8 types of vacuum cleaners

Dust constantly settles in the apartment, regardless of the frequency of cleaning the room. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine life without a vacuum cleaner designed to clean furniture, flooring and other items from dirt and dust.

There are many types of this technique, which differ in functionality, suction power, filtration, additional nozzles, etc. Consider all models, their advantages, disadvantages and principle of operation.

Washing vacuum cleaners


The principle of operation of such a device is to combine two water tanks: one for dirty, and the second for water with detergent. When turned on, under strong pressure, water with the product is fed into the nozzle and sprayed over the surface. Dirty water is sucked through the nozzle into the pipe and enters the second container.

When wet processing a fleecy coating, this model should be turned on at maximum power, which will not allow water to be absorbed and thus the pile will dry faster. Some models are equipped with detergent control, helping you to control cleaning more thoroughly.

Among the functions of the washing device are:

  • dry cleaning of the premises;
  • cleaning up spilled liquids;
  • surface cleaning, including hard-to-remove spots;
  • wet cleaning;
  • cleaning of windows, mirrors and upholstered furniture;
  • cleaning hard-to-reach places from dust and dirt.

Additionally, the device, during cleaning, humidifies the air in the room.

When choosing, it is worth considering the nozzles that come with the kit. Be sure to have nozzles for wet cleaning of hard surfaces and upholstered furniture.

Power is a very important indicator for washing vacuum cleaners. It is necessary to look at the suction power, and not consumption, which are not related. It is better if this parameter is from 1000W.

Tanks for water and detergent must be selected based on the size of the room. For a one- and two-room apartment, a 2-4 liter detergent tank is suitable. The volume of the waste water tank is from 5 to 20 liters.

Robot vacuum cleaners

In automatic mode, it can clean the room in the modes: dry cleaning and wet. Such a model is able to independently cope with pollution, avoid a possible fall from a height and bypass obstacles. The main disadvantage of the robot is the rather high cost.

The equipment is equipped with special sensors that set the movement limits in work. The brushes located on the sides wipe the legs of upholstered furniture or baseboards.


  • good mobility;
  • getting rid of dust in automatic mode;
  • low noise compared to conventional models;
  • independent orientation around the room;
  • strict work according to a given program.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the size of the dust collector, the larger it is, the longer the device works without throwing out garbage.

If the indicator is below 300 ml, then the vacuum cleaner is designed for a small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. For medium-sized rooms, a capacity of 0.3-0.5 liters is suitable. From 600 ml and above it is worth taking for those who will clean the area from 80 sq. m. If there are pets in the apartment, then it is better to choose the maximum parameter.

The capacity of the battery depends on the operating time without recharging. Some models can be equipped with: fragrance, ultraviolet lamp for indoor air disinfection, etc.

Manufacturers also offer models of robotic vacuum cleaners with advanced functionality: Internet connection, air purification system and video surveillance.

Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter

During cleaning, the air sucked in by the device passes through the water container, so that the dust remains, and clean air passes on without interference. In classic models, dirt accumulates in dust collectors, affecting the quality of cleaning. Aquafilter keeps the same power throughout the cleaning time.


  • no replaceable dust collectors;
  • air humidification;
  • improved cleaning from pollution;
  • high-quality cleaning regardless of the amount of dust in the tank.

The high cost of the device for some buyers – may be the main drawback.

Models with an aquafilter have a lot of weight due to the water tank. After each cleaning, it is required to pour out dirty water, and wash and dry the tank.

When buying, you should pay attention to the volume of the container. By default, this parameter ranges from 1.2 to 5 liters, and the higher it is, the more expensive the vacuum cleaner will cost. A three-liter tank is enough to clean four rooms.

In most models, the power is 200-300 watts. Manufacturers explain this by the fact that high power sometimes provokes water to enter the motor. Considering the cost of such models, it is better to give preference to the complete set and choose a unit with a vibro- and turbo brush.

Devices of this type are large in size – the minimum weight is 7 kg, but most of them weigh 10 kg. In addition, the models do not differ in maneuverability, therefore, they are not very convenient in movement.

Cyclone vacuum cleaners

Cyclonic devices appeared relatively recently, but now almost all manufacturers of household appliances produce them. The principle of its operation is to suck air with debris and move it in a spiral, into a container for pollution.


