Overview of ceramic heater Mini Africa TH-808

Mini Africa portable ceramic heater is an innovative development of the Korean corporation Turist Industrial. The heater is primarily designed for hikers and fishermen, it is also suitable for rooms up to 15 m2.


Model overview

It does not require an electrical connection for operation, the device operates on a 220-gram disposable gas cylinder.

When developing the device, infrared technologies were used, thanks to which the Mini Africa TN-808 ceramic portable heater is characterized by high efficiency (at least 80%).

Manufacturers have taken care of the safety of heating equipment by equipping the heater with a multi-stage security system.

The main structural components of the device:

  • frame;
  • gas-burner;
  • ceramic panel;
  • mixing chamber;
  • diffuser;
  • valve system;
  • control mechanisms.

The body of the heating device is made of cold-rolled steel, a protective layer of enamel is applied over the metal. The housing has a recess for installing a liquefied gas cylinder, which is fixed with a special metal cap.

Model overview

Controls are located on the side panel of the device. The stability of the portable heating device Mini Africa TN-808 is provided by four metal legs.

For ease of transportation, the body of the heater is equipped with a special plastic handle.

The ceramic microporous emitter helps to reduce the consumption of the propane-butane mixture, increases the safety of the device due to the absence of an open flame, and is characterized by efficient generation and distribution of thermal energy.

The principle of operation of the heating device is based on heating the ceramic plate with gas. The panel provides 100% complete afterburning of the propane-butane mixture, so that combustion products do not get into the air.

In fuel saving mode, the device with a ceramic emitter is able to work for 5-6 hours. The safe operation of the heater is provided by several degrees of protection.



  • piezo ignition;
  • power adjustment;
  • valve that protects against excessive pressure in the cylinder;
  • protection against gas leakage;
  • auto-off in case of incorrect installation of the gas cylinder.



  • type of heating element – ceramic panel;
  • energy source – a portable gas cylinder;
  • fuel type – propane-butane mixture;
  • installation method – floor;
  • control method – mechanical;
  • heated area – 12-15 m2;
  • weight – 1.5 kilograms;
  • body dimensions – 26x30x12 cm;
  • maximum gas consumption – 100 g / hour;
  • set gas pressure – 2940 Pa;
  • power – 1.2 kW;
  • the amount of heat generated – 1030 kcal / hour;
  • manufacturer – South Korea.




  • gas cylinders with a push-in connection for portable heating appliances.



  • simplicity of design;
  • compact dimensions;
  • high efficiency;
  • reliability;
  • economical gas consumption;
  • autonomy (no connection to a power source is required);
  • fast heating;
  • no noise during operation;
  • affordable cost.



  • the absorption of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide during the operation of the heating device;
  • additional costs for the purchase of gas cylinders are required;
  • risk of fire if misused.


Reviews about Mini Africa TH-808

Portable gas heater Mini Africa TN-808 does its job perfectly.

Positive feedback is caused by the speed of heating: using a gas device with a ceramic heater, you can create a thermal curtain over door and window openings.

The small dimensions and the carrying handle make the process of transporting the device very simple.

Many users noted independence from stationary power sources, which allows the heater to be used not only indoors, but also outdoors (terraces, verandas, gazebos).

The negative point was the slight presence of the smell of gas when the device was operated indoors, such a problem was voiced by 20% of buyers.


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