6 best slicers for slicing

Slicing machines are automatic, semi-automatic, manual. There are differences in power, performance and thickness of finished products. How to choose the right slicer for cutting, we understand together.

How to choose a slicer for cutting

The models on the market are:

  • management method;
  • sizes;
  • power;
  • speed of rotation of knives;
  • the material from which the cutting part is made;
  • sharpening frequency;
  • hull strength;
  • functionality;
  • complete set;
  • noise level.


For use in production, an automatic gadget with a high processing speed of raw materials is chosen. Machines with high performance are used in cafes, restaurants with high traffic. Automatic devices are electric knives that are connected to the network and cut food within a few minutes. The algorithm of the machine:

  • cut raw materials are rigidly fixed;
  • the desired thickness of the pieces is set;
  • the speed of the process is regulated;
  • the output is the finished product.

Advantages of automatic devices:

  • high speed;
  • the person does not take part in the process;
  • cutting is carried out for products of any density.


  • high cost of the machine;
  • noise during the process;
  • The device takes up a lot of space.

Gadgets for semi-automatic slicing require human intervention. The processed product is fixed and fed by the machine, but the knife is operated by a person manually. A semi-automatic slicer is chosen for small cafes, for quickly cutting a limited amount of product at exhibitions, presentations.

Advantages of semi-automatic:

  • low cost;
  • quiet work;
  • small sizes;
  • low power consumption.


  • operator participation is required for operation;
  • difficult to work with solid products;
  • less power compared to automatic slicers.

A hand cutter is useful in the kitchen. This is a machine that allows you to quickly cut raw materials of the same thickness in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of the handheld device:

  • small size;
  • cheap;
  • easy to use;
  • at the output, fragments of equal thickness are obtained.


  • all operations are performed by a person;
  • does not cope well with fish and meat;
  • difficult to cut hard foods.


Industrial models are much larger than domestic ones. They can be folded if necessary, but not all slicing machines have this option. Hand-held appliances are small, easy to fit in a desk drawer. You can take them with you on a picnic, cottage, on a trip.


Everything is simple here. The most powerful are automatic slicers. In a few seconds, they cut such a quantity of products that it takes several hours to manually process. Semi-autos are less powerful. The smallest power in manual mechanisms.

Blade rotation speed

The higher the number of revolutions, the faster the operation. High-speed devices are appropriate for catering establishments with high throughput. They quickly and efficiently perform the work, freeing the staff. Manual slicers do not have a speed control function, and the duration of the process depends only on the efficiency of the operator.

What are knives made of?

Automatic appliances are equipped with stainless steel knives. They do not oxidize when in contact with food, detergents, water. In manual cutting machines, knives can be made of a different metal that is less resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. But it is better to give preference to a reliable stainless steel, although such an apparatus is more expensive.

How often should you sharpen your knife?

The material from which the cutting element is made depends on how often it will have to be sharpened. There are special alloys that do not require sharpening. There are models that have a sharpening function. Before choosing a model, specify the frequency of sharpening knives.

What is the body made of

Machine guns are made of metal. In some variations, the body is coated with a special paint. It is resistant to external influences, does not react with products. Some models are not painted. Metal appliances are reliable, do not heat up during prolonged use. The disadvantage of such models is their high weight and cost. In addition, the operation of an automatic device depends on the availability of electricity. The devices are not intended for frequent transportation. This is stationary equipment for the enterprise.

Low power devices are made of plastic. It is resistant to mild mechanical stress, does not oxidize when in contact with products. Machines made of such material are lighter than metal ones and are cheaper. Plastic slicers are convenient at home, when high speed and productivity of the device is not required. The disadvantage of plastic gadgets is their poor resistance to overheating. Periodically, such devices are turned off to allow time to cool.


The machine program regulates:

  • cutting thickness;
  • mode of operation;
  • blade travel range.

Some models have the option of self-sharpening knives. Some of the models are foldable, which is convenient for storing equipment. When choosing a slicer, pay attention to protection against accidental start.

Depending on the shape and installation of the knives, the machines cut products:

  • straws;
  • cubes;
  • slices.

In part of the gadgets, figured cutting is provided. To do this, install knives of various shapes. This equipment is available in industrial and home models. The more options for cutting raw materials, the more expensive the slicer. For domestic needs, a plastic device with great functionality is chosen.

If the exit tray is sloped, this is an additional plus. After grinding, the finished product itself slides into the mold.


An important point when choosing a device for cutting. It’s good if the following are sold with the slicer:

  • tray for chopped raw materials;
  • several blades of various configurations;
  • compartment for cable;
  • several points of fixation of knives for dicing or strips;
  • stand for the device;
  • protective screen.

When choosing a slicer for cutting, pay attention to the legs. They must be rubber or have rubber soles. This makes the device stable, reduces vibration during operation. Some firms in the kit provide additional removable pads for the legs. The length of the cord is not a decisive moment, but it is taken into account when buying a gadget. If it is small, you will have to additionally use a carrier.

