Two-chamber refrigerator

The refrigerator in the house is the main electrical appliance, so its choice must be approached responsibly. Popular for medium kitchens are two-chamber models. Three or four decades ago, there were few such units, now there are more than 50% of them on the market. They are functional and comfortable.

The device of a two-chamber refrigerator

Design features

The location of the chambers depends on the volume and functional purpose. The dimensions of these compartments are often made the same. Separated by shelves. Made from plastic, metal or glass. Glass shelves are popular. They are considered durable, easy to clean, give a wide view, and are designed for loads up to 40 kg.

Trellised shelves facilitate the movement of air inside the refrigerator. Sometimes in refrigerators, clamps are installed against the movement of the shelves. This is convenient, because when removing heavy products, the shelf does not move out and other products do not roll down.

There are even foldable shelves. This function is used when placing tall objects in the refrigerator, and in order not to remove the shelf completely, it must be bent.

It is important that there are many fasteners for shelves inside. If necessary, you can change the distance between them. One or two light bulbs are used for lighting. It is preferable to install closer to the front edge and light inward, since the bulbs on the back wall will only illuminate it.

The design of the inside of the door plays an important role. It should have a lot of all sorts of shelves, containers, cells for storing food. Sometimes a device for obtaining ice is offered. However, these are connected to the water supply system.

An important part in a two-chamber refrigerator is the freezer compartment. When choosing, consider the useful volume and the function of maintaining the desired temperature. If you do not consider a chamber for storing food for a long time, then you can purchase one that maintains a temperature of up to -6 degrees.

Products will be stored for a month at temperatures up to -12 degrees, up to three months – at -18 degrees, up to six months – at temperatures below 18 degrees. This attribute is displayed by the number of stars, from one to four. If the freezer is installed on top, then inside it is divided by shelves. If the compartment is at the bottom, there are drawers inside.

Stickers are sometimes applied to the cells, but it is convenient to indicate what and where is stored and the time when it is placed. A useful thing in the freezer is a tray. Some adapt the tray for storing cold accumulators or ice trays, but it is very convenient to freeze berries in such a tray and then pour them into a bag.

How to choose a two-chamber refrigerator


Two-chamber refrigerators differ in the ways of cooling products:

  • Natural air circulation. This method prevents the products from drying out. Moisture lingers inside, which has a beneficial effect on food. The chamber contains a fan that helps distribute the air temperature evenly in each part. With natural air circulation, electricity consumption is minimal;
  • Forced cooling by a fan. With this method, the walls of the compartment do not freeze, frost does not form, the products are blown with dry air. At the same time, the humidity is low, so the products will have to be packed in containers. Refrigerators with the described cooling method are popular, especially among young people.

The manual defrosting method is applied to the refrigerator compartment. Automatic – for freezing. The third method of defrosting the refrigerator – No frost – is suitable for two compartments.

Automatic method (drip). The freezer has an evaporator. During operation of the compressor, ice forms on the rear wall. The compressor stops working – the ice melts and flows into a special tray.

Manual defrost. The appliance is unplugged, defrosted, washed and wiped dry.

With the No frost method a special fan is installed inside the freezer, thanks to which cold air circulates, and frost does not form. After several hours of operation, the fan stops and the heater turns on. The resulting water descends into the pan and evaporates from there.

This method has a number of advantages: constant defrosting of products is not required, while they are stored longer and do not freeze to each other. In addition, compressors operate in a more economical, in terms of energy consumption, mode. The disadvantage of the method is the increased noise level.

When purchasing a two-chamber refrigerator, pay attention to the compressor.

Two compressors are the best option. Since they are installed separately on two different cameras, their operation is independent of each other. When one chamber is opened for a while, the temperature in it rises, to lower it, the compressor turns on.

If the compressor is installed alone in two compartments, it makes an effort to cool the temperature in two compartments when only one is needed. Part of the effort is wasted. Consequently, the service life is higher for refrigerators with two compressors, and the cooling performance is also higher.

In management, such devices are more convenient – you can separately regulate the temperature in the refrigeration and freezer compartments, as well as separately disconnect the cameras from the network.

Energy efficiency – a strong argument in favor of the purchase. It is defined in the range A – G, where A is the highest level of efficiency, G is the lowest. There is also class A +, A ++, which means an energy saving class even higher than class A. An increased level of savings is provided, respectively, by high-level compressors.

The electricity consumption of the two extreme classes differs sharply from each other, so the low price initially may not justify itself in the future.

When choosing a refrigerator, check which climate class it belongs to. It must be suitable for the conditions in which it will be used. For a temperate climate, the refrigerator will function normally at an outside temperature of 16-32 degrees. Refrigerators for tropical climates – at a temperature of 18-43 degrees.

Intermediate options: subnormal and subtropical climate classes.

The thermostat control can be mechanical or electronic. The mechanical method provides for manual switching of temperature setting levels from 1 to 5. Strict correspondence between these levels and temperature degrees is not observed. Thanks to the electronic mode, the exact temperature inside the refrigerator compartment is set.

Purchase rules

To enjoy the operation of the unit for a long time, when buying, follow a simple set of rules:

  • collect as much information as possible about different models, their properties, price, quality;
  • review reviews;
  • before buying, be sure to decide on the place where the unit will be placed so as not to make a mistake with the dimensions. It is not recommended to install near the oven and stove;
  • the location of the device depends on which direction the door opens so that it does not cling to the furniture and does not interfere with the owners;
  • when choosing, pay attention to the noise level and the power consumption class. Class “A” is ideal, and the noise level is 40 dB;
  • the No frost function will make life easier for the owner;
  • Estimate how many and how much food should be stored. For a family of 3-4 people, a device with a volume of 300 liters is enough;
  • check the presence of electronics, indicators, as well as the feasibility of using additional devices.

Pros and cons of a two-chamber refrigerator

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Special mode of strong cooling in the refrigerator compartment. With it, you can quickly lower the temperature by up to two degrees. This is important when a warm product is placed in the refrigerator and it needs to be cooled urgently so that the products previously placed in it do not have time to heat up;
  • Alarm. If the temperature rises above the norm, an audible or light alarm will sound.
  • Alarm when the door is open. If the door of the refrigerator compartment does not close for 5 minutes, and the freezer compartment – for one minute – it emits a signal that reminds the owner of the open door.
  • Temperature display inside. It can be LED or digital display.

An important function is the preservation of the temperature regime after a power outage. When purchasing, consider this function in relation to your living conditions and the frequency of power outages. However, remember that the price increases depending on the shelf life of products without electricity.

The price of refrigerators depends on the volume, number of chambers, functions, defrosting methods. The number of compressors, the class of electricity consumption and the manufacturer strongly influence the price.

Disadvantages. Due to the fact that they consist of two chambers, heat escapes faster. This means that more energy is spent on freezing food than in single-chamber refrigerators. But in modern conditions, this difference is insignificant.

When purchasing a two-chamber refrigerator, pay attention to the smell inside. Poor-quality polymer exudes an unpleasant pungent odor. Another subtlety is that it must be considered before being connected to the network, since when turned on, the smell of plastic disappears.

Pay attention to its design. The device of the handle, the color design, the material from which it is made.

Some models are works of art, the material used is metal, glass and even wood. Color range – from classic white to blue and black. But the most practical and popular are models made of aluminum and steel.



Breakdowns of a two-chamber refrigerator are typical, there are no difficulties in eliminating:

  • compressor failure, loss of performance;
  • failure of the thermostat or protective relay;
  • freezing parts with ice.

To prevent breakdowns, defrost the refrigerator in time. Take care of cleanliness, do not overload with products so that air can circulate freely.

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