7 types of cookers

Cookers are indispensable household appliances. All processes, from the morning cup of coffee to the preparation of a festive cake, can not do without the use of this professional equipment. The household appliances market offers to choose models with different functions, original design, sizes and colors. To delight loved ones with your favorite dishes and delicious pastries, you need to make the right choice.

Induction cookers

Induction cookers are becoming popular in European countries. They fit into the interior, are easy to use and facilitate the cooking process. Induction models are made in different sizes: from small-sized portable plates with one burner, to models built into kitchen furniture.

Principle of operation

A high-frequency magnetic field creates vortex induction flows, with the help of which the dishes are heated. The flow of energy is accumulated at the location of the dishes, which eliminates the leakage of heat to the outside.

With such heating, heat losses are reduced, the dishes heat up in a short time and heat energy is saved.

Advantages and disadvantages

pros Minuses
A practical and durable device with intelligent features. The need to use special utensils. The induction hotplate does not respond to porcelain, brass, glass, copper, ceramic dishes.
There is energy savings due to the rapid heating of the surface and automatic shutdown, after removing the dishes from the hob. Do not install near refrigeration equipment. This negatively affects work.
Increased security. The possibility of injury, burns due to heating only the bottom of the dish is excluded, the surface remains warm. Models with common frequency generators for several burners lose heating power when used simultaneously.
Cleaning the work surface does not require special care. Dust and food do not stick to the panel, which facilitates maintenance. Mains operation creates a load on the wires, with old wiring in the room – this is dangerous.

When choosing an induction technique, pay attention to:

  • on the number of power modes;
  • a model with a control panel lock function is suitable for those who have small children in the house;
  • choose a comfortable type of control: magnetic, touch, slider;
  • the size and location of the burners;
  • the bottom of the dishes is recommended from 12 cm in diameter, thickness up to 6 mm.

The function for recognizing the size and material of the dishes will turn on if the data matches the burner.

Glass-ceramic cookers

Over the past five years, many models of glass-ceramic stoves have been released, which indicates the demand for them. The sizes and colors of the hobs make the choice diverse. The working surface is made of glass-ceramic, so it is smooth, even and mirror-like. The burners on it are marked with a contour.

Touch control makes it as convenient as possible to use. The hob is made of high-strength material – ceran. Dropping the pan on the surface, nothing will happen to it.

Principle of operation

The heating element acts as a transmission link. It heats up instantly and cools down quickly. The heat from the incandescent spiral passes through the glass surface and heats the dishes.

Due to the heat-conducting properties of glass ceramics, heat is conducted better in a vertical position, so the bottom of the cookware is heated to a greater extent than the surface.

Advantages and disadvantages

pros Minuses
A device with an attractive design and high strength, able to withstand containers up to 70 liters on its surface. The use of pots, pans with a flat bottom, without bends, potholes. You need to choose dishes with a dark or matte bottom made of special materials.
Some models are able to change not only the size of the burners, but also their shape, which makes it easier to cook dishes in oval dishes (duckling, goose). The sides of glass-ceramic stoves are so low that the “escaped” food will have to be “caught” on the floor. As a result, the work surface and the floor become dirty.
The oven is equipped with multiple heaters to ensure even heat distribution. Models are available with special supports that pull out a baking sheet. There is no protection against point impact. When struck with a fork, knife or other sharp object, a crack is formed. The hob in this case fails.
In terms of energy consumption, this technique is economical. There are no unnecessary heat losses. There are functions of instant heating. The coating cools down quickly. Careful maintenance required. The use of metal objects, washcloths is highly undesirable. Food residues are removed with a scraper that comes with household appliances.

When purchasing a glass-ceramic stove, it is important to consider the following points:

  • equipment with three types of burners: halogen, rapid, induction. The latter are considered the best in terms of efficiency and economy. But the cost with such burners is quite high;
  • burners with different capacities save energy. Thus, on a hob with an unequal diameter of burners, the amount of energy that is needed is expended;
  • ovens with reinforced sealing prevent heat loss during cooking. Some of them are able to clear themselves;
  • the presence of useful functions: programming your favorite dishes, timer, automatic control of boiling.

