Hand vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is intended for cleaning of dirt, dust, small debris. Some models clean up spilled liquid. The device will refresh the furniture, get rid of dust on soft surfaces. With its help, woolen fabrics, blankets, mattresses, clothes, carpets are cleaned.

There are situations when you need to clean several times a day, something crumbled, spilled. Carrying a bulky device is difficult. The manual unit will allow you to clean quickly with ease and convenience. A little helper will help out if the cleanliness of any volumes and surfaces is induced.

How it works, the pros and cons of a handheld vacuum cleaner

Dust, dirt, small debris, by means of centrifugal force, enters the device through the inlet. The unit sucks in these particles with air masses, which enter the dust bag, container, aquafilter, where it settles.

The air masses are directed to the filter in front of the motor, which protects the engine from foreign elements and purifies the air.

The air then passes through a fine filter. Small particles, dust, viruses, bacteria, pollen remain inside the device and do not go back into the room.

Advantages of portable vacuum cleaners:

  1. Wide scope. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it will be possible to use the product throughout the house, in the car.
  2. The dimensions make it easy to use and need little storage space.
  3. It is convenient to get to all places in the house (top of furniture, cornices, various remote surfaces).
  4. Weight makes it comfortable for use by children, the elderly. The quality of cleaning will remain at a high level.
  5. The emitted noise of the handheld product is lower than that of a conventional vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you can work at any time of the day or night without disturbing anyone.


  1. High price.
  2. Limited usage time due to overheating and battery drain.
  3. Long charge.

However, if the device is connected to the mains, in some models a power cord is included, then the disadvantages associated with battery operation disappear.

Types of handheld vacuum cleaners

For dry cleaning

Such devices collect dust, animal hair, hair, small particles of debris from soft and hard floor coverings. Cleaning walls, ceilings, furniture, decor items. Dry cleaning will refresh the curtains, allowing them to be washed less often.

Another useful feature is the polishing of surfaces for which moisture is unacceptable. The vacuum cleaner simultaneously cleans and polishes marble, parquet.

Wet cleaning

The washing type is designed to wash floors, windows, and other surfaces. Wet cleaning increases the efficiency of cleaning and, accordingly, the price of the product. The need for this model appears in houses with a coating – carpet, linoleum, tiles. The washing vacuum cleaner is suitable for people suffering from allergies to dust.

The device cleans carpets, the room is deodorized, a pleasant microclimate is created. The unit washes windows, sink surfaces and bathtubs.

A huge plus of such devices is the availability of dry and wet cleaning. The disadvantages of this type are – regular care after use, higher energy consumption.


The device for the machine is represented by a compact, lightweight, convenient design, as it involves cleaning hard-to-reach places. Cleans the interior of ashes, crumbs, dust, hair, and other debris.

Cigarette lighter-powered appliances drain the vehicle’s battery. The battery-powered device provides convenience without a cord, but drains quickly. Models have different suction power.


A special garden tool that cleans paths, territory. He inflates the leaves with a stream of air.

For the pool

The product for the pool removes plaque from the walls and bottom. The design of the device consists of an aluminum rod, a pair of nozzles. One is a mesh net, the second vacuum cleaner nozzle cleans the bottom, walls, steps of the pool.

Vacuum cleaner – glove

The mitten device is worn on the hand, carefully removes hard-to-reach places. Products have a small power, highly economical.

The design consists of a hose, a bracelet with a motor. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery. There is a brush on the palm through which debris is sucked. The glove cleans places with accumulation of dust: shelves, furniture surfaces, tables.

The device and characteristics of hand-held vacuum cleaners

The weight

The selection criterion is the mass of the product. A handheld device must be compact, lightweight, and lightweight. Models vary in size and weight.

Giving preference to a small weight, please note that this indicator does not reduce the quality of the product: engine power, body thickness.


The instructions for handheld vacuum cleaners indicate the life of the charging mechanism. As well as the time it takes to charge. Most of the devices are powered by batteries that are installed on the charging station. Therefore, the time of action and charge are important factors for ease of use, energy savings. When the battery runs out, the functionality deteriorates.

