Overview coffee grinder BOSCH MKM 6003

Coffee grinder BOSCH MKM 6003 – used for grinding coffee and other products. The model differs in convenient management, simplicity of use and service.

The product is equipped with a medium capacity container. The coffee grinder is stable and technically safe, works efficiently and silently. The design is made of wear-resistant plastic, which does not wear out, resists mechanical stress.

Model overview

Model overview

Such a model will become an indispensable thing in the kitchen, it is a simple in design and inexpensive coffee grinder.

The simplicity and reliability of the design will be appreciated by lovers of baking and confectionery, because it is used to grind different types of cereals, chocolate, nuts.

The device is safe during operation and maintenance, it is convenient and easy to operate. The body of the product is made of high quality plastic, which is resistant to mechanical and chemical attack.

As a grinding mechanism, a rotary knife made of high quality stainless steel is used. The knife retains sharpness of sharpening, resistant to mechanical damage and chemical attack.

Power of 180 W allows you to quickly grind coffee beans, you can count on high performance and work efficiency.

Container with medium capacity – fits 75 grams of coffee.

The model is equipped with a special inclination of the bottom of the bowl, which ensures uniform mixing and grinding of grains.

The design is equipped with a safe power button, blocking when the cover is removed. High level of noise isolation, the sound effect of work does not hurt the ear. The disadvantage of the design is that there is no adjustment.

Model overview

Well thought out design. The product combines maximum functionality with small dimensions. The design is made in classic colors: white, black.

A 24-month warranty is provided, with proper use the product will last a long time. For high-quality work, an automatic protection against voltage surges is used. The model kit includes a warranty card and technical safety instructions.



  • grinding coffee beans;
  • spice grinding;
  • grinding cereals, nuts, chocolate;
  • function of a special inclination of a bottom of a bowl;
  • lock when cover is removed.



  • type – rotary;
  • grain container capacity – 75 grams;
  • power – 180 W;
  • electric control type;
  • the body is made of plastic;
  • rotary knives are made of stainless steel;
  • color – black, white.



  • plastic case;
  • rotary knives;
  • warranty card;
  • technical safety instruction.


  • surge protector.



  • convenient location of the start button, simple operation;
  • blocking of inclusion at removal of a cover;
  • stylish and ergonomic design;
  • uniform grinding of grains due to the special slope of the bottom;
  • technical safety of the structure;
  • high power and work efficiency;
  • compact size, portability;


  • high-quality execution of knives, resistance to mechanical and chemical influences;
  • medium capacity container;
  • high productivity and work efficiency;
  • technical safety;
  • affordable design;
  • ease of use and cleaning design;
  • stylish design, beautiful appearance;
  • silent and fast operation.



  • no adjustment of the degree of grinding;
  • without display;
  • fragile buttons;
  • no cord winder.


Reviews about the model

The coffee grinder of Slovenian production qualitatively grinds grains. Convenient electronic control, but without a display. Simple control of the model, reliable and stable design. High power product.

Due to the bottom, made of stainless steel, no large particles remain, a homogeneous grinding is formed. This design is ideal for grinding sugar, coffee, coriander and more.

The transparent lid adjusts the degree of grinding. The coffee grinder will last a long time, no wear is observed.

The model is reliable, efficient in operation and stable, with high performance.

The advantage of the product is that the operation of the coffee grinder is silent. When opening and closing the lid, coffee does not spill out, but coffee often remains on the walls of the coffee grinder. Closing the lid causes it to rub against the body.

The ideal ratio of price and quality of goods, with proper operation, the product will last a long time. The model is made of wear-resistant plastic, resistant to mechanical damage and chemical attack.

The main disadvantage is that there is no function for adjusting the degree of grinding. The lid is not fixed, so you need to hold it with one hand so that it does not fall.

Reviews about the model

Since the model is made of plastic, the inner side of the product is gradually chipped, and pieces of plastic fly inward. The power cord is short, so not very convenient. The disadvantage of the product is fragile buttons that often sink.

When winding the cord, there are inconveniences. The coffee container is not airtight, so it cannot be washed with water, it should only be wiped with a cloth.

The kit does not include a special brush to clean the container from the remnants of ground coffee.

The coffee grinder is convenient, takes up a lot of space, and is technically safe.

This model is functional and roomy with small dimensions. The product is characterized by high build quality, the technical side is at the highest level.

The design combines attractive design and functionality. The coffee grinder provides high-quality grinding of grains and other products.


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