8 types of bread machines

A bread maker is a device for making fresh bread at home. Unlike a simple microwave, the device does the kneading dough, baking the muffin itself. Human participation is not required. Bread is baked for 1 to 6 hours.

The device makes not only ordinary bread, but also muffins, croissants, jam, preserves. Models with baking a cupcake, a baguette are more expensive. They are larger in size and weight.

Multifunctional bread makers

Multifunctional bread makers

If there is no need or time to operate these stoves, it is better not to buy them. The price of a multifunctional device is higher than a budget one. The case of a multipurpose design is made of stainless steel.

Bread machine functions:

  • preparation of rye, wheat bread, products from rice, corn, buckwheat flour;
  • baking muffins, croissants, pies. These ovens also bake baguettes, ciabatta, grissini sticks, cookies, pita bread, Borodino, French muffins, stuffed products;
  • kneading (without baking) dough with or without yeast;
  • making yogurt from cream, butter;
  • cooking porridge from millet, rice, buckwheat, semolina, oatmeal;
  • dispenser for chocolate, grains, nuts, shavings, sprinkles, poppy seeds, coffee;
  • quick baking. Fast cooking mode (time – up to 2 hours);
  • choice of crust. Choice of dark, light, medium crust. If necessary, there is a cooking mode without a crust;
  • work with ready-made dough from the store (for pizza, pies, Easter cakes);
  • surge protection. Expensive ovens remember the cooking process for up to 40 minutes. As soon as electricity is supplied, work is restored;
  • timer. Bread, pies are prepared for a certain hour. Thus, they get a delicious muffin by the morning.

A cookbook is included with the multifunctional oven.

Products fit:

  • cafes, canteens, restaurants;
  • lovers of home baking;
  • gourmets;
  • those who prefer healthy food without additives, gluten, dyes.


  • people who don’t have time to bake. In this situation, they buy a bun in a store;
  • for making muffins, homemade jams, marmalades;
  • for those who only want to make bread. If additional features are not required, they are not overpaid.


  • form for muffin, pies (bowl). Dough for baking bakery products is placed in this container;
  • baking chamber. It comes in metal and plastic. The heating element does the work. Additional mechanisms are responsible for the operation of the device;
  • touch control panel. Since the model is multifunctional, there are several modes, and more than 12 programs;
  • test container. Connected to the baking chamber. The mechanism is connected to the shaft. The latter kneads the dough. Container with non-stick coating. Requires careful handling, it is forbidden to rub and scrape. Clean only with a soft cloth.

Multifunctional bread makers


  1. The mass of the stove is 7-8 kg. Multifunctional models are voluminous, large-sized. The place for the unit is selected immediately. Wearing from another room, washing, cleaning is inconvenient.
  2. Weight of finished baking: from 700 g to 1 kg.
  3. The case is metal, stainless steel.
  4. Power: not less than 1000 W.
  5. A timer and dispenser are required.

The place is being prepared in advance. The product is heavy and bulky. It will be difficult to clean and wash. Do not forcefully rub, clean the non-stick coating with a stiff brush. It will fail. Do not lower your hands into the working bowl during operation.

Budget bread makers

Budget bread makers

standard models. They are cheap.


  • creating bread from different types of flour, with or without yeast;
  • timer for delayed start;
  • surge protection function (up to 10 minutes);
  • accelerated baking mode;
  • crust. There are 2-3 options for the crust of the finished muffin to choose from.

In budget bread machines, only bread is baked. Baguettes, pies and muffins cannot be baked in them. But there are devices with the function of baking sweet muffins with additives.

Budget models are small-sized, they save space in the kitchen. The case is plastic, less often steel. Non-stick coating inside.

The weight of the finished muffin is small – up to 700 g. This is enough to bake a loaf for breakfast. Up to 8 programs or control modes. The power of a budget device is up to 600 watts. Weight – up to 5 kg. Electronic control.

Touch control. The dispenser is not provided here. Cheapness is the advantage of budget products. Suitable for a small family, small kitchen.

Canteens and cafes are not used. Similar in size to a compact microwave oven.

Budget bread makers


  • muffin hot and tasty for an hour;
  • the timer delays the start until 13:00;
  • controlled electronically;
  • viewing window for monitoring the process;
  • if the light is turned off, the system remembers the program within 5 minutes;
  • non-stick coating;
  • saving space in the kitchen, quiet operation.


