Large electric dryer

To choose a capacious electric dryer, consider the design features of the model range of devices, completeness and options.

The electric dryer for fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs is a household appliance equipped with a thermostat and a fan. Models without a fan are available, which only affects the drying time of the products.

Principle of operation

Principle of operation

If necessary, the fruits are cut and evenly laid on a pallet. After a predetermined time, they receive home-made preparations saturated with microelements and vitamins. They are stored all year round and do not deteriorate.

The drying process consists in evaporating the water contained in the products. A stream of dry heated air is supplied, the steam is removed. Fruits and vegetables decrease in weight due to moisture loss. Due to this, microorganisms cannot develop in them.

According to the principle of operation, infrared and convection devices are distinguished. Infrared electric dryers heat the gifts of nature with frequency waves that interact with water molecules.

Infrared rays penetrate up to 10 mm deep into the product and are absorbed by internal moisture. Under the influence of rays, the liquid molecules are activated, begin to vibrate and evaporate. The temperature is 50-60 degrees.

Convection electric dryers heat the air with an electric heater in the form of a metal tube filled with a heat-conducting electrical insulator (heater). Drying occurs due to air circulation.

The method of moving air flows is natural or blown by a fan. Convection devices with natural ventilation require periodic mixing of products. The temperature regime, depending on the models, is 30-60 degrees.

Two ways to supply heated air:

  • from bottom to top – the trays are interchanged so that the process goes evenly;
  • the groove is located in the middle.

The principle of operation does not affect the capacity and output of the finished product. It is not rational to use infrared models at home, this is a production class of devices.

Their operation as a household appliance can be justified by a large amount of recycled raw materials.

Characteristics of a large electric dryer


The device consists of a body, trays and a cover. The housing contains the electric motor, heating element, switch and thermostat. The thermostat maintains the set temperature, the switch eliminates the risk of overheating.

The bottom of the unit is covered with a stand so that liquids do not get into the electronics.

According to the type of design, electric dryers are divided into three groups:

  • Plastic or metal sheet with heating elements inside. Sliced ​​fruits or berries are laid out on a pallet, the device is connected to the electrical network. Power up to 165 watts.
  • Unit consisting of several pallets, located one below the other. Height of round or square models 35-60 cm. Power 165-1000 W. Tiered models are roomy and compact.

Manufacturers produce bulk modifications up to 15 trays.

  • infrared models. The drying method preserves the original taste, natural color, vitamins, removes harmful microorganisms, and does not allow the crop to dry out. Excluding debris. Available in round and square versions.

Technical characteristics of capacious electric dryers:

  • power;
  • air supply;
  • material of manufacture;
  • control Panel.

Power is responsible for the speed of cooking vegetables and fruits. The higher the power, the faster the finished drying. For home use, it is recommended to use devices with a rated power of 300-800 W:

  • 3-6 tiers – power 300 W;
  • 6-15 tiers – require 500-800 W;
  • large root crops, fish, meat – 1000 watts.

The control panel allows you to select the temperature mode of the process:

  • manual mechanical control panel – the consumer independently sets the temperature using the regulator;
  • electronic control touch panel – the manufacturer has set the temperature regimes, among them the consumer selects the required one.

Universal options are equipped with a full cycle of thermal modes.

Temperature options:

  • sparing – 35 degrees;
  • standard – 50-60 degrees;
  • elevated – 60-75 degrees.

The body and trays are made of heat-resistant food-grade plastic or metal (stainless steel, galvanized steel) that can withstand energy loads.

The capacity of the structure is influenced by such factors:

  • the number of pallets – the largest number of trays have multi-tiered options;
  • pallet size – the working surface of multi-storey appliances is larger;
  • nominal loading of a baking sheet – 600-1000 grams;
  • number of tiers – maximum – 15.

Universal large-sized multi-tiered designs of electric dryers with metal pallets are the most capacious.



The main function of the electric dryer is the processing of raw materials, which can be supplemented with options:

  • protection against power surges – a guarantee of product durability;
  • backlight – control of the cooking process without opening the lid;
  • countdown timer – free from constant readiness monitoring;
  • thermostat – maintains the set temperature level, reduces energy consumption;
  • digital display – cooking management;
  • sound signal – will inform about the completion of work.

Pre-preparation of foods preserves color, texture, nutrients and trace elements.

Processing methods:

  • immersion in a solution of citric acid, at the rate of 2 grams per liter of water;
  • immersion in fruit juice;
  • immersion in honey;
  • blanching with steam or in water.

Prepare fruit marshmallow, marmalade, mashed potatoes, crispbread and chips. Housewives use dryers to leaven dough, yogurt, germinate seeds, soften candied honey, refresh popcorn and crackers.

Manufacturers offer spices for drying, peelers, recipes. Processing with the peel is allowed if it is edible. Seeds and seeds are removed. Grapes are processed in bunches.

Dried fish and meat. Meat and fish are cut into slices of 0.5 cm. The fish is cleaned, fat is separated from the meat. Meat products are recommended to be cut across the fibers and veins. Eat meat products in dried form without subsequent heat treatment.

