Overview of the 10 best INDESIT washing machines

Washing machines are devices that wash and dry clothes. When choosing designs, pay attention to the number of loads of laundry for one wash, ease of operation, and the maximum spin speed.

The technically reliable and functional design is distinguished by protection against leaks, overheating, and foam control.

INDESIT Wisl – front loading washing machine

Indesit Wisl - front-loading washing machine

The model is simple and affordable, with a front-loading type. The product does not take up much space.

About 5 kilograms of clothes are loaded into the design, the washing machine is equipped with the necessary modes for washing various things: from cotton to delicate fabrics.

Using the model is safe, the machine has reliable protection against overflow, overheating, leaks, high foam control. Noise level – 60 dB. Convenient control by means of the electronic panel.


Specifications Wisl

  • front loading;
  • stand-alone structure;
  • water consumption – 39 liters;
  • spin – 1000 rpm;
  • Washes up to 4.5 kg of clothes;
  • tank material – plastic;
  • noise level – 60 dB;
  • electronic type of control;
  • weight – 61 kg;
  • dimensions: 850 by 600 by 420 mm;
  • functions (temperature selection, balance control, child protection).



  • technical safety;
  • functionality;
  • allows you to wash 5 kilograms of clothes at a time;
  • convenient electronic control;
  • compactness, space saving;
  • high spin speed.



  • no delay start;
  • without digital display;
  • low sound insulation.

INDESIT Wiun – freestanding washing machine

Indesit Wiun - freestanding washing machine

The model is an inexpensive and easy-to-manage machine that provides a high class of washing and energy consumption. The product performs 16 washing programs, you can select the level of spin speed.

Front loading design, technically reliable. Up to 4 kg of laundry can be loaded at one time. The product is safe to use, protected from overflow and excessive foaming.

The design type allows you to install the washing machine anywhere. Convenient electronic control via digital display. The noise effect is up to 59 dB, so the operation of the machine cannot be called very quiet.


Characteristics of Wiun

  • type of construction – freestanding;
  • front loading type;
  • laundry load – 4 kg;
  • consumes 30 liters of water;
  • plastic tank;
  • spin – 1000 rpm;
  • noise effect – 59 dB;
  • electronic control panel, equipped with a digital display;
  • dimensions – 850 by 600 by 330 mm;
  • weight – 53 kg.


Pluses of Wiun

  • convenient operation, equipped with a digital display;
  • economy, low water consumption;
  • the possibility of washing different types of fabrics;
  • placement of the structure in any convenient place;
  • compact size, portability;
  • high work efficiency.



  • no drying clothes;
  • noisy work.

INDESIT 82 – compact washing machine

Indesit 82 - compact washing machine

The model is compact and fits perfectly into small spaces. With small dimensions, the washing machine is functional: it effectively removes stains, washes different types of fabrics, and performs 16 programs.

The product is economically unprofitable, since the water consumption is high – 52 liters. This is a budget model that provides silent operation and is technically reliable.

The design is transportable, suitable for placement in large and small spaces. The machine is stylishly designed, it will fit well into a modern interior.


Characteristics of Indesit 82

  • construction type – narrow;
  • consumption of 52 liters of water;
  • spin – 800 rpm;
  • maximum weight of one load – 5 kg;
  • electricity consumption – 760 W / h;
  • implementation of 16 programs;
  • dimensions: 85 x 59.5 x 41.5 cm;
  • weighs 62.5 kg;
  • functions (stain removal, speed reduction, temperature control).


Pluses Indesit 82

  • compact size, portability;
  • quiet work;
  • functionality, equipment with basic operating modes;
  • technical reliability;
  • budget model.


  • high water consumption;
  • the ability to turn off during operation.

INDESIT 5085 – washing machine with digital display

Indesit 5085 - washing machine with digital display

The machine is a free-standing model that washes about 5 kg at a time. Functional model: foam control, speed and temperature selection, delayed start.

Electronic type of control, equipped with a digital display. Low noise level, stylish design. The disadvantages of the product are low efficiency, high water consumption. The design is durable with proper use.


Characteristics of Indesit 5085

  • loading type – frontal;
  • stand-alone model;
  • washing volume – 5 kg of laundry;
  • spin speed – 800;
  • consumes 43 liters of water per wash;
  • electronic control type, digital display;
  • functions (foam control, speed and temperature selection, delayed start);
  • weight – 63 kg;
  • dimensions: 85 by 60 by 41 cm.