  • plastic case;
  • low power 600 watts. The maximum weight of the cake is up to 700 kg;
  • you can not cook jam, jam, yogurt;
  • less than 8 programs;
  • only makes loaves.


  • small families with a minimum of culinary preferences;
  • lovers of plain bread without additives;
  • people who are busy at work;
  • owners of a small kitchen with small dimensions.

Not suitable for a large family with small children, gourmets who like to experiment in the kitchen.

Principle of operation:

  • ingredients are prepared with a knife, food processor or grinder, poured, poured;
  • the program is selected;
  • launching the program;
  • the mechanism makes the dough kneading;
  • kneading stops, the dough rises.

From illiterate, frequent use, budget models break down. Too thick or liquid dough is not kneaded. Otherwise, individual parts will fail. Breakdowns of the budget furnace: malfunctions with relays, controls, mechanisms.

To diagnose the problem, the device is disassembled. You can do it on your own, but you can’t do without instructions. If the car is dismantled, the warranty ends.

Bread makers for a large family

Breadmakers for a large family

Families with small children are more profitable to take multifunctional ovens with the option of sweet pastries. Useful devices with a large weight of muffin – up to 1 kg. There is enough bread for the whole family. Appliances with a timer are recommended – ready-made muffin is waiting for the family in the morning.

If there are lovers of jam in the family, the option of cooking jam or jam will come in handy. It is realistic to get 2-3 jars of fresh jam. Strawberries, currants, blueberries, and other berries are suitable for him.

A bread machine for a large family is selected with high power, large dimensions and weight. In order for the finished pie to be enough for the whole family, it is necessary to take models with a muffin mass of up to 1 kg. Young children will love the options for making cupcakes, baguettes, pizza.

If the family does not like semi-finished products, the function of preparing dough for noodles and dumplings, dumplings will be useful.

Appliances cook and porridge. For a large family, stainless steel models and a viewing window are selected. They are stronger and more durable. Withstand frequent use.

Breadmakers for a large family


  1. Large size, weight – 8 kg. It is difficult for children to touch and push the product.
  2. Power – from 1000 watts. The model will cope with any program, satisfy the addiction to baking of any family member.
  3. Steel case. Plastic will quickly be damaged by children or elders.
  4. Mandatory dispenser, voltage protection, timer.
  5. The dimensions of the space for the oven.

Precautionary measures:

  1. Do not use the device for children, people mentally and physically unhealthy, mentally retarded, disabled.
  1. The unit is not used outdoors, near sources of fire, water, heat. The oven is used only at home.
  1. The mains voltage and the voltage on the instrument panel are the same. If this is not the case, the problem is corrected.
  1. Plug the device into a grounded outlet. It is recommended to use a voltage stabilizer, surge protector. Otherwise, the risk of injury, burns, electric shock in children and family members increases.
  2. The steel case gets dirty from frequent touches. It has fingerprints on it. Therefore, you need to purchase a rag or towel specifically for cleaning such surfaces. Do not allow children to touch the device, play nearby if the device is turned on.

Breadmakers for rye bread

Bread machine for rye bread

The rye bread machine makes black dense bread. It differs from the purchased one by the absence of additives, dyes, flavors. The rye bread function is required. It is indicated on the packaging. There are devices that only knead the dough, and do not bake, or vice versa.

To create rye bread, you need a high-powered oven, because it needs a high temperature to cook. Otherwise, the product will turn out stale.

Before buying, pay attention to the presence of the function of baking a rye product. The option happens in multifunctional devices. Standard does not include it. Included with the equipment is an instruction for the preparation of a rye bakery product.

Rye muffin keeps warm for an hour or more. Rye products are good for breakfast, lunch with soup. With the help of a timer, hot pastries are received for breakfast.

Cooking process:

  1. Kneading dough for bread and muffins.
  1. The introduction of additional additives – raisins, nuts, dried apricots, sesame seeds, spices, sprinkles.
  1. Knocking or kneading the dough during the fermentation process.
  1. Test proofing.
  1. Baking.

