Review of 5 types of the best induction cookers

Induction cookers are used for quick cooking or reheating food. When choosing such designs, pay attention to the dimensions, functionality, case material and other technical characteristics.

It is desirable that the tile looks good in the kitchen space, does not take up much space.

How to choose an induction hob

How to choose

Decide on the type of induction cooker. Freestanding models are safer and more reliable, built-in cookers save space and fit well into kitchen design. Most often, the choice is determined by the features of the layout of the room.

  • When choosing designs, pay attention to the number of burners. For a family of two or three people, you will need a tile with two heating zones. Consider how often food will be cooked, how much space you need for this.

If there is not enough space in the kitchen, choose one- or two-burner designs.

  • Look at the body material. As a rule, heat-resistant and durable ceramics are used for the work surface. Materials must be environmentally friendly and durable.
  • Pay attention to the energy efficiency class of the product. It is advisable to choose models with a mark of A or A +.
  • It is important that the tiles have convenient controls. If the design has more than 1 working area, it is desirable that each compartment has a separate control panel.
  • Decide on the functionality of the product. Think about what you can’t do without, what functions will be superfluous. Options such as setting power and temperature modes are important.

How to choose

It is desirable that the design be technically reliable, equipped with locking, auto-off, and timer functions.

  • Pay attention to the power of the device (optimal – 2 kW per burner). The larger the power range, the more efficient the tile works.
  • When choosing the type of control, give preference to the touch type. He is inferior to the magnetic control.
  • Choose products that are compact in size. Small designs will save space in the kitchen.
  • Choose appliances with stable legs; desktop and built-in tiles will be safer in this regard.
  • Pay attention to the complete set of goods, instructions for use. The manufacturer is obliged to provide a guarantee for 1-2 years. Buy products only from trusted companies, be sure to check if the design works.

Important parameters

Important parameters:

  1. Pay attention to the function of smooth power adjustment. The more modes, the better. If the stove has two burners, the power redistribution function will be convenient.
  2. Built-in electronic timer allows you to set the time for cooking. After the end of the process, the device turns off automatically.
  3. Pay attention to the restrictions associated with the use of dishes (diameter, material). The expansion zone function will be useful, which allows you to cook food in dishes of different diameters.
  4. It is obligatory to equip with a protective system: automatic shutdown, blocking of the control panel.
  5. The pan recognition function allows you to determine which pots and bowls can be used in terms of size and diameter.
  6. See if the design provides temperature control and keep warm mode.

Secondary parameters

Secondary options:

  1. Tiles with limitless induction are universal.
  2. Equipping with a fast heating function is necessary for boiling liquids.
  3. Choose products with a stylish and ergonomic design. The stove should have a presentable appearance, not take up much space in the kitchen.
  4. The most common colors are black and silver. Grease stains are less visible on dark work surfaces and are easier to care for.
  5. Choose the shape of the burner according to your preferences: round, oval, honeycomb.

The best induction hob with stepless power control

Caso S-Line 3500 - the best induction hob with stepless power control

[profitprice]Caso S-Line 3500[/profitprice]
Stylish Caso S-Line 3500 in black, the burners are located crosswise, equipped with convenient buttons for control. The power level is controlled by switching modes, the total number of which on both burners is 17.

Each burner is equipped with a smooth 12-step power control.

Characteristics Caso S-Line 3500


  • power – 3500 W;
  • power levels on two burners – 17;
  • materials (glass ceramics, steel);
  • 2 burners;
  • touch control;
  • temperature range – from 60 to 240 degrees;
  • functions (auto-off, blocking, timer, determination of suitable dishes);
  • weight – 4.9 kg;
  • dimensions – 6 × 54 × 36 cm;
  • color (black, metallic).

Pros Caso S-Line 3500


  • smooth power adjustment, equipped with 12 modes of operation on each of the burners;
  • the working surface is made of heat-resistant material that is not amenable to mechanical stress;
  • convenient and simple touch control;
  • compact size, portability;
  • stylish and ergonomic design.


  • little space allotted for the hob.

Where is the best place to buy:

It is better to buy in trusted stores, for example, in,, or mvideo.

The best two burner table top induction hob

Kitfort - the best two-burner induction cooktop

[profitprice]Kitfort KT-109[/profitprice]
Kitfort KT-109 Made of glass-ceramic, the surface is textured to avoid slipping of dishes. Each burner is equipped with a separate control panel with LED display.

The device is functional, has high power, quickly warms up. The tile is equipped with 10 power modes, the dimensions of the structure are small, so there are no problems with transportation.

Characteristics of Kitfort KT-109


  • number of burners (2);
  • power (each 2000 W);
  • materials (glass ceramics, plastic);
  • electronic control;
  • 10 power switching modes;
  • functions (delayed start, timer, overheating protection, button lock);
  • dimensions – 59 × 6.7 × 35 cm;
  • weight – 3.8 kg;
  • dish diameter – from 12 to 26 cm;
  • cord length – 1.28 meters.

Advantages of Kitfort KT-109


  • intuitive and simple operation;
  • functionality;
  • non-slip surface;
  • compactness;
  • rapid heating;
  • equipment with smooth power adjustment;
  • Each burner can be controlled separately.


  • low sound insulation, noisy fan operation;
  • blinking operation indicators when turned on.

Where is the best place to buy:

It is better to buy in trusted stores, for example, in or technical port.

