Kitchen electronic scales


Modern time is the world of technology and household appliances. It is difficult to imagine life without all kinds of household appliances that make our life easier and make life more comfortable.

Each device of household appliances is an indispensable assistant to housewives in the kitchen when cooking.


Is there a need for a kitchen scale? Few people consider them a necessary thing in the kitchen.

However, they will become indispensable helpers for those who like to cook and not only:

  • Weighing food to the gram will help you achieve the right proportions for interesting food. With their help, you can correctly observe the accuracy of the recipe and get the desired result. Especially when preparing national dishes, pastries and sauces.
  • Simplify the life of the hostess and decorate the kitchen with modern household appliances.
  • They will help and become an indispensable assistant for those who monitor their health or are on a diet. They will help to take into account and control the weight and calories of the food consumed, to calculate the level of cholesterol.
  • They will help determine the mass of not only products. For example, yarn, beads, clay, gold, medicines and much more.

On the shelves of household appliances stores, the range of electronic kitchen scales is diverse. Models differ in the method of measurement, parameters, bowl shape and design. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for housewives to navigate among the presented choice and decide on a specific model.

The choice of this household appliance in the kitchen should be taken responsibly, having decided what functions and measurement accuracy you need when using it.

Principle of operation


  • Mechanical
  • Electronic

More accurate, complex, improved and modern is the electronic version of kitchen scales.

Electronic models operate on a battery, batteries or operate from the mains.

These devices are characterized by high measurement accuracy and equipment with additional parameters, capabilities and functions.



Let’s look at the characteristics that it is desirable to pay attention to when choosing a kitchen scale:

  • Maximum weighing limit. Different models have different maximum weights. Here it is necessary to focus on the need for this household appliances in the kitchen. In devices, the weight load is presented from two to five kilograms. The maximum weighing limit – 2-3 kg – is suitable for housewives who love to cook and who want to correctly and accurately calculate the ingredients. For the preparation of winter blanks, models with a maximum weighing value of 5 kg are suitable.
  • An additional characteristic is the minimum weighing limit. This characteristic is important for accurate measurement. At the same time, it is better to give preference to models with the lowest division price – 1-2 g.
  • Weighing error. For electronic scales, this error is approximately 1-10 grams. This error is acceptable for kitchen scales and does not affect the final result.

Functions of electronic kitchen scales

Kuhonnye Vesy

Many models of kitchen scales are equipped with additional options that make it easier to use and get the desired result.

However, it should be borne in mind that equipping any household appliances with additional features and functionality affects the cost. At the same time, additional features will add ease of use, and some of them will help extend the life of the equipment.

  • Built-in timer with automatic on / off: the scales will automatically turn off if you do not use them for a long time and turn on, provided that any product is placed on their surface;
  • Reload indicator;
  • Clock;
  • Rubberized feet that will prevent slipping during use and protect the surface of the countertop from scratches;
  • Room thermometer;
  • Alarm;
  • Accounting for the mass of the container;
  • Zeroing the weight of previously weighed products and accounting for further weighing of added ingredients. This makes it possible to calculate the mass of products, adding one after another, without removing from the container;
  • Determining the volume of liquid;
  • Choice of unit of measurement – ​​kilograms, grams, ounces;
  • Automatic memory function – useful when summing up the value of products;
  • Program for counting calories – the “diet computer” function – information about the content of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, calories and cholesterol in a given food product;
  • Low battery or accumulator indicator. The charge level of the battery is represented by a special graphic icon, a percentage value or a light indicator;
  • Electronic display that provides a clear weighing result and all the necessary data.

Types of electronic kitchen scales


Available models:

  • with a flat platform for weighing;
  • with a bowl.

On models with a flat platform, you can calculate the mass of ingredients in those containers in which food is cooked. Before this, be sure to reset the scales and put a container on them in order to find out its mass. Then add products for further weighing. Models with a platform are easy to use and maintain cleanliness.

They are easy to care for and keep the platform surface clean. Of the minuses, one can note the inconvenience of weighing such products that cannot be put on the platform without additional capacity, for example, butter. In this case, you need to subtract the total weight of the container before weighing the product itself. This will have to be done every time.

Models of scales with a bowl are suitable for housewives who love to bake, since these bowls are convenient for kneading dough. It is desirable that this type of kitchen appliance has a zeroing function.