Bread machine for rye bread

Operating rules:

  1. Do not dip the dough bowl into water, other liquids (even with detergent). The shafts at the bottom of the container are connected to working mechanisms lubricated with oil. Contact with water harms the oil, disables the parts of the device.
  1. The coating on the inside is non-stick. It can not be rubbed, cleaned with an iron brush. The coating is washed with plain water without sponges, cleaning products.
  1. The bucket is turned over before use, and the shafts are scrolled. This removes crumbs, bones, chips from the mechanism.
  1. Before the first start, the internal parts of the stove are washed with warm water and liquid detergent. Sponge is used. Then lubricated with oil.

Breadmakers for gluten-free baking

Bread machine for gluten-free baking

Gluten is a substance found in industrial baked goods. It is gluten, milk protein. Gluten-free pastries are pastries without the vegetable protein gluten.

Gluten-free bread is a favorite among healthy eaters. Now these dishes are available to the owner of the oven with the option of gluten-free baking.

Flour used:

  • rice;
  • corn;
  • potato;
  • soy;
  • coconut.

The stores sell ready-made dough for bread, muffins, pies. If the option allows, the finished dough is put into the bowl, then the baking process begins. To obtain a gluten-free muffin, the flour is ground.

Gluten-free flour has its own characteristics. Manufacturers take them into account. Bakery products are denser and harder, so cookies are baked from flour. You need a high temperature. It will provide a unit with high power.

Bread machine for gluten-free baking

Raisins, chocolate, nuts are added to gluten-free pastries. Otherwise, it turns out tasteless. Requires a model with a dispenser for laying ingredients. The dough is thick and smooth. Kneads his model with high power.

Larger sizes are optional. A compact device will do. Requirement: the instructions indicate the option “For gluten-free baking”. Since there are many recipes for gluten-free bread, a cookbook is included with the model. But you can also experiment yourself.

Additionally you will need:

  • sieve. Sifts the flour, as a result it turns out to be crumbly, light, filled with oxygen. Harmful impurities are removed;
  • mesh stand. The holes provide ventilation. If you put bread directly on a plate, condensation will form, the closed side will become wet;
  • potholders so as not to burn your hands. Old towels will come in handy. It is impossible to take out ready-made pastries with bare hands;
  • kitchen scales to measure the weight of the finished muffin;
  • spatula made of silicone or plastic for brushing the bun. As a result, the cake is covered with a crust. It is formed by a mixture of egg yolk, milk;
  • kneading spatula.

Cake bread makers

cake maker

All advanced models have the function of baking cupcakes. The device does not have to be large, but high power is required – from 800 watts. The ideal power is 1000 watts. Cupcakes in such a bread machine are crispy, crumbly.

Characteristics needed when baking a cupcake:

  • timer. It makes cupcakes for breakfast. Delayed start up to 13 hours. In the morning, ready-made cupcakes are waiting for the family;
  • dispenser. You can’t do without it, since you need to lay raisins, nuts, dried apricots. An automatic dispenser is ideal: it adds ingredients to the dough itself, then bakes;
  • metal or steel case preferred. To bake cupcakes, the oven heats up, and the plastic also heats up. If it is cheap, harmful toxins are released;
  • viewing window: To monitor the cupcake cooking progress.

The crust in cupcakes is optional. Do not pay attention to this parameter.

The bread maker with the option of baking cupcakes is suitable for:

  • families with small children;
  • owners of a bakery, cafe, canteen;
  • busy people;
  • opponents of purchased pastries.

Basic functions of the oven for making cupcakes:

  1. Test batch. The latter comes in different forms. Muffin is baked without yeast or with them.
  2. High temperature work. With its help, crispy muffins from shortcrust pastry are obtained.
  3. Accelerated process. The standard cooking time is 2 hours. If the muffin is needed earlier, the fast mode is turned on. The cake is ready in an hour. Quick breakfast option. In cafes and canteens, an accelerated mode is used.
  4. Protection against power surges in the network. If the electricity was turned off and the stove was working, the settings will be saved for 5-10 minutes. During this time, subject to the supply of electricity, the device resumes operation. Expensive devices resume the process within 40 minutes.
  5. Automatic dispenser. Thanks to him, the machine itself regulates the function of laying raisins and other dried fruits.
  6. Working with store-bought dough because cake batter is specific.

Bread makers for jam

Jam bread maker

Modern devices prepare baking and make jams, jams. The jam brewing function is indicated on the packaging or in the instructions. The oven makes jam from strawberries, blueberries, wild strawberries. Fruits are processed carefully, retain their taste, freshness, juiciness, useful substances, vitamins.

