Cooker with convection

A cooker is a universal household appliance consisting of a hob and an oven. Particularly distinguished among them are models with a function – convection, which provides for the forced movement of hot air inside the working chamber with the help of a fan. This ensures uniform heating of the products, preventing the appearance of a burnt base or overdried crust.

Types of stoves with convection

Convection is necessary for:

  • Getting a golden crust;
  • Removing excess liquid from the finished dish;
  • Baking large quantities of food.

The convection fan is mounted on the back of the oven and is controlled by a separate button.

Double heating – bottom and top, provides uniform heat treatment of products and simplifies the process of cooking. Electric stoves are equipped with this type of convection.

This mode makes it possible to cook culinary masterpieces – bake meat, fish and vegetables, bake pies, pies, casseroles and desserts, prepare dried vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms and medicinal herbs.

cold convection – designed for quick defrosting of products, without losing its taste.

Convection cooker heater type

In modern stoves, there can be two types of convection ovens – gas and electric. The working chamber of the cabinet is equipped with lighting, provides for simple or telescopic guides.

Gas – equipped with a burner on one or two sides – in the first case, it is connected to the right, in the second – to the left or right (the fan is not used in gas models).

Electrical – equipped with heating elements located at the top and bottom of the chamber.

Additionally, a skewer and a grill can be installed in the working chambers with convection – for uniform frying of game or meat, crispy crust.

Fan types

When choosing a stove with convection, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of installed fan.

Fans with heating circuit – designed for additional heating of air and its movement inside the chamber.

Fans with additional humidification – in this case, the heated air is saturated with steam. This creates a more efficient environment for heating and cooking food, as well as more cooking options. This type of fan is installed in expensive models of convection cookers.

Powerful fans – provide strong convection in a short time. Are established in elite models of plates.

Types of cooker control with convection

In stoves with convection, two control methods can be installed – mechanical and electronic.

  • Mechanical – Provides control using special rotary switches. Mechanics is used in devices of the budget and middle price class.
  • Electronic – implemented with a touch panel and control buttons. This control method is provided in models of the high price segment.

Cleaning method

Convection ovens can be cleaned in two ways:

Pyrolytic – organic deposits on the walls of the oven are burned when exposed to high temperatures, after which the resulting ash is removed with a damp sponge.

Catalytic – provides for the oxidation and decomposition of deposits during cooking (the inner surface of the oven walls is coated with a catalyst).
After completion of work, the inner chamber of the oven requires additional wet cleaning, using mild detergents.

How to choose a convection stove

Types of plates

Modern stoves with convection are divided into three categories: electric, gas and combined.

Electrical – The hob and oven are powered by electricity.

Appliances can be equipped with 2–4 burners of several types:

  • Cast iron heating elements – heaters in the form of flat pancakes. They are reliable and practical, heat up for a long time and cool down slowly;
  • Express – Designed for quick heating of water and cooking. They have a large diameter and are equipped with a central red heating indicator;
  • induction – magnetic heaters, which provide fast heating of the magnetic bottom of the dishes, while the hob remains cold;
  • Hilight – tape heaters for fast heating with smooth adjustment of operating power;
  • Halogen burners work on the basis of halogen lamps, they are characterized by instant heating, immediately after switching on, and high heat transfer.

Gas – equipped with a gas hob and an oven with convection electric or gas type. Cookers with gas ovens are cheaper, more economical and more practical to use.

The main disadvantages are fire hazard and environmental pollution by combustion products of the gas mixture. Therefore, the use of such a device provides for the mandatory installation of a hood. Appliances with an electric oven are energy intensive and more expensive.

The devices are equipped with a different number of burners – from 2 to 6 pcs. Some models of appliances are equipped with multi-circuit burners for quick cooking and special heaters for slow cooking.

Combined – are stoves with convection, having hobs and electric ovens with different sets of burners:

  • 1 electric – 3 gas;
  • 2 electric – 2 gas.

Combined appliances combine the advantages of both types.

Convection cooker dimensions

When choosing the size of a convection stove, it is important to consider its installation location, the dimensions of the kitchen furniture and the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe kitchen.

Stand-alone slabs have the following dimensions:

  • Height – 85 cm;
  • Width – from 35 to 100 cm;
  • Depth – 50 and 60 cm.

Cooktop with convection stove

The working base in gas and electric stoves is made of high-strength and wear-resistant materials.

stainless steel – a practical and durable material that is not susceptible to oxidation, mechanical damage and aggressive chemicals. The stainless steel cooking base has a matte or polished top layer.

After completion of the cooking process, the surface must be washed with a damp sponge using mild detergents and wiped dry. This will help to avoid streaks, streaks and color spots.

Enamel – is cheap and readily available. This is a classic option that remains in demand among most consumers. They are presented in different colors – from white to ashy.

Despite their low cost, they are strong and durable, but difficult to care for. Enamel is susceptible to mechanical damage, corrosion in places of chips and scratches.

glass ceramics – refers to the expensive price segment. The cooking surface is made of heat-resistant tempered glass or durable ceramic. Such material is resistant to damage, high temperatures and deformations.

Glass ceramics are not whimsical in care, all that is needed is to wipe the surface with a damp sponge. The main colors of glass-ceramic surfaces are black and brown.

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