Overview of the gas stove GEFEST 3200-06

GEFEST 3200-06 is a reliable and stable gas stove, which is characterized by ease of use and maintenance. Differs in a practicality and technical safety.

This gas stove combines comfort, convenience, quality assembly and stylish exterior design. The design is wear-resistant, made of high-quality materials that are not amenable to mechanical stress.

The model withstands high temperatures, traditional methods are used to clean the product. Compliance with warranty obligations.


Model overview

The gas stove is equipped with 4 burners with high power and efficiency. The oven is quite roomy – it takes 42 liters. The gratings are made of high-strength and wear-resistant enamel, equipped with a metal cover.

The enameled hob will last a long time with proper operation. The temperature resistance of the coating is 250 degrees, the thermostat is not installed. The product withstands voltage of 220-230 V / 50 Hz.

Traditional cleaning is used to clean the product. The ignition button is located on the panel, the device is controlled automatically. The design is equipped with a convenient folding door.

Bright illumination is used to illuminate the working area. Among the minuses of the product is the lack of a timer that shows the start and end times.

The design is equipped with a drawer for dishes and accessories, made in classic white color, suitable for modern interiors.

High-quality equipment, the kit includes adjustable legs, a drawer, a grate for the oven and more. The design is large-sized, weighs about 40 kg, so it is difficult to move and transport it.

Product with stylish design and beautiful appearance, simple and convenient mechanical operation. Comes with a 24 month official manufacturer’s warranty.

With proper operation, the structure will last a long time, the structure is wear-resistant and high-strength, withstands strong mechanical stress.



  • hob type – gas;
  • usable volume – 42 liters;
  • traditional type of cleaning;
  • equipment with 4 burners;
  • burner power: from 0.7 to 3 kW;
  • dimensions – 85 by 50 by 57 cm;
  • weight – 38.5 kg .;
  • maximum oven temperature – 250 degrees;
  • mechanical control, rotary switches;
  • door type – hinged;
  • grating material – enamel;
  • frequency – 220-230 V / 50 Hz;
  • the model is made in white.



  • temperature indication – tracking temperature changes during cooking, temperature control;
  • illumination – illumination of the working area;
  • electric ignition of burners – turning on the stove with a button;
  • gas control of the oven – a system for preventing gas leakage, preventing fire and explosion hazards.



  • drawer;
  • adjustable legs;
  • baking sheet;
  • grate for the oven;
  • brazier;
  • surface grid.



  • cleaner for enameled surfaces;
  • oven cleaner;
  • oven degreaser.



  • use of heat-resistant and high-strength enamel;
  • the use of lighting to illuminate the working area;
  • spaciousness, good volume of the oven;
  • powerful burners, efficient work;
  • fast electric ignition;
  • technical safety, reliability;
  • convenient mechanical control;
  • stability, equipped with adjustable legs;
  • low price with maximum functionality;
  • equipped with a drawer for storing accessories;
  • simple cleaning of the model using special tools;
  • a 2-year warranty card is provided;
  • technical security.



  • large-sized design, non-transportability;
  • not equipped with a display;
  • no timer, no completion indication;
  • no convection;
  • not equipped with a grill.


Reviews about the model

The gas stove is equipped with four burners with high power (from 0.7 to 3.05 kW). Burners of different sizes, which allows you to cook different dishes. Convenient ignition of burners using the electric ignition function.

The stove is simple and easy to operate, has a standard set of options, so there are no difficulties in use.

The surface of the oven is made of high-strength enamel, which is easy to clean. The volume of the oven is 42 liters, it is quite enough for comfortable work.

The kit is standard, everything you need is included in the kit. The design is characterized by simple mechanical control.

The oven is technically safe, gas control is installed, unfortunately, there is no gas control behind the burners. It is equipped with a convenient thermostat that sets the required temperature, track changes when cooking.

Reviews about the model

The backlight is used, which makes cooking pleasant and convenient. Not all expensive models are equipped with the function of electric ignition and oven lighting. Stove with stylish design and beautiful appearance.

The disadvantages of the product are not related to the quality of the plate, but to its low cost. The product provides quiet operation. Among the shortcomings – the lack of a grill, convection, timer. The model does not have electric ignition on the oven, gas control of the burners.

The cooker is suitable for equipping medium and large kitchen spaces, this model is functional at a minimal price.

So, the gas stove is an easy-to-use design, equipped with four burners with high power. A product with a heat-resistant enamel coating.

With proper operation, the stove will serve for a long time, the model is characterized by high-quality equipment and work efficiency.

For convenience, the product is equipped with a special backlight that illuminates the work area. Belarusian equipment at an affordable cost.


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