Review of the 10 best REDMOND multicookers

Multicookers are used to prepare various kinds of dishes. When choosing products, pay attention to the functionality, compactness, reliability of devices.

It is important that the devices are well equipped, equipped with basic programs (automatic, manual). Be sure to look at the materials from which the structure is made, they must comply with environmental standards.

REDMOND M110 – with digital LED display

Redmond m110 - multicooker with digital LED display

Functional and practical multi-cooker-pressure cooker that allows you to set the cooking time. The product is equipped with 55 automatic modes and a 4-level protection system.

Additional functions are used: delayed start, warm-up, auto-heating. The volumetric bowl has a non-stick coating, and the power of the device reaches 900 watts.

Characteristics Redmond M110


  • 5 liter bowl;
  • 55 automatic programs;
  • push-button control, digital LED display;
  • power – 900 W;
  • weight – 7.4 kg;
  • dimensions – 34 by 35.5 by 35 cm;
  • functions (heating, temperature maintenance).

Pros Redmond M110


  • high power;
  • convenient management;
  • functionality, equipping with 55 programs for cooking;
  • voluminous and capacious bowl;
  • reliable 4-level protective system;
  • equipped with a digital LED display.


REDMOND 4502 – with 3D heating function

Redmond 4502 - a multicooker with a three-dimensional heating function

The device performs the functions of a rice cooker, bread machine and soup cooker. The case is made of stainless steel, there is a removable cover. 14 operating modes allow you to cook food with high quality, the product is equipped with a three-dimensional heating system.

The temperature and cooking time varies within a certain range. Model with liquid crystal display and convenient electronic control.

Characteristics of Redmond 4502


  • weight – 5 kg;
  • dimensions – 25 by 40 by 31 cm;
  • 14 cooking modes;
  • volume of working capacity – 5 liters;
  • power – 860 W;
  • materials (stainless steel, teflon);
  • functions (clock, delay start);
  • electronic control type, liquid crystal display;
  • set (measuring cup, steaming container, spatula, ladle, recipe book).

Pluses Redmond 4502


  • saving information about the last program in the device’s memory;
  • uniform cooking, three-dimensional heating function;
  • equipped with two delayed start timers;
  • high power;
  • ease of use and maintenance;
  • functionality.


  • there is no pre-heating shutdown function;
  • without a special container that collects condensate.

REDMOND M90 – with 45 cooking modes

Redmond M90 - functional multicooker with 45 cooking modes

The multifunctional model is designed for cooking various kinds of dishes, it combines high power, stylish design and practicality. The product is equipped with 45 cooking programs (automatic, manual).

The volumetric bowl has a ceramic coating and comfortable handles made of heat-resistant plastic. The MULTIPLE COOK function allows you to set the time and temperature for preparing food and drinks.

The device is equipped with the functions of auto-heating, warming up, delayed start and others.

Specifications Redmond M90


  • power – 860 W;
  • electronic touch control;
  • bowl volume – 5 liters;
  • temperature range – from 35 to 170 degrees;
  • dimensions – 23 × 26.5 × 27 cm;
  • weight – 5.2 kg;
  • equipping with 45 programs for cooking;
  • materials (aluminum, plastic, ceramics);
  • functions (disabling the start, warming up dishes, maintaining the temperature);
  • kit (power cord, instruction manual, spoon, measuring spoon, measuring cup).

Pros Redmond M90


  • equipped with a container for collecting condensate;
  • bowl with non-stick ceramic coating;
  • functionality, cooking different dishes;
  • compact size and low specific weight;
  • touch buttons for control;
  • comfortable and practical equipment.


  • when the lid is raised, the frying function does not work.

REDMOND 250 – plastic

Redmond 250 - plastic multicooker

The device with a beautiful design and interesting functionality is equipped with a bowl with a non-stick ceramic coating. The multicooker supports 48 operating modes, among them – 21 express modes for cooking cereals.

Convenient control of the device using the touch panel, the display has a backlight. The product is completed with a measuring glass, a deep-frying basket, a spoon, a ladle, a culinary book.

