Carob coffee maker

If you are a fan of starting the day with a cup of fragrant espresso, then you have probably already thought about buying a coffee maker. This drink is prepared only in a carob-type apparatus.


How to choose a carob coffee maker

In carob coffee makers, the drink is prepared using high-pressure steam. Hot steam is passed through a portion of ground coffee pressed into a special cone.

Thanks to this cooking method, more active substances are extracted from the grains than with standard cooking. This approach perfectly reveals the flavor and aroma characteristics of the drink. Coffee is also saved, and a foam so loved by many people is formed in a cup of the drink.

Water is heated in a special container, and two methods are used to further obtain a drink:

  • The drink is made with steam.formed from water heated in a special container. The steam reaches a pressure of 4 bar, after which it is passed through the ground coffee powder. Superheated steam extracts the caffeine from the beans more actively and more completely than hot water. As a result, the drink turns out to be quite bitter and strong, sometimes to the detriment of taste characteristics.
  • Water is used to make a drink., heated to a temperature of 92-95 degrees Celsius. The design of the coffee maker is somewhat more complicated, since it uses water pumps and temperature sensors that determine its temperature. However, the drink is frothy and fragrant. Perhaps a little less strong than in the first case.

The main advantage – the quality of the prepared drink and the ease of control of the cooking process. Without being a professional barista, you will make delicious coffee. To use this device, there is no need for a long and complicated study. Your favorite drink is prepared with minimal effort and time. This machine is one of the most common kitchen appliances.

Read the user manual before starting work. Be careful when using the device, otherwise there is a high risk of injury.

Devices of this type require regular thorough cleaning. This will significantly extend the service life, but will require time.

How to choose a carob coffee maker


When choosing a carob coffee maker, pay attention to a number of factors that affect the taste and facilitate the preparation process:

  • Horn material. The horn in the coffee maker is made of metal or plastic. The metal horn heats up better and evenly distributes the heat to the loaded ground coffee. Thanks to this, tasty and aromatic coffee is obtained in a metal horn. Coffee produced in a machine with a plastic horn is somewhat watery, with a sour taste.
  • Preparing multiple cups. Options for completing coffee makers include equipping water tanks with a volume of 0.2 to 2 liters. Large water tanks are placed on devices that use high fluid pressure in their work.
  • Cappuccinatore. Cappuccino lovers appreciate its delicious, delicate milk foam. Rozhkovy coffee makers are equipped with a manual or automatic cappuccinatore. To use a manual cappuccinatore, you will need to lower a special tube with a nozzle into the milk container.

An automatic cappuccinatore will not require your participation, getting high foam without automation will require a certain skill.

  • Pods. Some coffee makers provide for the use of filter bags. This “tablet” is made of two layers of perforated paper, between which is pressed ground coffee. With this packaging, the taste and quality of coffee are constant. One pod is designed to receive one serving.

With the use of pods, the device loads faster and is much easier to clean after use. Being a technical improvement – the use of pods affects the price of the device.

Functions of carob coffee makers


The coffee maker – espresso, in different configurations, is equipped with a number of additional devices and functions that facilitate its use and expand its capabilities.

  • To cook two cups at the same time – some devices are equipped with two nozzles.
  • If the device is equipped with several pumps, then this device is capable of Make both espresso and cappuccino at the same time.
  • In order for the device to last longer and cause less trouble with repairs, it is desirable to equip it with automatic shutdown option in case of overheating.
  • Automatic warming of ready coffee and milk allows you to be distracted by solving an urgent issue and return to hot coffee, and not to a drink that has hopelessly cooled down and lost its taste. This feature is useful for coffee connoisseurs.
  • Removable tanks facilitate cleaning after use. This improvement saves a lot of time and nerves spent on caring for the device.
  • Emergency stop button. If necessary, this function will stop your coffee maker and start it again.
  • Indication of the preparation process and the status of the coffee maker. A complex of indicators that controls all ongoing processes Thanks to the operation of sensors, you can more fully control cooking and, having noticed malfunctions in time, take care of their elimination.
  • Presence of tempera. The quality of the drink directly depends on how tightly ground coffee is pressed into the cone. Tamper is designed to facilitate this process. If there is no tempera, it is difficult to get a drink with high characteristics of taste and aroma.

Precautionary measures

Install the machine on a flat, solid surface. Care must be taken to ensure that moisture does not get on the case and the power cord, since drops of moisture or water that has leaked under the device can cause a short circuit. Before turning on, make sure the case and power cord are intact.

If a malfunction occurs, contact the service center, as unprofessional attempts to repair can permanently render the coffee maker unusable or injure the owner himself.


Common faults

During the operation of the device, most people encounter malfunctions:

  • O-ring damage. The malfunction may be caused by contamination of the ring with fatty deposits or the presence of other contamination. Carefully remove the horn and seal ring from the body of the device. Rinse the ring thoroughly from debris, in accordance with the instructions – assemble.

When exposed to coffee oils or salts contained in water, the ring loses its elasticity. In some designs, in addition to the sealing ring, it is required to control and thoroughly clean the filter mesh located in the same place. In case of irreparable contamination or mechanical damage to the sealing ring, it must be replaced.

  • Leaks. After 3-5 years of constant use, elements made of rubber, silicone or plastic wear out. During operation, they are under the influence of pollution and constant pressure of hot water and steam.

Determine the location of the leak, replace the part that has lost elasticity or burst. Periodic control, cleaning and replacement are required for all structural elements operating at high temperatures. To extend the life of the device, it is necessary to do regular decalcification.

Use only specialized products for this, since detergents and cleaning compounds that are not intended for such care of the coffee maker can damage and ruin it.

  • Sharp sound, weakening of the flow of liquid from the horn. Often this problem is associated with a clogged horn. If the liquid passing through the horn is being filtered, the cause of the problem may be a clogged filter.

A thorough cleaning of the device is required. Check the condition of the pump, as a pump failure also provokes this malfunction.

  • The machine turns on but no coffee is brewed. Check if water is coming from the tank. If water is supplied, but the device does not work, a plug may have formed in the system.

Pass the water through the cappuccinatore, this will help to get rid of it. If the malfunction persists, a complete flushing of the system will be required, use only specialized tools for this!

In the event that the problem persists even after a complete flush, it is necessary to contact the service center in order to check and repair the control circuits.

Common faults

  • The device does not turn on. Check the integrity of the power cord, if it is intact, connect the device to another outlet. If that doesn’t help, replace the power cord.

In case of indeterminate damage – contact the service center.

  • Buttons do not respond to pressing. Maybe the buttons are dirty. As indicated in the instruction manual – clean the buttons.

If deep cleaning is required with the removal of the front panel of the coffee maker, and this operation is not carried out at home, contact a specialized center for help.

  • At outwardly normal operation of the device – a fault signal is present. All signals about emerging malfunctions come from sensors located at important points in the device.

Check the correct assembly, loose or skewed inserted tank is a sufficient reason for the sensor to trip. Clean the dirty places of the car, wash it. In the case when problems are caused by blockages, this is enough to resume the smooth operation of the device.

If, after a thorough check, you could not get rid of the alarm signal, entrust further care of the device to the technical specialists of the service center.

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