Review of 10 types of the best gas stoves

The choice of appliances for the kitchen is a responsible task. The purchase of a stove must be taken seriously, because this purchase is long-term – you choose equipment for more than one year.

The article presents the best models of gas stoves of various categories. You should pay special attention to them when choosing a kitchen assistant.

Best gas stove with electric oven

The best gas stove with electric oven - Gorenje K 55320 AW

Gorenje K 55320AW won the trust of housewives through the simultaneous use of gas and electricity. This is very favorable for country conditions, because the gas in the cylinder can end at the most inopportune moment.

The stove has a gas hob, the oven is electric. There is an electric ignition of the hob. The main feature of the stove, in addition to the combination of gas and electricity, is the presence of a delayed start.

Also in the oven there is a convection and grill. The hob consists of four burners, each of which has different power ratings.

Pros Gorenje K 55320 AW


  • the presence of electric ignition;
  • energy class – A;
  • digital clock is located on the main display;
  • the kitchen device is combined – the hob is gas, and the oven is electric;
  • the oven door consists of two glasses, one of which is removable;
  • compact dimensions;
  • protection against extinction of the flame;
  • convenient fire adjustment (you can make a very small flame);
  • cast-iron gratings, each removed individually.

Cons Gorenje K 55320 AW


  • bad electronics;
  • low noise reduction when the burners are on;
  • unreliable rotary switches;
  • small storage box.

Functions Gorenje K 55320 AW


  • turning on the hob using electric ignition;
  • self-cleaning oven;
  • cooking with convection mode and grill;
  • automatic inclusion of the oven at the set time (delayed start);
  • cooking at the same time: both on a gas hob and in an electric oven;
  • there is a function of blocking the gas when it goes out or turns on without ignition;
  • defrosting food in the oven.

Specification Gorenje K 55320 AW


  • has a high degree of saving electricity and gas;
  • all consumers note the high reliability of the device;
  • rapid heating of the oven and pots on the hob.


  • grill grates;
  • 2 baking sheets;
  • grids on the hob;
  • plate.


  • Adapter for connecting to a gas cylinder. Allows you to use the device in summer conditions.
  • Additional trays.

best gas stove without oven

The best gas stove without an oven (hob) - Siemens EP716QB21E

Siemens EP716QB21E differs from other hobs in the non-standard appearance of the fifth burner right in the center. This solution was very popular with housewives.

Advantages of Siemens EP716QB21E


  • the presence of five burners;
  • gas control system;
  • central burner – three-circuit;
  • auto ignition works in 2 seconds;
  • the panel is made of tempered glass;
  • all five grilles are removable, made of cast iron.

Cons Siemens EP716QB21E


  • rotary switches;
  • the surface is too easily soiled, requires constant care.


  • express cooking;
  • auto ignition;
  • gas control of burners;

Feature Siemens EP716QB21E


  • easy to manage – no extra buttons and panels;
  • The unique design goes well with any kitchen.


In addition to the hob itself, the package includes:

  • elastic bands for installation in the kitchen;
  • adapter for connecting to a gas cylinder (relevant for country houses).


As an accessory to the hob, you can buy a special care product that will help keep it clean.

The best built-in gas stove

Best built-in gas stove - Bosch PPP614B91 and Fornelli FGA 60 Destro

Finding a really high-quality built-in gas stove is not an easy task. hob Bosch PPP614B91 and gas oven Fornelli FGA 60 Destro match perfectly with each other and are the best models in their categories.

Bosch PPP614B91 and Fornelli FGA 60 Destro review

The hob has a custom design and unique features. The gas oven also has a huge number of non-standard indicators, both in design and in functional terms.

Its main feature is the door with triple glazing. Due to this, heat loss during cooking is significantly reduced, the kitchen does not turn into a “bath”.

Advantages of Bosch PPP614B91 and Fornelli FGA 60 Destro


  • perfectly combined with each other;
  • both have an auto-off function when not using gas;
  • electronic displays and controls;
  • the presence of cooking timers;
  • the hob has 4 separate grids made of cast iron;
  • delayed start.

Cons of Bosch PPP614B91 and Fornelli FGA 60 Destro


No cons were found on either the hob or the oven. The only thing that can be attributed to the shortcomings is the price, which is higher than the average for the market.

Functions Bosch PPP614B91 and Fornelli FGA 60 Destro


  • activation of the protective mode in case of gas leakage;
  • auto-ignition by pressing a button;
  • cooking occurs evenly thanks to a special mode;
  • cooking in the “grill” mode;
  • delayed start;
  • cooking timer;
  • the automenu already contains dishes that are especially popular with chefs;
  • backlight when you press the smart key on the panel.

Feature Bosch PPP614B91 and Fornelli FGA 60 Destro

The hob resists dirt well. Its surface is resistant to mechanical impact of sharp objects. A characteristic feature of the gas hob is the presence of four separate grates made of cast iron.

The oven has:

  • three heating modes;
  • electric ignition;
  • grill mode;
  • ventilation device;
  • timer;
  • backlight that turns on during cooking;
  • shutdown in case of gas leakage or fire.

