Multicookers – the main purpose of the device is the preparation of various dishes in automatic modes.

The design of the multicooker is unique and is a special pan with a built-in heating element.

Optionally, it is a traditional pressure cooker that combines the capabilities of several kitchen appliances: bread makers, steamers, rice cookers and porridge cookers.



By purpose, the devices are divided into two types: a standard multicooker and a multicooker-pressure cooker.

Standard (no pressure)

The device is intended for uniform cooking of simple dishes without pressure. During the process, the user can open the lid at any time to check the dishes. The device is equipped with a standard set of operating programs and additional options – heating, delayed start, timer.

Multicooker with pressure cooker function (pressure)

In the device, cooking is carried out under pressure generated by steam, equipped with protective valves for hermetically closing the lid. This provides a certain temperature regime, which reduces the duration of cooking.

The device allows you to cook dishes of any complexity, is equipped with a standard and extended set of operating functions, and reduces cooking time.

It is allowed to load frozen semi-finished products into the pressure cooker without preliminary defrosting. Some models are equipped with a special option – steam cleaning to sterilize the work bowl and lid.


principle of operation

A multi-cooker is a multifunctional pot consisting of a bowl, a housing with a protective cover and an internal heating element. A bowl with a non-stick coating is used for loading and cooking products in accordance with the established program.

The entire cooking process is carried out using built-in heating elements, which are designed to evenly heat the container. Pressure cookers are additionally equipped with a pressure valve located in the upper part of the body. At the bottom there is a special tray for collecting condensate.

Any model of a multicooker has a microprocessor that controls the operating pressure and temperature conditions.

The processor is controlled by an electronic display to select suitable cooking programs and additional options.

The cooking process on a gas stove requires constant monitoring by the user, and when used in multicookers, cooking is carried out automatically. To do this, just load the products, select the appropriate mode and press the Start button.

Until the completion of the work program and the sound signal, there is no need to control the process, since this function is performed by the built-in microprocessor. The closed lid will ensure the optimum temperature for cooking.

Functions and characteristics of the multicooker


Types of devices are determined by the main categories of products that can be cooked in them:

  • Multicooker;
  • pressure cooker;
  • Rice cooker;
  • slow cooker;


The slow cooker performs – frying, stewing, boiling, baking, steaming – dishes from vegetables, legumes, cereals, meat, poultry, fish, fruits, etc.

pressure cooker

Used for cooking at high and low compression. High compression provides cooking dishes from vegetables, meat, fish and poultry.

Low compression is suitable for broths, soups, pastries, pastries, puddings and vegetable casseroles.

rice cooker

A device designed to prepare all kinds of rice dishes. In addition, it can be used for liquid and crumbly cereals, all types of legumes, mashed root vegetables, pasta and vegetables.

Slow cooker (long cooker)

The device is suitable for heat treatment of products designed for slow cooking, stewing, boiling, simmering, etc. The slow cooker allows you to cook everyday and festive dishes, preservation – jams, preserves, marmalade, sauces, yogurts, etc.

Working bowl volume

bowl volume

The main parameter that determines the need for cooking for a certain number of people.

The volume is from 2 to 8 liters.

  • The most popular is the capacity of 4 liters.
  • For a family of 3 people, a multicooker with a volume of 3-4 liters is suitable.
  • For a large family – a device for 4-5 liters.
  • If you have to cook a lot and often, and especially for guests, it is recommended to choose models for 6-7 liters.

It is important to remember that the total volume of the bowl differs from the useful one by 350–500 ml.

Internal and external coating of the multicooker bowl

A bowl is a working element of any multicooker. It is she who first fails, therefore the internal and external coating of the container are the key characteristics of the device. They determine the cost and durability of equipment, as well as the quality of food preparation.


There are three types of internal non-stick coating: Teflon, marble and ceramic.

One of the most popular coatings is Teflon. It is resistant to high temperatures and oxidation, but susceptible to mechanical damage.

Teflon-coated cookware retains its non-stick properties longer, it can be washed in the dishwasher without the use of aggressive detergents.

Cooking on such a coating is carried out with a minimum amount of oil, while the food does not burn and does not stick to the walls.

A ceramic coating is more resistant to damage and temperatures, more durable and easier to maintain, but not without some drawbacks. Ceramic bowls should not be washed in a dishwasher or cleaned with harsh household chemicals.


The outer coating of the working bowls is made of stainless steel and aluminum. Practical and durable material is stainless steel, which affects the cost of the device. Aluminum counterparts are characterized by low weight and wall thickness, they warm up faster, but are less durable and wear-resistant.

