Review of 11 types of the best ceramic heaters

Ceramic heaters are functional devices that are used to heat various types of premises: rooms, cottages, country houses, utility rooms.

When choosing a device, you should focus on the dimensions and specific gravity of the structure, efficiency and design of the device. It is important that the heater is easy to use, transportable and easy to install.

The best new generation ceramic heater

Venice PKK-1400 - the best new generation ceramic heater

Infrared bio-convector Venice PKK-1400 has a unique design, combines two types of heat transfer. The heater is characterized by high energy savings, is easy to use and install, does not create stress on the wiring, with a stylish and ergonomic design.

The device is characterized by high environmental friendliness, equipped with a temperature control mode. Such a device is compact, presented in different colors, so it will fit into any interior.

Pluses Venice PKK-1400


  • flexible programming of the microclimate in the room;
  • does not dry or burn the air;
  • saving up to 30-40 percent of electricity consumption;
  • equipped with a thermoregulation mode;
  • ensuring fast and uniform heating of rooms;
  • ease of installation and dismantling;
  • does not raise dust;
  • stylish and ergonomic design.

Cons Venice PKK-1400


  • heats up small areas.

The best ceramic heater for summer cottages

Bartolini Pullover I - the best ceramic heater for summer cottages

Bartolini Pullover I from an Italian manufacturer, with a 24-month warranty, it is used for heating domestic premises, garages, cottages. The device heats objects, from which the environment then heats up, so oxygen is not burned in the room.

The product is equipped with flame blowing and CO level control sensors, a shutdown sensor when the structure is tilted or dropped.

The heater in black with a strict Italian design looks like a fireplace. Compact device that is easy to transport.

Pros Bartolini Pullover I


  • compactness, autonomy;
  • saving electricity;
  • working area – 60 sq. m;
  • equipped with a gas control system;
  • high thermal power (4.2 kW);
  • 3 working modes;
  • volumetric cylinder – 27 liters;
  • light specific gravity (13 kilograms);
  • small sizes;
  • convenient back cover completely closes the gas cylinder;
  • technical reliability;
  • high sound insulation.

Cons of Bartolini Pullover I


  • sometimes smells of gas at the beginning of work;
  • The protection system sometimes works for no reason.

The best ceramic hybrid heater

Opal Hybrid - the best hybrid ceramic heater

Opal Hybrid does not take up much space in space, it is used to heat hard-to-reach places in residential premises. Compact dimensions and low specific weight (10 kg). Average power – 375 W, operating temperature – 65-70 degrees.

The heater is presented in white and black colors. A 5-year warranty is provided, the design meets the technical quality parameters.

Benefits of the Opal Hybrid


  • saving electricity;
  • heating the coldest zones in the room, cutting off cold streams;
  • works offline;
  • moisture resistance;
  • fire and explosion safety;
  • setting and maintaining the temperature regime;
  • uniform distribution of heat over the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room;
  • high reliability and durability;
  • functionality;
  • reduce the likelihood of colds;
  • convenient and easy maintenance of the panels.

Cons Opal Hybrid


  • small heated area (5-7 sq. m with a ceiling height of up to 3 m);
  • for good heating, you will need to install several panels.

best ceramic heater for home

Stadler Form Anna - the best ceramic heater for the home

Effective Stadler Form Anna for heating bedrooms, small rooms where you need to maintain an optimal temperature level. The body of the product is made of high-quality plastic, a ceramic heating element with a silicone coating is used.

Materials with high thermal stability are used in production. Technical reliability is ensured by the tilt protection function of the structure.

Advantages of Stadler Form Anna


  • equipment with a light indicator of work;
  • two working modes;
  • built-in power adapter;
  • automatic switch-off of the device at capsizing;
  • does not burn oxygen;
  • high efficiency of the device;
  • small dimensions, light weight;
  • thermal support;
  • wear resistance, the heating element is not damaged;
  • technical reliability.

Cons of Stadler Form Anna


  • low power (2000 W);
  • the appearance of a yellowish coating on light surfaces during prolonged use.

best wall mounted ceramic heater

POLARIS PCWH 2067 DI - the best ceramic wall heater

POLARIS PCWH 2067 DI used to heat rooms of 24 sq. m. The device is equipped with a display, a remote control and an electronic control panel.

Device with overheating protection, two operating modes, built-in air ionizer and timer. The type of installation of the device allows you to save space in the room, due to its medium size it does not look bulky on the walls.

Pros of POLARIS PCWH 2067 DI


  • equipped with a fan;
  • device power adjustment function;
  • remote control;
  • silent operation;
  • built-in air ionizer;
  • equipped with a timer to control the operating time;
  • equipped with a switch with a light indicator;
  • function of automatic shutdown from an overheat;
  • stylish design.

Cons of POLARIS PCWH 2067 DI


  • low power;
  • There is no automatic shutdown in the event of a rollover.

best ceramic panel heater

TEPLOCERAMIC TCM-450 - the best ceramic panel heater

TEPLOCERAMIC TCM-450 with an arranged magnetized stove allows you to achieve the maximum level of heat transfer in the room. Such a device operates silently, ensures cleanliness (does not accumulate dust and dirt).

