6 best vegetable cutters

Shredding cooked and fresh vegetables is a chore in cooking. Cutting fruits with a knife is inconvenient, long, and sometimes traumatic. In this case, a vegetable cutter comes to the rescue – a device that makes chopping vegetables not only of high quality, but also fast.

How to choose a vegetable cutter

Today, a wide range of vegetable cutters is offered on the market for kitchen utensils. To choose the right device for shredding, you need to know how they differ from each other. The main parameter of the vegetable cutter is the principle of its operation. Conventionally, devices are divided into mechanical and electrical. Separately, consider a multi-cut or food processor.

The complete set of equipment is another important parameter that determines the list of functions of the unit. Pay attention to the type of nozzles, on which the shape of the resulting pieces of fruit depends. The material of the nozzles is also a determining factor when choosing a vegetable cutter.

To learn how to choose the right vegetable cutter, you need to pay special attention to each parameter.

  • Mechanical shredder. The easiest to use is considered a mechanical vegetable cutter, which is a metal mesh inserted into a plastic frame. Suitable for chopping boiled (soft) vegetables, hard cheese and boiled eggs. There are mechanical shredders, which in their design resemble a grater with different knife blades. The device is suitable for cutting vegetables into strips, cubes and so on. Mechanical models can also resemble a manual food processor in design. Using such equipment is simple: just put the fruit in a special tank with blades and turn the lever clockwise, which will activate the knives. Mechanical kitchen shredders also include slicers and spiral models for shredding.
  • Electric shredder. The advantages of this kitchen equipment include a wide range of functions that facilitate chopping vegetables. The classic electric vegetable cutter is a popular kitchen appliance that cuts fruits into pieces of any shape. Another type of electric shredder is a vegetable cutter, combined with a meat grinder. The technique is suitable for grinding most food products: fresh and boiled fruits, meat, bread. Such models are equipped with a large number of blades and nozzles.
  • Purpose. Devices for home use are characterized by compact dimensions and light weight. They have a list of functions sufficient for home cooking. Professional models are designed for use in the kitchens of restaurants, canteens, cafes. Professional units differ from domestic vegetable cutters in the presence of a volumetric tank for processed products, a large number of working attachments. All professional units are made of durable food grade stainless steel. An important parameter of such equipment is the speed of cutting products, reaching several kilograms per minute. Industrial vegetable cutters are several times more expensive than home ones.
  • Component material. A good vegetable cutter has a minimum of plastic parts. Reliable and durable units are made of metal protected from corrosion – aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Nozzle storage safety. Modern shredding devices have a separate tank for storing parts with blades. This ensures safe operation and storage of nozzles. An additional plus is the presence of caps for sharp parts of the blades.
  • The presence of a container for crushed fruits (products). If the vegetable cutter is equipped with a tank, into which pieces of chopped food enter during operation, this ensures the accurate operation of kitchen appliances.
  • Sustainability – a high-quality model for shredding is stable on a horizontal surface. It comes with rubberized feet to keep it from slipping on the table.
  • Features of care. Components of most models can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Dimensions. An important selection criterion if the buyer’s kitchen has a small area.

Less important characteristics of vegetable cutters include design, since it does not affect the functions of the device. All modern kitchen units look stylish and modern.

The best electric vegetable cutter

The best electric models for fruit processing include the model HR1388 Viva Collection from the manufacturer Philips. The equipment belongs to multi-cutters, combining the option of chopping all types of vegetables. Suitable for working with cheese, meat, sausage. The model is equipped with a set of 5 nozzles, chopping vegetables into sticks, straws, layers and slices. There is no function for cutting vegetables into cubes.

A feature of the Philips electric vegetable cutter is its compact dimensions, thanks to which such equipment can also be purchased for a small kitchen. The device is easy to operate. Also, the equipment can be quickly disassembled after operation. Washing the vegetable cutter nozzles does not take much time.


  • the power of the equipment is 200 W;
  • there is a function of protective blocking of the equipment;
  • equipped with non-slip and stable feet;
  • feed chamber size adjustable;
  • equipment is mains powered.


  • universal;
  • compact parameters;
  • easy to operate;
  • suitable for chopping various products (not just vegetables);
  • characterized by quiet operation.


  • does not cut food into cubes;
  • there is no separate tank for chopped vegetables.

The best manual vegetable cutter

The best manual vegetable cutter equipped with many functions – Model Alligator Lux EPU AG. The design of the shredder resembles a manual harvester – the fruits are laid in a special tank. Under mechanical action on the equipment, the blades are activated and the vegetables are crushed. A manual vegetable cutter cuts fruits into cubes and sticks. The model kit includes 3 interchangeable sets of blades with nozzles for shredding.

The vegetable cutter is equipped with a tooth cleaner. Both the body and the blades are made of durable stainless steel, which adds to the reliability of the mechanical equipment. Thanks to the serrated sharpening, the knives remain sharp even after prolonged use. The model has a box drive, which is an important parameter of a manual vegetable cutter. Additional nozzles for expanding the functions of the unit are available for sale.