  1. Exploitation – the device takes a leading position among competitors in terms of operation. In such models there are no dust bags and there is no need to rinse the containers after each cleaning.
  2. stable power – the special design of the filter does not allow the suction power to decrease when the debris tank is full.
  3. Low noise – achieved due to the design features of the model.

However, cyclone vacuum cleaners also have disadvantages:

  • does not do its job if all the garbage gets into it in the form of fluff, hair or wool;
  • suction power cannot be adjusted;
  • when solid objects fall into the trash can, a characteristic sound will appear and they will scratch the case.

Before purchasing a cyclone-type vacuum cleaner, it is worth clarifying which filtration system is installed. The deep-cleaning filter is designed for large dust particles, while the fine-cleaning filter traps small particles. Expensive models are equipped with several filters.

The standard cyclone model has a three-level filtration:

  • coarse filter – presented in the form of a dust collector-glass, used on cordless vacuum cleaners;
  • filter before engine – protects it from dust;
  • fine filter – Responsible for outgoing clean air.

The amount of dust particles at the outlet can be found in the technical specifications. The parameter is indicated in milligrams per cubic meter, and it should not exceed 10%.

Hand vacuum cleaners

The manual model of the vacuum cleaner is used to clean small surfaces, allowing you to collect small debris even in the most inaccessible places. The main advantage of the device is its dimensions.

When choosing such a model, you need to pay attention to:

  • size and weight;
  • Battery capacity;
  • power;
  • noise;
  • the presence of filters and a removable container;
  • full charge time;
  • charge indicator on the device.

Some models are equipped with additional accessories: tube extension, lint and crevice brush, narrow nozzle floor nozzle, shoulder strap.


  1. compactness – suitable dimensions of the device allow you to store it almost anywhere.
  2. Comfortable use – light weight allows you to clean all hard-to-reach places in the apartment.
  3. Efficiency – the equipment is ready to work, without requiring preliminary assembly. It is up and running in a couple of minutes.
  4. light weight – the device can be used by the elderly and children.

But, there are also disadvantages: cost, fast heating and long charging time.

Models are divided into several types depending on the purpose and functionality:

  • for dry cleaning – designed only to collect dirt and dust;
  • detergents – will help wash windows, floors, etc .;
  • garden – will clean the paths from all types of dirt and leaves with the help of strong air pressure.

Turbo brush vacuum cleaners

If turbo brushes are not included, they are purchased separately from a specialized store. Basically, these nozzles are universal and fit all modern devices. The nozzle is especially useful for those who have pets.

The principle of operation of the turbo brush is simple, as it consists of a mechanical structure that starts working when air is sucked in. The incoming air flow rotates the roller, to which the spiral bristles are attached.

On different surfaces, the brush works at different speeds. On carpets and fleecy surfaces, the rotations increase, while on tiles and parquet, on the contrary, they decrease.

The turbo brush needs periodic cleaning from accumulated debris, because. it directly affects the quality of cleaning. If you do not take care of the nozzle in time, the speed of work will decrease.

Disadvantages of a turbo brush:

  • need regular cleaning from hair, wool, dust and other debris;
  • an object that has fallen into the nozzle provokes a breakdown of the mechanism;
  • suction power is reduced due to excessive contamination of the roller.

The main advantage is the ease of cleaning carpets and other coverings from hair, wool or thread.

The turbo brush is presented in two types, depending on the drive: mechanical or electric.

Electric brush – much more productive, because during cleaning it does not reduce the suction power. Operation is not affected even by an overloaded dust container.

At mechanical drive type the power of the nozzle depends on the power of the equipment, because it works thanks to the incoming air. The brush is attached to the pipe and used as a nozzle.

Turbo brushes are used to clean the surface of carpets, the pile length of which does not exceed 1.5 cm.

It is not recommended to use them for cleaning handmade carpets or with protruding threads.

Vacuum cleaners, regardless of type, guarantee cleanliness in the apartment. Therefore, you first need to compare models and choose the most suitable option based on the purpose of the purchase. For wet cleaning, it is better to choose washing devices, for dry cleaning – classic, and for cleaning a car – a manual model.

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