Bosch PPP614B91 and Fornelli FGA 60 Destro equipment


The kit includes:

  • 2 grids;
  • 3 baking sheets;
  • 4 cast iron grates for the hob;
  • replacement nozzles.


For use in suburban conditions, you can purchase adapters for a gas cylinder.

The best gas stove with electric ignition

The best gas stove with electric ignition - GEFEST 3500

Overview of GEFEST 3500

Due to its uniqueness GEFEST 3500 became popular not only in our country, but also abroad. The glass-ceramic coating prevents the formation of “burns” from food that has fallen on the surface.

Advantages of GEFEST 3500


  • the entire surface, including the hob and facade, is made of glass ceramic;
  • the presence of a timer with a sound signal;
  • convenient electric ignition of both the oven and the hob;
  • grill function;
  • the spit is included in the package.

Cons of GEFEST 3500


  • non-standard design that will not fit into every modern interior;
  • no delayed start;
  • strong heating of the glass and the stove as a whole during the use of the oven;
  • there is no back wall (cover).


  • electric ignition;
  • gas control (disconnection of gas at attenuation);
  • grill;
  • timer with sound alert.

Feature GEFEST 3500


  • the hob has four burners, the panel coating is resistant to aggressive environmental factors;
  • there is an electric ignition not only for the hob, but also for the oven;
  • has a non-standard design, thanks to which it has become a bestseller.


  • 3 baking sheets;
  • 2 oven grates;
  • 4 grates for each burner;
  • spit.


Buyers note that the baking sheets supplied with the stove are of poor quality and quickly become unusable. Most of the time they buy them.

best gas stove with gas oven

The best gas stove with gas oven - DARINA 1D1 GM241018 W

DARINA 1D1 GM241018 W Since its inception on the market, it has taken a leading position. The stove won buyers thanks to the presence of a burner with quick heating, as well as gas savings.

The kitchen device, in addition to saving gas, also has automatic electric ignition. For more convenient maintenance of cleanliness on the door, the glass is removed from it. It can even be washed in the dishwasher.

Advantages of DARINA 1D1 GM241018 W


  • saving gas in burners;
  • electric ignition;
  • use from a gas cylinder is possible;
  • one burner has a quick warm-up function;
  • easy removal of the door and glass;
  • there is a spacious drawer for storing dishes;
  • the backlight can be turned on while the oven is in operation;
  • gas control system.

Cons DARINA 1D1 GM241018 W


  • rapid heating of the case and the back wall of the device while using the oven;
  • no clock and electronic control;
  • there is no “convection” function.


  • gas control;
  • auto ignition;
  • oven lighting;
  • quick heating on one of the burners;
  • economical mode of gas consumption.

Specification DARINA 1D1 GM241018 W

The kitchen assistant heats up quickly during operation. It is not recommended to use the hob and oven at the same time to prevent overheating.

Additional functions:

  • gas savings;
  • fast heating;
  • electric auto ignition.

Equipment DARINA 1D1 GM241018 W


  • several baking sheets;
  • 2 grids;
  • lid;
  • nozzles.

Accessories for DARINA 1D1 GM241018 W

As an accessory for the stove, you can purchase:

  • glass lid (or any other);
  • jets for a gas bottle.

The best desktop gas stove

The best desktop gas stove - Gefest pg 900

Gefest pg 900 will be a great helper in cooking in a small kitchen, as it is a desktop, there is no oven in it.

The kitchen appliance has a compact size. Thanks to this, while cooking, it can be placed directly on the table, and then put away in a closet or other place. On the market, it is sold in two versions – brown and white.

Advantages of Gefest pg 900


  • compactness, small dimensions;
  • adjustable legs;
  • mobility (it is very easy to move);
  • good surface quality, easy to clean, enamel – heat-resistant;
  • does not turn yellow, as happens with many similar models.

Cons of Gefest pg 900


  • the large weight of the device – about 6.2 kilograms;
  • gas pressure is poorly controlled (you cannot make a small pressure);
  • no oven;
  • simultaneous use of all four burners is inconvenient, especially if the pots (pans) are large.


  • height adjustment;
  • cooking on burners with different power.

Characteristics Gefest pg 900


  • this model can be used even in field conditions;
  • it is possible to connect a gas cylinder;
  • the height of the device is small – about 15 centimeters;
  • The stove has the ability to save gas.

Equipment Gefest pg 900

Table top set standard:

  • adapter for connecting to a gas cylinder;
  • legs;
  • plugs, hose with clamps, nozzles.


If necessary, you can buy a special stand, thanks to which the use of the stove will become more convenient. The stand is a table with 4 legs. Below are two shelves and a drawer.

The best stove from bottled gas

The best stove from bottled gas - GEFEST 6100-03 0001

In addition to brown GEFEST 6100-03 0001 also has a unique design. It will perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen, both in the city and in the countryside.