  • equipped with 3 nozzles made of stainless steel;
  • a container for chopped vegetables;
  • equipped with non-slip and stable feet;
  • steel case;
  • cuts vegetables into cubes and cubes.


  • takes up little space in the kitchen;
  • wear-resistant;
  • easy to operate;
  • characterized by careful operation – pieces of vegetables and their juice do not fall outside the tank;
  • You can always buy additional attachments.


  • high price;
  • Few attachments included.

best diced vegetable cutter

The function of cutting vegetables into cubes is available in many modern models of vegetable cutters for home use. If a vegetable cutter is purchased for chopping fruits into cubes, it is recommended to purchase an electric shredder, since it works with both hard and soft foods.

If we consider electric vegetable cutters with a dicing function, then the best model is Moulinex Fresh Express Cube DJ905. The unit is equipped with a large number of nozzles that allow you to get pieces of various shapes, including cubes. The nozzles differ from each other in color, making the equipment convenient to use. Cutting elements are stored in a separate compartment, which is equipped with a vegetable cutter. The power of the equipment is 280 W, so it quickly chop vegetables into strips, cubes, slices, etc. The equipment operates at two speeds. Has a compartment for crushed products.


  • equipped with steel nozzles;
  • works from the network;
  • equipped with a tank for chopped vegetables;
  • plastic case;
  • sufficient power reserve – 280 W;
  • 2 speeds of work;


  • wear-resistant;
  • compact;
  • reservoir for convenient storage of nozzles;
  • a wide range of functions;
  • suitable for working not only with vegetables, but also with fruits, meat products, cheese;
  • easy to operate and maintain.


  • high price;
  • plastic case.

The best vegetable cutter for home

A good home vegetable cutter combines the functions of chopping vegetables, meat grinders, and graters. Best model for home Redmond RKA-FP4. A feature of the unit is its affordable price, because of which the vegetable cutter is popular among buyers. The model is equipped with two attachments and two graters for chopping vegetables and fruits.

The power of the multi-cutter is 150 W, and this characteristic guarantees its convenient and fast operation at home. The multi-cutter is easy to assemble and disassemble. Its washing does not require much time and effort.


  • equipped with several graters and nozzles;
  • works from the network;
  • plastic case;
  • power reserve – 150 W;
  • has built-in protection against breakage;


  • inexpensive;
  • compact;
  • sufficient power reserve;
  • easy to operate and maintain.

The downside of the technique, judging by customer reviews, is the strong heating of the case during operation. Due to this feature, the equipment is turned off, since the breakdown protection option is automatically launched.

The best professional vegetable cutter

The leader among professional vegetable cutters for catering establishments is ROBOT COUPLE CL 50 ultra. The equipment is equipped with a volumetric hopper with an area of ​​139 square centimeters, designed to load a large number of vegetables. For long fruits, a round hopper with a diameter of 58 mm is provided. Products are loaded quickly and conveniently into the vertical container. The food processing speed is 5 kg per minute. The motor has a power of 550 watts. This figure is 2-3 times higher than the power of home multi-cutters.

The professional unit has a steel cover that ensures accurate operation of the shredding machine. ROBOT COUPLE CL 50 ultra – a safe technique, as it is equipped with a patented magnetic protection system. The essence of the function is that when the cover is opened, the engine stops. A wide variety of cutting vegetables and fruits is available, regardless of their type. There is an auto-start option, thanks to which you do not need to press the start button.


  • power reserve – 550 W;
  • works from the network;
  • all parts of the model are made of high-strength stainless steel;
  • there is a shutdown function when opening the lid;
  • blade speed – 375 rpm.


  • professional multifunctional unit for catering kitchen;
  • reliable and durable;
  • high speed;
  • Compatible with more than 50 steel shredding discs of different diameters and shapes.

The cons of the model were not found.

The best vegetable cutter-grater

The vegetable grater is designed for fine shredding of hard fruits and vegetables. Modern graters are equipped with several tools for chopping fruits. The best model of a kitchen grater for chopping fruits is considered Nicer Dicer Plus. The multifunctional grater has sharp blades that do not deteriorate with frequent use. The equipment is suitable for chopping vegetables, fruits, cheese into cubes, straws, etc.

Using the multifunctional grater is simple: you need to select the appropriate nozzle, place the fruit to be processed on it, and then close the lid. She will put pressure on the vegetable, pushing it through the holes in the grater. The lid and container are airtight, which ensures careful use of the device.


  • refers to manual vegetable choppers;
  • shreds and peels;
  • 6 graters of different configurations;
  • there is a sealed container.


  • affordable price;
  • simple operation;
  • easy to wash;
  • compact dimensions;
  • graters are conveniently stored in the tank;
  • Parts are dishwasher safe.

Minus – poorly grinds raw vegetables (potatoes, carrots).

A high-quality vegetable cutter is a reliable assistant in the kitchen that will make cooking your favorite soups, salads and desserts a pleasant and quick task.

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