7 best mini ovens

The popularity of wind mini-ovens is due, first of all, to their low cost and compact size. This household appliance easily finds its place in any kitchen, is just as easy to operate, and many modern models are as functional as full-size ovens. In addition, it is desktop ovens that are good for baking, they are often bought specifically for this purpose, even when the hostess has a large gas stove at her disposal.

How to choose a mini oven

Before buying a mini-oven, you should study its characteristics and decide on the goals that the device will solve. So, for example, if you plan to use the oven in the country, and on an ongoing basis, it is better to opt for models with an oven and a hob. For autonomous use, desktop gas ovens are suitable, and for stationary use, electric ones. The characteristics below are the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing.

Oven capacity

The amount of food that can be cooked at one time depends on the size of the oven. Roughly speaking, the capacity is selected based on the number of people in the family:

  • A volume of 8-12 liters will be enough for one or two people. Such mini-ovens are small in size, and, as a rule, only 1 baking sheet is placed in the oven, which allows you to cook pizza or a small pie.
  • 20-30 liters – a volume designed for quick breakfast preparation for a family of four. These are already medium-sized desktop ovens, most of which are equipped with convection, a grill spit, grates and baking sheets in the amount of 2 or more pieces.
  • Up to 40 liters – mini-ovens with large dimensions that take up much more space, but the volume of the oven is already enough to cook a whole turkey. This is a good choice for a large family.


The main feature of mini ovens is that their performance is comparable to full-sized ovens, but they consume significantly less electricity. The larger the oven, the more power is required to heat it up. The best choice are models with a power of 1000-1500 watts.


Each additional function significantly increases the cost of the device, therefore it is advisable to buy such a model so that all its capabilities are regularly used during operation. By the way, the more of them, the less reliable the furnace is considered. The following functions will be useful for cooking:

  • Convection – ensures high-quality baking of dishes due to the uniform distribution of heated air throughout the entire volume of the oven.
  • Grill – a function that allows you to cook barbecue, grilled chicken and any poultry. It all depends on the capacity of the oven and the weight for which the skewer is designed.
  • Defrost is a convenient function for defrosting food. It is desirable that there are normal and quick defrost modes.

Other useful features, the presence of which will simplify the process of cooking, include a timer, auto-off, sound indication. By the way, with the presence of upper and lower heating elements, you can save on convection.

Temperature ranges

On average, mini-ovens are heated to temperatures of 110-220 degrees, this range varies depending on the tasks that the device must solve. If you plan to regularly reheat dishes, cook sour-milk products, the best choice would be an oven with an initial temperature of 30 degrees. For cooking pizza or any dishes that require elevated temperatures, there are units that can heat up to 280 degrees.


The cost of the furnace depends on it, and quite significantly. Mechanical control is simple and intuitive, while electronic ovens are distinguished by their modern design and high price tag. It should be understood that the functionality does not depend in any way on the type of control, but the fact is that the mechanics are cheaper, easier to repair, and, in principle, there is nothing special to break.

Among other things, you should pay attention to the coating of the inner surface of the oven oven, as it directly affects the operational life of the device and ease of maintenance. The most resistant to temperature and mechanical influences are considered models, the instructions for which indicate the Durastone marking.

The best electric mini oven

Panasonic delighted housewives with the creation of an extremely compact electric oven NT-GT1WTQ with an oven volume of only 9 liters. The model will be a good addition to a full-fledged oven in cases where the latter is simply not practical to use. This roaster is suitable for preparing hot dishes, heating and defrosting food. The oven received two heaters, consuming a total of up to 1310 W of energy, the maximum heating is 205 ° C, the shutdown timer is set for up to 15 minutes.

The body of the electric furnace is made of metal, it has an enamel coating on the inside, and the chamber is illuminated. The control panel contains an operation indicator and mechanical rotary switches. In stock, the model has only 1 mode of operation, however, it fully copes with its tasks. In the process of cooking, the removable crumb tray, which comes with the kit, will become indispensable.