Pros of Indesit 5085

  • low noise level;
  • functionality, variety of programs;
  • loading 5 kg of linen;
  • sportswear laundry available;
  • small dimensions, compactness;
  • stylish design.


  • high water consumption;
  • low economy.

INDESIT 102 – washing machine with quick wash function

Indesit 102 - washing machine with quick wash function

Compact model for easy installation. Product with electronic control, suitable for washing delicate fabrics. There are economical, quick wash and super rinse modes.

Loads up to 5 kg of laundry at a time, provides a high spin speed. The compact size of the machine, simple and convenient operation.


Characteristics of Indesit 102

  • stand-alone structure;
  • washes 5 kg of laundry at a time;
  • electronic control method;
  • maximum spin speed – up to 1000 rpm;
  • 13 working modes;
  • functions (temperature selection, quick wash, washing delicate fabrics);
  • dimensions – 60x40x85 cm.


Pluses Indesit 102

  • optimum loading of linen;
  • equipment with basic operating modes;
  • convenient and simple control;
  • the possibility of placing in any part of the room;
  • compactness, portability.


  • noisy operation during spinning.

INDESIT IWSB 51051 – washing machine with high spin speed

Indesit IWSB 51051 UA - washing machine with high spin speed

This model is a great option for those who are looking for an inexpensive and functional machine. Devices with a large set of programs are suitable for washing different types of fabrics.

With this design, you can remove stubborn stains on silk or cotton. Product with front loading type, classical design. Equipped with a special power saving function (up to 70 percent).

The machine is technically reliable and safe, protected from leakage, there are functions to control imbalance and foam formation. The design is small in size, combines stylish design and high functionality.


Characteristics Indesit IWSB 51051 UA

  • front loading type;
  • washes 5 kg at a time;
  • maximum spin speed – 1000 rpm;
  • equipment with 16 programs;
  • dimensions – 42 by 59.5 by 85 cm.


Advantages of IWSB 51051 UA

  • quality temperature control;
  • high spin speed;
  • compact size, does not take up much space;
  • the presence of basic programs for washing;
  • removal of stubborn stains;
  • safety, technical reliability.


  • one-piece (soldered) tank.

INDESIT 5105 – narrow washing machine

Indesit 5105 - narrow washing machine

Narrow type model with a high spin speed. The product effectively bleaches, washes cotton and silk products, sports shoes, and washes soiled things with high quality.

The model performs 16 basic washing programs. The design is technically reliable, compact in size.

Safety is ensured by reliable overflow protection, foam control function, automatic detection of water load.

The Eco Time function is used to wash up to 3 kg of laundry, with a saving of 30 percent. Energy savings per cycle – 40 percent.

Works in the mode of washing jeans. The narrow type of the product allows you to place the structure in any convenient place.


Characteristics of Indesit 5105

  • type – narrow;
  • amount of linen – 5 kg;
  • spin speed – 1000 rpm;
  • implementation of 16 programs;
  • water consumption – 43 liters;
  • dimensions – 85 by 60 by 41.4 cm;
  • tank material – polyplex;
  • energy consumption – 0.95 kW per hour;
  • functions (stain removal, temperature control).


Pluses Indesit 5105

  • functionality;
  • compact dimensions;
  • implementation of the main programs;
  • optimum loading of linen;
  • high spin speed.


  • uneconomical, high water consumption.

INDESIT 81 – washing machine for washing delicate fabrics

Indesit 81 - washing machine for washing delicate fabrics

The front-loading model ensures high-quality washing of products. Despite the small dimensions, the machine is functional, it performs 15 washing programs.

The product washes clothes with high efficiency, while saving energy. The model is suitable for washing things from delicate fabrics, wool. Simple electronic control.

The tank is made of plastic, which has high sound and heat insulation properties. Uniform distribution of linen, high-quality spin. The model is made in classic white color.


Characteristics of Indesit 81

  • maximum spin speed – 1000 rpm;
  • loading type – frontal;
  • water consumption – 44 liters;
  • laundry load – 4 kg;
  • power consumption – 0.66 kW / h / kg;
  • dimensions – 85 by 60 by 32 cm;
  • performs 15 programs;
  • functions (delayed start, overfill protection system).


