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At first glance, electronic scales in the kitchen are an unnecessary thing that takes up space. There is an erroneous opinion that an experienced housewife does not need such a gadget in the kitchen at all, this is the prerogative of young novice housewives who have yet to develop their skills.

This misconception is refuted by the fact that even experienced professional chefs use scales in the kitchen, there are recipes in which it is important to correctly observe the proportions, count the grams of products in order to get the desired result and taste of the dish. But the main development in the field of kitchen gadgets is a scale with calorie counting.


If you follow your diet and decide to control your weight, then products with calorie counting will be an indispensable find for you in the world of electronic home appliances.

With this technique for the home, you don’t have to torment the body with diets and starvation, just choose low-calorie foods. This function allows you to get the output of the dishes not only properly and balanced cooked, but also healthy.

Scales with calorie counting have a display on the panel, which displays weight, calorie content and all the necessary information about this product.

Such kitchen products contain a list of information about the nutritional value of products, from vegetables and fruits to cereals and cereals. You can determine the calorie content of both a single product and a finished composite dish. A list of products is programmed into the scale and each is marked with a programmed code.

These codes are written in the instructions. You put the product on a bowl or panel, enter the appropriate code from the list, and in an instant, detailed information is displayed on the display, these are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, bread units and kilojoules. And this is in relation to the given weight of the product.

Kitchen scales are quite functional for such a seemingly simple kitchen appliance. In electronic devices, in addition to determining the calorie content, the following functions are included: sequential weighing, automatic shutdown, tare compensation.

The presence of these functions will simplify the process of cooking and life for the hostess, so it is worth looking at such auxiliary options when choosing electronic scales for the home. For such a device with a set of auxiliary functions, you will have to pay no small amount. But with their usefulness and functionality, kitchen appliances with calorie counting will more than pay for this cost.

calorie counting


Initially, people discovered the content of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in foods. But with the development of technology and science, it turned out that all these components in their group are not equivalent.

It is quite difficult to remember all the scientific factors that affect a person’s weight and health, so a calorie counting scale will become a faithful assistant if you have chosen the path of a healthy diet and are going to lose weight.

Electronic kitchen appliances with calorie counting are powered by electricity, and options on the market are powered by a battery or batteries. The main advantage of electronic devices, in contrast to mechanical ones, is their accuracy, with a small error of +/- 1 g.



Electronic kitchen products have a bowl on the surface for weighing products, there are equipment options in the form of a platform. In the first case, there is a view with a removable bowl, and an option where the bowl is an integral non-separable element.

The experience and feedback from users of this device for the kitchen speaks of the convenience of the option with a removable bowl. They are simple and easy enough to operate, and this is also an important aspect when cleaning.

If you have to weigh large, dimensional products, such as fish, gourds, meat, you can remove the removable bowl and use the scale platform for weighing. In the case of bulk products and even liquids, the bowl is indispensable and extremely useful in operation.

In addition to the bowl that comes with this product, there is an option to use any container suitable for a particular case, just do not forget to first find out its weight.

The removable bowl is easier to wash and wipe the scale platform itself. In cleaning, they, respectively, also win over joint models. For ease of storage and compactness, models have been developed where the weighing platform itself fits and is stored in a removable bowl.

The invention of technologists and developers is limitless, especially when it comes to technology that can help in everyday life and decorate people’s kitchens. The kitchens of people who care about how the place looks, where they cook so many interesting dishes, create culinary masterpieces, dine.

For people who select every element of the interior and appliances, taking into account the style and design of their kitchen. Designed scales that are attached to the wall. This option is suitable for spacious kitchens, since this type of equipment is stationary.

In addition to counting calories, your gadget will please with an auxiliary set of options:

  • When the method of replacing a bowl from a set with another container was described, there is a useful tare compensation option mentioned above. The essence of this option is that you need to put the selected bowl on the machine and press the reset button. The weight of the bowl after this action is not taken into account in the displayed value, and now proceed to weigh the products themselves.
  • The sequential weighing function is used when it is required to weigh a list of ingredients and find out a single, ultimately, weight. You can, one after another, weigh several products needed for cooking, you only need to press reset after each weighed product. After that, all the accumulated values ​​are summed up, and what is even more useful is the ability to immediately knead the dough right in the working bowl, taking into account the exact recipe data.
  • A useful function of kitchen appliances is to measure the volume of liquid.
  • The function is to select the unit of measurement (grams, kilograms, lb-ounces) and change it according to the situation and the recipe.
  • Permissible load indicator.
  • If you paid a lot of money for kitchen scales with the measurement of the calorie content of foods, then they are equipped with options that give out information: the content of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, calories and cholesterol in food.

How to choose a scale with calorie counting


Material. If you decide to constantly use electronic scales for the kitchen and more than one year, but systematically, then you need to carefully choose and buy only proven products supported by the price. The protective case covers the product, and at the same time closes the mechanism.

Definitely durable and long-lasting equipment will be options with a metal case. They will last at least 10 years. The plastic base and other parts cost commensurately less.

But it has disadvantages, initially it is a less durable material, and as a result, any plastic deforms from contact with heat and moisture during some time of operation.

Moisture can damage equipment from any material, so it is worth buying models with an isolated mechanism from contact with anything.

Buttons on the dashboard. Choose rubber buttons, they will last much longer than the rest. Definitely a reliable model will be the one in which the entire dashboard is covered with a rubber film. As we know, rubber is airtight, does not let the manifestation of moisture and other small particles.

In such a model of equipment, nothing will leak or clog in the gap between the buttons and the panel, this guarantees the service of the device without repair and cleaning. Frequent cases of accidentally spilled products are not terrible.

Auto-off function plays no significant role.

Storage option. You should immediately think about where to use the equipment, as well as where to store it after use. Will this be a permanent place on the working panel of the kitchen table or are you planning to put it in the closet after each use to free up space.

A variant of stationary mounting on the wall, special containers for storing electronic kitchen appliances, or a variant of storage in your own bowl are proposed.

How many variations in the execution of the scale body are presented to us by manufacturers, if we start studying at least with the material from which the device is made – an assistant for the kitchen.

Electronic devices for the kitchen are made of stainless steel, wood, plastic, elegant models of glass are designed. Models are sold in which designers offer a combination of several materials in one product.

The main thing is that the design fits into the style in which your kitchen is made. Suppose, if you are a lover of high-tech style, and the kitchen is sustained in it, then therefore give preference to metal models.

And adherents of patterns, ethnic motifs can not be limited in the choice of a specific material, but give the choice to devices with a color scheme suitable for a specific kitchen design.

Attractive, if a favorite kitchen appliance pleases, the presence whenever you intend to weigh the product, and decorates the interior of the kitchen.

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