  • Power – 1310 watts.
  • Oven – 9 l.
  • Heating temperature: max. – 205°С, minimum – 65°С.
  • Number of operating modes – 1.
  • Timer – 15 min.
  • Weight – 3.2 kg.
  • Dimensions: 42x27x32 cm.


  • auto power off;
  • compact dimensions;
  • guaranteed reliability from the manufacturer.


  • small working volume;
  • lack of accurate temperature on the thermostat.

The best mini convection oven

electrical model kitfort KT-1702 received dimensions comparable to a microwave, which allows it to be used in small kitchens, for example, in a country house. The oven with a volume of 28 l warms up to a maximum of 230 ° C, and the temperature is continuously adjustable, which allows both cooking and defrosting food. The heating itself occurs evenly and fairly quickly, the design includes upper and lower heating elements, there is a convection function. For ease of use, there is an internal backlight, an audible timer, and an on indication. The case is metal, during operation of the furnace it can heat up quite noticeably. The oven has a grill rack and a spit. The kit includes 2 trays.

The control panel of the oven consists of three mechanical rotary knobs, through which you can select both the temperature and operating modes, as well as set the timer, the maximum value of which is 60 minutes, which allows you to leave the cooking process without constant control.


  • Power – 1.5 kW.
  • Capacity – 28 liters.
  • Max. temperature – 230°C.
  • Number of modes – 4.
  • Timer – up to 1 hour.
  • Weight – 9.8 kg.
  • Dimensions: 51x42x31 cm.


  • equipment;
  • heating speed;
  • no noise during fan operation;
  • lighting convenience.


  • During operation, significant heating of the case is felt.

The best desktop mini oven

Model Steba KB 28 ECO – a good replacement for a traditional oven due to its compact size and oven, the volume of which reaches 28 liters. The power of this mini-oven is 1.4 kW, the body is made of durable metal with high-quality thermal insulation, and the inner surface has received a non-stick coating. The operating modes are controlled by means of rotary mechanical switches in the amount of 3 pieces, mounted on a stainless steel panel. The cleanliness of the internal space is ensured by the presence of a crumb tray, it is convenient to observe the cooking process through the double heat-resistant glass of the door, as there is a decent light in the form of a light bulb inside.

The mini-oven boasts a very good functionality. Although the developers did not provide burners in the design, there are still external and upper heaters in the oven, which can be turned on either separately from each other or at the same time. In addition, it should be noted that the shelf can be reinstalled at any of the three levels provided, as well as the fact that the ECO Line series belongs to energy-saving models, that is, it consumes less electricity.


  • Power – 1.4 kW.
  • Temperature max. – 230°С, min – 69°С.
  • Number of operating modes – 5.
  • Oven capacity – 28 l.
  • Timer – 90 min.


  • the quality of the thermal insulation of the body;
  • intuitive control;
  • heating rate.


  • small spit size.

The best mini oven with grill

Model Delta D-024 for 1300 W equipped with a chamber with a capacity of 33 liters and a heating temperature of 50-320 degrees, it easily copes with the preparation of almost any dishes – both confectionery and meat-based. The functionality of the model is extended by a grill with a skewer that can easily withstand a 1.5-kilogram bird. The mini-oven is made of metal, the working chamber is made of stainless steel, closed with a hinged door with heat-resistant glass. During operation, it should be remembered that the walls of the housing can become very hot. Heating is carried out by the upper and lower heater, there are 2 fairly large baking sheets with an enamel coating, and of different shapes.

As for the control of the oven, it is quite standard: 3 switches with smooth temperature control and a 90-minute timer with auto-off. The presence of a handle with heat protection will protect your hands from thermal damage. This Turkish-made mini-oven turned out to be very successful, especially due to the presence of additional functions that are not found in every full-sized appliance.


  • Power – 1.3 kW.
  • Oven capacity – 37 l.
  • Burners – absent.
  • Heating temperature: max. – 320°С, min. – 50°С.
  • Timer – 90 min.
  • Dimensions: 320x500x420 mm.


  • intuitive control;
  • uniform heating;
  • timer;
  • trays with good capacity.