Housing material


The body of the multicooker can be made of heat-resistant food-grade polymer or stainless steel. In most cases, an effective combination of these materials is used when metal inserts are installed on a plastic case and vice versa.

food grade polymer – safe and practical, it heats up more slowly and prevents burns, withstands significant mechanical and thermal loads.

Stainless steel – durable and reliable, has high thermal stability and strength.

Stainless steel appliances are more difficult to maintain on a daily basis and are more expensive, but much more reliable than plastic counterparts.



The power of the device determines its functionality. It is noteworthy that any model of a multicooker is twice as economical in terms of energy consumption compared to an electric stove.

The operating power range of such devices is from 180 to 2200 watts.

However, high-capacity devices are suitable for large families or catering establishments, and models with power from 500 to 800 watts will be the best choice for most consumers.

A medium power multicooker will provide fast cooking with low electricity consumption.

Control methods

In multicookers of any type, there are three control methods: mechanical, electronic and touch.

Mechanical. The most affordable and cheapest way to control the device, which is implemented by mechanical switches. They allow you to set work programs, adjust the temperature regime and the duration of cooking – they are push-button and rotary, they are placed on the front panel of the case.

Electronic. A more functional way of control, represented by an electronic LCD display and mechanical buttons-regulators. Models with electronic control have a standard set of automatic programs that can be selected by pressing the corresponding button. At the same time, other parameters are set automatically by the device.

Sensory. One of the most expensive ways to manage. It is represented by an electronic display and touch controls – less durable.

Automatic operating modes

automatic modes

Automatic multicookers have a wide range of operating modes for cooking dishes of varying complexity. As a rule, the modes are fully optimized for the design and functionality of a particular model.

warm up. The program provides for a quick heating of food. Works like a frying pan. All you need to do is load the dish into the bowl and set the heat. Allows you to reheat food for 10-20 minutes.

free mode. A setting that allows you to independently set the parameters – temperature, duration of operation, etc. Expensive models provide for setting parameters for each stage of cooking.

Steam cooking. Mode for children’s and dietary dishes on hot steam. Suitable for fish, meat, eggs, vegetables and pastries. All products are loaded into a special perforated basket, which is installed on top of the working bowl.


Porridges and soups. The program is intended for liquid dishes at temperatures up to 95-100 degrees. It is ideal for soups, borscht, broths, hot drinks and liquid cereals.

Pilaf. A mode that equips the multicooker with a rice cooker function. Allows you to cook friable rice, as well as pilaf with various additives from meat, fish, vegetables and seafood. You can also cook pasta and potatoes in this mode.

The program is characterized by a high temperature, at which the products are not boiled, but steamed and dried.

Rice and buckwheat. The mode is used for cooking cereals from cereals – rice, millet, buckwheat, barley, barley. It provides for the rapid evaporation of the liquid, while the cereal does not burn and does not stick together, but it turns out to be dense and crumbly.

milk porridge. The program is used to prepare various types of cereals with the addition of dairy products and additives. Automatically regulates the temperature regime suitable for milk porridges.


Pasta and pasta. Mode for pasta according to any recipe. Products are placed in hot water, stirred periodically, after which the appropriate cooking mode is set. Cooking times for pasta and pasta are set automatically or manually by the appliance.

Legumes. For various types of legumes requiring a long cooking time.

Extinguishing. The mode is comparable to the method of cooking dishes in the oven at low temperatures. Allows you to stew meat, fish and vegetables.

Frying and deep frying. This program is used to cook fried foods with a crispy crust.

Frying is carried out in oil at a temperature of up to 150 degrees with a closed lid and at 175 degrees with an open one.

Dough. An additional option that is designed to knead any kind of dough and is useful for those who cook a lot of pastries and muffins. The dough function is provided in some models of multicookers, equipped with an additional bowl with a kneading paddle.

Bakery products. For home baking, as well as vegetable, meat and fish casseroles. The baking process is carried out at temperatures up to 175 degrees.


Jam, jam and marmalade. The slow cooker allows you to cook sweet preserves from fruits and berries. A special setting provides the right temperature and duration for fragrant jam or marmalade.

Yogurt. For making homemade yoghurts from natural ingredients.

Maintains an optimal languishing temperature of 37–40 degrees to obtain high-quality and healthy dairy products.

Pizza. For a separate type of pastry – pizzas with various toppings. The dish is cooked at high temperatures, in this case the multicooker acts as an oven.