A crop rich in vitamin A is stored in sealed jars in a dark place. Containing vitamin C, cut into thick slices. All gifts are stored in a dry room.

There are categories of devices with plug-in trays and stationary cabinets with removable shelves. When buying, pay attention to the type of trays.

The height of the sides of standard types is 10 mm, they are produced with high sides of 10-25 mm.

Grids or perforated sheets made of food-grade polypropylene are offered for berries and medicinal plants. Solid without holes variations for marshmallows and purees. Modifications with adjustable section heights are available.

The roomy unit will have high-sided trays mounted in a height-adjustable section and equipped with additional racks.

Pros and cons of large electric dryers

Advantages and disadvantages

Spaciousness is the main advantage of a household electric dryer. The main advantages of a capacious dryer for fruits and vegetables are:

  • sufficient size of the working bowl – allows you to accommodate a large number of trays;
  • large work surface – metal pallets with a double wall and high sides;
  • good equipment – additional gratings for various purposes.

Plastic cases are transparent, so the user can visually observe the progress of work. Penetrating light negatively affects the quality of the planted berries and vegetables.

Metal cases overheat and affect the release of moisture from dried fruits. There is a risk of overdrying.

Plastic pallets are lighter in weight, have a democratic cost, and are easier to maintain. Metal containers are heavier, more expensive, and more difficult to care for.

Thick double-walled trays guarantee quality cooking. Hot air circulates between the walls.

Cons of convection electric dryers:

  • product quality is lost;
  • noise during operation of modifications over 600 watts.

Infrared devices are more economical than convection ones. They work in silent mode. The main disadvantage of infrared devices is their large size and heavy weight. They are not placed on the kitchen table, they are equipped with a separate place.

The processing speed of convection appliances is higher.

When choosing, they are guided by ratings, recommendations, reviews on specialized sites. Pay attention to the range of proven brands, sales leaders. Electronic devices are expensive.

Preference is given to capacious devices with an attractive appearance, ergonomic, compact, light in weight, easy to maintain and manage.

Operating rules

Operating rules

Before operation, study the instructions, manual and technical passport for the product.

When purchasing a large-sized roomy model, it is important to think over and prepare a place for its installation.

The unit is installed vertically on a hard refractory surface. The gifts of the garden and vegetable garden are laid in an even layer. Lattices do not overload, space is left between the pieces for air circulation. The thickness of the pieces is 0.3-0.6 cm.

The trays are placed in the device, covered with a lid and connected to the mains, it is important to ensure that the fan turns on.

The temperature regime is set by a thermostat corresponding to the type of fruit, according to the recommendations of the operating instructions. Factors taken into account:

  • indoor humidity;
  • moisture content of fruits and vegetables;
  • product maturity.

The graduated lid is equipped with a pointer showing the end of processing time.

The thermostat knob is set to the “0” position, after 2-3 minutes the product is turned off from the network. Continuous working time – 48 hours. Then let it cool down for 2-3 hours.

There are a variety of product options on the market in terms of noise level, so before purchasing, check the volume of work.

The main parameters when choosing:

  • capacity;
  • quantity of raw materials;
  • type of influx of air masses;
  • power;
  • additional options;
  • price.

Having studied their requirements, the consumer selects a suitable roomy model, taking into account the family budget.

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

When protected from mechanical damage and keeping the surfaces clean, the product does not lose the performance characteristics and qualities declared by the manufacturer after the warranty period has expired. It is recommended to follow the rules:

  • berries and vegetables are not laid until the water drains after washing;
  • dry slices with paper towels;
  • use dry baking sheets;
  • contact of parts with solvents is not allowed:
  • interaction of plastic elements with objects heated above 100 degrees is not allowed;
  • wash surfaces with warm water with the device disconnected from the network;
  • chemicals for washing are not used;
  • the body can not be immersed in water, wipe with a damp cloth;
  • it is forbidden to carry the equipment in the switched on state;
  • it is forbidden to turn on without a cover and in case of violation of the integrity of the insulation;
  • to avoid fire, herbs and roots are placed on gauze;
  • different types of products are not laid at the same time;
  • choose models with the heating element turned off in case of fan failure.

When purchasing a product, make sure that it is non-toxic, made of safe, environmentally friendly, food-grade materials. The device is stored in a dry, heated room, without exposure to acid fumes.

Frequent Faults and Troubleshooting Solutions

When buying, check the performance and completeness. Electric dryers are subject to the safety regulations for electrical appliances.

Possible faults:

  • the fan does not start – check the integrity of the cord, the presence of voltage in the outlet, lubricate the bearings;
  • the air does not heat up – check the position of the thermostat, fasten the wires to the heater, replace the heater;
  • during operation, a shutdown occurred – the bearings are lubricated, the shaft is rotated by hand.

Do not use a damaged device. Burnout of the heater, breakage of the cord are eliminated by repair or service companies. Self-troubleshooting is prohibited.

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