8 types of microwave ovens

The microwave oven has long been an indispensable kitchen appliance. The process of heating the dish was simplified due to it.

Each microwave oven model is unique and has its own technical characteristics and design. Thanks to this, every housewife can choose a product based on needs, kitchen space and interior.

Built-in microwave ovens

This is a functional and aesthetic option that is installed in kitchen furniture, creating a single composition. It’s nice that such a technique can also replace the oven, if it has the necessary functions.

Control options for built-in microwaves:

  • Button – control is carried out by buttons;
  • Mechanical – can combine buttons and mode switches;
  • Sensory – is a touch panel with symbols.

Button and touch models are additionally equipped with automatic cooking programs: there are already built-in “recipes” that can be selected for a specific dish, and the microwave oven will cook it at the right temperature and the right time.

Complete set and assortment

Built-in microwave ovens, like other models, differ in size and configuration.

Accessories that may be included:

  • Lattice for plates;
  • Tray for fat;
  • Plastic cover to protect the camera from splashes while reheating food.

Built-in microwaves are installed in the kitchen set and size plays an important role here. So, for small kitchens, an oven volume of up to 10 liters is suitable, for spacious ones – you can choose an individual option, up to replacing the oven.

If there are small children in the family, then it is better to choose models with an antibacterial coating of the inner chamber. On such surfaces, grease does not accumulate, an unpleasant odor does not appear and bacteria do not multiply.

Freestanding microwave ovens

Pros of freestanding microwaves:

  1. The main thing is that you do not need to adjust the kitchen set, special openings are not made. It is installed in the kitchen, on the surface.
  2. It is easy to transfer – if you make a rearrangement in the kitchen or buy other household appliances, and swap furniture and appliances – then this option is easy to do.
  3. Convenience during cleaning – it is enough to wipe it from all sides with a cloth.

Designers say that it is not necessary that a free-standing microwave oven, like any other kitchen appliances, be in tune with the interior. It is much more beautiful if an original design is created.


The difference between such models and other types of microwave ovens concerns functions: such equipment can be equipped with a grill and / or convection.

Grill microwave ovens

A microwave oven with this function is almost as good as a standard oven. At the same time, the speed of cooking dishes here is higher than in the oven.

When choosing a microwave oven with a grill, pay attention to the capacity of the chamber. This indicator directly indicates what sizes of products can be cooked in it. So, some models allow you to cook a large chicken. To do this, the volume of the furnace must be at least 25 liters.

The most profitable grill option is quartz. It differs in that it heats food well, while it takes up less usable area in the chamber, unlike other types of grill.

When buying, pay attention to the power of the grill. It directly affects the speed of cooking. For a grill, 1000 watts is standard.

Microwave ovens with convection

Such models make it possible to cook dishes with a crispy crust. Built-in fan – distributes the air flow evenly, so food is evenly cooked from all sides. If the convection function is combined with a grill, this gives additional opportunities for cooking.

Convection, on the other hand, allows you to cook dishes without a rough crust or with one side of the dish burnt, which occurs when cooking in a standard oven. Such a device facilitates cooking, makes the process much faster.

Among the additional functions of microwave ovens with a convention are:

  1. Maintenance of the set temperature;
  2. defrosting;
  3. Automatic heating;
  4. Fast cooking.

Among models with convection, there is such a function as steam cleaning – it makes it easier to keep the device clean, as well as to remove odors.

Large volume microwave ovens

Microwave ovens of large volume are a set of functions and possibilities for preparing a wide range of dishes. This model is best suited for a large family and for those who often invite guests.

Like other types of microwave ovens, these models may differ in features, design, control and installation options.

Microwave ovens up to 17 liters

Microwave ovens up to 17 liters in most cases are small and suitable for one person or a small family. If you only need to heat up food, especially for one or two people, then there is no better option than a microwave oven up to 17 liters.

Their main advantages include:

  • Compactness;
  • Optimal internal volume;
  • Ease of installation – in the kitchen, such devices will not take up much space, which is important for rooms with a small area;
  • Low price – due to the small size of the devices and low power.

The power of such microwaves is about 700 watts.

They differ, like other models:

  • Type of management;
  • Coated chamber;
  • color;
  • display;
  • Size.

Microwaves solo

A solo microwave oven is nothing more than the simplest technique for one person. We are not talking about any cooking, built-in programs and so on. The only thing you can do in most of these models is to heat up food.


  1. Low cost – due to the simplest device;
  2. Only for heating food – no need to understand additional settings.

Their difference from other types of microwave ovens is that they have different microwave power and design. The power of solo microwave ovens varies from 100W to 1450W. Their size is usually small, which is extremely convenient for a small kitchen.

As standard for solo models, an internal acrylic or enamel coating is used. Both are easy to keep clean. Some solo models also involve defrosting frozen semi-finished products.

Simple microwave ovens

Simple ones do not have any additional functions in their device. The main functions here are heating food, defrosting and simple heat treatment. This option is perfect for customers who do not need the functions of steam cleaning, grilling, convection, etc.

In most cases, simple microwave ovens are equipped with mechanical control and have different sizes: small, capacious up to 20 liters or more.

Before choosing a microwave oven, it is worth asking the question: what will it be used for. If you need to make sandwiches in it for breakfast and warm up dinner, then why overpay – a simple model or solo will be enough.

When choosing, pay attention to the coating of the camera:

  • stainless steel – retains its original color, it is easy to wash;
  • enameled surface – easier to clean than steel, it accumulates less dirt and grease;
  • ceramics – the surface is easy to clean, it is not susceptible to scratches, but fragile at high temperatures.

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