Ceramic electric kettle

Ceramic electric kettle1

A teapot in the kitchen of a modern housewife is not only the main attribute of tea drinking. This is a faithful assistant in the process of cooking and baby food, canning and even a stylish element of the interior. That is why the choice of such a device should be taken carefully and demandingly.

How to choose the right ceramic “assistant”? What are its features, advantages, disadvantages? Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Distinctive features


A wide range of ceramic electric kettles appeared on the market of household electrical goods not so long ago, but has already gained considerable popularity among buyers, and their attention to ceramic appliances is increasing every day.

The principle of operation of such a kettle is no different from its glass, plastic and metal counterparts: in the same way, water is poured into the flask, which is heated by an electric heating element built into the bottom of the device.

A distinctive feature of a ceramic product is its appearance. Refined, designed in a modern style, with an interesting, diverse artistic painting, they are the first to attract the attention of the buyer.

Japanese floral motifs on a snow-white background, various shapes and a wide color palette – all these expressive features of a ceramic electric kettle will harmoniously fit into any interior, at the same time becoming its decoration.

The second feature of such models is the complete set with a pair of cups or a separate teapot.

The condition is optional, although it occurs quite often. Such unity will be a wonderful gift for any holiday, add an atmosphere of comfort, warmth to everyday gatherings.

As for the design features, ceramic appliances are equipped exclusively with disc heating elements, and not with spiral ones. Thus, you do not have to worry about the failure of this part.

There is an opinion about a small choice of devices in terms of volume. The opinion, although widespread, is erroneous, since the increased demand for products forced developers to solve a similar problem. Of course, you cannot find large volumes among ceramic electric kettles, but within 1.7 liters the range is huge. For an average family, this amount of water is enough.

Ceramic electric kettles have thick body walls, significant weight and are not recommended for use by children.

The lower part of the device is mostly metal. In addition, the model has additional technologies – a thermostat, several modes of brewing tea, backlight, automatic shutdown, touch control.

Often you can not turn on the ceramic model. This may result in damage to the equipment.

Advantages of ceramic electric kettles


Ceramic teapots have a lot of advantages:

  • pleasant, bewitching beauty and variety design;
  • over time, the appearance does not deteriorate at all, unlike teapots made of metal or plastic;
  • taste qualities of heated water. Many gourmets, connoisseurs of the tea procession note a peculiar, pleasant taste without impurities and foreign odors;
  • compared to plastic counterparts, thick ceramic walls allow you to save heat longer;
  • hygiene, environmental friendliness of the device. Ceramics in itself is a natural, absolutely clean material from the point of view of ecology. In addition, it is less susceptible to the accumulation and reproduction of bacteria;
  • ease of care and lack of a layer of scale. The smooth surface allows you to quickly clean the device from possible contamination, and the ceramic walls practically do not lead to the appearance and sticking of scale;
  • quiet operation is one of the important indicators for many customers. A ceramic electric kettle in the process of boiling will not cause unnecessary inconvenience and irritation with extraneous noise;
  • ceramic models are a novelty in household appliances, equipped with many additional features – for example, the ability to rotate 360˚ or wireless connection. This significantly increases comfort, ease and ease of use;
  • touch control panel on models with a stand;
  • low power of the device – as a rule, no more than 1 kW. This makes it suitable for rooms with weak wiring and does not cause it to overload or short circuit.



Such a device does not have a large number of minuses, but there are still some:

  • significant weight in relation to plastic or metal teapots. This fact is especially inconvenient for a family with children, and it is difficult to hold a kettle full of water with one hand;
  • increased heating time – low power and thick walls of the device increase the boiling time;
  • fragility – after falling to the floor, any impact, there is a high probability of violating the integrity of the case;
  • the case is very hot during operation, therefore it requires special care, careful attitude and the use of additional tacks, casings;
  • high cost limits availability for some buyers.

