Overview of the 10 Best Brother Sewing Machines

Brother sewing machines are functional products that are used for sewing and repairing clothes. To choose a quality device, pay attention to the main technical characteristics of the model.

It should be convenient, easy to use, compact. Consider the level of safety of the device and the stability of the structure.

Brother Innov +is 650 – for 429 operations

Brother Innov +is 650 is a functional sewing machine with 429 operations

Model with electronic control type. Equipped with a display, arm platform, table for expanding the working surface, needle threader, needle position switch, accessory storage, hard case.

The device is functional, for comfortable work a table is used, which allows you to expand the working area.

Specifications Innov+is 650


  • control – electronic;
  • performed types of lines – 429;
  • with a rotary horizontal shuttle;
  • work in automatic mode;
  • stitch – 5 × 7 mm;
  • different types of paws;
  • weight – 12 kilograms.

Advantages of Innov+is 650


  • a large number of operations, functionality;
  • with puncture stabilizer;
  • equipped with a display
  • a table is used that expands the working area;
  • automatic loop processing;
  • execution of different types of lines;
  • stability;
  • technical security.

Cons of Innov +is 650


  • bulky;
  • non-transportability;
  • no embroidery unit.

Brother Modern N 40E – computerized with LCD screen

Brother Modern N 40E - computerized sewing machine with LCD screen

The model with a built-in mini-computer is suitable for those who want to work with the machine professionally. The liquid crystal screen allows you to monitor the process of work, correct it.

The machine provides a wide selection of stitches, adjusts the stitch length, allows you to work with natural and artificial fabrics.

The working area is well lit, the design is stylish and convenient. A 12 month warranty is provided.

Characteristics of Modern N 40E


  • computerized sewing machine;
  • with a horizontal shuttle;
  • number of lines – 40;
  • stitch – 5 × 7 mm;
  • automatic execution of loops;
  • weight – 6 kg;
  • power – 42 W;
  • white body;
  • complete set (bobbins, a clamp for the coil, a brush for cleaning, an additional core for the coil).

Advantages of Modern N 40E


  • sewing fabric with a double needle;
  • equipped with a reverse button;
  • there is a backlight;
  • equipped with a liquid crystal screen, with which you can monitor the process of work;
  • the ability to adjust the size of the line;
  • functionality;
  • stylish ergonomic design;
  • convenient equipment;
  • compliance with technical standards.

Cons Modern N 40E


  • low power.

Brother Universal 27S – Automatic

Brother Universal 27S - automatic sewing machine

The model is characterized by an improved needle threader, equipped with a reverse and a compartment for storing accessories. The machine provides high-quality performance of 27 types of sewing operations, but the power of the device is low.

Warranty service is provided for a period of 1 year, the product complies with technical standards.

Characteristics of Universal 27S


  • control – electromechanical;
  • device with a rotary horizontal shuttle;
  • automatic loop execution;
  • performs 27 varieties of lines;
  • stitch – 4 × 5 mm;
  • weighs 5.5 kg;
  • dimensions – 27 by 45 by 25 cm;
  • power – 51 W;
  • color options (white, blue);
  • The product comes with a soft case.

Pros of Universal 27S


  • bright lighting;
  • fabric feed adjustment
  • practicality;
  • compactness, portability;
  • sustainability.

Cons of Universal 27S


  • low power;
  • few additional features.

Brother SL-10 – with a horizontal shuttle type

Brother SL-10 - sewing machine with a horizontal shuttle type

A machine with an extended set of functions for home use, used for sewing clothes from different types of fabrics. The workplace is well lit, the design is safe and reliable, compact, easy to transport.

The minus of the machine is a high level of noise during operation. The device does not stitch dense fabrics and skin. A warranty card is provided, the product meets the technical parameters of tailoring quality.

Characteristics of the SL-10


  • control – electromechanical;
  • shuttle – horizontal;
  • sewing operations – 17;
  • stitch – 4 × 5 mm;
  • power – 50 W;
  • accessories (needles, bobbins, feet, pedal, oval screwdriver).

