provided.

The advantages of vacuum cleaners with a separator type water filter are:

  • impeccable cleanliness of cleaning – 0.003 percent of dust particles leak out;
  • ease of maintenance and operation;
  • no filters that require regular replacement.

The main disadvantage of this type of equipment, due to which the complete replacement of vacuum cleaners with hookah water filters is impossible, is the high cost.

Functions of a vacuum cleaner with aquafilter

One of the determining parameters when choosing this technique is the suction power, which varies in the range of 200-900 watts. At the same time, the prevailing part of the models has a power of 200-300 watts, which is enough for traditional cleaning.

If you need to work with heavily soiled surfaces or with high pile carpets, it is advisable to purchase a power of at least 400 watts. An excellent choice is devices equipped with suction power adjustment, which allows you to adapt to a specific situation.

The equipment of different devices is seriously different, and this moment should also be considered before buying. The minimum set of basic models includes five brushes: two for dry and wet cleaning, separately for floors and upholstered furniture or car interiors, one for wet cleaning of hard flooring: tiles, parquet, linoleum, laminate.

Optionally, the devices are equipped with nozzles focused on washing windows, all kinds of turbo and vibrating brushes.

An indispensable thing when cleaning carpets with high pile, in particular when keeping animals in the house, is an electric brush-beater. It is equipped with its own motor that rotates the brush at high speed. Due to this, deep cleaning and complete removal of wool from the carpet is ensured.

With the help of such a nozzle, it is possible to get dust at a depth of up to ten to fifteen centimeters, which is useful when cleaning mattresses, blankets, and rugs.

Most modern models are endowed with a liquid collection function, thanks to which you can remove stains and arrange impromptu dry cleaning for carpets and upholstered furniture. To do this, it is enough to manually apply a solution of a cleaning agent to the contaminated surface, and then collect it with a vacuum cleaner with a lint-free nozzle.

Some expensive models of vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter have a steam generator function, which expands the cleaning possibilities.

Steam cleans perfectly:

  • tiles and plumbing;
  • windows with mirrors;
  • removes contaminants that have entered the surface;
  • provides a disinfectant effect.

This function is aimed at returning the cleanliness of upholstered furniture and carpets with high pile, the destruction of mites and other harmful microorganisms. Such a device replaces the traditional steamer and can be used to iron curtains or clothes.

An interesting function of blowing, which transforms the vacuum cleaner into an air compressor. It allows you to blow dust out of hard-to-reach places where its suction is impossible, for example, in cracks or behind a radiator.

Such an apparatus will play the role of a pump for a ball, an inflatable bed or a boat. There is a place for such an apparatus in the garden: they can blow off fallen leaves from the path or even treat plants with a solution against pests or diseases.

Weight is another significant criterion for choosing a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter. This type of equipment is generally heavier than conventional vacuum cleaners: it is problematic to find a model lighter than 7.5 kilograms, and the average weight reaches 10 kilograms. Naturally, the lighter the device, the easier it is to work. You also need to consider the maneuverability of devices, as some of them are extremely inconvenient.

Vacuum cleaners with a water filter are produced in a horizontal and vertical version of the spatial orientation. This parameter does not belong to the category of fundamentally significant, and the choice is determined solely by the buyer’s own preferences.

But the dimensions of the case are an important characteristic, as it affects the volume of the container with water, which varies in the range of 1-10 liters. For everyday needs, a tank with a capacity of 3-5 liters is suitable, which is enough to clean the average housing.

The level of noise produced by this technique exceeds that of traditional vacuum cleaners, but does not cause discomfort. On average, this figure is 60-65 dB, and if you are sensitive to noise, then choose a quieter model.

Ease of use is determined by another point that not everyone pays attention to – the length of the power cord. In order not to have to switch from outlet to outlet, it is better to immediately choose a device with a long wire. Facilitate the application and the function of automatic winding.

Another significant and useful feature is the automatic shutdown in case of overheating, which will ensure the operation of the equipment in a gentle mode and extend its service life.

How to use a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter

After assembling and connecting all structural elements, the tank of the aquafilter must be filled with clean water. Without a filled container, operation is unacceptable!

To prevent the formation of foam in the container during operation, it is advisable to add a cap of anti-foam liquid to the water.

When cleaning, do not suck in a large amount of powdery substances: flour, cocoa, mixtures for brewing creams, etc., as they complicate the work of the filter.

Each cleaning should be completed by cleaning the filter cover and completely drying the parts of the filtration system. This will prevent musty odors and prolong the life of all elements.

Precautionary measures

  • The device can only be connected to the AC mains. The voltage indicator must correspond to the data specified in the instructions.
  • Do not touch the plug and socket with wet hands.
  • Do not remove the plug from the socket by pulling on the mains cable.
  • Before cleaning, be sure to inspect the power cord with plug for damage, if found, immediately repair or replace it.
  • To prevent accidents caused by exposure to electricity, it is recommended to use outlets equipped with a device to prevent electric shock.
  • When cleaning, it must be taken into account that the mixing of certain substances with air leads to the formation of explosive mixtures and vapors. Under no circumstances should explosive and flammable gases and liquids, jet dust, strong alkaline-acid liquids in an undiluted state, solvents of organic origin be sucked in. In addition to humans, these substances are dangerous for the technology itself, since they can lead to corrosion of construction materials.


Vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter are complex equipment, for the repair of which it is advisable to contact a professional service department. But you can eliminate small malfunctions on your own.

Before carrying out care and maintenance work, the device must be switched off and the cord unplugged from the mains socket.

If the appliance does not suck up debris or the power supply is interrupted, remove the plug from the socket. Check the cable for damage. The reason for the weak or falling suction power lies in the incorrect fixation, or the complete absence, of the reflective shield, which must be firmly fixed.

In case of strong foaming in the water filter tank, it is recommended:

  • pour fresh water and add 1-2 caps of defoamer;
  • check the intermediate filter for moisture. If it is found, then the wet filter will require washing and drying or replacing with a new one.

By adhering to these recommendations, you will choose a vacuum cleaner model with an aquafilter that meets your needs and wishes, which will last for many years, ensuring the cleanliness of your home.

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