  • the case during operation noticeably heats up;
  • there is no backlight.

The best mini oven with burners

Versatile compact model Ariete Bon Cuisine 600 (978) can rightly be considered a quality standard and a good example of how a multifunctional mini-oven should look like. Here 4 modes are integrated simultaneously, which allows you to perform the tasks of several devices. Oven with a capacity of 60 liters has a stainless steel inner surface, can be heated to a temperature of 250 ° C, has a grid, 1 standard enamel baking sheet and a skewer, as well as a convection function, lighting and a thermostat. All functions and modes are controlled by mechanics without indication. The timer, by the way, is also mechanical.

One of the main features of the stove is the presence of 2 large burners, which significantly expand its functionality. As for the preset operating modes, there are only 3 of them, there is no automatic program cooking, but there is bottom and double-sided heating with convection.


  • Power – 1950 watts.
  • Oven capacity – 60 l.
  • Burners – 2.
  • Max. temperature – 250°C.
  • Number of operating modes – 3.
  • The timer is mechanical.
  • Weight – 18.1 kg.
  • Dimensions: 690x415x181 mm.


  • convenient mechanical control;
  • the presence of two large burners;
  • long service life;
  • functionality and equipment.


The best mini-oven for a summer residence

Model Rolsen KW-2626HP notable for its versatility. Everything you need to cook all kinds of hearty and delicious dishes is collected in one building. Together with a 1.5 kW oven, the oven is equipped with a two-burner hob for 1 kW and 0.6 kW. For buyers, white and black colors are provided, which will allow you to choose a stove for a specific interior. Among the features it should be noted 4 operating modes, the presence of a grill and convection, as well as a spit and a baking sheet. The camera has a backlight and an enameled inner surface, the handle of the folding door does not heat up during operation. As for the control, it is completely mechanical, it has an operation indicator, but the layout of the handles is not very convenient.

The model is ideal for use in the country. This is the rare case when a mini-oven is capable of replacing full-fledged stoves in terms of functionality. With its impressive performance, sometimes surpassing its closest competitors, this option has an adequate cost, which makes it attractive to summer residents, students and anyone who does not have a traditional stove.


  • Power – 1.5 kW.
  • Oven capacity – 26 l.
  • Burners – 2.
  • Heating temperature: max. – 250°С, min. – 100°С.
  • Number of operating modes – 4.
  • Timer – 60 min.
  • Weight – 6 kg.
  • Dimensions: 336x488x343 mm.


  • spacious oven;
  • functional;
  • the presence of a camera backlight;
  • power.


  • the body heats up during operation;
  • ill-conceived labeling of regulators.

The best gas mini oven

Inexpensive desktop gas oven Gefest PG 100 K19 with a 19 liter oven equipped with a 1.7 kW burner and two 1.1 kW burners. The main advantage of this model lies in the possibility of trouble-free connection to both a gas cylinder and a household gas line. The oven works without problems on natural gas with a nominal pressure of 20 mbar and propane-butane mixture (liquefied gas) at 30 mbar.

For comfortable operation of the model, the developers have provided for gas control of the oven, which has an individual temperature indicator and is closed with a double-sided glass door. The table received an enameled heat-resistant coating, a figured lattice, a hinged lid. Adjustable legs allow you to install the oven strictly horizontally.


  • Oven capacity – 19 l.
  • Burners – 2 pcs. power of 1.7 kW.
  • Heating temperature: maximum -270 °C, minimum – 130 °C.
  • Management is mechanical.
  • Weight – 17.2 kg.
  • Dimensions: 40x55x40 cm.


  • simplicity and quality;
  • work stability;
  • smooth adjustment of heating;
  • connection to both the gas supply line and the cylinder.


  • no electric ignition;
  • not too reliable connections on self-tapping screws;
  • fastening of a sealant of a door only on corners.
  • no timer.

When choosing a mini-oven for operation at any frequency, it is important to remember that this kitchen appliance during operation is able to heat up not only the interior of the oven, but also external elements. To increase your own safety, you should buy models with double heat-resistant glass oven doors and a non-heating handle.

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