Overview of ceramic heater Opal Hybrid

The Opal Hybrid ceramic heating panel is a combination of modern style and innovative technology that creates a dual type of heating: convective and infrared.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies and materials, the devices allow you to quickly heat a residential or commercial area, creating the most comfortable conditions for a person.

In the segment of alternative heating, this technology is the most economical and efficient.



Among the main functions of the Opal Hybrid infrared ceramic heater are the following:

  • high-quality convection;
  • rapid heating of air and objects;
  • beneficial effect on a person;
  • saving electricity.

Additional features of Opal Hybrid ceramic heaters:

  • do not dry and do not burn the air;
  • do not collect dirt and do not raise dust;
  • work quietly;
  • do not emit harmful or toxic compounds.



  • Purpose – used for heating any type of residential and commercial premises.
  • Application – can be used as an independent heating device or as a source of auxiliary heating of a room or apartment.
  • Heating area – from 5 to 7 m2 or 15 to 20 m3 air.
  • Appearance – a ceramic plate with a glossy or matte finish is installed in a metal case.
  • Mount type – mounted at a height of 1-1.2 m from the floor.
  • Colors – Available in basic white and black.
  • Options – the product has dimensions 600*600*12mm.
  • Device weight – 11 kilograms.
  • Temperature – the front working surface can heat up to 65-75 degrees, the back side can heat up within 80-85 degrees.
  • Voltage and power – 220 volts and, accordingly, 375 watts.
  • Guarantee and service life – 5 and 30 years respectively.



When you purchase an Opal Hybrid heater, you get a standard package that includes:

  • white or black ceramic panel;
  • cord for connecting to a local network;
  • mounting kit: brackets and fasteners;
  • device passport;
  • instructions with a detailed description of the installation, the principle of operation and proper use;
  • template for the most accurate installation.



There are no separate accessories for decoration, since the ceramic plate itself looks stylish and spectacular.

To limit access to a heated surface, a special protective grid is used. It will prevent children’s hands or small objects from touching the hot panel.



  • The accumulative ceramic hob produces a gentle heat flow, which creates exceptional thermal comfort in the room.
  • The presence of a protective mesh and the absence of gaps prevents the accumulation of dust, which is very important for people with allergies or asthma.
  • Due to the use of two types of heating, the thermal efficiency of the device increases (compared to other autonomous heating systems).
  • The glossy finish and versatile housing make cleaning quick and easy with a soft cloth.
  • Additional elements in the form of a protective grid make it possible to use the Opal Hybrid heater in houses and apartments where there are small children.



Modern models of Opal Hybrid ceramic heaters do not have significant drawbacks. If we talk about predecessors, they had several disadvantages that are absent in new devices:

  • poor quality convection;
  • strong heating of the back panel of the device;
  • complex fastening;
  • minimum heating area.

New models are improved, they are as safe and effective as possible.


Reviews about the model

Most owners of Opal Hybrid ceramic heating panels note the significant cost-effectiveness of this device.

Users appreciate the thermal properties and stylish appearance to the maximum, which most other manufacturers put on the back burner.

More than 90% of Opal Hybrid owners enjoy a comfortable atmosphere that has a positive effect on the well-being of the people in the room.


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