Pros of the SL-10


  • execution of various types of lines;
  • convenient horizontal position;
  • workplace with bright lighting;
  • technical safety;
  • compactness, portability.

Cons of the SL-10


  • low power of the device;
  • does not always cope with dense tissues;
  • low sound insulation.

Brother Artwork 19 – for beginner needlewomen

Brother Artwork 19 - a sewing machine for beginner needlewomen

The model is designed for domestic use, suitable for sewing products from different types of fabrics. The machine provides silent operation. Equipped with basic functions, characterized by medium power, works in semi-automatic mode.

The product is completed with accessories necessary for work.

Characteristics of Artwork 19


  • electromechanical control;
  • horizontal shuttle;
  • 14 operations performed;
  • semi-automatic mode;
  • stitch dimensions – 4 × 5 mm;
  • weight – 9 kg;
  • power – 51 W;
  • equipment (paws, pedal, screwdriver, bobbins).

Pros of Artwork 19


  • adjustable stitch length;
  • brightly lit work area;
  • sewing with a double needle;
  • silent operation;
  • stylish design;
  • convenient set.

Cons Artwork 19


  • low power;
  • not equipped with an embroidery unit, a puncture amplification stabilizer;
  • a small number of transactions.

Brother Ls 2125 – with a set of basic functions

Brother Ls 2125 - a sewing machine with a set of basic functions

The device is used for sewing and repairing clothes at home. A device with a traditional set of options and a convenient package. Accessories included: feet, bobbins, darning plate. The advantage of this machine is the processing of small fabric radii.

Characteristics Ls 2125


  • type – electromechanical;
  • vertical shuttle;
  • maximum stitch size – 4 by 5 mm;
  • weight – 5.5 kg;
  • semi-automatic loop execution;
  • power – 80 W;
  • dimensions (32 by 41.5 by 20 cm);
  • 14 types of sewing operations;
  • color (white, blue);
  • complete set (foot, screw-driver, darning plastic, additional core for the coil).

Pluses Ls 2125


  • availability of basic options for comfortable work;
  • function of smooth adjustment of the stitch size;
  • allows you to process small areas of tissue;
  • double needle sewing function;
  • compactness;
  • technical reliability;
  • transportability;
  • convenient set.

Cons ls 2125


  • no display;
  • lack of a hard case;
  • fast heating of the light bulb in the backlight.

Brother Comfort 15 – for knitted and stretch fabrics

Brother Comfort 15 - knitted and stretch sewing machine

The device is equipped with automatic threading, quick bobbin installation. The model is easy to use, equipped with the necessary set of options for repairing clothes and simple tailoring.

The design is presented in two colors – white and pink, equipped with a soft case. The device provides high-quality work in the semi-automatic mode.

Characteristics Comfort 15


  • electronic type of control;
  • with a rotary horizontal shuttle;
  • semi-automatic mode;
  • the design weighs 5 kg;
  • dimensions (37 by 47 by 25 cm);
  • stitch – 4 × 5 mm;
  • semi-automatic;
  • performing 11 operations;
  • power – 64 W;
  • equipment (soft case).

Pros Comfort 15


  • equipped with a sleeve platform;
  • good lighting;
  • thread tension control;
  • design with a compartment for accessories;
  • technical security.

Cons Comfort 15


  • low power;
  • little functionality.

Brother Star 1400 – semi-automatic

Brother Star 1400 - semi-automatic household sewing machine

The model is used in everyday life to perform basic sewing operations, suitable for working with different fabrics. LED lighting of the working area allows you to work in the dark, it is possible to sew in the opposite direction.

Power – 50 watts. Silent device. Warranty service is provided for 12 months, the product meets the technical safety parameters.

Characteristics of Star 1400


  • electromechanical control;
  • horizontal shuttle type;
  • execution of 14 types of lines;
  • power – 50 W;
  • stitch – 4 × 5 mm;
  • equipment (bobbins, paws, needles).

