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Some people like instant coffee, while others prefer to use the product in beans. There are many different ways to prepare this drink.

Waking up every morning and tasting the cherished taste, you are charged with vivacity for the whole day. In addition, a great mood is provided. Therefore, the presence of a coffee maker in the kitchen is not a luxury, but a necessity. There are models of drip coffee makers on the market that differ in functionality, quality, and design.

How does a drip coffee maker work?

Principle of operation

Cold water is poured into a special container in the body of the device, and the required amount of ground grains is poured into the filter. Pressing the button starts the cooking process. When heated, the liquid reaches a temperature of 100 degrees and turns into steam, which enters the upper part of the coffee maker through a special tube.

In this part, condensation occurs with the formation of droplets. Their temperature at this moment drops to 90 degrees, which corresponds to the conditions for making a classic Americano drink with a characteristic taste.

The resulting hot droplets fall into the filter, where they are mixed with ground coffee, and then flow down into a special storage container. Outwardly, it looks like a teapot.

Drip coffee machine



For production of capacities of the device strong heat-resistant glass is used.

Proven manufacturers produce their models exclusively with glass teapots. Cheap appliances are equipped with plastic containers. For this reason, the taste of the drink changes.

Some companies produce flasks as separate accessories. Officially, the service life of such equipment is 3 years. Therefore, the supply of containers for models that have already been discontinued is discontinued.

This creates difficulties in cases where the bulb needs to be replaced. Then you should pay attention to other models of drip coffee makers with a similar device, among which there is a flask of the right size.

heating element

The design of the coffee maker contains a heating element (heating element) of a flow type: the liquid passes through it, and does not come into contact with the surface, as in modern kettles. The heating element is located at the bottom of the device.

The power of the heating element, depending on the model of the coffee maker, is 650-1200 watts. For lovers of a strong drink, a model with a power of 700 watts is suitable. Only in this case it will take more time to cook.

It takes about 5 minutes to prepare the first serving of Americano. Models with a power of 1300 W or more have a forced heating mode.


  • paper;
  • metal;
  • nylon;
  • “gold”.

Paper popular due to low cost. Paper is a good filter element. Coffee is being cleaned of unpleasant sediment, including coffee table and coffee maker. The latter – alkaloids – harm the body. The paper filter will save the drink from foreign smell and taste. Throw away after each preparation.

The advantage of metal filters is that they can be reused. But along with this, coffee acquires a characteristic flavor. The filter must be thoroughly rinsed after each preparation. This option is not suitable for busy people.

Nylon has a long service life. One filter is enough for 60 preparations. If you do not limit yourself to this quantity, then the quality worsens each time. Like a metal filter, a nylon filter needs regular flushing.

“Gold” similar to nylon, but differs in titanium nitride sputtering. The service life increases, which entails an increase in cost. An indispensable condition is regular flushing.



Manufacturers pamper buyers with the introduction of additional functionality for long-term and safe use.

  • Overflow protection – the device will turn itself off if the container is filled more than necessary.
  • Floating filter basket arrangement – in this case, pouring coffee becomes more comfortable.
  • Automatic stand heating – the coffee will remain hot for a long time, and the heating will turn off automatically.
  • Automatic dosage – you can set a program for the optimal ratio of water and ground coffee beans.
  • Fortress selection – usually these are two modes – soft and strong drink.
  • Timer – with its help, the preparation of “americano” by a certain time is programmed.
  • temperature indicator – it can be used to judge how hot the drink is. For this, two colors are used: red indicates a temperature of a little more than 65 degrees – as much as required. Black color means that the temperature of the coffee has dropped to less than 65 degrees – it is considered cold and unfit for consumption.
  • Cup number switch – usually has 2 degrees. Allows you to prepare the desired number of cups depending on the number of people. Usually it is 4-8 cups. When this function is enabled, the speed of water passing through the filter changes. Accordingly, the strength of the drink also changes.

Cheap models of drip coffee makers have a minimal set of functions, while more expensive models have much more useful functionality. Among the additional options is a three-stage filter that removes chlorine, nitrates, scale. Sometimes coffee makers are equipped with a stainless steel heating element or switch illumination.

Pros and cons of drip coffee makers

Advantages and disadvantages


Ease of preparation. He poured water, poured ground grains and it remains to wait. Depending on the volume of the flask, you can prepare several cups of aromatic drink at a time. Compact dimensions and low cost are a significant advantage.


The temperature of the coffee during filtration decreases rapidly, which entails additional heating. This does not affect the taste of the drink in the best way.

Most gourmets prefer the foam on the surface of the coffee (cream). When using a drip coffee maker, it cannot be created due to the low water pressure. It is not possible to prepare a drink with whipped cream or milk.

Removable type of filters increases the cost of maintaining the device.

How to use


Before using the coffee maker, you need to read the instructions that came with it.

  • To avoid burns, do not touch the hot surface of the appliance.
  • Do not use the appliance if the cord or plug is damaged.
  • The cord must not hang over the edge of a table or touch hot objects.
  • To repair or check the device, contact only the service center, and do not try to repair the equipment with your own hands.
  • The device is used exclusively at home and for its intended purpose.

Any electrical appliance will sooner or later show characteristic signs of various malfunctions.

No heating can be observed in the absence of current in the power cord. Inspect the electrical cord for damage and replace if necessary.

The switch does not work. Reason: failure of the switch itself, thermostat, programmer, failure of the fuse or broken heater circuit. The situation will be corrected by the replacement of failed elements. In the case of a heating element, check the circuit and, if necessary, replace it.

Water may flow weakly or not at all. due to improper installation of the water pipe, clogging of the valve, as well as clogging of the heating element with scale. The correct position of the tube and valve should be restored. The heater needs to be replaced.

Water leakage occurs due to a leak. In this case, check the seals and, if necessary, replace them with new ones.

Shift counter is malfunctioning due to an incorrectly installed spring or deformation of the lever or element housing. Replacing parts and returning the spring to its normal position will help correct the situation. But this applies to models that have a mechanical counter.

If the model is equipped with a timer, then the reason is a malfunction of the electronic module, which in this case needs to be replaced.

Sometimes coffee beans get into the collecting container or water leaks past the flask. This occurs when the filter holder spring is too tight, the rocker is in the wrong position, or deformed. Solution: replace damaged elements, or correct their position.

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