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For a pleasant stay in the country, the owners create comfortable conditions. The first problem that summer residents face is cooking. Especially if a lot of time is spent in the countryside. Accordingly, there is a need to purchase a plate.

By type, the technique is divided into desktop and stationary. According to the principle of operation, there are gas and electric appliances.

Types of plates for giving

If the summer cottage is located in a gardening partnership where main gas is provided, then they choose devices for cooking in the same way as for a city apartment. Otherwise, a special nozzle is purchased for the operation of equipment on liquefied gas.

Models are available with grills, which makes cooking more convenient. Detachable design is easy to clean in the dishwasher. The cooking surface does not require special care.

For summer cottages, it is better to buy gas stoves with options that increase safety in the house. The “gas-control” function automatically stops the gas supply when the flame suddenly goes out.

You should not buy overall equipment if the kitchen in the house is less than 20 cubic meters. m. The hob is chosen with two or four gas burners. The main criteria for choosing equipment are the number of residents and the time spent in the country.

It is not advisable to choose models with a grill or barbecue, as their cost is much higher. And such functionality can easily replace the barbecue in the yard.

A universal option will be hybrid equipment, which simultaneously combines gas and electric nozzles. You can live in a country house with a full-fledged unit all season.

Advantages of gas stoves for summer cottages:

  • The advantages of these models are ergonomics. If in the future it is planned to carry out main gas in a horticultural partnership, then it will be easy to switch equipment from liquefied blue fuel.
  • Cylinder gas is a self-contained equipment that is easy to operate.
  • The cost of the gas resource is low, so it will not entail monetary waste.

It is more rational to use such devices in country conditions, since there are interruptions in electricity in suburban areas. This leads to equipment failure.

Electric stoves for summer cottages

When choosing an electric model, first of all, technical and operational characteristics are taken into account. Quality and functionality depend on the financial side of the summer resident.

Electrical equipment with an oven expands the home menu. Experienced housewives know that during the canning period, the oven is an indispensable tool for sterilizing containers. And in the berry-fruit season in the country, you can pamper your loved ones with a variety of pastries.

Electric stoves are divided according to the type of hob.

TEN plates for giving

Despite the outdated appearance, TEN units are indispensable helpers in the country.

The advantages of such models include:

  • low cost;
  • maintainability.


Electric stoves with a glass-ceramic surface heat up more slowly and cool down longer. Durable coating is not whimsical in care, easy to clean. They are considered a safe option compared to gas equipment.

But the coating does not tolerate dirty dishes, it cannot be subjected to mechanical stress. And the dishes are selected in accordance with certain requirements.


Induction cooktops use much less electricity than other types. New technologies have improved the safety of equipment during operation.

The surface of the panel does not heat up without dishes. However, the cost of such models is higher. Plus, they require the purchase of special dishes. Such costs are not appropriate for suburban conditions.

Based on the technical characteristics, TEN plates are an excellent country option. Electric stoves are selected according to size and functional parameters. For example, a timer and a display will help you prepare a dish at the right time. At the same time, you do not need to give up summer cottages and cook dinner.

The design and dimensions of the plate when choosing fade into the background. It is important to take into account the power indicators of the device, the electrical wiring must be with a power reserve, for example, with a total load of up to 6 kW, wiring with a cross section of 2.5 is enough2mm.

The electric stove should be easy to maintain and not take up much space. For a family of two or three people, a model with one or two burners is suitable.

Advantages of electric stoves:

  1. The dacha is not a place of permanent residence, so it is important to take care of the safety in the house. When the switch is off, the electrical appliance is safe.
  2. If the hostess does not want to spend a lot of time cooking, an induction hob will be an excellent option. With her, there will be time for rest and gardening.
  3. Unlike gas stoves that run on liquefied gas, electrical appliances do not need constant monitoring of the consumed resource.

Table stoves for summer cottages

The purchase of a stationary stove for a small country house becomes problematic. In this case, it is more advisable to buy a mobile cooking appliance. By type of work, desktop stoves are divided into electric and gas. Comes with one or two burners.

Gas desktop stove for giving

Portable appliances powered by natural gas are an indispensable assistant in a small country kitchen. She quickly prepares dishes without taking much time from the hostess. The mobile device is lightweight and compact, so it is easy to take the equipment with you.

Portable gas equipment is divided into:

  • single burner;
  • two-burner;
  • oven models.

For the operation of such a device, you will need a rubber hose and a gas cylinder. The practical equipment is easy to install. With it, you can economically and without hassle to relax in a country house. Independence from electricity allows you to cook dinner even if there is no electricity in the house.

Tabletop electric stove for giving

Hobs of electric stoves are equipped with burners of two types: flat and spiral. The first option is preferred by most summer residents, as it is easier to wash.

Models of electrical appliances with a cover are produced. It leaves the surface clean when the equipment is not in use. Like gas models, they are equipped with an oven. Such a device works on a par with a full-sized unit.

Desktop infrared stove for summer cottages

Food on this technique is cooked faster than other analogues. Features a modern look. Most models are equipped with a glass-ceramic surface, which is not afraid of high temperatures and heavy dishes.

However, the device must be operated with caution, otherwise it will easily fail. Significantly saves energy consumption. The IR oven panel is easy to clean and does not require the purchase of special utensils. Such advantages simplify its use in the country.

Advantages of desktop models

Mobile devices are easy to use and have a low cost. For a small amount of money, you can purchase practicality and the ability to prepare a full meal in the country.

Combined appliances will help get rid of unnecessary trouble. When the gas runs out, there is no need to immediately go to fill the cylinder with blue fuel. At this time, you can use the electric burner.


Cookers of any kind are considered devices with an increased level of danger. Therefore, it is necessary to operate devices in summer conditions carefully, observing safety precautions.

Equipment manufacturers indicate some recommendations for use:

  • the walls in the kitchen must be fire resistant;
  • the kitchen set must withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees;
  • the electric stove must be grounded, including models with electric ignition and a mains-operated oven;
  • outlets must also be grounded;
  • upon detection of the smell of gas, block the cylinder and open the windows in the room;
  • Use only appropriate cookware recommended by the hob manufacturer.

The stove in the country should be kept clean, the hob and dishes should be washed regularly. You can clean the glass surface with baking soda. All removable elements are washed with soapy water to remove scale and grease.

When cooking on a gas appliance, continuous gas supply for more than two hours is not recommended. When working with gas, it is desirable to ventilate the room. The burner should supply gas evenly, without additional sounds.

If an electrical appliance is used in a country house, after the end of the season, turn off the breaker. Do not leave the device unattended during operation.


In suburban areas, liquefied gas is more often used. The cylinder is installed on the street in a special box. To install gas equipment, reducers are used to reduce gas pressure.

Connections are carefully sealed to prevent leakage of blue fuel. The flexible hose must not be hidden in walls or furniture. It is forbidden to paint it. After installing the plate, check all connections. The flame must be even, work without soot and noise.

Installation of a gas stove requires a ceiling height of at least 220cm. The presence of an extract and ventilation is mandatory in the room.

Connecting an electric stove without certain knowledge and skills will lead to ignition of the electrical wiring and entail irreversible consequences. A safe electrical supply and installation must be carried out by an electrician.

Cookers today are presented in a wide range. Important criteria in the selection are the functionality and technical parameters of the device. The safety of equipment and the dimensions of the room also play an important role.

When deciding on a choice, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Models of well-known brands will be in priority. Additional options for cooking equipment depend on the preferences and financial capabilities of the owners.

For a small country house, a small-sized model with a standard set of functions is chosen. For a full-fledged country cottage with seasonal accommodation, a stationary model with many options is suitable.

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