Multifunctional bread maker

The bread maker, which has numerous programs, is an indispensable tool for cooks. With its help, you can cook soft, fresh, fragrant pastries at home.

With strict observance of the sequence of laying and the amount of products used according to the recipe, bakery masterpieces are obtained every time. This is important, as baking is considered the most capricious of all areas of cooking.

Every novice cook will feel like a professional with a universal bread maker. When choosing a device with additional functions, familiarize yourself with the design characteristics and modes of modern bread machines.

Principle of operation

Principle of operation

Each bread maker is made in a plastic or metal case. The interior space is equipped with a metal cover that forms an oven. Behind the walls are equipped with heating elements or thermostats that provide heating to a predetermined temperature.

The top cover is equipped with a viewing window through which the process is visible. Often there is a program control display on the lid.

The design includes an additional container (dispenser) required for small ingredients (seeds, nuts, raisins). If the device is without a dispenser, then you will have to fill in the ingredients during cooking on a sound signal.

Future baking is placed in a container with a non-stick coating for independent or automatic kneading of the dough. Baking of individual loaves or buns takes place by means of special dividers.

The package includes additional containers of various shapes (square, brick, round).

Pros and cons of a multifunctional bread maker

Advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of a multifunctional bread maker:

  • saving money on bread;
  • kneading the dough of a liquid and steep consistency;
  • saving time for kneading;
  • self-preparation, without human intervention;
  • many programs and various types of baking;
  • jam does not burn.

Disadvantages of a multifunctional bread maker:

  • multifunctional models are produced with high power characteristics, which means they are energy-intensive;
  • long baking time: 4 – 6 hours,
  • some models make noise during dough kneading.

How to choose a multifunctional bread maker

Structural features


The weight of the finished product is from 500 grams to 1 kg. There are models with the preparation of a loaf weighing 2000 grams.

Dimensions and dimensions

The mass of home devices varies from 4 to 10 kg. There are wide and low, narrow and high.

When there is not enough space in the room, then when choosing a bread machine, it is better to focus on the free space near the outlet.


Most products are made of plastic and stainless steel. Plastic is characterized by simplicity, cheapness, lightness. Such models cost less. Stainless steel increases the price of the device, makes it heavier. These models are strong and durable.

The form

The baking bucket is made of steel or aluminum. It is better to choose a steel form. Pay attention to the presence of a non-stick coating, which will greatly facilitate the extraction of baking.

Power of the multifunctional bread maker

The decisive factor in the choice of product, since the cooking time depends on it. The higher the power value, the faster the dough will be kneaded and the bread will be cooked.

Electricity consumption for high power will increase, so consider the condition of the wiring in the room. Multifunctional devices have a power of 1200 watts.


Allows you to delay the baking time. If you need to cook fresh bread in the morning, then a timer is set in the evening. The bread maker turns on by itself and the pastries will be ready by the scheduled time.

Power cord

Many models have a cord, 1 meter long. This length is quite enough for ease of use. But if the future location of the device requires more length, pay attention to this right away.

Product sequence

If liquid products are added first and then dry products, this wears out the rubber seal between the mold and the rotating shaft. It is better when the dry ingredients are poured first, and then the liquid ones.

To choose a good bread maker, you need to inspect the build quality. Joints must be smooth, strong, without gaps.


Functional Features

Budget bread machines are equipped with a small number of functions and are designed for making the simplest types of pastries.

The number of programs for multifunctional devices is from 5 to 20. They include the modes of baking from wholemeal flour, corn, rye, baking Easter cakes, brown bread, yeast-free baking. Also, these models allow you to adjust the time of kneading dough, baking, set the temperature. The more modes in the product, the more expensive it is.

The function of baking products for each type of bakery product has its own settings. Special modes will make cooking pizza, pie, cake simple and convenient.

Baking weight adjustment function

Based on the selected weight of the product, the duration of cooking and the number of products are determined. If this parameter is not present, then each time you will have to bake the full volume of bread, while spending more time and products.

Gluten Free Baking

Special treatment for special cereal flours that do not contain gluten (sticky substance). Therefore, the basis of bread is corn, rice, buckwheat flour.

Dough kneading

This function frees you from kneading dough – you just lay the products and set the cooking mode, and then the bread machine does everything by itself. After kneading, the device waits for the dough to rise and then starts baking.

baguette function

This setting bakes a French loaf. The baguette has a crispy crust and a soft middle.


The preparation of jam is as follows: fresh washed fruits and sugar are poured into the mold. The jam preparation mode starts, after a while the jam is ready.