The design is transportable, compact, does not take up much space, is located on the wall. Easy to install and maintain. Warranty service is provided for 5 years.

Advantages of TEPLOCERAMIC TCM-450


  • high efficiency of work at small expenses of the electric power;
  • compactness of the device;
  • ecological purity, does not dry the air;
  • high soundproofing characteristics;
  • does not raise dust;
  • not afraid of voltage drops;
  • ease of use and maintenance;
  • transportability;
  • a combination of infrared and convection heating methods;
  • stylish design.



  • you need to be careful not to forget that the panel is in working order;
  • small working area.

Best Ceiling Ceramic Heater

TIMBERK TCH A1N 1500 - the best ceramic ceiling heater

TIMBERK TCH A1N 1500 from the COMPACT series with a new structure of the heating element. With the help of wavy-shaped plates, the heat transfer area is increased. The power of the device is low, suitable for heating 16 square meters. m.

The device provides a low air temperature at the optimum temperature on the surface of objects, which allows you to maintain a level of freshness in the room. Equipped with overheating protection system, with remote control.

The heater prevents contact with the operating panel.

The device does not dry the air in the room.

The device is manufactured in accordance with European technological standards. A 3 year warranty is provided.

Advantages of TIMBERK TCH A1N 1500

  • 2 operating modes;
  • compactness, small dimensions;
  • saving space in space;
  • remote control;
  • the possibility of local heating;
  • environmental Safety;
  • improved geometry of heating plates;
  • equipped with a timer;
  • safe working fastening;
  • saving electricity;
  • dust reduction;
  • moisture and electrical protection;
  • compliance with technological standards.



  • heats a small area (16 sq. m);
  • there is no power cord included;
  • the device clicks during operation.

The best ceramic heater with thermostat

KAM-IN easy heat - the best ceramic heater with thermostat

KAM-IN easy heat fits perfectly into modern design, this is an option that allows you to save electric heating. The device uses two methods of heating. Operating temperature – 75 degrees.

A device with independent temperature control, heating is carried out according to an hourly program with a daily or weekly cycle, provides excellent sound insulation. Easy to install and use design. A 5 year warranty is provided.

Benefits of KAM-IN easy heat


  • high heat transfer coefficient;
  • does not dry or burn the air;
  • suitable for any interior;
  • high level of technical safety;
  • automatic temperature control;
  • noiselessness of work;
  • heating according to the hourly program;
  • transportability;
  • ease of installation and maintenance.

Cons of KAM-IN easy heat


  • small heating area;
  • low power;
  • to heat large rooms, you will need several of these heaters.

best ceramic fan heater

Rotex RCX-201-H Turbo - the best fan ceramic heater

Rotex RCX-201-H Turbo with floor type of installation, installation on wall surfaces is provided. The appliance is equipped with a fan that helps maintain the optimum temperature in summer. The heater is equipped with a light indicator function.

Heating area – 20 sq. m. A device with a smooth type of thermostat, operates in 3 modes. The design is bulky but easy to transport. A 12-month warranty is provided, the product meets the technical safety parameters.

Pros Rotex RCX-201-H Turbo


  • reliable protection against overheating;
  • 3 degrees of heating;
  • smooth type of thermostat;
  • heating indicator light;
  • the possibility of installation on the wall;
  • equipped with a fan;
  • transportability;
  • maintains room temperature.

Cons of Rotex RCX-201-H Turbo


  • low power;
  • large device.

best ceramic heater with humidifier

POLARIS-PMH 1501HUM - the best ceramic heater with humidifier

POLARIS-PMH 1501HUM with mikathermic heating element, built-in ultrasonic humidifier. The device is equipped with remote control, timer, LED-display, 24-hour timer. The heating time of the structure is 30 seconds.

The device works in three modes silently, does not burn or dry the air. The built-in humidifier softens the air, the volume of the container is 450 ml, the power of the device is 60 watts.



  • remote control;
  • built-in timer;
  • LED display;
  • rapid heating of the structure;
  • 3 working modes;
  • built-in air humidifier;
  • climate control;
  • a combination of two types of heating: convection and heat wave;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • overheating and tipping protection system;
  • high sound insulation;
  • equipped with a heated towel rail.



  • not suitable for heating large rooms (maximum – 15 sq.m).

The best patterned ceramic heater

KAM-IN 700V - the best ceramic heater with a pattern

KAM-IN 700V in the form of a thermal panel with automatic temperature control functions within 0.5 degrees. The heat that the device emits is spent on heating the air, then objects are heated.

Working temperature – 85 degrees, heated area – 15 square meters. m. Thermal panels have a stylish design, decorate your interior.

Advantages of KAM-IN 700V


  • compactness (small dimensions);
  • temperature control regardless of voltage change;
  • sound indication of work;
  • heating the room according to the hourly program;
  • high sound insulation;
  • grounding availability control;
  • stylish design.

Cons of KAM-IN 700V


  • small heated area;
  • low power.

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