Overview of ceramic heater MASTER 450 CR

Ceramic heater Master 450 CR is a model with a power of 1.8-4.2 kW, which is used for heating construction, industrial, domestic, office premises with good ventilation.

It is distinguished from analogues by the presence of an atmospheric analyzer that turns off the stove when the carbon dioxide content in the room is exceeded.


The principle of operation is simple. Gas is supplied to the ceramic tile, after which it ignites using a piezo ignition. The result of this action is an increase in room temperature.

If the heater starts to work unstably, the thermocouple turns off the gas supply. If someone accidentally drops the device or it leans, the flame control system and the device shutdown immediately work.


MASTER CR 450 is a model with high efficiency. In 20 minutes, this miracle stove will heat a space of 42 m2since a powerful kearmic element is built into it.

Also, heating is carried out using infrared radiation, which does not dry the air, but heats local surfaces, which then give off the accumulated heat.

In addition, the device consumes little gas, it saves a lot of money on heating. It has a three-mode heating switch, which allows you to differentiate the fuel supply.

The atmospheric analyzer continuously tests the air in an enclosed space. In order to ensure safety, a heated room must have a ventilation outlet to remove carbon dioxide from the room.

If there is no ventilation, then the atmospheric analyzer checks the state of the air, and if carbon dioxide values ​​​​are exceeded, it automatically stops the supply of gas raw materials to the combustion chamber, after which the model turns off.

To resume the operation of the heater, forced ventilation is required, after which the stove will work again.

The Master 450 CR gas oven is widely used in agriculture, households, industry and construction.


She has proven herself well in places where there is no central heating:

  • construction sites;
  • warehouses, shops, offices;
  • country houses and dachas;
  • open spaces;
  • greenhouses.



The function of the stove is one – space heating.

Its features:

  • the oven can be moved, as it is equipped with self-adjusting wheels;
  • protective metal mesh protects against burns and guarantees safety;
  • a three-level switch allows you to control the power of the device.



  • heat-protected electric motor;
  • thermal relay for protection against overheating;
  • power adjustable by switch;
  • the body of the stove is covered with wear-resistant materials and practically does not heat up during operation;
  • the design is made of metal, which guarantees its long operation;
  • device power – 4.2 kW;
  • fuel used – propane, butane;
  • heating area – 42 m2;
  • weight – 9.75 kg.



  • Heater instructions.
  • Reducer for connecting a cylinder with gas.
  • Gas hose.
  • Bake.



  • Availability of gas raw materials butane-propane.
  • Electric piezo ignition.
  • Thermostat that protects against excessive gas consumption and overheating.
  • Flame height adjustment.
  • Auto shut-off system when tilted or overturned device.
  • Open flame protection.
  • Profitability.
  • No electricity required.



The only drawback is the impossibility of using cheaper analogues of gas raw materials.


Reviews about the model

Reviews about the heater on the network are varied. All users note the reliability and simplicity of the device, the lack of dependence on electricity. Many people like the fact that the model has an ergonomic and concise design.

The fireplace perfectly copes with the task of heating the room, it is made with high quality, without backlash. At the same time, the MASTER 450 CR consumes a minimum amount of gas.

All owners note the high-quality and comfortable heat emanating from the fireplace – the head does not hurt, the air does not dry out.

There are also disadvantages. So, many noticed some problems when the stove was first started, but in the future everything works smoothly. Some users feel that the instruction manual could be more complete.

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