Robot vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner appeared relatively recently. The first models were produced expensive and not widely available. Now every person can afford to buy a universal cleaner in the home. When choosing the right technique, it is important to know about the principles and features of work, functionality and purpose.

Types of robotic vacuum cleaners

The robot vacuum cleaner is a household electronic device. Its direct purpose is to clean the room. The prefix “robot” appeared due to the fact that the device works independently.

With the help of the program, the technician coordinates the trajectory of movement and controls his work. Compared to a conventional vacuum cleaner, the suction power of an automated device is lower. The main function is to eliminate dust and debris on the floor. Suitable for daily cleaning.

An automated device helps to maintain cleanliness, but cannot fully replace a standard vacuum cleaner or mop. The device is successfully used in houses and apartments where small children and animals live, and there is not enough time for daily cleaning.

The choice of an automated device depends on its purpose.

Robot vacuum cleaners are divided into three types:

  • for dry cleaning;
  • for wet cleaning;
  • mixed cleaning.

Robot vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning

The robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning works like an electric broom. An action defines a simple type of control. On the market, the device is presented in a wide range of products at reasonable prices.

The device is able to collect dust, debris, animal hair from hard surfaces: laminate, tiles, parquet. Suitable for cleaning short pile carpets. When choosing a model of a “smart” vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the equipment and working area.

Robot vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning

Devices for wet cleaning, according to the principle of operation, are similar to the first option. The difference is that in addition to collecting dust, the device washes the floors. The composition includes containers for clean and dirty water.

The disadvantages of this are considered: the impossibility of cleaning carpets and before work you need to carry out independent dry cleaning.

mixed cleaning

Robot vacuum cleaners with mixed cleaning are indispensable helpers in a house or apartment. Manual labor is excluded, the device independently copes with all cleaning tasks.

Robot vacuum cleaner device

The robot vacuum cleaner works automatically with the help of a given program. Obstacles on the way (furniture, objects, walls) he carefully goes around. After cleaning, the assistant returns to the charger to recharge the battery.

The blower is equipped with side and central brushes. Side brushes collect debris and dust in hard-to-reach places. Then the dirt is caught by the central brushes (one or two) and transferred to the suction slot of the turbine, which sucks the dust into the bin.

Built-in touch sensors help the device navigate. The more sensors, the more maneuverable the vacuum cleaner. The trajectory of the movement of the models is different, depending on the manufacturer.

Having decided on the purpose of purchasing a cleaner, choose its technical parameters.

Charging type

When choosing a technique, you need to ask about the duration of continuous operation. Battery life depends on battery capacity. Adequate battery backup provides more time for cleaning.

Since robot vacuum cleaners have much lower power than standard models, they need more time to create order. Therefore, before choosing, you need to measure the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe surface to be treated and compare it with the capabilities of the battery.

Dust capacity of the robot vacuum cleaner

This parameter is affected by the area of ​​​​the room. The capacity for a small room is 0.3l-0.5l. For large areas, 0.5 liter waste bins are suitable.

Pets are also taken into account. A vacuum cleaner with a small dust container may not be able to do its job. The large capacity of the waste bin is cleaned less often.

Availability of a charging station

In order for the robot vacuum cleaner to work fully in automatic mode, it is better to choose a model with self-recharging. By setting the schedule and operating mode, the device itself determines the time for recharging. The charging station is installed on the floor and connected to the mains. This feature allows the robot to clean up even if the owners are not at home.

Built-in IR sensors

All models have a standard number of sensors located in the housing. These include sensors: touch, fall, collision.

Depending on the types of devices, add-ons are built into them: laser and ultrasonic sensors. Additional features allow you to thoroughly clean the room in hard-to-reach places.

Noise level of the robot cleaner

This indicator is of great importance, since a high noise level interferes with rest and distracts from doing household chores. The average level ranges from 54 to 74 decibels. Business class models have a low noise level.

Brush size

It is better to leave preference for models with two brushes. They create improved traction and collect debris better. Devices with rubber brushes are easy to clean and perfectly collect dirt.

Air filters

The efficiency of the filter depends on external parameters. When buying, you need to carefully consider what type of filter is in the device. The preferred option would be a multi-layer filter, which is usually installed in vacuum cleaners of well-known brands.

Complete set of the robot vacuum cleaner

Complete with a robot vacuum cleaner, the manufacturer offers various accessories.

Remote control

There is no need to switch the program while the device is running. Therefore, remote control is a secondary function.

Movement limiter

The function is necessary to limit the movement of the vacuum cleaner in places where there are fragile interior items. “Virtual wall” will help to delimit the space that does not require cleaning.

Traffic coordinators or navigation cameras

Movement coordinators are installed on the floor, which is not always convenient. It is better to choose models with compact cameras that will help you navigate while cleaning up.

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner

The branded robot vacuum cleaner comes with three cleaning levels. Debris is directed from the side brushes to the main ones. The two main brushes rotate towards each other, picking up dirt particles.

When choosing a model, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions and design features. Some devices are not able to capture particles of small debris, or vice versa to collect large debris, so cleaning will be of poor quality.

When purchasing equipment, I want it to work flawlessly. Today the market is full of low-quality products, for which the manufacturer does not give a guarantee.

To avoid the moment when the equipment fails in a short period and is thrown away, you need to buy products only from official representatives.

The manufacturer that sells the product provides after-sales service and a guarantee for a certain period of use of the equipment. The official service center provides a warranty card. In case of failure of the robot, it is changed or repaired.

Robot models of well-known brands have won great popularity among buyers. The pattern of such preference is clear: it is better to pay for quality.

Each manufacturer tries to bring individuality to the products and introduce technical features. But some of them do not affect the quality of cleaning at all.

Price category

Robot vacuum cleaners have not gone into mass production, as they have not yet received full consumer recognition. This was influenced by the cost of the product. Expensive robot devices meet the expectations of users. But not all equipment is able to satisfy the owner.

Some manufacturers do not spend money on advertising. Due to this, the cost of the product increases significantly. It is more expedient to buy the same model from another company and at a lower price. You need to be attentive to consumer reviews and the technical characteristics of the vacuum cleaner.

Conventionally, the price segment is divided into three categories:

  • Economy – The performance of the machine is low. Manufacturers use the simplest materials, the minimum set of functions. Such devices are able to work with a minimum amount of time and only in small rooms. The price range is up to $100.
  • Middle – An improved version of the device that can work for a long time. It has a solid body and additional features. The device comes with a charging station. It is considered a common option due to its practicality and reasonable price. The cost of the product is from 100 to 300 dollars.
  • Elite – the high cost of models is due to a wide range of options, efficient cleaning, and almost continuous operation. The device is able to clean a large area in 20 minutes. Models start at $300.

How to use

  • Before starting the device, remove unnecessary items from the floor: shoes, newspapers, toys, wires. Unstable interior items should also be removed.
  • Limit the access of the device to water. They do not allow splashes on the body, as well as cleaning up spilled liquids (if this is not provided).
  • At the end of the work, remove dirt from the dust collector, clean the brushes of hair.
  • Do not touch the charger and vacuum cleaner with wet hands.
  • Wipe the body of the device only with a dry cloth.

The quality of the equipment directly depends on the choice of model. Robotics must be agile and durable. Robots with a map of the area clean better. The issue remains the power of the product. This indicator does not affect the quality of cleaning, but affects the duration of work between recharging cycles.

By choosing the priority equipment options for yourself, be sure of the quality of the work of your personal automated assistant. With a robot vacuum cleaner, you can ensure a comfortable stay in your home. The main thing is that it has the necessary parameters.

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