food containers

A food container is a container primarily intended for storing, freezing or preparing food or prepared meals. The taste and aroma of food in such dishes last longer thanks to the airtight lid.


Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the tray is based on the fact that products are placed in it to perform a number of functions: storage, freezing or heating. Food containers are used in the manufacture of confectionery (cakes, pies, cookies).

Vacuum cases are popular with consumers, as the products inside such a tray remain fresh for a long time. The lid closes hermetically, while the air is pumped out by a special pump.

With this method of closing, a significant part of harmful microorganisms is destroyed.

There are three types of vacuum containers, the principle of which is similar, but the design is different:

  • With built-in pump, which is equipped with an electric drive. It works when you press the button located on the lid.
  • With an external pump that is triggered by mechanical action. It attaches to a special hole in the lid.
  • Without pump. Tightness is ensured by the presence of special clamps located on the cover. Air is removed from the container by pressing the middle of the lid with a finger. Such cases are quite common, since their cost is low.

food containers

Food containers are closed in several ways, the method depends on the type of material from which the container is made:

  • Enameled container – the lid is placed on top.
  • Plastic or ceramic containers – closed with latches.
  • Glass containers – the lid is twisted or snapped.
  • Metal containers – closed with latches, threaded connections or slammed shut.

Types of food containers


Food containers are divided into groups depending on volume, color, material and shape. According to the type of material, the following types are distinguished:

  • Glass. They are considered universal and are used not only for storing food.

High-tech production allows the manufacture of containers from heat-resistant glass, which allows the use of glassware in the microwave and freezer.

It is recommended to store filled containers in a dark place so that the sun’s rays do not penetrate into them.


  • Ceramic. Cases coated with a ceramic layer are opaque and do not let the sun’s rays through. Such dishes are intended for storage of bulk products: cereals, granulated sugar, dried fruits, pasta, salt.

It is convenient to stick labels with the name of the contents on the ceramic surface. The disadvantage of ceramics is that it does not tolerate a sharp temperature drop. Do not put dishes that you have just taken out of the refrigerator on fire or in the microwave.


  • Enamelled. These dishes are intended only for storing food in the refrigerator. The lids are made of plastic, close tightly, which prevents air from entering and ensures tightness.

Enamelware is not suitable for heating food on an electric or gas stove or freezing. If you notice chips or obvious scratches on the surface, then such dishes cannot be used.


  • Plastic. Plastic containers are made of polypropylene or polystyrene. Polypropylene trays are suitable for freezing and heating. The elastic material is not subject to damage, due to the lightness of the container it is convenient to transport.

Plastic is considered a durable material. The lid fits snugly to prevent food from spilling out. It is important to pay attention to the labeling of the product before buying.

The designation PP indicates that the dishes are non-toxic and can be used at temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius. These trays are easy to clean in the dishwasher.


  • Porcelain. Porcelain is also used in the manufacture of containers. They are supposed to store food in the refrigerator. Plastic lids tightly close the container.
  • Stainless steel. Such trays are used only for storage, heating or freezing is not allowed.
  • Polystyrene. Technological material resembles glass, is also transparent and has high strength.
  • Food foil. Foil trays are made in all shapes and sizes. Food in such containers can be stored, heated and frozen.
  • Cardboard. Disposable cardboard trays can be used to store hot and cold food. This material is considered the most environmentally friendly, the tray after use is easy to dispose of without harming the environment.


Cardboard trays are used in supermarkets and grocery stores for packaging meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits and fish.

The trays are equipped with special barriers on the sides, and the placed goods are covered with a lid or wrapped with a transparent PVC film, which allows you to see the product from almost all sides. Such containers are able to absorb moisture, which improves sanitary storage conditions.

Form classification:

  • rectangular,
  • square,
  • oval,
  • round,
  • in the form of a cast iron (ceramic),
  • with embossed ornament.

The color solution is varied, but most often in the manufacture they use colors that are most pleasing to the human eye (white and milky).