The advantage of the jam mode in the bread machine is that the products are protected from strong heat treatment, so more vitamins are preserved. But the amount of jam is small: if there is not much fruit, then this is a great option.

Crust color

This function allows you to select the color of the crust depending on the degree of browning: light, medium, dark.


This product parameter will help to prepare an unforgettable cupcake. If available, make sure cake dough mix is ​​present.

sweet pastries

The mode allows you to bake buns or pies with sugar, nuts, raisins, dried apricots. If this parameter is not present, then sweet ingredients may burn.

The sweet baking program includes a dispenser that automatically adds various ingredients during baking.

Temperature maintenance

The mode provides a certain temperature after baking bread. For example, if you want hot bread not immediately after the end of the program, but a little later.

Protection function

To protect the device itself from power problems, this program is turned on. Cooking time of products from three hours. During this period, there may be a voltage drop and overheating.

If protection against power surges is equipped in most models, then child lock is present only in expensive items.

Stock memory

A useful function of the device is to save memory during a power failure. The bread maker saves the state of the products, and after switching on, it continues to work from the point of stop.

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

  1. Do not use the device near water sources.
  2. A grounded outlet must be used to operate the product.
  3. Do not turn on the bread maker if the power cord or case is damaged.
  4. Do not touch any part of the device during operation.
  5. Do not place objects on top or inside.
  6. Be careful, when you open the lid immediately after the end of the program, there is a jet of steam or hot air.

How to use

Operating rules

  • The device is installed on a flat surface.
  • Do not move the device during operation..
  • Always use kitchen gloves after cooking.
  • The products that make up the future dish should be at room temperature, unless otherwise stated in the recipe.
  • When preparing ingredients, use the measuring cup that comes with the device. The result of baking depends on the accuracy of the products.
  • Determine the weight of the flour using a kitchen scale, as this is important.
  • It is better to use dry yeast from a bag with an unexpired shelf life. When opening the package, store the remaining yeast for no more than 2 days.
  • In order not to interfere with the process of kneading the dough, after loading the ingredients, do not open the lid until the end of cooking.
  • It is important to follow the order of laying the ingredients.
  • Yeast does not come into contact with liquids or salt.


Faults and solutions

  • Breakdown of the mixer

The most common failure is the scrolling of the bowl or it does not spin at all.

The reason is the breakdown of the relay, which is connected to the motor. For repair, the apparatus is disassembled, the details are inspected. The contact wires are checked so that they do not move away or burn out. If it’s in them, replace with new ones, if not, you need a new relay.

  • Lid doesn’t close well

The lid closes too tightly or vice versa – loosely. In this case, you need to inspect the connections of the cover and check the integrity of the parts. If defective, replace with new ones.

  • Thermal sensor not working

Bread is raw or burnt. Even if you put on a light or medium crust program, it comes out burnt. This means that the heater is broken. For replacement and diagnosis, it is better to contact a service center.

  • Control board failure

To identify the cause, the electronic components of the board are diagnosed, repaired according to the scheme. To do this, carefully peel off the film with the controls. The board is cleaned without the use of abrasive products.

  • Device not working

The device did not turn on after checking the integrity of the cord. Apparently the engine burned out. You need to replace it, which you can’t do on your own.

  • If the product beeps

Or makes other uncharacteristic sounds. The reason is the failure of the sound program, which gives signals when the processes are completed. Reset the settings or contact the technical service.

If water flows out through the dough pad. The dough is homogeneous, the bread is baked, but not completely. Gasket replacement required.

  • Bucket gap

When the container is damaged, it becomes inconvenient to open the dispenser. The solution is to replace.

  • Weak dispenser spring

If the products fall into the mold with the dough, then the spring must be replaced.

If you smell plastic, noise – contact the professionals, as an independent search will lead to damage to the equipment.

Cleaning and care

Cleaning and care

  • Wash the device carefully, as it is easy to leave scratches on the case.
  • To clean the bread machine, after use, the removable parts are separated, they are washed under running water using detergents.
  • If there are stains on the case, they are wiped with a damp soft sponge. Be sure to unplug the device during cleaning procedures.
  • Assemble the device only after the components have dried.

To choose the right product, think about when you will bake bread. When laying the ingredients at night, of course, there must be a dispenser, strong power is not necessary.

If you want to get pastries quickly, then you need a more powerful device. For a large family, a product with a maximum weight of finished baking is suitable, but the ideal option would be to adjust the weight, which is convenient for any occasion.

The power surge protection function is indispensable in homes with power supply problems. If there are small children in the house, take care of the child lock function.

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