7 best built-in ovens

When buying a gas oven, it is important to consider the main technical characteristics, including power, type of cleaning, energy efficiency class.

How to choose a gas oven

  • When choosing a gas oven, be sure to look at the energy consumption of the structure. Classes A, A+, A++ are considered the most economical. Appliances with medium power are classified as class B, and devices with high energy consumption are classified as C.
  • Ovens with a standard set of functions are used to prepare simple dishes, multifunctional ones have additional features.
  • Before installation, you should decide on the volume of the device: it can hold from 20 to 160 liters.
  • The type of door can be hinged, folding and retractable. The first one opens in the same way as standard doors. The folding design is the most common, but the retractable design is the most convenient.
  • Switches can be rotary, touch and recessed. Touch switches are more attractive, but they often show marks, recessed switches are most often found on premium models.
  • Convection means that hot air is distributed throughout the oven. It is very good when you can choose such programs: top and bottom heat, intensive heating, defrosting, grill, convection.
  • New designs allow you to choose the degree of roasting intensity, in the settings of many devices there are convenient programs that provide different modes for pizza, meat, poultry, fish.
  • As a rule, devices are equipped with manual switches, but there are models with electronic control. Such a system allows you to maximize the capabilities of ovens, set a specific time and temperature.
  • A skewer is necessary if you often cook meat or poultry, it will help to make the dish tastier. The temperature probe is used to monitor temperature conditions, you can determine the degree of roasting of meat products.
  • When choosing an oven, pay attention to the type of cleaning. Work surfaces can be traditionally cleaned. When using a catalytic system, the fan walls are covered with a special protective enamel. The hydrolytic method is more efficient than others, but it takes a lot of time.

The best built-in oven with auto ignition

GEFEST DGE 621-01 The oven is freely built into the kitchen set. The useful volume of the chamber is 52 liters, while the temperature regime is maintained in the range from 50 to 250 degrees. The auto-ignition system allows you to quickly ignite the flame. Convenient rotary knobs regulate the operation of the device. The mechanical timer signals the end of work. The gas control system is used to prevent gas leakage when the flame goes out. Manufacturer’s quality assurance.


  • type – gas oven;
  • built-in design;
  • dimensions: 59.5*56.5*56.5 cm;
  • black color;
  • volume – 52 liters;
  • traditional cleaning method.


  • easy cleaning;
  • simple maintenance;
  • stylish design;
  • gas leakage control and auto-ignition systems;
  • grill equipment;
  • maintaining the required temperature.


  • without convection;
  • no steamer.

The best built-in oven with electric grill

Electrolux EOG 92102 CX Built-in oven, the volume of which is 70 liters. Equipped with a timer, convenient rotary switches, with electric grill. Hinged oven door. 5 heating modes. The design has a fan that works for cooling, and a backlit chamber. The color of the product is silver.


  • oven type – gas;
  • rated voltage – 220-240 V;
  • power – 1760 W;
  • cord length – 1.6 meters;
  • dimensions – 59.4 by 59.4 by 56.9 cm.


  • high price;
  • gas control system;
  • the oven is equipped with a spit;
  • Anti Finger-Print coating;
  • easy cleaning of the oven;
  • fan for cooling;
  • sound signal at the start of work;
  • lighting;
  • grill and spit.

Minus – high cost.

The best built-in oven with glass door

Oven Indesit IGW 324 IX The design has an easy and convenient way to clean. Equipped with glass door. The static program allows you to evenly and delicately distribute heat. The grill function is perfect for cooking fish, meat, toast. Spacious oven with an enlarged tray that fits a lot of products. Internal lighting allows you to operate the device. Thoughtful lamp placement. Full Grill Surface technology – the length of the grill spiral is specially selected, which allows you to evenly fry food.


  • oven volume – 71 liters;
  • maximum temperature – 230 degrees;
  • timer type – mechanical;
  • volume 71 l;
  • silver color;
  • gas type;
  • energy class – A;
  • dimensions: 59.5 by 55.1 by 59.5 cm.


  • capacity;
  • easy cleaning of the structure;
  • uniform distribution of heat over the entire working surface;
  • enlarged pallet;
  • static program.

Minus – without an integrated cleaning system.

The best built-in oven with mechanical control

MONSHER MBOGE 6531M0 Independent oven with mechanical control and grill. Works in three modes: lower heating, grill, spit with a drive. The hydrolysis cleaning system greatly simplifies the maintenance of the device.


  • oven volume – 70 liters;
  • mechanical control;
  • timer equipment;
  • black color;
  • dimensions – 59 by 59.5 by 55.5 cm;
  • number of operating modes – 3;
  • gas control;
  • power – 3000 W;
  • electric ignition;
  • oven lighting.


  • grill and convention;
  • equipped with rotary switches;
  • sound timer;
  • folding door;
  • spit equipment.

Cons: No child protection.

The best built-in oven with gas control

Fornelli FGA 45 Stretto WH A gas oven with a wide range of functions is suitable for cooking all kinds of dishes. The color is black or white, the design is stylish, the process of cleaning the inner surface is simple. Implementation of the main functions, gas control system.


  • type – gas;
  • useful volume of 48 liters;
  • control with rotary switches;
  • 5 main functions;
  • gas grill;
  • timer;
  • gas control;
  • weight – 31 kg;
  • power – 2.1 kW.


  • electric auto ignition;
  • gas control system;
  • power and efficiency;
  • heating power in kW.

Cons – large dimensions.

The best built-in classic oven

MAUNFELD MGOG 673B Gas construction in a classic design. Average volume – 67 liters, equipped with all the necessary functions: gas control, auto ignition, thermostat, grill, timer, convection, timer. Cooking food in three modes.


  • gas oven;
  • type – independent design;
  • design – classic;
  • volume of 67 liters;
  • traditional type of cleaning;
  • 3 cooking modes;
  • dimensions – 60 by 60 by 58 cm.


  • simple cleaning;
  • efficiency;
  • stylish design;
  • good design;
  • equipment with the necessary modes of operation;
  • functionality.

Minus – high cost.

The best retro built-in oven

De’Longhi CGGBA The gas oven, designed in retro style, is controlled by rotary switches. The useful volume is 53 liters, there is a gas control function, auto ignition, grill and convection are used. Compact dimensions, convenient doors, open from top to bottom. The maximum temperature is 250 degrees. Equipped with thermostat and grill. Traditional cleaning type, 6 cooking modes.


  • dimensions – 59 by 59 by 54 cm;
  • traditional cleaning;
  • rotary switches;
  • 6 working modes;
  • volume – 53 liters;
  • style – retro;
  • built-in design.


  • power and efficiency;
  • compactness;
  • Beautiful design;
  • functionality;
  • multiple operating modes.

Minus – expensive design.

The gas oven allows you to cook food quickly and efficiently using several modes. The functionality and practicality of the device means a lot. We hope that our recommendations will help you buy the gas oven that you need.

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