How to choose a ceramic electric kettle


When choosing a high-quality, easy-to-use ceramic electric kettle, it is important to familiarize yourself with the following criteria and device parameters:

    • a well-known brand of the manufacturer will partially give confidence in the quality of the material and the product as a whole. It is recommended that you read customer reviews about products, a particular brand, and choose models from trusted brands. When buying, do not hesitate to ask the seller questions that interest you;
    • the thickness of the walls of the case – the thicker, the slower the liquid inside cools. But this increases the weight of the product, heating time, energy consumption;
    • comfortable handle – the substantial weight of the filled kettle in itself, plus its heated state, combined with an uncomfortable handle, increase the risk of burns or injuries when falling;
    • wireless connection will allow you to install the appliance in a place convenient for you, without worrying about the sufficient length of the cord;
    • the heating element must be closed;
    • the presence of a thermostat and several brewing modes. This approach will save you from long waits, and will allow you to properly and tasty prepare a drink for tea drinking. For example, a model variant with three or more brewing modes for different types of tea: green (liquid heating temperature up to 65˚С), red (heating temperature up to 80˚С), for coffee, chocolate – a separate water heating mode up to 90˚С and the main boiling mode (up to 100˚С);
    • The device must have an automatic shutdown. Overheating of the electrical part of the device, power outages, insufficient liquid, prevention of splashing water during boiling and an open lid – this is not the whole list of advantages of this function;
    • the ability to turn 360˚ is convenient when using, since the time to turn the device and get into the grooves is not spent;

a built-in thermometer and a viewing window will be able to inform you about the fullness of the kettle and the stage of boiling;

  • for convenience, pay attention to the teapot, which will allow you to properly prepare tea. It can be built-in (the brewing mesh is located inside) or separate (on the same stand with the kettle). The second option is more convenient, but consider the dimensions of the stand. For a small kitchen, this design is not always convenient. The built-in mesh can cause unnecessary inconvenience when cleaning the device;
  • pay attention to how the lid opens and closes;
  • backlight – the condition is not mandatory, but it will greatly decorate the teapot;
  • the design and shape of the electric kettle, complete set with a pair of cups of the same color, which will harmoniously fit into the kitchen interior;
  • warranty period. Ask about this issue so that in case of marriage the device can be exchanged.

How to use


For electric kettles made of ceramics, the requirements are somewhat different from metal or plastic ones. Therefore, before use, be sure to read the user manual carefully and thoughtfully.

It would not be superfluous to recall the basic rules and recommendations on how to protect yourself and others, as well as extend the life of a ceramic electric kettle:

  1. Use only a serviceable device, without cracks and punctures.
  2. Carefully monitor the level of filling the container with water according to the special markings.
  3. It is not recommended to allow the interval between heating to be less than 30-60 minutes. This approach will ensure a long service life of the acquisition.
  4. Do not draw cold water into the kettle in the first minutes after it boils.

    Let the appliance cool down a bit. This will prevent the appearance of cracks on the body.

  5. In order not to burn yourself with a hot kettle, take care of an oven mitt or a special protective cover.
  6. Do not touch the body during boiling, so as not to get burned.
  7. Support the full electric kettle with the second hand due to the significant weight of the model.
  8. Before pouring water, remove the appliance from the stand.
  9. Install the equipment on a flat, smooth surface.
  10. Limit the use of the ceramic teapot by children. Raising it to a child is difficult and unsafe for health.
  11. Do not turn on the device with the lid open or with insufficient liquid.
  12. Carefully, carefully treat the equipment, do not drop it, do not hit it with other objects. Remember: ceramic is a fragile material.
  13. Before use, manufacturers recommend filling the container twice and bringing it to the maximum temperature. And before each subsequent boiling under running water, rinse it so as not to spoil the taste of the prepared tea with scale particles.
  14. Regularly clean inside and outside. This is easy due to the smoothness of the coating.

    Do not use abrasive products, solvents, metal brushes to remove scale.


It is enough to use:

  • special tool;
  • a solution of vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:2. Fill the kettle with liquid to the maximum mark, boil. Leave the vinegar solution for a day, pour it out and rinse several times with running water. If necessary, the procedure should be repeated;
  • citric acid at the rate of 1 sachet per 1 liter of volume. Pour most of it immediately and fill the container with water, bring to a boil, add the rest. After 15 minutes, pour out the liquid, rinse 2-3 times.

Customer Reviews & Tips

The majority of consumer reviews are positive. The taste qualities of the liquid, the silence of work, convenience and modern design are unanimously noted. After an analog made of metal and plastic, the contrast is noticeable significantly.

No odors, easy to clean. The appearance is maintained throughout the entire period of operation, the device does not rust or deform.

There are also dissatisfaction – the high cost along with the fragility of the acquisition, the inconvenience associated with opening the lid. It is recommended to pay more attention to this nuance.

When buying, you should take care of the possible return of the product under the guarantee of the manufacturer or seller.

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