Specifications Redmond 250


  • power – 860 W;
  • control – electronic;
  • body material – plastic;
  • bowl volume – 4 liters;
  • 21 automatic and 27 manual programs;
  • functions (manual temperature control, timer, delayed start).

Pluses Redmond 250


  • changing the initial settings during the cooking process;
  • functionality, many programs;
  • saving the latest programs in the device memory;
  • convenient removable cover;
  • comfortable control using the touch panel, display with bright backlight;
  • thick-walled bowl with non-stick coating.


  • stand for steaming dishes with low legs.

REDMOND 380 – pressure cooker with LED display

Redmond 380 - pressure cooker with LED display

The 1000 W pressure cooker allows you to cook even at high pressure, which significantly reduces the cooking time. Taste and useful properties of products are preserved.

The product is equipped with 14 automatic operating modes, with which you can cook rice, cereals, pilaf, soups. The device allows you to change the time and temperature settings during cooking.

The 6 liter working bowl is made of non-stick ceramics.

Ease of operation is ensured by a digital LED display that reflects the necessary information about the cooking process.

Specifications Redmond 380


  • power – 1000 W;
  • bowl volume – 6 liters;
  • weight – 6 kg;
  • case material – metal;
  • dimensions – 35 by 30 by 30 cm;
  • 14 automatic programs;
  • electronic control;
  • functions (cooking dishes for a couple, adjusting the cooking time, delayed start);
  • color (black, silver);
  • complete set (recipe book, container for steaming, spatula, measuring cup, ladle).

Pluses Redmond 380


  • wear-resistant body materials;
  • high power, work efficiency;
  • practicality, durability;
  • bulk bowl;
  • cooking even at high pressure;
  • functionality;
  • stylish design, beautiful decoration.


  • not a very comfortable lid.

REDMOND 4503 – with hinged lid

Redmond 4503 - multicooker with a hinged lid

A device that allows you to quickly cook food while maintaining the healthy taste of food. The slow cooker works in 10 automatic modes, prepares dishes of different levels of complexity: from porridge to meat, pastries, desserts.

The product is made of durable and wear-resistant materials: stainless steel and plastic. The design is small, so it does not take up much space in space. Stylish design, beautiful appearance.

Specifications Redmond 4503


  • power – 800 W;
  • bowl volume – 5 liters;
  • electronic type of control;
  • 10 automatic cooking programs;
  • weight – 3.65 kg;
  • materials (stainless steel, plastic);
  • dimensions – 290 by 290 by 290 mm;
  • functions (temperature support, timer, delayed start);
  • color (white, silver).

Pluses Redmond 4503


  • wear resistance, strength;
  • automated cooking process, availability of basic programs;
  • convenient electronic control, equipped with an LCD display;
  • compact size, portability;
  • stylish case design.


  • many hard-to-reach places;
  • sometimes the bottom burns.

REDMOND RMC M211 – electronically controlled

Redmond RMC M211 - electronically controlled multicooker

A device with high power and optimal volume. High-quality and wear-resistant materials are used for the manufacture of the case. The multicooker is equipped with 37 basic programs for cooking various kinds of dishes.

Easy control via display. Among the functions – setting the temperature and keeping warm, auto-off with a timer, delay cooking.

Specifications Redmond RMC M211


  • power – 860 W;
  • volume – 5 liters;
  • materials (plastic, metal, ceramics);
  • weight – 2.4 kg;
  • 37 cooking programs;
  • electronic control;
  • functions (timer, temperature setting, auto-off);
  • equipment (recipe book, measuring cup, container-steamer, flat spoon, ladle).

Pros Redmond RMC M211


  • made of durable and wear-resistant materials;
  • many programs for cooking, functionality;
  • convenient operation, easy maintenance;
  • stylish design, beautiful decoration;
  • compact size, low specific weight;
  • voluminous and practical equipment.


  • hanging the plug in the socket;
  • fragility with frequent use.

REDMOND M70 – with uniform cooking

Redmond m70 - multicooker with uniform cooking

The functional multicooker provides uniform cooking due to the 3D heating function. The product is equipped with 42 operating modes: 16 automatic and 26 manual settings. The device does not take up much space.

