8 types of multicookers


Multicookers have become indispensable helpers. These devices help to cook healthy food with minimal time and effort, without the use of gas and electric stoves. A variety of types of multicookers makes it difficult to choose. What are the varieties of these kitchen appliances, how do they differ?

Simple multicookers

multicooker simple

A slow cooker is a complex device that consists of a body and a heating element, and a bowl with a non-stick coating prevents food from burning and reduces oil consumption.

The volume of the container for laying products ranges from 2 to 5 liters, which allows you to choose the optimal size for each family. The lid is equipped with seals for a snug fit. Models of devices that cook under pressure with hot steam are equipped with a safety valve.

Standard models are equipped with 6-12 modes – frying, stewing, baking, steaming, heating function. Suitable for preparing ordinary, simple meals. They are a modern modification of the cooker and rice cooker. Dishes are prepared in automatic or semi-automatic mode.

What can be cooked in a slow cooker:

  • the function of preparing milk porridges – cereals are cooked quickly, retaining useful substances;
  • for the preparation of side dishes, the devices are equipped with the “rice”, “buckwheat” function;
  • some types of devices are equipped with a “delayed start” function, the timer can be set for 8–12 hours;
  • for steam cooking, there are special containers in the kit;
  • simple models can easily cope with simple pastries – casseroles, muffins.

These functions are enough for any housewife to prepare a delicious dinner without much effort.

In the process of cooking food, harmful fats and other dangerous chemical compounds are not formed.

The slow cooker is suitable for preparing children’s, dietary, nutrition, low-fat meals.

Advantages of a simple multicooker:

  • you can heat and evenly heat food;
  • no need to constantly be present in the kitchen, control the process of cooking food;
  • each ingredient retains taste and aroma;
  • the cooking process is not accompanied by strong odors in the kitchen.

In a simple slow cooker, the dish is cooked for a long time, the preparation of some first courses takes 2-3 hours. Devices are often equipped with a Teflon bowl, which quickly fails and needs to be replaced. Mixing is not provided in the device options, you will have to do it yourself.

After the end of the cooking process, the lid does not open automatically, which leads to the formation of condensation. Baking, meat will not please with a ruddy, crispy crust.

Compact multicookers

multicooker compact

In compact models, the volume of the bowl rarely exceeds 2 liters, they are suitable for a family of 2-3 people. The device does not take up much space, it is installed even in small kitchens.

Mini-devices are designed to cook crumbly rice or other cereals for 1-2 servings, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs and hot breakfast sandwiches.

Mini multicookers have a number of advantages over capacious models:

  • save energy, do not overload the wiring;
  • compact size and light weight allows you to move the device easily to any place;
  • the food is as healthy as possible, because it is cooked in small portions, such a kitchen appliance is indispensable for children’s, dietary, medical nutrition;
  • minimal spices are required to prepare delicious dishes.

Small size allows you to take the device to the country, they are purchased for country houses. The device is easy to operate, it can be mastered by both a young inexperienced hostess and the elderly.

Compact multicookers are equipped with all the necessary functions, differ from large models only in size, sometimes they have additional modern options. Such a device replaces a microwave oven, a double boiler, an oven, a thermos, a standard gas stove.

A high-quality kitchen assistant is equipped with a delayed start function, modes for cooking meat, milk porridge, stews.

When stewing and baking, the countdown starts immediately after the appliance is started. In the “cooking” mode, the countdown mode starts after the water boils. Cooked dishes should not be left in the bowl, they must be transferred to another container.

Some models are equipped with the “multi-cook” function, which makes it possible to set your own cooking modes. This expands the range of options for dishes that can be prepared using a slow cooker.

When choosing a small multicooker, you need to pay attention to the hermetic valve – it is responsible for the safety of the device. If there are small children in the family, you should choose a device with a lid lock function.

This compact kitchen appliance is equipped with enough functions to prepare dishes for every taste. It is easy to care for him, the variety of models allows you to choose a device for the kitchen or office.

Multicooker with steam cooking

multicooker Steam cooking

Multicookers equipped with a steam function help prepare healthy, vitamin-rich meals for the whole family.

The principle of operation of such a device is similar to the usual double boiler. The difference lies only in the number of dishes that can be cooked at the same time. In a double boiler, you can lay products for the simultaneous preparation of 1-3 dishes, in a slow cooker – only one.

A slow cooker with a double boiler function is a godsend for people who are forced to stick to a diet. We need such a device for baby food – dishes retain the maximum amount of nutrients.

There are compact and large models, the size of the bowl varies from 2 to 5 liters. In some models of devices of the middle price category, the number of modes can be set independently.

Some devices are equipped with 3D heating, ceramic bowl with non-stick coating.

In modern models, the emphasis is on reliability and lightness. For production use modern materials of high quality. They have a stylish and modern design, many models have a voice guide.