Pluses Indesit 81

  • functionality;
  • implementation of the main programs;
  • compact dimensions;
  • technical safety;
  • washing the product without the appearance of pellets;
  • practicality.


  • high water consumption.

INDESIT 103 – mechanically controlled washing machine

Indesit 103 - mechanically controlled washing machine

The model performs 11 main programs. The level of sound insulation is low. The product allows you to load 5 kg of laundry at a time. High spin speed – 1000 rpm.

The machine is compact in size, so it is suitable for large and small spaces. The device is controlled mechanically.

It is possible to delay washing by 2, 4, 6 and 9 hours. The model is technically reliable, with a stylish design. The machine cannot be called economically viable, since the costs of water and electricity are quite high.

The advantage of the model is the possibility of embedding. Management is simple and convenient, so there will be no problems with setting modes.


Characteristics of Indesit 103

  • 11 washing programs;
  • dimensions – 85 by 60 by 40 cm;
  • loading – 5 kg;
  • spin speed – 1000 rpm;
  • power consumption per cycle – 0.85 kW per hour;
  • water consumption – 44 liters;
  • sound insulation level – 60 dB;
  • mechanical type of control;
  • weight – 62.5 kg.


Pluses Indesit 103

  • the possibility of embedding;
  • high spin speed;
  • compact dimensions;
  • technical reliability;
  • optimal loading;
  • stylish design;
  • convenient and simple control.


  • noisy work;
  • high water consumption.

INDESIT 105 – built-in washing machine

Indesit 105 - built-in washing machine

The model allows you to load up to 4 kg of laundry, quickly refreshes things in the quick wash mode. The product is distinguished by the indication of the stages of work, which allows you to follow the workflow.

Design with low maximum load and high water flow. Optimum power consumption, the model allows you to wash without high power consumption.

Choice of control: mechanical, electronic. The machine is technically reliable, provides reliable protection against leaks.


Characteristics of Indesit 105

  • dimensions – 85 by 60 by 33 cm;
  • loading – 3.5 kg;
  • spin speed – 800 rpm;
  • water consumption – 44 liters;
  • loading type – frontal;
  • power consumption per cycle – 0.66 kW per hour;
  • control: mechanical, electronic.


Pluses Indesit 105

  • choice of control type;
  • compact dimensions;
  • indication of work stages;
  • the possibility of embedding;
  • security, leakage protection.


  • small load per cycle;
  • high water consumption.

Which model is better to buy

Which model is better to buy

Let’s look at the technical parameters of products for rating:

  • Model software. Among the presented machines, the most functional are Indesit Wisl, Wiun, Iwsb. These designs perform 16 basic programs and are suitable for washing different types of fabrics: wool, silk, denim.
  • Look at the spin speed. Models with a high spin level – 800-1000 rpm. The higher this characteristic, the drier the washed laundry will be.
  • We look at the maximum amount of load of laundry in one working cycle. Indesit models wash 4-5 kg ​​of clothes at a time, so any design will do. The best models are Indesit Iwsb, 103.
  • Look at the efficiency of the model, the optimal water consumption is 30-40 liters per working cycle (Indesit Wiun, Wisl). Models consume a lot of water (from 40 to 50 liters), so their use is not economical.

Which model is better to buy

  • An important criterion is ease of management. Most models with electronic control are equipped with a display: Wiun, Wisl, 82, 5085. Indesit 105, 103 has a mechanical type of control.
  • The level of sound insulation of structures is small, the work cannot be called silent. When washing, noise effects reach 50-60 dB.
  • Consider the functionality of the design. The model must be equipped with protection against leakage, overflow, overheating. Only such designs are presented in the rating.
  • Look at the weight and dimensions of washing machines. The products presented in the rating are small, compact. Such structures are free-standing, therefore they are suitable for equipping large and small rooms. Weight – 50-60 kg, products are easily transported and moved.

Among the best models, Indesit Wiun, Wisl, 82, 5085 stand out. These are products with high functionality, wear resistance and durability.

Model Rating

Model Rating

  1. Indesit Wiun
  2. Indesit Wisl
  3. Indesit 82
  4. Indesit 5085
  5. Indesit 102
  6. Indesit Iwsb 51051 UA
  7. Indesit 5105
  8. Indesit 81
  9. Indesit 105
  10. Indesit 103

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