Glass electric kettle

Glass electric kettle1

An electric kettle is a small household appliance, without which it is impossible to imagine everyday life.

Some models are equipped with backlight and many additional functions, which makes their use as comfortable as possible. Today we will talk about glass “kitchen friends”.



Models made of heat-resistant glass have a considerable number of advantages, so the popularity is increasing every day. Consider the main ones:

  • Environmental friendliness, natural material. Heat-resistant glass guarantees the absence of foreign tastes and odors, which cannot be said about plastic teapots;
  • The originality of the design and the variety of models will allow you to easily fit the equipment into the interior, decorating it with a stylish and beautiful element;
  • The bright LED backlight of some models will delight you with a glow all the time. The highlight of some models is considered to be several backlight colors: in heating mode – one, in non-working condition – another. Thus, you will definitely not forget that you turned on the kettle;
  • Constant monitoring of the state of the body. It is very convenient to monitor the cleanliness of the surface, the accumulation of scale through transparent walls;
  • Multifunctionality, the latest developments, additional features will facilitate the operation of the kettle. For example, a temperature controller, automatic shutdown, a built-in strainer for brewing tea, a lid opening lock – all this creates additional convenience when using the device;
  • Properties, quality indicators of heat-resistant glass guarantee rapid heating of the liquid and slow cooling.

The relatively low cost of the device makes it affordable for every buyer.

However, glass appliances also have some disadvantages. Several factors can upset the owners of a glass purchase:

  • The need for frequent, regular care. Internal cleaning should be done at least once a week, and external surface wiping daily. In order not to spoil the mood and taste of water with flakes of rising scale, you will have to clean a glass teapot more often than a ceramic one;
  • The process of heating the liquid is accompanied by heating of the body. Do not touch the hot surface with your hand – otherwise you may get a small burn;
  • Brittleness of the material.

The last two problems are solved by a special plastic casing.

Why glass?

The naturalness of the material guarantees the preservation of all taste qualities of water and harmlessness to health, unlike plastic models.

The lightness of a glass product, unlike ceramic, increases comfort during operation.

In terms of the ratio of heat saving parameters and the heating rate, the glass device has no equal. Ceramic counterparts keep water hot longer, but also boil longer. In plastic and metal appliances, water boils quite quickly, but it also cools down just as quickly. Glass “assistant” will please the speed of work.

In terms of design, interesting design, glass teapots are more in demand than plastic and metal ones. Such a device will harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen, create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere for family or friendly tea drinking.

A wide range of glass models by volume (0.5-3 l) in comparison with ceramics (1-1.7 l).

The device made of glass is quieter in operation than metal, plastic.

The transparency of the walls will reduce the risk of turning on the device without water. To determine the level of fullness, you do not need to open the lid or look into a special window. The liquid level is clearly visible through the transparent side walls.

How to choose

how to choose

When choosing a glass “assistant”, pay attention to the following parameters and additional features:

  1. The heating element can be closed (disk) or open (spiral). True, models with a spiral heater are less common. The significant performance advantages of the first option have replaced the spiral heater from the modern production of household appliances.

    The disc heating element is easier to clean, due to the smoothness of the surface, it heats the water faster, and is safe to use.

  2. Power varies between 1.8 – 2.2 kW. Remember, a higher power value indicates an increased boiling rate. Assess the building’s electrical wiring capabilities. Overheating of the electrical wiring when the device is turned on can lead to unpleasant consequences.
  3. The automatic shut-off function will allow you not to worry about turning off if the set temperature is reached, if the lid is open or there is no water.
  4. The pirouette stand guarantees the possibility of a 360-degree turn. Modern models are wireless, which greatly improves ease of use.
  5. For a small family, a small volume, up to 2 liters, is suitable.
  6. The presence of a thermostat. The temperature regulator ensures that the liquid is heated to the desired temperature. Several heating options will help you choose the optimal mode. For example, for making coffee, chocolate, water with a temperature of 90-98˚С is needed, for preparing baby food, 65˚С is enough, for brewing different types of tea – their own temperature regimes for preparing according to the recipe.

    There are stepped and stepless devices. The first guarantee heating to a certain, specific value, the second – within the established range.

    The temperature range is 10 degrees.

  7. The touch panel will allow you to control multifunctional equipment.
  8. Delayed start is an additional convenience for glass teapots. The activation can be set to a specific time. Such a function saves time, does not make you wait for the water to boil if you are in a hurry.
  9. The built-in, internal teapot is a faithful assistant in tea drinking. The set mode will help to prepare a refined drink according to the technology. Choose models with a removable teapot, it is more convenient when cleaning the element.
  10. Backlight – a design solution and practical convenience (in a dark room). Different modes, different colors of the glow when turned on are practical and convenient for visually determining whether the device is turned on or not.
  11. Filter is the recommended setting. Water purification will be performed automatically.
  12. A comfortable handle and a special plastic casing will increase safety, prevent burns and injuries.
  13. Do not neglect customer reviews, the brand of household appliances manufacturers. Analyze the negative and positive aspects of the model, possible malfunctions, difficulties in operation by consulting the seller or looking for reviews on the Internet.
  14. Before buying, ask what the warranty period of the product is.

Precautionary measures

precautionary measures

Read the user manual well.

Remove stickers from the purchased device, fill the container with water, heat to the maximum mark. Pour out, repeat the procedure several times. The electric kettle is ready for use.

The device with damaged elements, cracks in the case must not be used.

Handle the glass model with care: do not drop or hit the device.

Do not fill the kettle with cold water after boiling. A sharp contrast leads to a violation of the integrity of the surface, cracks in the body, despite the heat resistance and increased requirements for the material.

It is not recommended to turn on the device again earlier than 15-20 seconds after the previous turn on. This approach will extend the life of the device.

Limit the use of the appliance by children for the safety of their health.

To fill the container with water, remove the equipment from the stand.

Check the water level before turning on. Exceeding the permissible limit value leads to excessive overheating of the device, which negatively affects the service life.

Be careful to keep the lid closed.

Do not repair yourself. Professional help is the best solution to functioning problems.

The body of the glass electric kettle becomes very hot during operation, touching it can cause burns. Take the device only by the handle.

Do not touch live parts with wet hands.

Do not open the lid during boiling, so that the flow of hot steam does not burn you.

It is forbidden to use the kettle without a lid. Many models of glassware have an additional blocking of operation when the lid is open.

How to clean a glass electric kettle


Maintaining the cleanliness of the electric kettle is a prerequisite for the operation of the device. A layer of scale leads to a deterioration in taste, reduces the service life.

The following tips will help you clean properly:

Do not submerge the entire device in water.

During cleaning, abrasive, sharp objects, solvents are prohibited.

It is easy to get rid of dirt, scale will help a special tool, folk methods:

  • Pour 0.5 liters of vinegar into a container, leave. After half an hour, pour out the vinegar, rinse the kettle with running water several times;
  • Pour a bag of citric acid into a container, add water to the maximum mark, boil. After 15 minutes, pour out the product, rinse the device with running water.

Clean the inner surface once every 10 days.

Wipe the housing with a damp cloth or sponge daily.

The filter and brew strainer require regular cleaning.

Do not neglect the precautions, the rules of operation – and your favorite assistant will last a long time without breakdowns.

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