Main characteristics of food trays:

  • Use temperature. This indicator depends on the type of material.
  • Capacity. The volume of containers is determined in liters or milliliters. The minimum volume is 50 milliliters, the maximum volume of food containers can be up to several liters.
  • Transparency. Depending on the material, the trays are divided into transparent, translucent and opaque.
  • Thermal resistance. Trays that are designed for use in a microwave or oven have this parameter.
  • Strength. All containers must be of high strength so that the products placed inside do not lose their aesthetic qualities during transportation.
  • Durability. Almost all types of containers, except for disposable ones, are designed for a long service life. Only plastic ones deteriorate over time if they are not properly maintained.



Food containers are designed to perform many functions. The market of goods and services offers a wide range of products for packaging and storage of products. The most popular are containers, which are used by almost everyone. The functions of the trays are varied:

  • storing food in the refrigerator
  • deep freeze,
  • use in the microwave
  • cooking in the oven at high temperatures,
  • storage of bulk cereals at room temperature,
  • transportation of any kind of products that do not require special handling during transportation.



The standard product comes with:

  1. container,
  2. lid.

The lid can be hinged and be an integral part of the container. Such trays are used, for example, for packing pies in a supermarket. A food container that closes tightly is useful wherever you need to pack food.

They also sell containers of several pieces in a set. Sets of containers come in a complete set of several trays of different sizes of the same shape or all of the same size. Modern technologies make it possible to produce trays of various shapes, embossed and corrugated.


Covers are made with different ways of fastening. Closing method depends on the type of tray and its direct purpose. The snap-on lid ensures the best tightness: the contents will not leak out even if the container is turned upside down.

Ordinary plastic elements made of thin polypropylene will not seal the container so tightly, but they should cope with their function.

In the configuration of vacuum trays, additional pumps are provided to pump out air.



What is equipped with a food container in addition to the main parts:

  • Calendar scale. It is located on the surface of the lid. Allows you to set a date so that it is clear when the food was placed in the container. Setting the date allows you to control the freshness of the products.
  • Antibacterial coating. The antibacterial layer prevents microorganisms from multiplying, which significantly increases the shelf life. All vacuum cases have this coating.
  • dispenser. On plastic models, dispensers are located in the lid so that it is possible to pour bulk products through it in the required amount.
  • Carry handle. Such an additional accessory is provided on the top of the product, provides ease and convenience in moving. Basically, models with a large capacity are equipped with such an additional option.



Food trays can be useful not only for their main purpose. Containers can be used:

  • for storing small parts and spare parts (nuts, nails and screws);
  • for storing tailor’s little things (buttons, bobbins, threads);
  • for storing jewelry;
  • for markers and pencils.


The list of products that can be transported in food containers is quite large:

  • sandwiches,
  • sushi and rolls,
  • fresh vegetables and fruits,
  • salads.

It is convenient to store various bulk products in such containers:

  • flour
  • salt,
  • sugar,
  • rice,
  • pasta,
  • cereals,
  • tea.

Benefits of food containers


Food containers have a lot of advantages:

  • high temperature resistance;
  • tightness of the structure;
  • use in the microwave is possible;
  • it is possible to use dishes in freezing;
  • the service life is long, the container has high wear resistance;
  • containers are used for cold and hot dishes;
  • during transportation, food retains not only taste, but also its aesthetic qualities;
  • water-repellent surface;
  • the production of dishes takes place according to all standards and norms.

Disposable containers are more affordable, they are often bought for celebrations and holidays celebrated in nature. This is convenient, you don’t need to collect and wash all the dishes later, you just need to put everything in one bag and throw it in the trash can.

Advantages of disposable tableware:

  • closes easily and securely
  • simple and easy to use,
  • tightness is ensured
  • environmentally friendly,
  • is cheap,
  • low tare weight,
  • does not harm human health,
  • food does not lose its taste,
  • has a large margin of safety,
  • resistant to mechanical damage.



There are no serious shortcomings in such dishes, but still a number of inconveniences are present:

  • Containers made of plastic can have an unpleasant odor, so check the quality of the material before buying. Food trays must be manufactured in accordance with all norms and rules and not be harmful to health.
  • It happens that the lid does not fit snugly to the base, thereby not ensuring tightness. Before buying, open and close several times to make sure the quality of the goods.
  • Remove the lid when heating food in the microwave oven. In the closed position, under the influence of microwaves, the heated food will evaporate water, and since the tray is closed, evaporation will press from the inside.