It will not be possible to close many cans from one design. Therefore, you can not use the device for sale – unprofitable. It will be possible to close a maximum of 4 jars of jam at a time.

To cook jam, you must select a cooking program for it. Large particles damage the non-stick coating. For this reason, sugar is replaced with powdered sugar. Berries are loaded into the tray, getting up to 2 liters of natural jam in 1-2 hours. It is eaten or closed for the winter.

Products with the function of making jam are more expensive. They are distinguished by high power (up to 1600 W), strong body. Dimensions are unimportant: jam is also prepared in small ovens of light weight.

Jam Oven Precautions:

  1. There is no need to take a glass, spoons and a bowl. All this is included in the package of a small bakery. Homemade spoons, a glass are only confusing. As a result, the selection of ingredients is incorrect, and the pastries are tasteless.
  2. Read the instructions before first use. You should not look for information on the Internet.
  3. Not all stoves are used in cafes and canteens. This is indicated in the instructions.
  4. Maintenance is performed by a service center. It is not recommended to disassemble it yourself if there are no skills in this.
  5. Do not leave the cord, power connector in liquid.
  6. After use, the cord is removed from the socket.
  7. Fruits are crushed before processing. First wash and clean.
  8. The ventilation openings must not be covered.
  9. Use only the supplied cord.
  10. Foreign objects must not be placed on the unit panel.
  11. Do not put your hands inside during work.
  12. Before cleaning, the cord is disconnected from the mains.
  13. The Quick Bake function is not applicable for making jam. It is being prepared normally.

The oven fits:

  • lovers of homemade jam, preserves;
  • people who do not have time to hand-brew jam;
  • ready to spend time making jam, preserves.

Not suitable for making jam for sale. It is realistic to receive 2-3 cans every day. Otherwise, the machine will soon be out of service.

Bread makers for white bread

White bread machine

All standard models have the function of making white bread. The device kneads the yeast dough, then bakes a white muffin for an hour. If desired, a timer is set with a delay in the start of the program up to 13 hours.

If you choose a bread machine only for making white bread, you do not need to overpay for additional functions. Standard products bake white bread with or without yeast. The dispenser is not needed, it is not required here. Power surge protection is useful.

Devices for baking white bread have a power of 600-1000 watts. Compact in size. Housing made of plastic or steel. The weight of the finished muffin is from 500 to 1000 g.

A timer and a viewing window will come in handy. The compact oven does not take up much space, but only bakes small rolls. The large one bakes both large and small muffins.

White bread machine

When choosing, you need to pay attention to:

  • ready-made baking mold and container. Standardly it is round, it can be rectangular, triangular, diamond-shaped. Half the cost is occupied by a baking container. Made from stainless steel or Teflon. Both materials require careful handling.

The container is cleaned with a sponge. It does not scratch with a knife, for this there is a wooden spatula. Lubricate with oil before use. Teflon coating does not harm a person. With proper care, it lasts 5 years;

  • instruction. It is studied before the first start of the machine;
  • warranty service. It happens for a year. During this time, the owner of the purchase is entitled to free diagnostics and repair of the device. If the device is dismantled, the warranty ends;
  • timer and dispenser. Needed by lovers of morning sweet pastries;
  • control. Easier to handle touch controls;
  • signals. The process ends with a beep. It sounds and, if necessary, report the ingredients to the container;
  • additional functions. Expensive designs bake two breads at once at the same time.

During the first use, unpack the device, remove the stickers, and remove the packaging. If there are accessories inside the product, remove them too. Wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

Operation instruction:

  1. Unwind the power cord, plug the oven into a grounded socket.
  2. There is a slight odor upon first use. Then he will leave.
  3. Take out the bowl, turn the handle and turn it slowly counterclockwise.
  4. Measure – it is more convenient on an electronic kitchen scale, a measuring cup or a spoon. Put in the ingredients.
  5. Place the container inside the machine. Place on the drive shaft.
  6. Turn on the power. If provided, an audible signal will sound or the backlight will flash.
  7. Select a program.
  8. Press start. The program has started.
  9. As soon as the process is over, turn off the stove from the power supply. Take out the finished muffin with the help of oven mitts.

The instructions indicate the doses of milk, water, flour. If you put less or more, the result will upset. Ingredients with a valid expiration date are used.

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