Plates for giving

Cooking your favorite dish in the country is possible. You just need to decide on the choice of technology. Usually this is a gas or electric device. Each of them is installed depending on the conditions in a country house.

Gas stove

If in a holiday village there are problems with the instability of electricity, then it is rational to use gas household appliances. When installing it in the country, remember the type of fuel that will be used. In a gasified dacha settlement, it is not much different from an urban one. In the absence of this, liquefied gas in cylinders is used.

When choosing a gas stove for a summer residence, it is worth considering:

  • number of people and time spent outside the city. If family members visit the dacha only during the daytime and no one spends the night, therefore, there is no need for full-fledged cooking. Cooking one or two dishes or warming them up is the main task. In this case, a desktop version with two burners is suitable. A four-burner model should be chosen if you plan a long stay in the country with the whole family;
  • as a rule, in stoves for country houses, the presence of an oven and grill is excluded. They are replaced by barbecue and barbecue;
  • plates with a small weight are convenient for transportation.

Electric stove

When it is not possible to use a gas model in country conditions, an electric stove helps out. Such plates differ in their functionality. Be aware of the presence of high-quality wiring in the room.

Good “country” models are:

  • equipment with burners “pancakes”. Their number varies, but any utensils are used for cooking;
  • classical with tube heaters. They heat up in a short time. Differ in the long operational term. Models with one burner are light in weight.

Cookers with a cast iron disc heater take longer to cool down and require special rust protection. If used incorrectly, the disc will swell and burn out.

When choosing a stove for a summer residence, it is important to study the characteristics: the material of the hob, dimensions, power, number of burners, mains voltage. It is better to purchase a household appliance in a specialized store where a warranty card is issued and a service is provided to call a wizard for installation.

On the garden plot, time flies by unnoticed, with the right household appliances, you can not be afraid to be left without your favorite dishes for dinner.

Narrow cooking ranges

Cookers are available in different sizes and even in a small room there is always a place to install it. Narrow devices are electric and gas.

The width varies from 40 to 56 cm, but at the same time they are equipped with everything you need. Depth within 60 cm, which corresponds to the standard depth of the kitchen unit floor cabinet. The height of individual models reaches 90 cm.

Common functions: digital display with sleep timer, regulators. There is no automatic programming.

Equipment characteristic

  1. The devices are equipped with four burners with three types of power: low, medium (two pieces) and high. In combined narrow models, it is possible to install three gas burners and one electric burner. Models with two burners do not have an oven.
  2. In narrow devices, the oven is roomy and spacious, which allows you to cook dishes using ordinary baking dishes. The ovens are equipped with one bottom burner.
  3. Advantages: low cost and compactness.
  4. The presented range on the market makes it possible to purchase a device of any style: from classic to hi-tech.

Useful tips when choosing

  • you should pay attention to the size of the oven, its working space. Ovens of individual models are affected by small sizes. This criterion is taken into account by the hostesses using this function;
  • if there is no need to use four burners, opt for two, which will save gas (electricity) and, accordingly, the family budget;
  • customer reviews about this household appliance will help you decide which model to choose.

Cookers with convection

A special method of heating an oven with a built-in fan, which ensures the free movement of hot air, is called convection. The temperature in the oven over the entire area is heated to the same value, which prevents the dish from burning. When choosing household appliances, housewives who give priority to baking focus on such models.

Principle of operation

Convection refers to the movement of hot air, which is accompanied by heat transfer. In a conventional gas stove, everything is arranged simply: there are burners below, above which a baking sheet is set at the desired height. Heating occurs only in the lower part of the oven, pastries are browned from above due to natural convection.

Often, housewives have to do a series of manipulations in order to achieve ruddy baking from all sides. That part of the product, which is located at the far wall, cooks much faster than the other, located next to the door.

Some models have a burner at the top of the oven. In such equipment, the heating elements are combined: an electric burner is installed on top, and a gas burner is installed in the lower part. An additional heat source makes cooking easier.

Advantages and disadvantages

pros Minuses
Reduces cooking time. High price.
In electric convection models, the temperature is set 10-15 degrees lower than the one indicated in the recipe, which saves energy. The large dimensions of the ovens, in comparison with conventional ones.
The device is suitable for baking large pieces of meat, pies, confectionery. Installation of convection devices requires a careful approach, it is recommended to contact the master.

