Overview of the BONECO W1355A air washer

BONECO W1355A is a device that increases the humidity in the room and cleans the air from dust particles by cold evaporation.



Humidifier with purification function

Thanks to the discs with a three-stage ribbed surface, on which micro-cells are located, the air space is cleaned. The suction fan delivers air to the drum with discs, which are constantly wet.

In contact with water particles and other harmful impurities remain on the disks, and the purified and humidified air is returned to the room.

Also, under the influence of the fan, the droplets on the discs turn into fine mist. The particles that have settled on the discs are washed off with disinfected water in the pan. This method of moisturizing and cleaning resembles the operation of a mill wheel.

Silver ionizer rod

It is made from disinfectant fibers containing silver molecules. Indispensable in the destruction of more than 600 species of microorganisms and bacteria.


Economical energy consumption

Thanks to the windmill system, the air purifier consumes only 9 W in low mode and 15 W in normal mode.

No Consumables

There are no filters or other parts in the device that require mandatory periodic replacement. The exception is the silver rod, which acts as a disinfecting water purifier in the tank.


Ease of use

The model W1355A from BONECO does not have unnecessary energy consumers in the form of touch panels with additional functions. Only two modes and power control.

The humidifier has a removable 7-liter container, so you don’t have to worry about constant topping up either.

Night mode

When this mode is enabled, the humidification level is lowered and the appliance is quieter.

Differences from previous models in this series

  • The mode switch has been replaced with a rotary switch.
  • An automatic shutdown of the air washer is installed at a critical water level in the tank.



  • Simultaneous humidification and air purification.
  • Work power regulation.
  • Operating modes: intensive / day, reduced / night (reduction of the drum speed and noise).
  • Light indicator of liquid volume (green diode – normal, red – critical).
  • Water disinfection.
  • Humidity regulation.
  • Automatic shutdown when there is not enough water to work.
  • Application: home, apartment, office.



  • purpose: cleaning / moisturizing;
  • power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz;
  • power consumption: 9-15 W;
  • evaporation capacity: ~ 0.3-0.4 l/h;
  • room area: up to 50 m2;
  • room volume: 125-150 m3;
  • air exchange (max): 50 m³/h;
  • noise level in intensive mode:


  • water tank: 7.0 l;
  • dimensions: 38 x 32 x 42.5 cm;
  • weight (without water) 6.0 kg;
  • color: white, grey;
  • humidification type: cold evaporation;
  • filter: water;
  • admissible time of continuous work: 14 hours;
  • control: mechanical.



The standard set includes:

  • instruction,
  • humidifier with cleaning function,
  • container for water,
  • cable (~ 2 m),
  • ionic rod,
  • warranty card.



  • A7017 Ionic Silver Stick
  • Calc cleaner A7417 CalcOff




Model W1355A is necessary for people who often experience allergic reactions due to:

  • dry air;
  • dust;
  • animal hair;
  • bird feathers;
  • mud;
  • pollen;
  • hair particles and other allergens.



During operation, no filter parts need to be replaced. Instead, in the air humidifier, the cleaning function is performed by thin plastic evaporator discs with an adsorbing surface (21 pieces).


The silver ions from which the rod is made neutralize most of the harmful microorganisms that live in the premises. On the back of the top of the instrument, there is a round plate to mark the year and month of the replacement of the ISS.


The air purifier works so quietly that it is almost inaudible in city noise.

Laconic design

Externally, the W1355A looks light and elegant. Thanks to this, the model will organically fit into any design of the room.

Automatic detection water level

The device will automatically stop working if the water level drops to a critical level. When water is added, the air purifier will also automatically turn on.


Easy Maintenance

  • The upper part of the case and the fan are cleaned once every 6 months.
  • Water tank – once every 14 days.
  • Disc drum – at least once a month.


To remove scale, it is enough to add a special CalcOff agent to the water tank, leave for 3-4 hours. Then turn the discs several times and rinse them together with the pan and tank.



  • Expensive ionizer rod, which should be changed every 3-4 months, depending on the intensity of the air cleaner.
  • When the humidifier is idle for 3-5 days, be sure to drain the water. If it has not been used for one week, be sure to wet clean the tank, tray and drum.


Reviews of the humidifier with cleaning function BONECO W1355A

Owners of this model are most often satisfied with the purchase. Definitely a positive opinion about the functions of humidifying and cleaning the premises from excess impurities.

Many note the clear freshness of the air, which indicates the high-quality ionization provided by the silver rod. Thanks to the latter, the level of negative air ions in the room is normalized, which positively affect the well-being of a person.

Another advantage of the model is the period of use.

Of the negative points, users note:

  • noise / hum,
  • gurgling,
  • device dimensions,
  • stagnation of water in the pan,
  • fragility of the axle for discs,
  • price.


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