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Walkers are products designed to ensure that the child learns to move quickly and correctly. Such models will help free up time for doing other things while the baby is busy with an exciting process. He will be able to try the entire range of motion at once, develop coordination. This helps to strengthen the muscles and stimulates the development of the intellect.

But after using a walker, the baby begins to walk independently later, since he has no incentive to move without this design. Another drawback is getting stuck between pieces of furniture and in doorways, so parents still have to carefully monitor how the baby moves.

How to choose a walker

  • Walkers are usually distinguished by age criteria. For the smallest, sitting models are suitable, with the help of which babies take their first steps.
  • Walkers can be foldable and non-foldable. The latter are more stable, but folding models are not inferior to them in safety.
  • According to the type of seat equipment, products can be on a hard and on a soft frame.
  • Walkers differ in the number of wheels. To ensure the stability of the structure, a motion blocker is used (several wheels can be blocked).
  • It is important to consider the type of backrest, it can be hard and soft, a fabric cover is usually used for a rigid frame.
  • Pay attention to the functionality of the design. There are single-purpose and multifunctional transforming walkers that can be used as a high chair or as a baby rocking chair.
  • Pay attention to the conformity of the design with the age, body weight and height of the baby. If the walkers are designed for the smallest, then the height of the child should not exceed 85 cm.
  • Silicone is used as the material for the wheels, this helps to prevent damage to the flooring.
  • An important criterion is the number of wheels, as a rule, they are not more than 4-10. Designs with 6-8 wheels are considered optimal. It is desirable that the wheels are removable, then they are easier to wash.
  • The seat should be wide and deep so as not to cause discomfort in the groin area and reduce the risk of the child falling out.
  • The brighter the design, the more functional the design for the baby. As a rule, products are equipped with a musical game panel.

Important parameters

  1. The approximate ratio of the base to the top frame is 2:1.
  2. There must be a front bumper that softens the blows.
  3. Look at the mobility of walkers, they should be as ergonomic as possible.
  4. The height of the products must match the height of the child. Many models have multiple height positions.
  5. It is advisable to choose products with an anatomical back, which will serve as support for the spine.
  6. As a rule, walkers are used only after the child reaches 6 months of age, but there are models designed for children from 10-12 months.
  7. Do not use models for more than 20-30 minutes.
  8. Be sure to read the product data sheet and warranty card.

Minor Criteria

  1. The color of the design can be bright or discreet. Bright designs attract kids more and they like it more. .
  2. The weight of the structure does not play an important role. The main thing is that you have a place to store the model. All details must be proportional.

Chicco Walky Talky

Bright and colorful walkers that your child will definitely like. The kid will not be bored, because the design is equipped with a music panel with many special effects. Comfort provides a comfortable seat that can be adjusted in height in 3 positions. Walkers fold compactly for storage, securely fixed in the assembled state.


  • 3 seat positions;
  • equipped with 4 wheels (swivel and fixed);
  • 6 stoppers at the base;
  • weight – 5.7 kg;
  • dimensions – 81 * 47 * 45 cm.


  • soft textile seat with back support;
  • sound and light effects;
  • removable electronic panel;
  • individual license plate;
  • reliability and stability;
  • bright design;
  • game panel with light music.

Minus – heavy.

Happy Baby Smiley V2

Models that provide excellent coordination of movements, thanks to them the baby keeps balance. The seat is soft and comfortable, height adjustable in 3 main positions. The advantage of the silicone coating of the wheels is that they do not scratch the floor. There is a handle on the back of the walker. The music panel plays 12 melodies.


  • 3 positions for seat adjustment;
  • child weight – up to 12 kg;
  • dimensions – 70 by 59.5 by 54 cm;
  • construction weight – 3.5 kg;
  • color is purple.


  • developing game panel with light music;
  • development of hearing and vision;
  • improved coordination of movements;
  • the child keeps balance;
  • seat height adjustment, locking in 3 basic positions.

Minus – high cost.

Baby Care Mario

Products that are ideal for babies who are not yet able to run and walk on their own, but who really want to learn how to do it. The design is very convenient, because it allows you to adjust and fix the height of the seat in 3 positions. Silicone wheels have excellent stability and smooth running. They are made of hypoallergenic materials that are pleasant to the touch. Panel with toys and the ability to turn on sounds.


  • 3 height levels;
  • child weight – up to 11 kg;
  • 8 silicone wheels;
  • 2 stoppers;
  • size – 64x58x18 cm;
  • weight – 3.5 kg;
  • colors – blue and green;
  • intended for children from 6 months.


  • the design is equipped with a comfortable seat;
  • simplified washing, ease of use;
  • perfect back for a child;
  • equipment with a musical game panel;
  • adjustable height in 3 positions;
  • beautiful and ergonomic design.

Minus – an expensive design.

jetem grace

Walkers are made of plastic and metal. Recommended for ages 6 months and up. The wheels are well fixed. Walkers have a swing mode, equipped with a special table.


  • 4 height modes;
  • weight – 3 kg;
  • materials: plastic and metal;
  • maximum load – 12 kg.


  • equipped with a removable music panel;
  • stretch stand for legs;
  • rocking function;
  • wheel fixation mode;
  • withstands high loads;
  • table equipment.

Minus – high cost.


Colorful walkers that are equipped with a music panel and toys. The baby will be comfortable to sit, because the position of the backrest is adjustable in height. Models are easy to fold, saving space in the apartment.


  • 8 swivel wheels;
  • 3 position height adjustment;
  • load – up to 13 kg;
  • 8 swivel wheels;
  • weight – 3.6 kg;
  • size – 67 by 60 by 52 cm;
  • colors: green, orange, blue.


  • 3 position height adjustment;
  • game panel with buttons and musical elements;
  • colorful design;
  • reliability and stability;
  • compactness and ease of use.

Minus – high cost.

Capella BG-0611

A bright and practical model with which the child will quickly master the world around him, will be able to easily develop fine motor skills of his hands. Swivel wheels, silicone, with sound insulation. Since the design has a wide base, the models are stable. The soft seat will provide comfort. Locking the wheels prevents the structure from tipping over.


  • weight – 3 kg;
  • material – fabric, plastic, metal;
  • type – trolley with a table;
  • load – up to 12 kg;
  • baby age – from 10 months;
  • size – 63 by 63 by 55 cm;
  • musical game board.


  • wheel fixation;
  • reliable fastening;
  • seat height adjustment;
  • equipment with a music panel;
  • availability of a table.

Minus – recommended for children over 10 months.

babyhit FIRST-STEP walkers

A model that develops coordination of movements and allows you to keep balance. The anatomical backrest provides proper support for the child’s spine. Swivel silicone wheels with a smooth ride. The model is compactly folded like an accordion. The design is equipped with a bright and colorful game table. The use of such models gives 100% protection against injury.


  • designed for a child 7-18 months;
  • material – plastic, textile;
  • dimensions – 61.5 * 52.5 * 43.5 cm;
  • weigh 2 kg;
  • purple.


  • soft back;
  • reliable fastening and stability;
  • game table;
  • injury protection;
  • smooth running of the wheels;
  • bright and interesting design.

Minus – light, too maneuverable.

Walkers are safe and reliable designs that provide comfortable movement of the child, allow him to feel the entire range of movements and learn to coordinate them.

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