In addition to these advantages, convection dries out the released juice, in excess quantities from the product, bakes bird carcasses, and makes the crust crispy.

There are electric and gas convection models on the market. In the latter, thanks to the automatic ignition function, gas leakage is excluded. There is no danger of fire, gas poisoning of others.

Gas cookers

Despite the popularity of modern electric stoves, high-quality gas models are in no way inferior to them. They are still in demand in the market. It is easier to choose a gas appliance than an electric one.

Modern devices are equipped with a special system that helps to avoid gas leaks. The electric ignition with which the equipment is equipped simplifies switching on, matches are not required.

There are three types of gas stoves:

  • Embedded in furniture – They are built into the kitchen set: the work surface is installed in the worktop of the set, the oven is located under it.
  • Desktop – mobile, easy to transport. Are established on a working surface of a table-top. Used in holiday villages, country houses.
  • floor standing – Full stoves with hob, burners, oven.

Work surface materials

  • The hob is made of enamelled material. Such models have a low price. The material has been tested for decades and has proven to be reliable. However, with a strong impact, the appearance of chips cannot be avoided, so this coating is inferior to new materials.
  • The panels produced with a stainless steel surface are practical and reliable in use. The metallic surface with a mirror finish gives a special look to the kitchen.
  • The aluminum alloy coating is light in color and looks like stainless steel.
  • Modern gas stoves made of glass-ceramic, heat-resistant glass are called “gas under glass”.

Since gas equipment is considered dangerous, modern models have safety features:

  • equipping burners and ovens with special sensors that automatically stop supplying gas when the fire can go out;
  • presence of thermoelectric system “gas-control”;
  • several layers of heat-resistant glass inserted into the oven doors.

In order not to spoil the floor with a metal support of the equipment, it is equipped with legs with adjustable height. This helps to avoid problems with uneven floors. Legs are made of thick rubber or plastic.

During operation, the lower part is very hot, the plastic breaks from high temperature. Therefore, if plastic legs are installed, they will eventually have to be replaced. One option is heat-resistant rubber.

When buying household appliances, pay attention to the characteristics: dimensions, number of burners, their sizes and shapes, hob, design, type of oven (gas, electric, combined), manufacturer of equipment.

Electric cookers

An indispensable assistant in a house where there is no gas pipeline. A wide range of presented electric models allows you to make a choice that will really appeal to the hostess.

If natural “fuel” is needed for gas equipment, then powerful wiring in the house is necessary for electric equipment. The cooker can be a single hob. Even such equipment is distinguished by its original design and color scheme.

Operating principle

Electric current passes through tubular electric heaters located under each burner. This generates heat energy.

In simple words, the spirals inside the burners heat up under the influence of an electric current. The distribution of heat occurs evenly to all objects that are nearby.

There are four types of electric stoves on the market:

  • Halogen – Heat up in a short time and cool down quickly. They are a type of glass-ceramic plates.
  • Classic – Principle of operation: electric current passes through a conductor with high resistance, due to this process, heat is released.
  • induction – The principle of operation is to heat dishes using induced eddy currents that create a magnetic field.
  • glass-ceramicf – These models are equipped with spiral and tape heating elements.

Modern electric stoves are equipped with useful features:

  • the oven has advantages over a gas oven: due to uniform heating of the air in the lower and upper parts;
  • grill function; Distinguish equipment with infrared and electric grill. It is believed that cooking with an infrared grill better preserves useful elements and taste;
  • the timer helps to keep track of the time required for cooking, notifies the end of the cooking process;
  • the display shows information about the operating mode, temperature, cooking duration;
  • the “built-in memory” function remembers the parameters for cooking (heating mode, temperature, time).

Enamelled models of electric stoves are equipped with cast iron burners, their care is not difficult. The material is highly durable and retains heat well.

There are burners:

  • express burners, used for quick heating (7 minutes);
  • standard burners for daily cooking (heat up in 10 minutes);
  • automatic, with a special sensor for determining the temperature of the dishes.

A properly selected electric stove with a variety of functions will be an excellent gift for the hostess.

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