Advantages of a multicooker with a steamer function:

  • ease – healthy, wholesome food can be prepared without much effort, there is no need to constantly monitor the process, there is time for other activities or relaxation;
  • safety – modern models are equipped with several protective fuses, in case of unforeseen situations or a breakdown, a signal sounds, the device automatically turns off;
  • a variety of dishes – the kit includes a book with the necessary recipes;
  • a wide range of prices allows you to choose a device for a family with different incomes;
  • availability – you can buy a device at any home appliance store.

Imperfections include the small size of the water tray, the inability to cook several dishes at the same time.

The set includes a bowl, a container for steaming dishes. Among the additional accessories are a spoon, a spatula for mixing, special gloves, measuring containers.

With the help of such a device, food ceases to be the same type, insipid – a wide selection of device functions allows you to create delicious and healthy dishes.

Multicookers for milk porridges

multicooker for milk porridges

Multicookers with the “milk porridge” option are preferred by young mothers. Such a device is intended for cooking semolina, oatmeal, liquid cereals in milk or water. In this case, you do not have to worry that the milk will burn. So that it does not run away, you need to grease the edges of the bowl with butter.

The keep warm function is designed to maintain a constant temperature of the dish, it remains fresh for a long time, ready to eat. For the preparation of milk porridges, it is better to choose a slow cooker of a small volume.

Using the “milk porridge” mode, you can set the required temperature at which milk does not boil throughout the entire cooking process. When cooking porridge on a kitchen stove, finding such an ideal ratio is difficult. With this function, it is easy to cook vegetable soups, cook side dishes.

Cooking milk porridge in a slow cooker is simple – you need to measure the ingredients, place in a bowl, select the “milk porridge” mode. The amount of cereal can be changed depending on the desired consistency of the dish. You can diversify the taste of food with the help of dried fruits, vegetables, berries.

For the “milk porridge” mode, the “delayed start” option is provided. It allows you to get a full hot breakfast immediately after waking up, which saves time. So that milk does not turn sour overnight, ultra-pasteurized types of the product are used. Or boil it in advance for 1 minute in the “steaming” mode.

It takes from 30 minutes to two hours to cook porridge – this must be taken into account when setting the timer.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a multicooker with the “milk porridge” function:

  • how convenient are temporary settings;
  • the control panel must be in Russian;
  • the display must be equipped with a large arrow for selecting options, backlight;
  • soft buttons make it easy to control the device.

If this option is not provided in the multicooker, porridge in milk is cooked in the “stewing” mode. It is a mistake to use the usual cooking function for making cereals – the milk will boil strongly, foam will appear. In order for the final product to be homogeneous, without lumps, it will have to be stirred all the time.

Multicookers with frying mode

multicooker with frying mode

The frying function is designed to cook healthy meals with a minimum amount of oil or other fat. This function is not present in all models, when buying this question should be clarified with the seller.

When frying, the device operates with the lid open. The non-stick coating on the bowl prevents food from burning. Frying in a slow cooker is faster, and washing the bowl is easier than a frying pan.

Advantages of a multicooker with a frying mode:

  • saving oil and time;
  • splashes, soot, unpleasant odors are absent;
  • you can fry any food;
  • Nutrients and nutrients are fully preserved, which makes food healthy, nutritious.

The disadvantage of the roasting mode is the lack of a golden crust. During frying, the appliance heats up to the required temperature, which is maintained throughout the entire cooking time. This allows you to evenly fry the product inside and out. But such temperature parameters are not suitable for creating a crust.

In some models, the frying function is supplemented by the “grill” and “deep-frying” modes.

Such modes are present only in powerful kitchen assistants.

A multi-cooker deep fryer is not only crispy slices of potatoes. With the help of such a device, donuts, seafood and vegetables are cooked – all the variety can be found in the attached recipe book.

Such assistants appeared on the market not so long ago, deep-frying is not a standard option, this mode is present only in some multifunctional models. The complete set is supplemented with a special grid for frying.

The disadvantages of such devices are the lack of filters for cleaning oil and air, high cost, and high power consumption.

There are few multicookers with a grill function on the market, but such models are becoming popular. This mode is intended for cooking fragrant meat “with smoke” at home.

The “grill” mode is equipped with devices with an induction heating element, they are equipped with additional functions that save space in the kitchen. Cleaning is simple and cooking is easy.

If there is no special mode, you can fry food using the “baking” function.

Ceramic multicookers

multicooker Ceramic

The bowl in the multicooker is the main element. The quality of the prepared food and the durability of the device depend on it. It is quite difficult to purchase a new container for laying products separately, and the Teflon coating will fail in 2-3 years. Durable and safe ceramic surfaces confidently replace Teflon.