The best single burner induction hob

Philips HD4959/40 - the best single burner induction cooker

[profitprice]Philips HD4959/40[/profitprice]
Portable Single Burner Cooker Philips HD4959/40 compact and transportable, allows you to save time on cooking, while maintaining the properties of the products. Equipped with 6 power switching modes, control – touch.

A wide power range (from 800 to 2200 W) allows you to cook any dish. The product with reliable protection (blocking the device, automatic shutdown) is equipped with a special saucepan.

Specifications Philips HD4959/40


  • electronic touch control;
  • dimensions – 365 by 290 by 65 mm;
  • weight – 2.5 kg;
  • power – 2200 W;
  • cord length – 1 m;
  • made of glass ceramic;
  • 6 working modes;
  • functions (blocking, protection system, timer).

Pros of Philips HD4959/40


  • equipped with 6 cooking programs;
  • smooth power adjustment;
  • multilevel security system;
  • stylish design;
  • compactness, portability;
  • convenient equipment (cord storage compartment);
  • simple touch control.


  • automatic power switching occurs;
  • beeps during operation cannot be turned off.

Where is the best place to buy:

This model can be purchased from the official Philips online store.

The best touch control induction hob

Convito HS-III-B26 - the best induction cooker for a restaurant

[profitprice]Convito HS-III-B26[/profitprice]
Convito HS-III-B26 used for cooking first, second and third courses in catering places: bars, restaurants, and is also used at home. Differs in compactness, profitability.

On such a stove you can put only dishes made of cast iron, steel, enamel. The smooth work surface is easy to clean. Easy to manage and absolute safety. Suitable for rooms where there is little space, as well as for work on the go.

Characteristics Convito HS-III-B26


  • type – built-in desktop;
  • number of burners – 1;
  • power – 1.8 kW;
  • dimensions – 300 by 380 by 65 mm;
  • voltage – 220 V;
  • frequency – 50-60 Hz.

Advantages of Convito HS-III-B26


  • built into furniture, saves space;
  • stylish and ergonomic design;
  • saving electricity;
  • ease of use and cleaning;
  • transportability;
  • compact dimensions.


  • relatively low power;
  • restriction on the use of utensils.

Where is the best place to buy:

Quite a rare model, it will be most reliable to purchase in this online store.

The best simple induction hob

Supra HS-700I - the best induction cooker without a sleep timer

Supra HS-700I, despite its small dimensions, has an average power, allows you to cook different foods. Housing materials are wear-resistant, durable, provide quick heating of the working surface to the required temperature.

Design with simple and convenient operation of four membrane buttons, equipped with temperature indicators. The product has limited functionality, there is no timer and no child lock.

Specifications Supra HS-700I


  • power – 2000 W;
  • case materials (plastic, glass-ceramic);
  • temperature range – 60-240 degrees;
  • weight – 1.5 kg;
  • dimensions – 6 by 28 by 34 cm;
  • 5 power levels;
  • 1 burner;
  • functions (determining suitable dishes);
  • black color.

Pros of Supra HS-700I


  • light weight, compact dimensions;
  • made of reliable and heat-resistant materials;
  • support for 5 operating modes;
  • convenient control panel;
  • stylish and ergonomic design.


  • no sleep timer;
  • noisy work;
  • no child lock.

Where is the best place to buy:

You can buy in ozone, technical port or e96.

The best German two-burner desktop induction hob

Oberhof Paar S22

Induction cooker Oberhof Paar S22 from a European brand of German origin has a stylish design. It is made in black, so it will look great in any kitchen interior. Takes up minimal space.

The stove is equipped with a convenient touch control and a digital display that shows the operating parameters of the device. There are 8 preset programs, including heating, boiling tea / coffee / milk, frying, deep-frying and others.


  • power – 2500 + 2000 W;
  • number of burners – 2;
  • touch control;
  • digital display;
  • Efficiency – 90%;
  • weight – 6.9 kg;
  • dish bottom diameter – 12-26 cm;
  • black color.


  • 10 temperature modes on each burner;
  • surface made of durable material resistant to mechanical damage;
  • intuitive touch controls and display;
  • 8 preset programs: Keep warm, Keep warm, Boil milk/coffee/tea, Simmer, Boil water, Fry, Deep fry, Fan;
  • the presence of timers delay start and cooking time;
  • blocking from accidental activation.


  • Difficult to use with gloves.

Where is the best place to buy

It is better to buy a stove from the official distributors of the German brand Oberhof, for example, here:

Which tile is better to buy

Which stove is better to buy

  • Let’s pay attention to the main technical parameters of the presented models. Most products have a power of 2 kW, the most powerful is the Meridian PI-4 model.

Almost all devices are equipped with a smooth power control function. Among the best are Caso S-Line 3500, Clatronic EKI 3569.

  • Glass-ceramic and plastic are used as materials for the case. All products are of high quality, have a high rate of heating of the working surface. It is important that the model is easy to manage and maintain.

Which stove is better to buy

  • Compact dimensions and low specific weight are indicators of the transportability of the structure. Such products save space in space. For small kitchens, Supra HS-700I, Philips HD4959/40 are suitable.
  • Pay attention to the functionality of the tiles. Be sure to equip with security options: auto-off, blocking, built-in timer.

The more functions, the better and more enjoyable the cooking process will be. According to this criterion, the Caso S-Line 3500, Clatronic EKI 3569 models win.

  • So, Caso S-Line 3500 can be considered the best device, it is a product with high work efficiency and convenient operation.

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