Jellied and aspic. You can cook jelly or aspic using a special mode. It provides long cooking at low temperatures.

Languor. Some products require long languishing, which can only be obtained by creating the optimal temperature regime, as in wood-burning stoves. Simmering in a slow cooker provides all the necessary conditions and is suitable for cabbage rolls, cutlets, casseroles, goulash.


baking. It is used for cooking dishes with a crispy crust. Provides fast and deep heating at high temperatures, when the food does not burn from below, but acquires an attractive crispy crust from above.

Smoking. A mode that allows you to smoke products at home – meat, fish, vegetables, fruits. For this, an additional smoking bowl is used.

Pasteurization. The program is designed to preserve the freshness of products that are prone to spoilage. At the same time, their taste characteristics do not change. Heating occurs at temperatures up to 75 degrees.

Sterilization. Designed for processing dishes that are used for home canning. Boiling is carried out at a low temperature for a set time.



In addition to the basic cooking programs, multicookers are equipped with an additional set of useful functions.

Multicooker display

Models of multicookers with electronic and touch control type are equipped with displays – LCD, LED and luminescent and backlight. Budget devices do not have displays.

Displays are designed to display information: work programs, additional options, timer, temperature and service data.

Not unimportant is the location of the monitor – vertical (on the front panel), horizontal (on top of the lid) and tilted (top on the front of the case).

An inclined position is the best option, providing convenient operation of the device by any user.

Built-in temperature sensor (thermostat)

The heating element is controlled by a built-in temperature sensor and a microprocessor. It allows you to set the exact temperature of cooking and maintain it in a given mode.


Timer (start)

Start or delay timer – an option that allows you to set the start time for cooking. It is enough to set the working time and choose the appropriate program – and within the set time the multicooker will independently make breakfast, lunch or dinner and complete the work. This feature is relevant for families with children.

The delay time is from 120 minutes to 24 hours.

Automatic heating

The automatic keep warm function is inextricably linked with the delay timer, as it provides for the possibility of maintaining the optimal temperature of ready meals. After the completion of the selected program, the device does not turn off, but switches to the economical mode of automatic heating.

Multi-cook function

The function allows the user to set the temperature regime and the duration of cooking dishes of varying complexity.

The difference between the Multicook and the standard timer function is the ability to set the settings step by step.

With this program, the user sets the desired temperature range to the exact degree and time to the minute.

3D heating

A function that provides deep and even heating of the bowl, fast cooking with the possibility of obtaining a crust. To implement 3D heating, an additional high-power heating element is provided in the protective cover of the device.

Advantages and disadvantages


Each model of devices has its own functional features and technical capabilities, so it is difficult to compare them. Highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of multicookers that apply to most models.


  • Allows you to save time on daily cooking. The whole process is carried out automatically, the user needs to load the necessary products into the working container and set the appropriate program;
  • A wide range of functions allows you to cook any dishes;
  • Products retain their usefulness and nutritional value due to properly selected temperature conditions;
  • The whole process is carried out under a hermetically sealed lid with temperature control.


  • Many models do not provide for automatic opening of the lid after cooking is completed;
  • The device is not equipped with automatic elements for mixing ingredients. This action must be performed manually by the user;
  • Not all multicookers support the function of simultaneous cooking of several dishes. It is possible to prepare a second course on the upper tier or with the help of a steam basket;

The multicooker needs careful care after each cooking process. Particular attention should be paid to the working bowl, the lid with a removable steam valve and the inside of the body.

How to choose a multicooker


The correct choice is based on consideration of the main parameters and functionality of the device.

  • Working bowl volume, taking into account the number of people for which the device is designed. The usable volume is less than the total volume indicated in the technical specifications. For 2-3 people, a device for 3 liters is suitable, for a large family – for 5 liters.
  • Bowls often become unusable and require timely replacement, so it is recommended to choose a model with the possibility of installing a new one.
  • Devices equipped with a separate condensate collection tank more practical, since excess moisture will not collect on the lid and drain into the bowl.
  • Working power. More powerful devices are more economical and more practical. The best option is multicookers with a power of up to 900 watts.
  • The ability to set the temperature and duration of cooking is much more important than the total number of programs.

How to use the multicooker

how to choose

In the process of using the multicooker, it is recommended to strictly follow the rules set out in the instructions for the device.

