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The right choice of a gas stove is a complex and responsible process that requires a rational approach. Kitchen equipment of this type is in demand and popular among the inhabitants, so many people prefer gas stoves.

Slabs have advantages and disadvantages that are important to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Pros of gas stoves

This is a versatile household appliance that is designed for quick and easy cooking of a variety of dishes. Cookers of this type are unpretentious and practical in operation, besides, they save energy, if equipped with gas ovens.

Additional functionality allows you to set the temperature mode for heating the burners and the speed of cooking.


If safety rules are not observed during installation, a household gas stove can cause accidents. In this case, it is better to entrust the installation, connection and configuration to professionals. Devices need periodic cleaning and maintenance. Taking into account the operational features, the plates are limited in the choice of installation location, they are mounted only near the gas pipeline.

Despite the complexity of use and maintenance, consumers prefer to buy gas stoves. To buy a suitable model, it is recommended to consider the following selection parameters:

  • Dimensions;
  • Type of hob;
  • Types of burners;
  • Oven;
  • Additional functions.

Characteristics of gas stoves


This parameter is related to the dimensions of kitchen furniture. The height is standard for all models – 85 cm, but the depth is 50 and 60 cm. The width can vary from 35 cm to 1 meter (exclusive options with 6 burners).

Gas stoves are equipped with legs for changing the height. Compact narrow models are suitable for small kitchens, full-sized and large-sized – for large and spacious rooms.

A separate category is represented by plates for desktop installation. These are compact devices for 2 burners with dimensions of 12X50X34 cm, for 3 (4) burners – 23X50X55 cm.

hob type

Working hobs are made of durable, wear-resistant materials – glass ceramics, stainless and enameled steel.

Stainless steel

Durable, practical and heat-resistant material, resistant to corrosion and chemicals. The stainless steel surface is matte and polished. These look stylish and modern. They are characterized by high wear resistance and durability.

However, stainless steel hobs are demanding and whimsical to maintain. They leave traces of grease, scale, color streaks and liquid stains. Daily care of such a surface consists in the use of detergents that do not contain abrasive substances.

enamelled steel

Another version of the steel hob covered with a protective layer of heat-resistant enamel. They are presented in two colors – white and brown, they belong to the traditional type of household products. Enamelled surfaces are durable, reliable and inexpensive. Despite the simplicity and unpretentiousness, such material has a number of disadvantages: it is difficult to clean, susceptible to scratches, chips and damage.

glass ceramics

Surfaces of this type have occupied a separate segment of the market. They are represented in the product lines of leading manufacturers. The surface has a protective layer of heat-resistant glass-ceramic or durable glass.

Such material:

  • reliable;
  • resistant to mechanical damage;
  • resistant to deformation;
  • resistant to high temperatures.

With proper operation, glass-ceramic surfaces are practical and unpretentious in care.

Glass-ceramic models are available in two colors – brown and black, there are glass-ceramic devices in white.

Burner types

The choice of suitable burner parameters depends on the functional load on the stove and the frequency of cooking. Plates with 4 burners are considered traditional, models with 3, 5 and 6 elements of different sizes and levels of flame burning are also available.

The burner size is determined by the type and power of the nozzle through which gas is supplied. Suitable dimensions correspond to the diameter of the bottom of the dish. On the classic hob there are 4 burners – 1 powerful, 2 medium in power and 1 low power. The diameter of the burners is 5, 7 and 10 cm.

Some models are equipped with a powerful fast-cooking nozzle containing several flame exit rings. There are elements with 2-4 rings of flame. Contour burners are used for frying, boiling in water and steaming, smoking and stewing.

The burners also differ in shape, they are oval, round and triangular.


Modern stoves are available with two types of ovens: gas and electric.


Cabinets of this type are less economical and convenient to use. Although the dishes cooked in them are especially tasty. Classic gas ovens are equipped with a dual heating mode, but do not have a fan. For lower heating, a burner is used, for upper heating, an electric or gas grill is used.

Grill types:

  • Practical and economical gas grill gives an effect similar to cooking on charcoal.
  • An electric grill provides uniform processing of products, has a higher cost.

Many manufacturers offer multi-functional ovens equipped with hollow burners with forced air circulation. This ensures faster and more uniform cooking with a crispy crust.


Ovens of this type are presented in standard and multifunctional versions. Classic ovens are equipped with top and bottom tubular heaters, a spit, a grill and a natural convection function.

Multifunctional cabinets are equipped with a fan and 4 heater elements – top, bottom, sides and rear panel. Ovens allow you to cook various dishes with the ability to adjust the temperature.

Modern models of devices with gas and electric ovens are equipped with reliable thermal insulation made of heat-resistant laminated glass.

All models have LED lighting for switching on the burners and designs for trays with retractable mechanisms.

Cleaning the oven

Catalytic and pyrolytic methods are used to clean the inside of the oven.

catalytic cleaning – present in cheap models, carried out when the oven is heated to 250 degrees. After completion, the chamber must be wiped with a damp sponge and mild detergents.

Pyrolytic cleaning – provided in expensive models, carried out when the chamber is heated to 600 degrees. This contributes to the burning out of food debris and fat deposits on the walls and turning them into ash, which is easily removed with a damp sponge.


Modern stoves are equipped with new and improved features to improve the operation process. These include: electric ignition function, gas control system, child protection function and timer.

Electric ignition function

Implemented by a special button on the control panel, provides for safe ignition of the burners. In elite models, this system is combined with gas supply adjustment knobs. In the absence of electricity, the ignition ceases to function.

Gas control system

Provides for automatic shutdown of gas supply to the burners in case of leakage or flame extinction. The reliability of the system is ensured by special sensors that react to the activity of the flame in the burner, blocking the stem.

The gas control system is combined with automatic ignition. Re-ignition is carried out several times, with a low supply pressure of the ignitable mixture or frequent flame extinction, the gas is turned off until the problem is corrected.

Child lock function

It securely blocks the work. When the function is activated, access to the hob or oven is prohibited, which allows you to avoid unpleasant situations. In the absence of parents, children will not be able to turn on the stove on their own.


The devices are equipped with mechanical or electric timers with an audible signal. They set the time intervals required for cooking. At the end of the time, the timer notifies you of the need to turn off, using an audible signal.

Before you go shopping for a gas stove, you should decide on the technical characteristics and functional features.

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