Overview fan ERA PRO 6

The Era Pro-6 fan perfectly copes with all the problems of high humidity and specific odors.


Model overview

It has a channel type of installation, and an axial system of work.

It is used for continuous and temporary ventilation of premises: kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and others. The device operates in the exhaust mode, as well as flow ventilation.

Installation is carried out in a ventilation duct or air duct with a suitable diameter. The mounting system of the device allows you to install and remove it without dismantling the entire duct.

It can be connected to the mains through a separately installed switch. The device is mounted in the opening of the ventilation shaft on the wall or in the ceiling.

The case of the device is made of high-quality plastic. The impeller blades are made of durable material and create a powerful air flow.

The fan is equipped with fuses that will protect the appliance and wiring from short circuits.



  • The Pro-6 model is available with IP X4 protection – it is splash-proof and suitable for work in rooms with high humidity.
  • Air exchange (productivity) – 320 cubic meters per hour. This is the maximum air exchange produced by the fan in 1 hour of operation. This device will blow the air in the room up to 42 sq.m. or in the kitchen 10 – 12 sq.m.
  • The pressure limit reaches 65 Pa, which allows you to create a draft for the passage of air through the ventilation duct and air duct.
  • The device works quite quietly. The noise level does not exceed 36 dB, which allows you to use it not only during the day, but also at night.



  • The mechanism of work is axial. This is an engine that has a rotating impeller and creates a continuous flow of air.
  • The device has a channel type of fastening. It has a noticeable level of air exchange, with a small size.

It is installed in the air duct network or in ventilation shafts: in walls or ceilings. It must be remembered that when choosing a duct device, it is necessary to take into account the shape and size of the duct.

  • Power – 22 watts. The greater the power of the fan, the higher the speed of the air flow created by it. A device with a power of 22 watts, has a high blowing power and copes with the task much more efficiently.
  • The diameter of the device is 16.3 cm.
  • Productivity – 320 cubic meters / hour.

How do you know what fan power you need? To do this, you need to calculate the volume of the room. It will be equal to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room multiplied by the height from floor to ceiling.

To get an accurate result, you can subtract the approximate volume of furniture from the volume of the room.

It should be borne in mind that the air in the kitchen is more dirty than in the room. You will need a more powerful fan.

For example, to calculate the required power of a device for a bedroom or a nursery, it is necessary to multiply its volume by 3, and when choosing a device for the kitchen – by 10. PRO-6 allows you to serve a living space up to 42 sq.m. or a kitchen up to 10 – 12 sq.m.


  • Air pressure 65 Pa.
  • The noise level is about 36 dB.
  • Weight: 9 kg 500 gr.
  • Dimensions: width 19.8 cm, height 17.9 cm, depth 15.4 cm.
  • The diameter of the inlet channel is 16 cm.
  • The body is made of plastic. It is lightweight, inexpensive and therefore the most popular material.
  • Degree of protection of the device against dust and water – IP X4. This means that the model is protected from moisture and splashes, but not protected from the ingress of large dust particles.


This ventilation device is suitable for placement in the bathroom and kitchen. If water gets on the case, the mechanism is reliably protected and will not fail.

  • The device is powered from the mains 220 – 240 V.
  • Current consumption 0.1 A.
  • The maximum temperature for operation is 400 C.

The Era Pro 6 fan, if necessary, can be combined with Era plastic duct systems.

A special mounting system allows you to install and remove the device without dismantling the entire duct. This is the advantage of the Pro-6 fan over other commercially available duct fans.

It is important that when fastening butt-to-butt with ventilation ducts, the internal through hole is not reduced and additional resistance is not created for the air jet.

Fasteners are included in the kit, so there is no need to worry about purchasing additional parts.

Fans are mounted indoors. To increase productivity, you must have access to service devices. Ventilation devices should be fixed as high as possible from the floor up to 2.3 m.

The closer the fan is to sources of steam and odors, the more efficient it will be. It must also be taken into account that the device is far enough away from the person taking a bath or shower to avoid touching and electric shock.

It is effective to install fans opposite the main sources of air intake and at a distance of at least 3 centimeters from the corner between the wall and the ceiling.



  • fan,
  • fixing kit,
  • instruction.


  • plastic air ducts
  • air ducts ERA,
  • curly details for ventilation systems will help to hide seams and irregularities in the design of the ventilation hole,
  • anemostat or diffuser to regulate the direction of the air flow,
  • a series of Street Line accessories will allow you to bring the fan to the street for the installation of a ventilation system,
  • plastic clamp screed PX,
  • worm clamps in 190-210, 110-130,90-110, 140-160, 70-90, 120-140,
  • a single-key switch is installed for the convenience of turning on the fan.



  • 22 watt power makes the device more efficient,
  • air exchange 320 cc m / hour copes with blowing a large area, suitable for heavily smoky rooms,
  • low noise level – 36 dB,
  • degree of protection against moisture IP X4 allows you to prevent short circuits in rooms with high humidity.


  • no remote control,
  • no display,
  • lack of function of rotation and inclination of the fan,
  • no timer,
  • no Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control.
  • degree of protection against moisture dust IP X4 does not imply the use of the device in rooms where major repairs are being carried out. Large dust particles can damage it.



ERA PRO-6 copes with its functions by 100%. Useful in the bathroom. It successfully fights high humidity, which is often the cause of mold.

The device eliminates the smell of tobacco in a few minutes. In the vast majority of cases, it is installed in the bathroom and kitchen and helps with poorly functioning ventilation.

Buyers note the power and air pressure are sufficient to create a strong air flow and purify the air in the room in a short time.

The lack of electronic control does not upset the owners. The priority for them is the power and durability of the device.

Difficulties may arise during installation, so it is better to trust the wizard. Or, accurately calculate the diameter of the inlet, so that there is no mismatch with the diameter of the device.

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