Basic rules of operation

  • The device is installed on a flat surface away from heat sources;
  • The working bowl must not be placed on an open fire;
  • When using the appliance, do not close the steam outlet valve;
  • After the end of the cooking process, the multicooker should be disconnected from the power source;
  • The electric cord must not be twisted and overheated; if there is damage, contact the service center;
  • To mix the food in the bowl, you must use the special spoon included in the standard package. It is allowed to use additional accessories made of wood or food-grade plastic that will not damage the inner coating of the bowl;
  • Each time after cooking, the bowl and lid must be washed with warm water and mild detergent. The housing and the heating element can be cleaned after several cooking sessions with a damp sponge. The body must not be submerged in water;
  • Before using the device, all components must be clean and dry.



Many malfunctions occur due to improper use of the multicooker or non-compliance with the operating rules set forth in the instructions from the manufacturer.

Multicooker won’t turn on

A frequent malfunction that occurs when the bowl is incorrectly installed in the body, as a result of which the internal protection of the device is triggered to block the inclusion. It is necessary to unplug the appliance from the outlet, remove the bowl and install it again.

If the reason for the blocking of the inclusion lies in the failure of the thermal indicators or damage to the device itself, you should contact the SC.

Error with code E and character set

The error data is shown on the display, so the system signals that a malfunction has been detected.

  • E2, E3 – indicates the ingress of moisture on the heating element under the work bowl. The malfunction is eliminated by removing the bowl for a while and drying the internal capacity of the device.
  • E4 – signals a clogged pressure sensor. To fix the problem, clean the sensor contacts with sandpaper.

All types of breakdowns with code E are presented in the instructions for use.

If the proposed options do not help to eliminate such a problem, the unit should be taken for repair.

Multicooker turns off

The malfunction occurs due to an overload of the removable container, when the permissible volume of contents is exceeded, or when the cooking temperature is set incorrectly. When the bowl is not overloaded, and the thermal regime is set correctly, then the causes of the breakdown may be:

  • clogged steam release valve;
  • insufficient volume of liquid;
  • scale formation on the heating element;
  • burning food (incorrectly set temperature).

Troubleshooting is carried out by thoroughly cleaning the elements.


The presence of foreign chemical odors

A quality appliance should not produce chemical odors before and after cooking. There can be several reasons for the appearance of unpleasant odors (especially rubber or plastic odors):

  • the presence of a factory marriage;
  • poor quality of the material from which the body is made;
  • damage to the conductive wire.

In this particular case, it is almost impossible to fix the malfunction, but it is worth taking preventive measures to drown out the unpleasant odor.

For example, thoroughly wash the bowl, rub with lemon juice and rinse. Wipe the inside of the housing with a mild vinegar solution. Leave the multicooker open for a few days. Replace damaged items.

Crash in work programs

In some cases, appliances may malfunction when using automatic programs. This may be due to the inconsistency of the dish with the selected temperature regime.

Each individual dish has its own heating temperature and cooking time. To fix the problem, you should study the recommendations for choosing the modes that are included in the device.

If you have any of the following issues, please contact the Service Center immediately:

  • The instrument does not respond to manual user settings;
  • The display shows an unknown error;
  • There are mechanical damage to the case, wire or other structural elements of the device;
  • Case tightness broken.



After reviewing the basic parameters for choosing a multicooker, the consumer will want to know which brand to prefer. The cost of the device depends on the manufacturer, functionality and build quality.

Philips (Philips)

A world-famous manufacturer that represents reliable and durable high quality kitchen appliances (bread makers, food processors, blenders and much more). At the moment, the product line includes 6 models of multicookers with a bowl capacity of up to 5 liters. All devices are equipped with a durable stainless steel case.

Panasonic (Panasonic)

The company brought to the market 5 multifunctional models, which provide for the possibility of self-adjustment of temperature conditions.

Moulinex (Mulinex)

6 models are available for sale with a working bowl volume up to 7 liters. In some models, the simultaneous preparation of different dishes is provided.

Redmond (Redmond)

A popular American brand that represents the widest range of multicookers. All devices have a stylish design, ergonomic body, reliable control system and high build quality.

Also among the popular and reliable manufacturers of kitchen appliances include Binatone, Supra, Brand, Cuckoo, Polaris, Marta, etc.

Multicookers of all listed companies are equipped with:

  • liquid crystal displays;
  • touch or electronic control;
  • wide choice of automatic programs;
  • additional user options and settings.

Before deciding to buy a suitable model, you should familiarize yourself with independent reviews of ordinary consumers on specialized resources in advance.

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