The correct choice will save you from unpleasant situations when, in case of urgent need, the device is still charging. Some models are equipped with an indicator on the case that informs about the charge level.


The more power the motor has, the easier it is to suck up dirt, dust, debris from surfaces. Power is indicated in watts. The power rating is related to the size. A low-power model is suitable for simple or rare use. For daily use, vacuum cleaners with high suction power should be preferred.

An indicator of 300 watts is considered weak. Such a device is designed for dust. Power of 450 watts will allow you to remove wool, feathers, hair.

Power will determine the amount of electricity, the volume of noise. The maximum power remains at 2000 watts. However, powerful mechanisms are noisy, and an insulated housing to reduce sounds will make the vacuum cleaner heavier.

Important! Many people confuse the indicated power on the case with the suction power – the power consumption of the device is indicated on the case.

Waste Bin Types

Cyclone-type dust collectors are represented by most models. But it is better to choose multi-level filtration systems.

Important elements are a washable container, a replaceable filter.

The cost of the device depends on the level of filtration. Inexpensive options are textile and paper bags. Cloth will have to be washed constantly to prevent the appearance of bacteria, fungi, mites. Paper containers are discarded after use, so you have to purchase new bags.

According to the instructions of vacuum cleaner manufacturers, washing dust bags is not recommended; washing is possible in a washing machine on a sport mode.

The plastic container is the most effective. Garbage, dust getting inside settle on the bottom of the container and do not interfere with the passage of the air flow – dust bags after a certain period of operation are forgotten by dust, thereby reducing the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

And caring for a plastic container is an elementary wash. Containers have a minus, more noise is created during operation due to solid particles of debris that have got inside.

There are models equipped with an aquafilter. The cost of such devices is increasing. The principle of operation is to collect dirt directly into the liquid, which is then poured out.

Additional features

  • Hose – High-quality hoses are made of rubber with internal reinforcement.
  • Nozzles – With the “slit” nozzle, corners and surface joints are cleaned. The roll nozzle will clean carpets and upholstered surfaces.

Precautionary measures

  • Vacuum suction at the location of explosive liquids, gases, gasoline, lighter cleaner, paints, hydrogen is prohibited.
  • Place the device away from heating elements.
  • The filter must be in place when using the appliance.
  • Protect the device from liquid, rain, wet hands.
  • Do not use a charger with damaged cells.

Important! If the contents of the battery leaked out, got on the skin, wash the area with warm water for at least 15 minutes, and then use soap.


To clean the vacuum cleaner from debris, do the following:

  1. Power off.
  2. Carefully remove the container with debris, disconnecting it from the device.
  3. Separate the filter, the waste container is emptied into the trash can or into the toilet.
  4. Everything is put in place.


The filter performs an important function, the performance of the vacuum cleaner depends on its operation. It is recommended to clean the filter after each use. The procedure for cleaning the filter element begins with turning off the device, removing the garbage container, and removing the filter itself.

If the appliance has been used for a long time and the filter is clogged, wash it with warm water and a little detergent.

Important! After washing the filter, make sure it is dry, do not install a wet filter.

The nozzles of the device are also cleaned. The debris is removed, the surface is wiped with a damp sponge.

Models that clean with liquid are serviced regularly – pour out the water after each cleaning to prevent the appearance of mold and bacteria.


Engine stalls

If no visible damage is found, it means that the device has overheated and needs to be cooled down. The second reason is that the battery is dead and needs to be recharged.

low power

When the appliance sucks debris partially or weakly. Check for blockage. A large object or dust, dirt, lumped into a lump, getting inside, obstructs the air flow – pull out the blockage.

Not all wire is wound

In order to start the cable winding mechanism, you need to pull it out to the maximum length and press the wire collection button again.

The device does not collect garbage

Check the integrity of the hose, if it is damaged, replace it.

Water flows out

If the container contains water that is leaking, the rubber seal is likely broken. It must be corrected if necessary, replaced. Additionally, check the correct position of the filter. If the water level is too high, reduce it.

When choosing a handheld vacuum cleaner, take the device and feel the convenience, comfort, lightness. After all, the main criterion for acquiring a home assistant is personal preference.

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