Microwave with grill

A microwave oven is a popular and sought-after household appliance designed for preparing a variety of dishes, for heating and defrosting food when exposed to microwaves.

A modern device in an ergonomic case can be placed in small-sized kitchens in apartments and cottages, in building change houses and in offices. To make a bargain and not miscalculate with functionality, the consumer needs to know the intricacies of choosing a microwave oven with a grill.

Types of microwave ovens with grill

Modern microwaves are of two types: built-in and freestanding (solo). The first option is provided as a working element of kitchen furniture, mounted in special niches or cabinets. When purchasing a built-in microwave, you should know in advance the dimensions of the furniture where it will be built.

Free-standing are installed anywhere on flat surfaces, not crowded with kitchen utensils and utensils.

As for the cost, the built-in ones are more expensive than their solo counterparts.

According to the design features of the microwave are divided into 4 types:

  • Standard – are intended for heat treatment of products based on microwave radiation;
  • with grill – are used for frying and baking fish, meat, vegetables and fruits to obtain a ruddy and crispy crust;
  • With convection and grill – are used for frying and baking products, cooking desserts and baking thanks to the convection mode;
  • With convection, steam generator and grill – allow you to quickly prepare delicious dishes, preserving useful elements and vitamins – fry, bake, stew and boil.

Grill Types in Microwave Ovens

Modern models are equipped with a grill to create culinary masterpieces and a complete replacement for an electric or gas oven.

In microwave ovens, it comes in three types:

  • Heating element grill – This is a hollow tube equipped with a heating thread inside. Such an element is located at the top of the working chamber. Some allow you to change the position of the grill and install it vertically, horizontally and vertically (at an angle). Multifunctional are equipped with a double grill – top and bottom, for preparing crispy pastries, snacks and roasting meat.
  • Quartz grill – is a special lamp based on quartz, which is protected by a metal grill. It is located at the top of the chamber. It is low power and economical in power consumption.
  • Charcoal grill – implemented in the form of a heater of coal and halogen type. It speeds up the cooking process, giving them a special taste and aroma. A charcoal-type grill is installed in the upper part of the chamber next to the quartz heater.

From the point of view of economy and practicality, the quartz grill is more profitable among these types. It is easy to maintain, economical and takes up little space.

In many microwave ovens, the grill is equipped with a vertical and horizontal spit. The skewer is intended for roasting meat, sausages, vegetables, chicken and offal in its own juice.

Some are equipped with flat grills without a spit.

Internal volume of the chamber

By volume, the internal chambers of microwaves are:

  • Small-sized 9-19 liters;
  • Medium volume for 20-26 liters;
  • Oversized for 27-42 liters.

Small in volume are suitable for quickly heating ready-made food, making sandwiches and snacks, and defrosting food. This is the best option for a family of 2-3 people.

Devices of medium capacity are intended for cooking and heating full meals. These are designed for a family of 4-5 people.

And large-sized ones are used for baking and stewing poultry, meat, cooking casseroles, desserts, baking for a family of 5-6 people. Volumetric ovens are equipped with a spit, convection and special grates, as in a stationary oven.

Coating inside the chamber

The quality of the internal coating of modern microwave ovens depends on the reliability and duration of operation, the availability of care and the taste of ready meals. Coatings for working chambers are:

  • enamelled;
  • Bioceramic;
  • Antibacterial;
  • Stainless.


Enamel coating is simple and affordable. A relatively cheap and practical material that is easy to use, has low impact resistance and resistance to high temperature conditions. Over time, cracks and chips appear on the enamel.

stainless steel

Stainless steel coatings are strong and durable, in addition, they are resistant to mechanical damage. True, daily care is difficult, since it requires the use of special products that prevent the appearance of stains and colored spots.


Ceramic coating (bioceramic) is becoming popular and in demand among consumers. In some, the inner chamber has a bioceramic coating, which is durable, practical and durable.

Such a surface does not leave greasy stains, resistant to mechanical damage. Daily care of ceramics consists in wet cleaning with mild detergents.


Antibacterial coating is used in elite models. It prevents the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, although this is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Microwave radiation is detrimental to bacteria. Maintenance of the antibacterial coating consists of wiping with a damp sponge after each use.


The next selection parameter is power. The speed of operating modes depends on the power, how quickly food is cooked, heated up and food is defrosted.

The power of microwave ovens ranges from 600 to 1500 watts. The acceptable operating power range for daily cooking and reheating is 750-1000W.

This applies to models with standard equipment. If we talk about microwaves with a grill, convection and a steam generator, their working power will be much higher.

It should be understood that each operating mode has its own power and with their simultaneous use, the total power increases. Therefore, when choosing a powerful device, it is worth remembering that it will create an additional load on household electrical wiring.

Microwave ovens have adjustable power settings to suit different types of food.

Control methods

In microwave ovens, there can be 3 ways to control:

  • Mechanical – implemented in cheap solo ovens and with a grill. Operating modes, power and cooking time are set by special rotary switches;
  • Touch (electronic) – provides control based on the touch screen located on the front of the case. This control method is implemented on expensive models from well-known brands. Touch control allows you to set the cooking process in automatic mode.
  • Button – is used on ovens in the middle price range and is implemented in the form of a push-button control panel and a rotary type regulator for setting the required cooking time and temperature.

Functions of microwave ovens with grill

In a modern microwave oven, you can fry, stew, bake and cook. To realize all the possibilities, functions are provided for obtaining culinary masterpieces.

    • Automatic defrost function. Provides quick defrosting of products at a set time. To do this, select the type of product, specify the weight, put it in the working chamber and press the appropriate button on the control panel. The device will set the desired time and power for defrosting. The standard number of defrost modes is 7.
    • Automatic cooking function. Provides a complete set of recipes for various dishes that are memorized by the manufacturer. Thus, the user does not need to independently set the necessary parameters, you can use this function to prepare a delicious dish. In the standard set, no more than 10 recipes are installed, but there are more in the multifunctional ones.
    • Automatic warm-up function. It is similar to the previous option, it allows you to reheat the finished dish depending on its type. A function can contain up to 25 options for ready meals.
    • Crisp function. It involves cooking dishes in such a way that they are fried from below with a thin crust. Devices with this function are equipped with special ferrite plates.
    • Heating function. Provides maintenance of optimum temperature for preservation of dishes hot.
    • Function of neutralization of smells. It is designed to remove odors from the working chamber remaining after cooking. It is implemented on the basis of a built-in fan.

  • Steam cleaning function. It is provided only in models of ovens equipped with a steam generator. It allows you to dissolve dirt and fat deposits that remain on the walls after cooking. To do this, place a special container with water and detergent in the chamber, activate the function and wait a few minutes.
  • Child lock function. It protects against unauthorized access to the oven by blocking the control system.
  • Grill + microwave mode. Designed for cooking dishes with a fragrant crust.
  • Convection + microwave mode. Designed for baking, desserts, fried and baked dishes.
  • Delay start function. It is designed to heat up ready meals at a predetermined time interval.
  • Sound notification about stopping the selected mode.

In addition, the standard package of microwave ovens includes additional accessories and devices – trays, grills, skewer, dishes, coasters, baking container.

It is recommended to additionally purchase special dishes that are designed for use in microwave ovens. It is made of thermal materials – glass, plastic, ceramics, porcelain. There should be no metal utensils when using the oven.

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