This greatly simplifies the process of preparing the dough – first you need to weigh the initial ingredient, zero the weight, then add the following ingredients for further weighing. When the bowl is removed, it is easy to wash it, and if necessary, it is possible to use another container.

In the bowl it is convenient to calculate the mass of both bulk products and liquids. The capacity of the bowl is also important, the volume must be at least 1 liter.

The bowl is made of glass, stainless steel and plastic. The glass version of the bowl is fragile, and if it is broken, it is almost impossible to find a replacement. Plastic bowls are much cheaper and easier to care for, but you can’t weigh hot ingredients in them.

Durable and practical material for the bowl – steel. The volume and material from which the bowl itself is made are reflected in the cost.

How to choose a reliable and durable kitchen scale among the presented selection
In order for the scales to serve for a long time and remain an assistant to the hostess in the kitchen, choose reliable, high-quality products that are better than common manufacturers. When choosing, pay attention that the case completely isolates the mechanism.

The mechanism must be closed to protect it from moisture. Cases can be made of glass, high quality plastic, stainless steel, wood. Combinations of materials in one model are possible.

If you purchase products with plastic parts, which initially reduces the cost, it should be borne in mind that plastic is short-lived and not as strong as metal, over time it can deform from heat and moisture. Therefore, a metal case is a suitable option.

You should also pay attention to the buttons located on the kitchen scales. Rubberized buttons are much more reliable and last longer. There are models on which the panel is covered with a rubber sealed film, which protects the mechanism from moisture.

Easy to use touch models. The absence of buttons and removable panels will protect the mechanism from the accumulation of dust and dirt. There are options for models of kitchen scales with a three-color touch panel. Each color indicates the inclusion of a certain function.

In addition, consider storage options for kitchen scales. There are options for models that are mounted on the wall or put away in a special storage container. Can be folded into a convenient bowl.

Most buyers attach importance to appearance, especially if household appliances are constantly in use and in plain sight. The design of the model is diverse, a wide selection is presented in stores for every taste and color.

Each manufacturer of kitchen scales has simple and complex models, of different functionality and cost. By purchasing products from well-known manufacturers, you buy a reliable device, and also get a guarantee for after-sales service.

Decide how much you are willing to spend on this item. At a low cost, you can choose a mechanical version, within 1000 rubles. The price will be higher for the electronic type of kitchen scales. At a cost, kitchen electronic models are presented in the range of 1500-2000 rubles.

How to use

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Before using household appliances, read carefully the instructions, which contain a description and explanation of functions, recommendations for proper use during operation and care of it. During operation, the established weighing limits must be strictly observed.

The electronic scale must be placed on a level and stable surface during operation. Keep equipment clean. To prevent residues of weighed products from sticking to the housing, clean all parts immediately after use. Wipe with a dry soft cloth or damp cloth, if necessary, polish with a paper towel.

This is in the event that it is not required to wipe the control panel from dirty stains and food debris. Under no circumstances should it be washed under water.

Proper operation and careful use will extend the life of the equipment. So kitchen electronic scales will last more than one year in your kitchen.



The more functional, the more difficult and expensive. Accordingly, repairs in the event of a malfunction will cost more.

Often, a household device fails, there are problems that occur after or during use.

Before taking the balance to a workshop for repairs, check if you can troubleshoot and repair it yourself. It is convenient if the kitchen scale model has an indicator with a display of errors and malfunctions that occur on the scoreboard. This makes it easier to understand the cause and extent of the equipment malfunction.

Possible problems:

  • No indication on the display. In this case, you need to make sure the connection to the mains. If the device is powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery, pay attention to the level of charge and correct installation.
  • If they do not turn on, check if the battery is installed and if it is in working order. If they are powered by the mains, check its connection to the mains.
  • In case of incorrect display or incorrect weighing result, you should check the zeroing of the balance before weighing.

Precautionary measures

  • Do not use or leave in extremely hot, cold or damp places. Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children;
  • Avoid getting water or other liquid inside the mechanism, as this leads to damage to household appliances;
  • Protect from falling and impact.

We live in a modern age of technology, and we should not give up on them. Kitchen scales are not essential items in the kitchen, however, they will become an indispensable acquisition.

This technique will help with the preparation of new and complex dishes and those who monitor weight and follow a diet.
The choice in stores is huge, scales are presented in various designs and designs. It remains only to make a choice. Good luck!

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