Overview of ceramic heater Stadler Form Anna Big

The Stadler Form company specializes in the development and production of electrical equipment, the manufacturer’s products are well known in the home goods market and are represented in more than twenty countries around the world.

Anna ceramic fan heaters are a popular product in the Stadler Form line.

Stadler Form Anna

The Anna ceramic heater from Stadler Form is a device designed to create a comfortable atmosphere inside buildings and serves as an additional heating for rooms up to 25 m22.

The heater is powered by a 220-230 V power supply. The fan heater is installed on the floor.


  • frame;
  • stand;
  • network wire;
  • filter;
  • front front grille;
  • control buttons;
  • thermostat controller.

Stadler Form Anna

A characteristic feature of the Stadler Form Anna fan heater is the rectangular shape of the device. The body of the heater is made of plastic, the stand of the device is metal.

The ceramic heating element is protected by a removable air filter that prevents dust from entering the device.

The front part of the fan heater is equipped with an LED, which acts as an indicator of operation.

The front front grille of the ceramic heater is coated with a special thermal composition, which ensures color stability and prevents the formation of yellow spots.

The key advantage of the heater is its safety. The ceramic heater fully complies with European CE RoHS standards.

Model Stadler Form Anna

During operation, the Anna fan heater from Stadler Form does not dehumidify the air in the heated room, does not burn oxygen. Thanks to the silicone-coated ceramic heating element, the body of the device does not heat up more than 1200FROM.

The fan heater is protected from overheating and is equipped with a pendulum mechanism that automatically turns off the heater in case of overturning. The power of the Anna ceramic fan heater is regulated in two modes.

Stadler Form Anna

At the 2012 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, Stadler Form’s Anna Fan Heater was named Best of the Best – Gold.

A copy of the ceramic heater Anna is on display at the Museum of Modern Art, located in New York.

The Stadler Form company offers the consumer several options for the color scheme of the case and two modifications of the device: Anna and Anna Little. The series differ from each other in performance, power and dimensions in height.



  • auto-shutdown when dropped;
  • built-in fan;
  • two power modes;
  • support of the set temperature in the auto mode.

Model Stadler Form Anna:


  • minimum consumption -1200 W;
  • maximum power – 2000 W;
  • heated area – up to 25 m2;
  • noise level – up to 46 dB;
  • geometric dimensions: 14.6×36.7×9.5 cm;
  • weight of the device – 2 kilograms;
  • type of control – mechanical push-button;
  • country of origin – China.

Model Stadler Form Anna Little:

  • minimum consumption -700 W;
  • boundary power – 1200 W;
  • control method – mechanical push-button;
  • heating area – up to 15 m2;
  • weight of the device – 1.5 kilograms;
  • overall dimensions: 14.6×23.7×9.5 cm;
  • noise indicators – up to 43 dB;
  • manufacturer – China.


  • manual.



  • attractive design;
  • low noise levels;
  • security;
  • resistance of the heating element to oxidation, thermal destruction;
  • high performance;
  • long service life.



  • no timer to turn off;
  • lack of display and remote control;
  • high price.



Users of the Anna Stadler Form heating device highly appreciated its design, functionality and safety. The fan heater can be safely operated by families with children and pets.

The removable mesh screen protects the device from dust, pet hair and other third-party objects on the heating element, so that during the operation of the heater there is no burning smell.

Caring for the heating device will not require much effort: from time to time, the air filter should be dismantled and washed under running water.

The Anna fan heater from Stadler Form requires significantly less time to warm up the room, unlike oil heaters. The low noise level during operation allows you to use the device even at night.

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