Advantages of GEFEST 6100-03 0001


  • electric ignition;
  • use from a gas cylinder is possible;
  • there is a spacious drawer for storing dishes;
  • the backlight can be turned on while the oven is in operation;
  • there is a timer and clock;
  • gas control system.

Cons of GEFEST 6100-03 0001


  • strong heating of the device during operation;
  • inconvenient auto-ignition system;
  • ugly watch design;
  • there is no thermometer in the oven – it is difficult to control the temperature in it.

Functions GEFEST 6100-03 0001


It is possible to use the oven and hob at the same time. The hob is spacious enough to fit both frying pans and large pots.

The most significant functions for the “country stove” are:

  • grill;
  • electric ignition;
  • backlight.

Feature GEFEST 6100-03 0001


  • A characteristic feature of the stove is its use in country conditions.
  • The plate is marked by a high degree of reliability.
  • Due to the brown color, small contaminants are not visible on it.
  • The spacious oven allows you to cook several dishes at once.
  • The device is easy to operate, but you will have to suffer a little to turn on the electric ignition.

Equipment GEFEST 6100-03 0001


  • adapters for connection to gas cylinders;
  • baking sheet;
  • grids for the oven and hob;
  • replacement nozzles.


There are no additional accessories for a stove for a gas cylinder.

The best portable gas stove

The best portable gas stove - Dream 200M

Portable cookers are simple models. When carrying, small parts can be damaged, so when installing their fasteners, special attention is paid.

Using Dream 200M safety rules must be followed in the room. Basic safety rules:

  • the cylinder and stove must be constantly checked for gas leakage;
  • the stove should not be used by children;
  • the cylinder cannot be stored indoors;
  • After each use, the valve on the cylinder is recommended to be closed.

The portable kitchen helper is not designed to be used for a long time. In the open sun, both the cylinder and the stove cannot be stored.

Pros Dream 200M


  • mobility;
  • reliability;
  • gas control;
  • possible to use in field conditions.

Cons Dream 200M


  • exact observance of safety requirements;
  • there are no additional features.


The main feature and function of the stove is cooking in “field” conditions. But the device also has one more non-standard function – this is gas control. The gas will automatically stop flowing after the fire is extinguished.
Feature Dream 200M:
Characteristic Dream 200M

When using the stove, you must strictly follow all the rules. The stove is a two-burner stove, but you should not use two burners at full power.

The color is brown, especially for use in hiking, as the dirt on it is not very visible. The cylinder for the stove can only be purchased in specialized stores.

Equipment Dream 200M


  • 4 legs (adjustable);
  • 2 grids (metal);
  • adapters for gas cylinders.


It is possible to purchase a special table made for this model.

The best narrow gas stove

The best narrow gas stove - DARINA 1AS GM521 001 W

DARINA 1AS GM521 001 W very compact, it is installed in small kitchens. The stove is two-burner.

The kitchen assistant, despite its small size, also has an oven, which practically does not differ from the standard ones.


  • compactness;
  • ease of installation;
  • it is possible to use in the country due to the connection of a gas cylinder;


  • there are only 2 burners;
  • no electric ignition;
  • no lighting in the oven;
  • unsuitable for large families, its use will be problematic.

Functions DARINA 1AS GM521 001 W



This stove is suitable for small families living in a small apartment. The oven is quite large, despite the dimensions.

Equipment DARINA 1AS GM521 001 W


  • 1 baking sheet;
  • 1 grate for the cooking part;
  • 1 oven rack;
  • bottle adapters.


As an accessory for this model, it is recommended to purchase additional baking sheets, as well as light bulbs that can be used at high temperatures.

best gas stove with grill

The best gas stove with grill - Gorenje GI 52339 RW P51A3-14VT

The grill has recently entered our kitchen life. Grilled food is very tasty and healthy.

Gorenje GI 52339 RW P51A3-14VT made in a retro style, which is not suitable for every kitchen. Despite the design, the cooking assistant has a huge number of non-standard and unique features.

The working surface, like the whole device, is beige. Includes storage box and lid.

Pros Gorenje GI 52339 RW P51A3-14VT


  • the presence of a grill;
  • lighting in the oven;
  • auto ignition;
  • enamel coating;
  • convection mode;
  • gas control system in the oven and on the hob;
  • the presence of cast iron gratings.

Cons Gorenje GI 52339 RW P51A3-14VT


  • retro style is not suitable for modern apartments if they are not stylized specifically for this stove;
  • When cooking, the handles get very hot, you can burn yourself.


  • electric automatic ignition;
  • grill;
  • convection;
  • complete gas control system;
  • backlight;

Specification Gorenje GI 52339 RW P51A3-14VT


The beige surface is not as dirty as the white one. Food in the oven cooks very quickly, but some users report that the handles and door get very hot during cooking.

It is also necessary to note the presence of a capacious “chamber” for storing dishes.


  • 2 cast iron grates on the hob;
  • 2 baking sheets;
  • 2 oven grates;
  • replacement light bulb.

Accessories Gorenje GI 52339 RW P51A3-14VT


The plate can also be used in the country. To do this, you need to purchase special adapters for the cylinder – they are not included in the device.

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