Characteristics Redmond m70


  • electronic control;
  • the body is made of durable metal;
  • 5 liter bowl;
  • 16 automatic programs and 26 manual programs;
  • dimensions – 31 by 25 by 40 cm;
  • weight – 5 kg;
  • functions (clock, temperature control).

Pros Redmond m70


  • functionality, automation of the cooking process;
  • average dimensions;
  • voluminous and capacious bowl;
  • strength, wear resistance;
  • good equipment;
  • stylish look.


  • the lock on the lid quickly breaks;
  • small display viewing angle.

REDMOND M4510 – with delayed start

Redmond M4510 - multicooker with delayed start

The device is made of high-strength metal, the bowl has a ceramic coating. 13 automatic and 27 manual programs are used to prepare various kinds of dishes. The volume of the bowl is 5 liters.

The product is functional: the possibility of heat treatment without pressure, delayed start, auto-heating. The multi-cooker with a stylish design is available in three colors. The design is stable and reliable.

Specifications Redmond M4510


  • power – 700 W;
  • bowl volume – 5 liters;
  • metal case;
  • electronic type of control;
  • 13 automatic and 27 manual programs;
  • functions (timer, keep warm, delayed start, multi-cook).

Pros Redmond M4510


  • auto-heating function up to 12 hours;
  • three color options for the case;
  • changing temperature settings during operation;
  • equipped with a removable cover;
  • stability and reliability;
  • convenient set.


  • no 3D heating function;
  • without removable container for collecting condensate;
  • not very convenient management.

REDMOND 4506 – metal

Redmond 4506 - metal multicooker

The product allows you to cook the most popular dishes, equipped with 6 automatic programs: baking, stewing, steaming, porridge, pilaf, frying, deep-frying. A special program for pasteurization of products is used.

The case is metal, with high wear resistance. The product is easy to use, practical and stylish design.

Specifications Redmond 4506


  • power – 900 W;
  • 6 automatic programs;
  • weight – 5.2 kg;
  • dimensions – 40 by 30.5 by 31.5 cm;
  • case material – metal;
  • color (black, silver);
  • set (recipe book, spatula, measuring cup, container for steaming dishes);
  • functions (temperature support, delayed start, steam cooking).

Pluses Redmond 4506


  • bowl with teflon coating;
  • capacity;
  • wear-resistant body;
  • compact size, does not take up much space in space;
  • practical and stylish design;
  • convenient equipment;
  • ease of use.

Cons Redmond 4506


  • no 3D heating function;
  • few automatic programs;
  • hefty construction.

Which model is better to buy

Which model is better to buy

Popular options that are distinguished by wear resistance and durability are Redmond 4502, 380.

  • Before choosing a multicooker, take an interest in the number of cooking programs. Good devices are equipped with at least 10 automatic and 20 manual modes. Among the most functional products are Redmond M110, 250, 4502.
  • Pay attention to the case material, choose products made of durable anti-corrosion metal. Plastic models are less durable and environmentally unsafe.
  • Look at the power of the product, the optimal level is 800-900 W, all products presented in the rating meet this requirement. The most powerful is the Redmond 380 multicooker.
  • Carefully study the technical parameters and functionality of the devices. Good devices are equipped with such functions: timer, delayed start, auto-off. Choose models Redmond M110, 4502, 380.

Which model is better to buy

  • It is important that the products are equipped with a convenient display. All devices with electronic control type. The Redmond M110 model has a digital display with LED backlight.
  • An important criterion is the equipment, without exception, all multicookers are well-equipped. The set should include the following items: a measuring cup, a container for steaming food, a spatula, a ladle, a book for recipes.
  • The optimal weight of products is up to 5 kg. Among small-sized structures – Redmond 4502, M90. Pay attention to reliability and stability.
  • So, the best are the Redmond M110, 4502, 380 models, which are distinguished by high functionality, reliability, good equipment and stylish design.

Pay attention to the capacity of the bowl (5-6 liters are needed).

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