Pros Star 1400


  • sewing with a double needle;
  • work area with bright LED lighting;
  • the possibility of sewing in the opposite direction;
  • work with different types of fabrics;
  • compact design;
  • function of setting the size for each line;
  • silent operation.

Cons Star 1400


  • a small number of varieties of stitches;
  • low power.

Brother Js 23 – with a vertical type of shuttle

Brother Js 23 - sewing machine with a vertical shuttle type

A model with a vertical type of shuttle and mechanical control performs 14 types of stitches. It is equipped with the main functions: a sleeve platform, regulation of speed of work.

A product with a stylish design, convenient and easy to use. The design is compact, easy to transport, does not take up much space in space.

Characteristics of Js 23


  • vertical shuttle;
  • mechanical control;
  • semi-automatic mode;
  • stitch – 4 × 5 mm;
  • 14 types of lines;
  • weighs 6 kg;
  • power – 75 W;
  • equipment (paws, bobbins, needles, double needle, brush for cleaning).

Pros of Js 23


  • removable sleeve platform;
  • working area with lighting;
  • removable pencil case with accessories;
  • regulation of speed of work by a pedal;
  • compact, does not take up much space;
  • stylish design;
  • convenient and easy to use.

Cons of Js 23


  • The kit does not include a case for storing the structure;
  • does not stitch thick fabrics and skin;
  • when changing operations, fine tuning is required.

Brother Xl-2220 – with smooth speed control

Brother Xl-2220 - medium-class sewing machine with smooth speed control

The model is suitable for sewing and repairing clothes at home. Electromechanical machine with a standard set of functions. The device is easy to use and ergonomically designed.

There are such options: double sewing, automatic shutdown, reverse. The design is practical and durable. Design dimensions are small, medium weight.

Characteristics Xl-2220


  • control – electromechanical;
  • shuttle type – rotary;
  • 11 types of lines;
  • semi-automatic;
  • weight – 5 kg;
  • design dimensions – 30 by 25 by 30 mm;
  • stitch – 4 × 5 mm;
  • power – 42 W;
  • complete set (dust-protecting cover, paws).

Pluses Xl-2220


  • sewing with a double needle;
  • the presence of a sleeve platform;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • the possibility of sewing in the opposite direction (reverse);
  • FAST system;
  • practicality;
  • technical safety;
  • structural stability.

Cons Xl-2220


  • no stitch density adjustment;
  • without needle threader.

How to choose

How to choose

To correctly choose a sewing machine, you must consider the type of device control. Among the presented models there are electromechanical and mechanical devices.

The most versatile option would be Brother Modern N 40E, this model allows you to carefully monitor the work process.

An important criterion is the number of lines performed. In a functional device, the main types must be present: straight, secret, elastic, elastic secret. Among the best models are Innov + is 650, Modern N 40E, Universal 27S.

The most common type of shuttle is horizontal, which allows you to estimate the amount of thread remaining on the bobbin. The vertical type of the shuttle is used in professional machines, ensures reliable operation.

From the range of models presented by us, it is better to choose devices with a horizontal shuttle type: Brother Artwork 19, Brother Universal 27S, Brother Modern N 40E.

Each machine should be equipped with the following options: thread tension, foot pressure on the fabric, reinforced fabric puncture, sewing speed adjustment.

How to choose

The most versatile products that combine simplicity and practicality of use with a wide range of functions are the Innov + is 650, Modern N 40E models.

We also pay attention to the complete set of goods, a good machine is necessarily equipped with a set of needles, bobbins, paws of various types, a cover for storing the device and a compartment for accessories.

Among these models are Brother SL-10, Brother Innov + is 650, Brother Modern N 40E.

So, the best model that combines technical parameters with a stylish design is Brother Innov + is 650. Modern N 40E, Universal 27S, Artwork 19 are considered good for domestic purposes. Other devices have a smaller range of functions.

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