Kitchen Choppers & Blenders

The kitchen chopper is popular among housewives who know how and love to cook. The process of processing and preparing food is faster than using manual kitchen appliances. A simple kitchen knife for manual cutting and chopping can’t compete with this compact device.

Products are cut into even pieces or portions. Depending on the intended purpose of use, the chopper models differ in the principle of operation and functionality. There are times when the purchase of a bulky food processor is not justified – its operation is more difficult, and the result of the work is comparable to using a food processor.

Types of kitchen grinders

A compact device – a blender grinds in a matter of minutes, but it is used only to obtain a homogeneous mass of ready-made dishes. For meat and vegetables, it is preferable to use a kitchen chopper. To make the right choice, they take into account the functions, the quality of the dishes obtained at the exit, and the fundamental differences in work.


The compact chopper whips, grinds and grinds food. Characterized by compact dimensions and high strength. The container is used to heat food in the microwave and easily placed in the dishwasher.

According to the principle of operation, they are divided into two types: electrical and mechanical. Each group of devices has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Mechanical shredders are easy to use. Manual mechanisms are put into action by means of simple pressing of a cover. Thanks to the mechanical rotation of the knives, the products are cut. The advantages include an attractive price. However, the scope of application is limited to a certain set of products and functionality.
  2. Electric shredders are characterized by wide functionality, which allows you to easily handle any source material: vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, chocolate, biscuits, etc. The device does the job faster than a mechanical one. The disadvantages include a higher price.

Principle of operation

Principle of operation and design

The device is designed for smooth cutting and grinding of food, raw and boiled vegetables, meat, fruits, cheese.

The work is based on the use of various nozzles (knives), which, when rotated (in manual mode or with the help of electricity), come into contact with a certain product, cutting into even pieces. Depending on the method of propulsion, in manual grinders, cutting is carried out using the lid as a press or by rotating a special handle, as in a coffee grinder.

In electric shredders, the knives are rotated by an electric motor.

The design consists of the following parts:

  1. Plastic or glass container. It is used as a container where they put vegetables, fruits for cutting,
  2. container lid,
  3. Replaceable nozzles (knives). In some models, nozzles are built into the container.
  4. Electric motor (in devices powered by the mains).

Functions of kitchen grinders


Used for professional uniform cutting of hard products: vegetables, fruits, boiled eggs, hard cheeses. The processing process is safe, unlike working with a simple kitchen knife.

Grinders greatly facilitate the process of processing soft substances – grind to a puree state, crumble into small uneven pieces, used for rubbing, mixing batter.

Performs the functions of the following kitchen appliances:

  1. It is used as a knife for cutting large and small pieces.
  2. Works as a meat grinder and grater, scrolling through the round holes of nozzles of different diameters.
  3. How a blender mixes the original product to a homogeneous mass
  4. As a mixer, mix thoroughly and beat.

With the help of special nozzles, mousse or cream is whipped, mashed potatoes are prepared. Unlike manual work, these procedures take a minimum amount of time and no effort is expended. Some product options are capable of producing the smallest cutting of vegetables, crushing solid foods (nuts and ice).

Ice crushing is done with a special standard nozzle included in the kit. If this function is provided by the manufacturer, products with a similar degree of hardness are processed with the same nozzle.

How to use

Terms of use and care

Store the product assembled or disassembled. Wash after use and let dry.

If you need to process a lot of fruits or vegetables, the large amount of product in the bowl is broken into small pieces before grinding. Large pieces are cut into smaller ones to make it easier for the device to cope with the volume.

The amount of one serving is determined taking into account the filling of no more than 2/3 of the bowl. Do not overload the grinder, then the processing will take one minute.

To avoid premature failure, this product is used to process only those products that are permitted by the attached instructions. Using the grinder for other purposes will lead to its rapid breakdown.

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

To make the work of slicing fruits and vegetables safe and easy, a number of precautions are observed:

  1. Compliance with the instructions and use strictly for its intended purpose. Unless the manufacturer’s instructions indicate that this product is suitable for cutting hard vegetables or fruits, do not cut raw beets, turnips, potatoes, etc.
  2. To grind hard cheeses, meat or chocolate, you will need a grinder with a power of 600W or more.
  3. In order for the product to successfully cope with the work, specially designed nozzles are used for certain product groups. Some options for electrical products are able to process cereals, nuts, spices, mix tight dough.
  4. Some are protected against misuse. If the lid is not closed, the lock mechanism is activated and the device will not turn on.
  5. To pour some of the crushed food into another container, use the wide spout of the bowl.

How to choose kitchen grinders and blenders

Criterias of choice

In order for the purchase to please its hostesses with good work for a long time, they choose the option taking into account the following parameters.

  • Processing speed depends on power products and a list of vegetables, fruits, etc. allowed for grinding by this product. The greater the power of the kitchen grinder, the wider the list of products and the shorter the operating time.

When the hostess needs to perform the simplest functions of shredding or grinding into pieces, they purchase a product with an average processing speed and low power. When processing solid foods and meat, choose electric options with a power above 600 watts. This will allow you to perform the maximum number of functions without the risk of damage to the product.

  • Study the instruction. The advantage in favor of the purchase will be the ability to combine the cutting function with others. The ability to use the product as a blender does not require the purchase of additional devices for grinding and whipping to a homogeneous mass.
  • Consider whether the grinder is capable of performing the function of a mixer and other kitchen devices. Check which nozzles are included.

Preliminary study the reviews of the model of interest. As a rule, buyers share their impressions regarding the operation of the purchased product. If there are negative reviews regarding complaints about the functionality and quality of the device, the selected option is abandoned.

  • Quality, what materials the parts are made of, who is the manufacturer of the selected model. Preference is given to proven brands that have proven themselves in the kitchen appliances market. In addition to the warranty card, serviceability and reliability are ensured by the authority of the manufacturer.
  • Processing container (bowl) capacity. It depends on the performance and processing volumes. If the hostess often needs to cook food in large volumes, attention is drawn to devices with capacious containers.
  • For the convenience of users, a number of models are equipped with an additional function. A lid with a hole is used to add a new portion to the already processed mass without the need to stop and turn off.
  • Price. More expensive ones have extended functionality, replace many kitchen appliances. However, not every hostess will need to use all the functions.
  • Quality assurance that confirms the reliability of the product. In case of complaints about the performance of functions, the seller undertakes to replace and provide a serviceable model.

The criteria that will determine the choice of the buyer in favor of a particular model vary depending on the preferences and purpose of the acquisition. It is important that the functionality of the model declared by the seller is implemented.

With a kitchen chopper, a laborious cooking process can be turned into an interesting experience, which will result in a beautifully presented, tasty dish that can compete with any restaurant.

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