Review of ceramic gas heater Bartolini Pullover I

Bartolini Pullover is a portable ceramic heater. It is compact and safe. Connects to a standard 5-50 liter gas cylinder, which will have to be purchased separately.

The panel is made of ceramic. Due to the fact that gas residues burn in the ceramic heating element, it is classified as an environmentally friendly heater.

The maximum efficiency of the Bartolini Pullover is achieved due to the fact that it instantly heats the surrounding objects, which subsequently give off heat to the air.

Bartolini Pullover

Thanks to this principle of operation, heat is evenly distributed throughout the house, and does not rise to the ceiling.

The safety of the heater is ensured by three systems:

  • The sensor that is responsible for the level of oxygen in the room. The heater automatically turns off if the concentration of carbon dioxide exceeds 1.5%.
  • A sensor that monitors the level of the flame.
  • System of automatic shutdown of gas. If the heater tilts, it automatically cuts off the gas supply to the burner.

During continuous operation of the heater, it is necessary to periodically ventilate the room.

The room temperature can be controlled using three heating modes. If you want to quickly heat a cold room, the heater must be turned on at full power.

Further, to maintain a comfortable temperature, the gas burner regulator is adjusted to the minimum combustion mode.

The Bartolini Pullover heater is compact: in appearance it looks like a cabinet or an electric fireplace, and does not take up much space. Connects to a gas cylinder that can be filled at gas stations. Cheaper than firewood.



  • Rapid space heating.
  • Maintaining a comfortable temperature.
  • Controlling the level of carbon dioxide.



  • Compact size, available in multiple colors.
  • The presence of a piezo ignition.
  • Wheels for quick and easy movement.
  • The maximum power is 4.2 kW, the minimum is 1.4 kW.
  • The recommended heating area is up to 60 sq.m.
  • The gas control valve prevents spontaneous combustion.
  • Thermal power switch (3 modes).
  • Switch off when tilted or dropped.
  • Autonomous gas supply, runs on liquefied propane.
  • Overall dimensions – 780x430x420 mm.
  • Weight – 13 kg (excluding the cylinder).
  • The duration of work from a cylinder with a volume of 27 liters is 38 hours.



  • Gas reducer.
  • Gas hose for connection.
  • Two collars.

The gas cylinder is bought separately.



  • Does not require connection to the gas pipeline, portable.
  • In a matter of minutes, it heats the room and nearby things.
  • There is a special niche for a gas cylinder. It closes with a protective cover, and there is no danger that children will turn it over.
  • The gas cylinder lasts for a long time.



  • Pretty high cost.
  • Requires additional costs (buying a gas cylinder, refueling).



Most of the reviews are positive. There are situations when there are problems with the burners on the first ignition, but on subsequent use everything works like clockwork.

According to users, the heater can be used to heat a two-story building with a small area. Heat on the second floor begins to flow about an hour after the start of work.

At the same time, on the first floor, the average air temperature reaches 20°С, and on the second floor – up to 17°С-18°С, with the air temperature outside from zero to +5°С.

Some buyers have noted a smell of gas until the top burners ignite, but it dissipates quickly.

In general, the ceramic heater turned out to be much more economical than electric counterparts or wood heating.

The manufacturer claims a fivefold reduction in costs (compared to electric fireplaces), and this figure is close to real figures.


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