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A combine is a household kitchen appliance for processing and cutting products: meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, berries. A detailed description of these devices can be found here. One of its possible functions is mashing. When choosing a device for the smallest grinding of products, it is necessary to pay attention to the main criteria: build quality and materials, motor power, bowl volume, special nozzles and operating modes.

How a food processor works to make puree

Principle of operation

Products are ground by cutters driven by a motor. The output is pieces of food of different sizes and shapes. The purpose of the equipment is to simplify mechanical work and reduce the cooking time of culinary dishes.

To mix the products to the consistency of gruel allows a special mode of high-speed work “pulse” and the corresponding nozzle.

The combine consists of:

  • working mechanism connected to the motor;
  • bowls for processing food or collecting pieces;
  • corps;
  • nozzles for directional processing of meat, vegetables or fruits.

Each model has its own set of nozzles with original attachments, sizes and shapes.

The scope of devices in cooking is not limited.

With their help, you can:

  • cook minced meat;
  • cut vegetables;
  • prepare juice;
  • mix ingredients;
  • knead the dough;
  • prepare mashed vegetables, meat or fruits;
  • cut sausage, cheese, ham;
  • grind spices;
  • prepare the sauce.

This is where a kitchen scale comes in handy to determine the correct amount of ingredients for the recipe.

Preparation of dough and juice are not among the basic functions, unlike mashed potatoes. The basis for fine grinding of products is the high speed of the motor and special cutting. Read more about a food processor with slicing discs here.

The combine grinds vegetables and meat by rotating the nozzle inside the bowl. Devices with a screw juicer are used to prepare gruel.

The main rule when choosing a household kitchen appliance for mashing is a large number of revolutions per minute of the motor and a power of 500 watts or more. The high-speed mode is specially designed for the preparation of a liquid consistency of minced meat.


Design features

The basis of modern household appliances is ergonomics, understandable for intuitive control. The harvester has an open control panel with buttons (mechanical or touch), marked with both inscriptions and symbols.

To obtain the desired result of processing products, it is enough to select the desired nozzle, mode and speed. The manufacturer’s instructions must be followed.

To prepare the gruel, the “pulse” mode is used – this is traditionally a large convex button that turns on the motor at the highest speed for a short period of time. It has a time range of pressing, usually from 2 to 5 seconds. One press of the button will mash a banana, two mash apples, and three mash potatoes.

The speed of product processing is the equivalent of energy savings and the quality of the finished product. Therefore, when choosing a machine for making puree, pay attention to the presence of a “pulse” mode, which can often be found in a blender.

The second design feature useful for thorough grinding is the high working bowl made of transparent material. Opt for unbreakable or organic glass, which will help you keep track of the readiness of the dish without opening the lid.

Combine harvester advantages:

  1. Work productivity: models are equipped with a motor with a power of 500 watts.
  2. Versatility: speed variations for processing meat, fish, vegetables, berries and fruits.
  3. Environmental friendliness: attention is paid to the reduction of energy consumption and the purity of the materials of the devices. Gas-powered refrigerators are also eco-friendly appliances.
  4. Ergonomics: kitchen appliances support the idea of ​​compactness and intuitive operation.

How to choose a food processor for puree

Functional and performance characteristics

Cooking soft gruel is one of the main functional tasks of a food processor. The very structure of the apparatus, with a deep bowl and a nozzle for cutting inside, allows the use of equipment for such processing of products. Puree is prepared using the high speed mode of the motor and a special nozzle for fine cutting of objects.

For convenience, choose models of food processors that have a “pulse” function – turning on the motor for the time the button is pressed at maximum power.

Choose food processors that already have a built-in bowl with a cutting attachment, like in a blender. The height of the container helps prevent splashing and reduces the operating time required for the formation of slurry. Expensive models of devices have a double structure, allowing you to grind vegetables and fruits both in a blender bowl and in a classic container.

When choosing a food processor for mashing, pay attention to the technical characteristics of the equipment. The price category of devices depends on the power and number of revolutions per minute of the motor.

There are four categories of devices:

  1. Models with a power of 400 – 500 W: suitable for basic operations. They have a low speed range with which it is difficult to obtain a homogeneous slurry.
  2. Appliances with a power of 500 – 600 W: Suitable for puréeing vegetables and some fruits.
  3. Food processors and choppers with motor power 800 – 900 W: cope with the processing of meat, vegetables, fruits and berries, allow you to independently adjust the consistency of the puree.
  4. Professional equipment with a power of 1000 -1500 watts.

To obtain puree, use the pulsation mode, which equipment is equipped with, starting from the second category. Pay attention to the number of speeds of work. Each product has its own version. The more modes, the more variable the processing of products to the state of puree.

At the minimum speed of the motor, fish and bananas are processed. On the middle – meat and potatoes. At maximum speed – fruits and berries.

The cost of the combine varies from the number of combinations of single-tasking household appliances in one device.

Food processors can be divided into three types:

  • basic with one bowl and a set of nozzles;
  • combined models with an additional blender bowl;
  • professional equipment.

The best combination of multitasking and performance quality is in the third type. The second type is suitable for mashing, but ease of use directly depends on the cost of the device. By choosing cheap models, you risk getting a useless device. Pay attention to the capacity of the working bowl and operating modes (1 – 5 liters, 1 – 3 speed settings).

How to use a food processor to puree


The operating instructions for a specific model are described in the instructions for use.

Basic set of rules for working with the device:

  1. Check equipment before each new start for damage. Pay attention to the integrity of the bowl, cable and plug.
  2. It is forbidden to wash the device in assembled form. The bowl and nozzles are cleaned separately, and the body of the apparatus is wiped with a damp sponge.
  3. Use the nozzles for their intended purpose: for minced meat, cutting, mashed potatoes, etc.
  4. Keep track of food processing times. The deadline for the operation for vegetables, meat and fruits is prescribed in the instructions. Don’t go overboard.
  5. Install the device in the places intended for it. Do not put it on any type of stove, be it induction, electric, glass-ceramic or gas stove.

The main rule is to follow the safety instructions. However, this rule applies to all types of kitchen appliances – geyser, drip and automatic coffee makers; microwave ovens (with grill, solo, autonomous) and others.

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

Before starting, check the machine for damage. It should not have cracks, foreign objects in the processing bowl. The buttons must be turned off, and the cable must be intact.

Do not install appliances on surfaces that come into direct contact with water, such as around a sink or even near a built-in dishwasher. If the device has been flooded with water, let it dry overnight.

It is forbidden to violate the rules for using nozzles, push food into the processing hole with bare hands, leave the bowl lid open during cooking. Prevent foreign objects from entering the combine during operation.

Start cleaning the equipment only in a de-energized state. You can wash the food processor and chopper only strictly according to the instructions, disassembling it into separate components.

Faults and solution

Faults and solution

Three main malfunctions that occur when working with a food processor:

  1. Power outages or a load not provided by the developer leads to a breakdown of the starter, which starts the motor and protects the device from burnout. Can be replaced at a service center.
  2. Breakage of cutting elements due to their natural aging or the ingress of foreign objects. A complete replacement of cracked elements or sharpening of knives is provided.
  3. Motor failure – an unprofitable breakdown, since the engine costs a large part of the price of a new combine.

The basis of long-term operation of the device is following the instructions: handling the nozzles according to the rules, observing the permissible intervals in operation. If you overload the device with long approaches in the processing of products, then the starter or motor will burn out. The solution of malfunctions in the operation of the equipment is taken by the service center of the company.

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