Overview of ceramic heater Venice PKK-1400

Popular products Venetia Ukrainian company makes a special technology of heat generation. It minimizes the cost of electricity for space heating.

The room is perfectly heated due to the timely transfer of heat by infrared radiation or convection – through liquids, gases.

Venice PKK-1400

The special ceramic electric panel Venice PKK-1400 makes the material. The basis of the design is ceramics. It is durable and wear-resistant, so the equipment from it can work for more than 30 years.

Model Features:

  • Profitability.
  • Heat transfer efficiency.
  • Fire safety.
  • Explosion safety.
  • Uninterrupted work.
  • Simple use.

The wall-mounted PKK-1400 actually performs the specified functions by 100%.

The design consists of six systems. Two of them are switches for three power modes.

With them, the adjustment of the operating temperature will be carried out independently quickly. The temperature of the front surface is 85 ˚С.

Equipment due to the design will fit into the classic and modern interior. It is used for domestic and commercial purposes, including in kindergartens and schools.

Functions Venice PKK-1400


  • The thermostat is a sensor for maintaining the required temperature. Saves energy, maintains the desired temperature in the room.
  • Protection against burns – provides safety during operation up to 90 C. When setting a higher value, care must be taken.
  • An additional convector is a source of heat for efficient operation.

Characteristics Venice PKK-1400


  • Power consumption – 1400 W.
  • Working heated area – 30 m2.
  • Surface temperature – 85 ˚С.
  • Dimensions – 1200 × 600 × 55 mm.
  • Weight – 30 kg.



The regular model has one air intake, this model has two. They contribute to an increase in the heat transfer area, so the working area of ​​​​the equipment reaches 30 m2.

The front panel is made of glass-ceramic with a heating element poured into it. When heated, it transfers heat to infrared radiation. The back cover performs the same function.



Despite the type of model – wall-mounted, it comes with a stand on wheels. With it, the equipment can be installed on the floor.

Advantages Venice PKK-1400


  • Environmental friendliness. The model is safe for health. The work does not emit odors and dangerous chemical compounds.
  • Therapeutic effect. Dry heat (stone therapy) is good for health. With it, the process of recovery from colds, diseases of the kidneys and other internal organs will be accelerated.
  • Does not burn oxygen. Dust that gets on the back and active panels will remain untouched.
  • Doesn’t dry out the air. The heating element is in a ceramic shell, because of this it is considered closed. The air during the operation of the unit is not oxidized, its humidity is preserved.
  • Design. Pleasant shade “coffee with milk” and a glossy surface.
  • Moderate price. PKK-1400 differs in availability.
  • Durable and durable base. Ceramic units are relevant.
  • Life time. 20-30 years is a decent figure.

Disadvantages Venice PKK-1400


  • Mechanical control. It is not possible to remotely control the PKK-1400. Settings are made manually.
  • Inconvenient location. The type of model is wall-mounted, and it is intended for fixing under the ceiling. Installation may take time.
  • The weight. Lifting 30 kg is not easy.
  • Small work area. This is the most powerful heater in the range, but this type of panel is not suitable for studio apartments and apartments.



The device performs its functions 100%. It is easy to operate, despite the lack of a remote control and the need to do manual settings. It is difficult to install the panel on the wall due to the weight.

It is better to use a stand with wheels to operate the equipment on the floor. For apartments and private houses where there is no heating and which are not equipped with double-glazed windows and have old wooden windows with slots, Venice PKK-1400 will become a useless thing.

However, the heater is useful for heating mobile vehicles: cabins, wagons, vans and change houses. It is used in medical and educational institutions, but in several copies at once – for greater efficiency.

Active use during the heating period reduces the performance of Venice PKK-1400. Better to use it every other day.


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