From the huge pressure, the cover will simply tear off or it will be severely deformed.

  • If chips or scratches appear on enameled dishes, then it is no longer recommended to use it, since metal particles of the inner layers of the dishes can penetrate food under the influence of certain temperatures.

How to choose food containers?

Which is better to choose

  • Pay attention to the quality of the product. A high price does not always mean that the product is of high quality. Trust reliable manufacturers.
  • Check what material the container is made of, the main thing is that the product is intended for food use. Not all trays can contain food, and there are some that are prohibited from packing food.
  • Please note that there are no chips or cracks. Any damage, even minor, is a reason to refuse the purchase. A damaged tray will quickly become unusable and will not keep food fresh.
  • The lid must fit snugly against the base. In some models, perfect sealing is observed, a silicone layer is provided, which is located along the contour of the inner side of the lid.
  • Smell the product, there should be no foreign odors.
  • When choosing, rely on your needs and the aesthetic qualities of the product, also pay attention to the quality of the product.



  • After using containers (not counting disposable tableware), wash them thoroughly with detergents.
  • Do not heat above the temperature indicated on the label or accompanying documentation.
  • Do not deep freeze unless specified in the manufacturing specifications.
  • Don’t pollute the environment. Dispose of disposable tableware after use in trash bins or bins.
  • To make the dishes last longer, avoid cracks, scratches and chips.
  • Do not dry plastic products in direct sunlight, as this will deform the case and may also release harmful substances.

A warranty card is not issued for such products. The lifespan of food containers depends on the type of material from which they are made. The most durable are containers made of stainless steel and glass.



If the container is damaged, most likely it cannot be repaired, it is easiest to buy a new one. But if the cover is damaged, you can purchase it separately, some manufacturers have provided for this scenario.

Food trays are designed for a long service life, high-quality products with proper operation will not fail for a long time.

If a plastic container of a transparent color darkens over time, then it is already considered unusable. It is better to throw it away, nothing can be fixed here on your own.

Do not buy containers if you immediately notice that the lid does not fit snugly on the base, such a container will not function properly.

Food container manufacturers



The company offers a wide range of different tableware, kitchen accessories made of porcelain, glass and ceramics. The main type of trays produced by the company are vacuum trays with lids on valves.

Also in the range there are sets of containers, jars for bulk products. This brand is quite popular. It has established itself among consumers as a product of high quality.



The company is engaged in the sale of various tableware: for adults and children. Also on sale are garden supplies, thermoses, lunch boxes and food containers. The company’s website presents all types of trays of any geometric shape.

The range is quite large, various colors, sets and sets of containers are available.



Glasslock offers to buy thermoses, baby dishes, non-stick cookware and glass storage containers. The official site will help you get acquainted with the offered goods.

Products are made of quartz glass. Such glass gives the dishes perfect transparency and environmental friendliness, has high heat resistance.

During production, the glass is pre-hardened, after strong heating it is cooled sharply, after which a protective coating is formed on the surface of the container, which protects the glass from mechanical and thermal influences.



The company sells a variety of tableware for any occasion. The assortment includes plates, glasses, cups, serving items, sets. Storage containers are offered in glass and plastic, and there are also jars for bulk products on sale.

On the site you will find everything you need. The company’s designers follow current trends and create modern and functional tableware. Product quality is guaranteed.



The company offers lunch boxes that are convenient to carry to work or on a picnic. The containers are compact and ergonomic. Lunch boxes are made of stainless steel or plastic, inside it can be divided into sections.

Stainless steel works like a thermos and keeps cooked food warm for a while. Plastic cases can be heated in the microwave. There are models that fit a bottle of water.



The company Paclan on its official website lays out the entire range of products. The company sells products for the kitchen, for cleaning and cooking.



The company is known as a manufacturer of irons and other household appliances. The company also offers crockery and sets of heat-resistant glass containers for sale. On the site you can see the entire range of products offered.



Winner sells various types of dishes, thermoses, kitchen utensils and accessories. On the site you can see the entire range. Glass containers for bulk products of this brand look elegant and strict at the same time.

Lids are made of stainless steel or bamboo.

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