double door refrigerator

Buying a refrigerator is a responsible business, it is difficult to choose a model that is suitable in all respects in the modern variety. Manufacturers supply household appliances with additional functions, often superfluous.

The originality of the design solution of double-leaf refrigeration systems lies in the location of the freezer – on the side.

A family man, a talented culinary specialist – will be appreciated by professional merits: a reasonable arrangement of internal chambers, the number of departments for storing food, energy saving.

How does a double door refrigerator work?

Description and principle of operation

Double-leaf refrigerators – “side by side” (“side-by-side”), have the capacity of the refrigerator and freezer, the departments are located side by side. It is functional, it will help to give up the idea of ​​buying a separate freezer, not to stack food on top of each other, to increase the usable area.

Average sizes:

  • Freezer: 200-250 liters.
  • Refrigeration: 350-500 liters.
  • Product width: 90-120 cm.
  • Height: 180-190 cm.
  • Depth: 70-90 cm.

Indicators may vary, there are models of non-standard forms. If the depth is more than 70 cm, the product will not pass through the door, you will have to remove the outer panels.

Types of cooling system:

  • “No frost” – windy defrosting system, dry cooling, air circulates around the perimeter, condensate is collected in compartments where it evaporates naturally. Dry freezing prevents sticking of food. Does not require defrosting.
  • Combined – includes two compressors, quickly lowers the temperature, a range of operating modes has been added, the price has been increased. The thermostatic system will keep food fresh when the power goes out unexpectedly.
  • With one compressor one advantage – low price, inferior in other parameters.
  • “Smart Frost” – the absence of an evaporator, due to the circulation of freon through the capillaries. The refrigerant flows move to the area of ​​high temperatures – prevents the formation of frost.

Eminent manufacturers have switched to an inverter system – it protects the product from sudden temperature changes, based on a smooth change in compressor power, reducing noise and energy consumption, and extending the service life.

When the freezer is loaded again, the fast cooling mode of the food is activated. The mode will lower the temperature, the food will not lose useful trace elements and vitamins.

Multi Airflow System – distribution of cold air over the area, will ensure the safety of food products.

Equipment is divided into power classes. The high standard is considered the level “A +”, which will significantly save energy.



A correct calculation in the zoning of internal departments led to the division into temperature areas for separate storage of meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Added zero area, where food does not lose useful trace elements. Dry and wet sections keep food fresh.

Additionally installed: an ice generator and a container for chilled water. The system will allow you to access them without opening the refrigerator.

Shelves are adjustable in height and rearranged. Manufactured using glass tempering technology, they do not react to temperature changes, are resistant to mechanical damage, and can withstand up to 30 kg of load.

Tempered glass is designed for temperature changes, it will not break when it falls on the floor, the coating with a specific film will protect it from splinters.

Operating modes:
“Power Freeze” – quickly freezes food.
Freezer Temp – adjusts the desired freezer range from -10°С to -25°С.
Fridge Temp – range in the refrigerator compartment from 1°С to 7°С.

The set mode is displayed by the LED indicator. The initial temperature level is programmed by the manufacturer in the value – “norm”.

Double door refrigerator

Design features

The temperature control is located on the outside of the door in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. When there are no products to freeze, setting the indicator to “maximum” will save energy costs and extend the life of the compressor.

Equipped with an alarm – it reacts to holding the door open for two minutes, protects the child from dangerous situations, warns with a melodic sound about deviations from the set temperature parameters, premature spoilage of food.

The organization of the internal space will allow you to rearrange the drawers with a transparent front surface. Accessories – freezing trays, liquid containers.

The boxes are equipped with microscopic recesses – this preserves the microclimate in the compartments, the humidity keeps the products from drying out.

  • The number of doors varies from two to six;
  • The heat exchanger is located below, under the bottom – it will allow you to move it close to the wall, to mount it in the kitchen set;
  • The dust repelling system will free you from periodic cleaning;
  • They produce models of built-in “side-by-side”, where two cameras are connected into one;
  • Doors are provided along the entire length of the device;
  • Tempered glass transparent, matte finish;
  • Dry coating on the sides is scratch-resistant, insulates reliably;
  • The radiator protects the metal shield;
  • The silver coating of the inner walls is durable.
  • containers for water and ice;
  • automatic defrosting of chambers;
  • energy consumption class of the standard “A, B”;
  • compartment volume up to 1200 liters;
  • multichannel air duct system;
  • low level of produced noise;
  • long service life guarantee.

Pros and cons of a two-door refrigerator

Advantages and disadvantages


  • increases space for food storage;
  • optimized arrangement of internal shelves;
  • increased technical quality;
  • economical consumption of electricity;
  • maintains the set temperature when turned off – up to 5 hours;
  • variety of colors.

The doors are closed with decorative furniture inserts, in tune with the uniform design of the kitchen (hall), creating a harmonious interior, individual style. Automatic finishing of doors will not allow food to deteriorate, including when the alarm is turned off.


  • the price segment will not allow you to buy a product cheaply;
  • occupies a large area;
  • difficulty with transportation.


Operating rules

Move the double-leaf refrigerator by holding the handles, after turning off the mains. It is recommended to resume work after 7-10 minutes.

After delivery:

  • install accessories, shelves;
  • clean the components from contamination;
  • check the operation of the lighting when the door is opened;
  • set the low temperature for two hours by means of the regulator;
  • download contents, set the desired temperature.

The generator built into the door produces up to four kilograms of ice per day. Connected to a cold water supply, the filtration system requires replacement of the cartridge every six months.

Separation of usable area:

  • The door shelf is used to place goods in small packages.
  • In the meat and fish storage compartment, products should be wrapped with foil, cling film.
  • The freshness compartment is designed for food that the user plans to consume soon.
  • A pull-out compartment located at the top – they put vegetables and fruits, it is easy to remove, increasing the usable space.
  • The lower compartment is sealed, devoid of direct exposure to the cooling system.
  • Cheeses, yogurts, butter are put in the dairy products department;

Care, cleaning:

  • Disconnect the power cord, de-energizing the compressors.
  • Take out removable shelves and accessories, treat the interior surfaces, handles, doors with household detergent.
  • Wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Remove dust from the outer back wall, use a vacuum cleaner. Repeat the procedure after half a year.
  • Wipe the rubber antibacterial seals as they get dirty, the operation of the units depends on tight adhesion.
  • Do not connect the refrigerator to the mains – make sure that the washed items are dry.

Precautionary measures

  1. Before commissioning, check the plug for mechanical damage, pinching by the rear wall;
  2. Provide insulation for electrical components;
  3. It is impossible to place objects filled with liquids at the top;
  4. Do not store flammable substances nearby, inside;
  5. Ground to avoid electric shock.

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