When buying a device, check the sharpness of the knives. Some manufacturers install very sharp knives, so they offer protective screens for fingers in the kit.

Noise level

This indicator is important for automatic and semi-automatic devices. Powerful models create a lot of noise, so when choosing a slicer for cutting, consider where it will be located. If it is possible to install equipment in a separate room, the number of decibels during operation is not relevant.

The best slicer for slicing cheese and sausage

Manual model for chopping Russian-made sausage and cheese Bradex. The gadget takes up little space, it can be stored in the kitchen table, transported in a travel bag. There are several options of knives in the kit, which allows you to cut raw materials of various shapes. The blades of the device are made of a special alloy, which prolongs their service life. The slicer does not have a motor, which makes it self-contained and independent of the presence of electricity and the length of the cord. It is used in the campaign, in the country.


  • control – manual;
  • the number of knives in the set – 3;
  • body material – plastic;
  • weight – 0.62 kg.


  • cheap;
  • compact;
  • light;
  • does not depend on electricity;
  • knives do not require sharpening;
  • does not make noise during operation.


  • low productivity;
  • human participation is required for work;
  • lengthy cutting process.

The best slicer for cutting vegetables

Ariete 1789 Saladino 2.0 cordless is the best model for chopping vegetables. The device is equipped with a battery, which makes it easier to work with it. Autonomy allows you to use the slicer outside the home. The device is convenient for quick cutting of vegetables for conservation. The design is thought out so that the finished vegetables fall into the jar. There is a convenient handle for work, a closed discharge of products into a container.


  • productivity – 4 kg of solid raw materials per battery charge;
  • charger – yes;
  • 4 discs for different sizes of slices;
  • knife material – steel;
  • body is plastic.


  • autonomy;
  • mobility;
  • just work;
  • discs can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • high-quality assembly – all parts are tightly fitted.


  • A full charge of the battery lasts a day;
  • you can not use the gadget while charging;
  • heats up quickly, periodically give him a rest;
  • the battery quickly loses power and needs to be replaced;
  • if used for cheese, it can “chew” the product.

The best slicer for slicing straws

home appliance Maxwell MW-1303 can be called universal. A household semi-automatic slicer cuts with 6 knife attachments that come with the kit. The shape of the cut depends on the imagination of the person – the manufacturer has provided knives for french fries, the wave shape of pieces, chopping cabbage, rubbing raw materials. Each nozzle has its own color, which simplifies the work. All knives can be stored compactly by inserting them one into the other according to the nesting doll principle.


  • loading products – manual;
  • case – plastic;
  • works from a network of 220 V.


  • performs many operations;
  • long cord length;
  • does not slip on the table.


  • during prolonged use, the plastic heats up and an unpleasant odor appears;
  • expensive;
  • works noisily;
  • no storage container.

The best professional slicer for slicing

Model BOMANN MA 451 CB Silver developed by Bowman. The device has great functionality, the case is made of metal. This is a reliable and powerful equipment for enterprises with high throughput.


  • operating power – 150 W;
  • body material – steel;
  • weight – 4.1 kg;
  • protection against accidental start – yes;
  • additional security measures – there is a protective cover.


  • Has rubber feet
  • great functionality;
  • the set includes a folding table-stand, which allows you to quickly clean the machine;
  • The case is foldable and does not require a lot of space to store the gadget.


  • big weight;
  • an expensive device, but for professional use this issue is secondary.

The best electric slicer for slicing

Appliance company Combustion R506E differs in reliability, work with various products. Great power and functionality made the model a leader among electric models. The cut pieces themselves slide along the inclined surface, which facilitates the process of processing products.


  • operating power – 160 W;
  • weight – 4.3 kg;
  • case material – metal;
  • protection against accidental activation – yes;
  • knife is stainless steel.


  • cheap;
  • works with fibrous raw materials;
  • to increase productivity, the working surface is set at an angle;
  • there is a holder for cutting;
  • rubberized legs, which securely holds the device on the table;
  • cuts meat, fruit, cheese, bread.


  • short cord length;
  • creates a lot of noise during operation;
  • has a lot of weight.

The best slicer for curly cutting

typewriter Ritter Compact 1 deservedly tops the ranking of the best electric slicers. The German company Ritter tried and thought through everything to the smallest detail. For convenience, there is a stepless adjustment of the thickness of the cut, a blade for giving a wavy shape to the pieces.


  • power – 65 W;
  • work from a standard network – yes;
  • weight – 2.4 kg;
  • there is a lock from accidental start;
  • body is metal.


  • several modes of operation;
  • there is a knife for curly cutting;
  • a metal tray for chopped products is provided;
  • in the package there is a tray for the cord;
  • works with various products;
  • light weight.


  • poorly cuts fibrous products;
  • expensive;
  • makes a lot of noise.

Slicers for industrial and domestic use are indispensable in modern kitchens. Despite the apparent high cost of technology, it pays off in a few months. The equipment speeds up the process of cooking and harvesting raw materials several times. Thanks to the use of technology, personnel are relieved of the laborious and lengthy process of cutting products.

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