Advantages of ceramic multicookers:

  • the material is environmentally friendly and safe, only natural components are used for it, even at high temperatures there is no release of harmful substances;
  • ceramics does not react with products, does not distort the taste and aroma of the dish, allows you to save useful substances in full;
  • the non-stick qualities of the ceramic bowl are superior to those of Teflon;
  • ceramics has excellent antibacterial and anti-corrosion properties, which allows cooked food to stay fresh for a long time;
  • high temperature resistance – ceramics withstand temperatures above 450 degrees.

When choosing a multicooker model with a ceramic bowl, you need to ask about the number of sol-gel layers. It is on this indicator that the durability of the container for laying ceramic products depends.

Ceramic coating is easy to care for, given the good non-stick protection. After cooking, the bowl is minimally soiled.

Before use, the ceramic container must be thoroughly wiped. Only wooden or plastic spatulas may be used to stir food during cooking. Metal utensils scratch the surface, resulting in poor non-stick properties.

The ceramic coating is destroyed under the influence of alkalis. Therefore, such bowls cannot be washed in dishwashers – alkaline-based detergents will instantly destroy the sol-gel. Poorly tolerates ceramics and sudden changes in temperature – you should not cool the heated bowl with ice water.

Models of multicookers with ceramic containers are equipped with a condensate collector. When the lid is opened, the water enters the collector, and not into the food container. Caring for the device comes down to cleaning the valve, which must first be removed.

Multicooker with multicook function


The multicooker is an additional feature in the multicooker. With it, you can independently set and adjust the temperature. This helps to adapt any recipe to the appropriate device model. The “multi-cook” mode allows you to independently set the temperature in the range from 40 to 160 degrees in increments of 5-20 units. You can also manually set the cooking time.

Some models provide for the installation of processes in a certain order, with the subsequent entry of the settings into the memory of the unit. You can adjust the parameters directly during cooking.

Such a variety of modes allows you to use the device for baking, and as a deep fryer. It is convenient to use this function to stew tough meat, cook yogurt, sour cream, yeast dough.

The “multi-cook” function is indispensable in the preparation of many everyday dishes. The automatic mode for cooking cereals is programmed for 50 minutes. For barley and buckwheat porridge, this time is not enough – the device will have to be started again and constantly monitor the degree of readiness.

For many cereals, this time is too much – the unit has to be turned off manually.

The “multi-cook” mode allows you to immediately set the required cooking time, depending on the cereal and the desired consistency of porridge.

The process may not be controlled.

Advantages of the multi-cook function:

  • the list of dishes is expanding and supplemented – with the help of such a device it is easy to carry out culinary recipes, giving ordinary dishes a new sound;
  • present only in modern units, which makes it possible not to doubt its effectiveness;
  • additional functions of the device – protection against boiling, sound accompaniment of the cooking process.

Along with the “multi-cook” mode, expensive models of multi-cookers are equipped with 3D heating. This allows you to cook dishes, as in a Russian oven. Food is evenly and constantly heated from all sides, inside and out. With this technique, the juiciness of the finished dish is maximally preserved.

Multicookers with a bread machine

multicooker with bread maker

Modern models of multicookers with a bread machine are designed to make delicious homemade bread with various additives. Such devices save space in the kitchen.

The bread maker is intended for baking white bread, but also for proofing dough. Such units are ideal for preparing yeast products – a constant required temperature is maintained in the bowl, the product is reliably protected from drafts. To improve the quality of bread, the device is equipped with three-dimensional heating of the bowl.

A multicooker-chebopechka is a budget option and saves finances and space in the kitchen, it is equipped with a number of additional functions in comparison with a bread machine. It is easier to wash and care for such a device.

Differences between a multicooker-bread machine and a specialized bread oven:

  • the dough kneading function is rare, only some models are equipped with it;
  • in some models, the heating elements are located on the sides and bottom, which affects the quality of the final product;
  • limited number of options compared to a separate multi-functional bread maker.

When choosing a multicooker with a bread machine, the size, quality of the protective coating and the amount of energy consumed are taken into account.

When purchasing a device that is too powerful, the cost of homemade bread can become unreasonably high.

What else to look for when choosing a device:

  • the presence of removable containers with a spatula for kneading dough increases the functionality of the unit;
  • dispenser function – will diversify the range of baked products;
  • test proofing mode.

Fans of homemade bread should pay attention to the availability of special options with which you can bake gluten-free bread or bread from different types of flour and yeast-free dough.

The disadvantage of the built-in bread machine is that there is no crispy crust on bakery products. If the crust is so important – you can get the finished product, turn it over, let it fry.

In such units, modes of varying degrees of bread readiness are not provided. Products are tasty and healthy, but always the same taste.

The slow cooker helps housewives save time and effort, while it is working, you can go about your business. In order for the device to serve for a long time, it is necessary to responsibly approach the choice, before going to the store, determine the priority functions and modes. When choosing standard models, you should focus on the power parameters and bowl volume.

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